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RT @RBanningLover: Two of my favourite things: Mad Men and data journalism - @qz on how Don Draper's world was different from ours
Ah, good. While I've been busy mopping up vomit, access to my blog was restored.
RT @thinkup: Our promise: The only social analytics that won't write an opportunistic "best practices" blog post about @USAirways
It's astonishing how much vomit a toddler can produce. That was a fun afternoon/evening.
Either I'm grumpy, or a lot of people are being pretentious on Twitter today…
I have just returned from the kitchen, where I had a fascinating time with my coffee making kit. Full details in the next ish!
Lordy. So many journalists still writing tweets like they're personal press releases.
With my blog still down, here's five interesting things I found from transmedia profits to coffee shop WiFi bans:
Resolved: time to move my blog
Spring has - finally - sprung
Apple docs: Samsung misled investors about Galaxy Tab sales <-- too much credulous tech reporting
Link: "Severe Jetpack vulnerability disclosed, some sites being updated automatically" #wordpress
Dear God, no, make it stop: Lets Get Social 2014 - YouTube
"Reddit now lists trending subreddits on its front page" [Link]
Or plane even.
Turns out that four hours' sleep on the plan isn't really enough…
Old London Town this fine morning.
Land (green, pleasant)
Night flight to Venu…uh…Heathrow. — traveling to heathrow from JFK
Longreads acquired by Automattic:
RT @Matt_Isard: Saw this coming “@verge: Facebook's about to turn off messaging in its mobile app, forcing you to download Messenger”
Great storytelling in this infographic from the Washington Post: The depth of the problem
There's probably a good explanation for this…
9 days left to enter the @interhacktives / @ampp3d data journalism competition
RT @mathewi: Two good tips from a commenter on my "what you need to know" Heartbleed overview, so I worked them into the post:
Stunning morning in New York today.
MT @hollyfletcher: 20 spaghettis + Tape + String + Marshmallow= 13 inch freestanding structure.” cc @neilperkin ;)
Woke up and had literally no idea where I was for about 90 seconds. Weird feeling…
The Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post, And Headline Online
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