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Emerald Quay and the Adur at low tide
The new @Flickr app is such an improvement. An Instagram for people serious about photography.
"This article conforms to Betteridge's law of headlines:" - Adam Tinworth
The AeroPress Inventor's Secret To A Perfect Cup Of Coffee <-- to accompany your morning coffee.
US Appeals court declares that blogs are media and an important source of news:
Interesting chat with Jay Lauf of Quartz:
RT @TheSourceress: My meetings got cancelled today. So I arranged another one... with the Doctor! #DoctorWho
RT @JoannaUK: If you're searching for tweets from Mariupol #Ukraine, you could include a geo filter in your @tweetdeck search:
Idly wondering if @SarahMarshall's ears are burning a little…
RT @journalismnews: Our next news:rewired digital #journalism conference is on 23 July. We have just 31 discount tickets left: #newsrw
"Google+ Pages with 1,000+ followers can now create ads, promote Hangouts on Air and automatic posts" #interhacktives
Time to kip before another day's training delivery tomorrow…
This is not sabotage (honest):
I’m just beginning to suspect that the quest for platform neutrality just produces content that doesn’t work well anywhere. #mustblogthat
Had a brief moment where I had no idea what day of the week it was.
Telegraphing my day (ho, ho)
Today's appeal for journalists to take social media verification seriously proved popular… #journalism
RT @psmith: Dear fellow media professionals: we are hiring for a sub-editor at @buzzfeeduk. If this is you, get in touch
Lunches with @amayfield seem to translate directly into increased sales for Amazon.
A post in which I make an example of Declan Curry :-) Seriously, though, why the hell do so many journalists'...
Verify social media content - or look like an idiot <- two outlets didn't, and are apologising
Re: News Segment Features Extremely Accurate Caption -
"So, you got the story wrong, and didn't apologise? More shame you." - Adam Tinworth
Re: News Segment Features Extremely Accurate Caption -
"Here's a novel idea: why not do a little verification work on an image found on social media, rather than having to apologise later?" - Adam Tinworth
RT @RBanningLover: Two of my favourite things: Mad Men and data journalism - @qz on how Don Draper's world was different from ours
Ah, good. While I've been busy mopping up vomit, access to my blog was restored.
RT @thinkup: Our promise: The only social analytics that won't write an opportunistic "best practices" blog post about @USAirways
It's astonishing how much vomit a toddler can produce. That was a fun afternoon/evening.
Either I'm grumpy, or a lot of people are being pretentious on Twitter today…
I have just returned from the kitchen, where I had a fascinating time with my coffee making kit. Full details in the next ish!
Lordy. So many journalists still writing tweets like they're personal press releases.
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