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RT @psmith: Can’t believe some of the #CliffRichard tweets. People are being very dumb. Well established that people will sue over libelous tweets.
This is the mouldy car seat that we ended up with after booking a car through Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK . And this...
I have an e-mail from @enterprisecares saying that renting mouldy car seats is fine. This is gonna make a great blog post.
The de-gamification of Foursquare (or, what happens when gamification becomes a problem, not a solution…
RT @MattNavarraUK: .@LinkedIn details new publishing platform improvements: feeds, notifications and Pulse emails
Remember when gamification was the future? Now, for one app, it's the past…
Amazon versus Captain America Amazon really throwing its weight around now…
Remember when ramification was the future? For one app, it's now the past…
RT @DBanksy: I'm not sure the old #contemptklaxon is going to able to withstand the onslaught #CliffRichard Tin hat on. Incoming!
RT @louisecwhite: You can save £450 - when the deadline of Friday is gone, it's gone
Amazon versus Captain America Amazon's war on publishers continues…
Mighty tree killers - my contribution to the @Magazinediaries project :
Link: "HTTPS as a ranking signal" - in case you missed it, encrypting your pages is now a (minor) SEO ranking factor…
Link: "New features for verified users" Clear demarcation of a Twitter "elite".
Reporting suicides without triggering them - today's essential #journalism read
I was interviewed by Andrea Contino for his interview series #WhyIBlog
I'm supporting writers directly on @beaconreader
You need a holiday, says neuroscience - and who are you to argue? :)
On “posting a blog” (by @alisongow)
100 words on fighting to save magazines for the @MagazineDiaries
Writing a piece on the horrible service by Enterprise and the ineffectiveness of @enterprisecares - classic social media astroturfing.
Reporting suicides without triggering them @newsmary produces today's essential #journalism read
Why do I blog in an age of Facebook and Twitter? I’m put to the question…
You NEED a holiday. This is science. Neuroscience, in fact…
Achievement unlocked: good holiday
$37 dollar coffee…? Awesome!
Re: Brilliant Reads: chaos, meaning, and connecting ideas -
"Sadly, not yet. Overcast doesn’t recognise it as a podcast feed, and iTunes allows you to subscribe to it, but shows no episodes in the feed (which is probably why Overcast is rejecting it)." - Adam Tinworth
I was interviewed by @Contz for his blog:
Everything is awesome.
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