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RT @robinlustig: No one should watch a video of a person being murdered, journalist or otherwise. Let's preserve some dignity: theirs and ours. #JamesFoley
RT @DJBentley: Don't quote Foley in that video. They're not his words.
.@iTibz Remind me to write a post about how I use @emberapp in my presentation-building workflow…
One phone call from nursery = your working week suddenly halved. Self-employment and parenthood can bd uneasy bedfellows.
It's amazing how much today's social media feels like everyone yelling "look at me! MEEEE! MEEEEEEEEEE!" after 10...
I did a two-part series on rethinking airports for the digital age, on the @nextconf blog:
Re: Achievement unlocked: good holiday -
"Thanks, Antony. It’s good to be back - and to feel more like myself again." - Adam Tinworth
RT @JaspJackson: Really wish people would stop talking about @BuzzFeed and @VICE as if they were exactly the same kind of journalistic endeavour/business.
Finally clearing down my LinkedIn in-box. More people are using it, so I need to make it usable again…
Steve Jobs (and others) on Creativity - and what it really is…
Morning Coffee Reading, from the 24 hour social-media, digital-first world… (five week-starting links for you…)
6 minutes to my first cup of coffee of the day (not that I’m counting) (at all) (AT ALL)
Into the deep, dark, auto-awesome woods:
RT @davidfarre: The man who created the first pop-up ad says 'sorry'
Stuck in that twilight world where you know your toddler will wake up shortly, but not exactly when… so what can you start doing?
RT @jamesrbuk: Everyone at @GuardianData commends Groot's (formerly @grbarnett) commitment to sci-fi:
Content marketing is ruining the web. Its decline will be poetic justice Well, that should rile a few people…
Does anyone use Path Talk? Has anyone heard of Path Talk? :)
When advertising goes native, we sell out our relationship with our community:
RT @journalism_jobs: Live in #Brighton? Want to learn more about social media? Check out our 3-hour evening course with @adders #training
When advertising goes native SPOILER: we risk destroying our relationship with readers
Tonight really is mass libel night on Twitter. Somewhere, a lawyer is ordering some luxury car prospectuses…
RT @psmith: Can’t believe some of the #CliffRichard tweets. People are being very dumb. Well established that people will sue over libelous tweets.
This is the mouldy car seat that we ended up with after booking a car through Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK . And this...
I have an e-mail from @enterprisecares saying that renting mouldy car seats is fine. This is gonna make a great blog post.
The de-gamification of Foursquare (or, what happens when gamification becomes a problem, not a solution…
RT @MattNavarraUK: .@LinkedIn details new publishing platform improvements: feeds, notifications and Pulse emails
Remember when gamification was the future? Now, for one app, it's the past…
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