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Sunlight in the trees #nofilter (at Cremorne Park) -
Sunlight in the trees #nofilter (at Cremorne Park)
RT @Queen_UK: Staying up to see if Scotland meets its reserve on eBay.
This is why I'm kinda expecting a "yes" and hoping for a "no" in #indyref (and it's all about a teenager…)
Somebody should be running an aggregate dataviz of the coffee drunk by journalists covering #indyref tonight
RT @LauraOliver: Saw tweets earlier claiming #Norway was printing thistles on its local transport tickets today - anyone in Norway got a pic?
The "Hey, Siri" thing works pretty well in iOS8, unless you have two devices plugged in near each other. They start replying to each other.
On Englishness, Scottishness and Britishness -
Re: On Englishness, Scottishness and Britishness -
"I do. And I've seen the pattern repeated again and again, as London print and broadcast media hardly think outside the M25 let alone outside England." - Adam Tinworth
Re: On Englishness, Scottishness and Britishness -
"Certainly, only a "yes" vote will put an end to the debate. Without major further devolution and an adjustment of London-centrism in our public life, a "no" vote will see us back at this point again within the decade." - Adam Tinworth
Re: On Englishness, Scottishness and Britishness -
"That's the harsh thing about the democratic process, though - one way or another nearly half of the Scottish-resident population are going to be very deeply upset shortly." - Adam Tinworth
Re: On small rebellions and small school ties -
"I've often mused that the best way to create religious people is to raise 'em atheist - and vice versa. Be interesting to see the journey of the children of a largely secular society right now." - Adam Tinworth
Inside the Facebook censorship machine -
Re: Writers, Coders and the Markdown landgrab -
"Without getting too deep into debating about debating, it seems to me that from the start you've been labouring under the misapprehension that I don't know what a specification is, and if you could explain that to me, I'd change my position. But I do know what one is, and have since the start. And, as I said, it doesn't alter my position. The "specifications don't matter to users" is a sore point for me. Every CMS build I've been involved with where devs took that sort of line led to a project that ended up disastrous, massively over budget and not fit for purpose. Apologies if it seemed insulting - it wasn't meant as such." - Adam Tinworth
Facebook helps out the satire-challenged -
"That transitory nature of blog platforms is one of the reasons I've been self-hosted for over a decade. If the software underlying the site goes away, I have two separate migration plans in place. Over the past 11 years, this is the single largest body of work I've created. I'd hate to lose it. Thanks for reading. :)" - Adam Tinworth
Re: Writers, Coders and the Markdown landgrab -
"Disagreement does not indicate a lack of focus. But feel free to tell yourself that if it makes it easier for you to ignore my point. :-)" - Adam Tinworth
Re: Writers, Coders and the Markdown landgrab -
"Oh, don’t be ridiculous. Of course what’s in the specification matters to the end user, because it’ll determine what they’ll use in the end. Reading it might not matter to the end user, but nothing you’ve said right up until now changes my core argument one whit: what we’re seeing right now has given zero evidence of consideration to and of Markdown’s original intended audience: writers. That doesn’t mean that it’s not coming - but the fact that it wasn’t in place when the first big publicity push happened tells you a lot about the focus of the people involved." - Adam Tinworth
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