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Album of the week ♫ 'Softly, Softly' by The Hosts ♬ #scrnch #lastfm
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: The Hosts (20), The Black Keys (11) & Arctic Monkeys (11) #ADLFM
It seems I was too hasty awarding my spam of the day award
Fintech Stars: Throwback Thursday Edition < Bizarre arcade game style interactive thingy to show banks in Fintech
Liking these experience design concepts of money by @method_inc. Video Case Study
RT @FinalBullet: Unexpectedly have FREE page up for grabs in next @hackcircus. Anyone want to advertise tech/sci/art show etc? FREE but need artwork asap!
Average. Not in the same league as Good Will Hunting.
RT @dkimerling: Please vote for "The DNA of FinTech APIs" to be a core conversation at SxSW '14 cc: @schwentker @StandardAPI
I have never seen Dead Poets Society. Remedying that now.
Pulp film = 90 minutes of grinning. Brilliant stuff and one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Cheers @scotthinch
Watching Pulp: a Film about Life, Death & Supermarkets
“@TheDrum: Lager drinkers unable to distinguish between Budvar, Heineken & Stella Artois” rubbish ones evidently.
RT @rshevlin: Maybe Banks Don’t Have To Innovate < another great post from one of the Fintech Titans.
A man with a chainsaw at the top of a very tall tree.
I wonder how well animated GIFs work over Webex?
RT @wearefriday: We're hiring a bilingual arabic-english #UX designer. temp-to-perm for the right candidate.!u... #jobs
Some proper men are climbing the massive tree in my garden with chain saws in their hands.
Screw omnichannel my first banking related blog in 13 months.
My Reckons = 90% opinion, 10% insight…at best. Talking of which…
Watching John Mcafee on Bloomberg. He is a fascinating and troubled individual. Talking about attempts on his life at DEFCON.
Find the rogues - and embrace them by @timolloyd < Can't agree enough with this.
RT @davidbrear: @aden_76 Omnichannel for me although i try not to use it!!
RT @DeanVipond: @aden_76 Ømni—Chånnel
The word omnichannel should be burnt in a fire but if you did have to write it, how would you? Omni Channel? Omnichannel? OmniChannel?
RT @thedailymash: Pound says it would rather be French
I really enjoyed @BenedictEvans' post about cheap iPhones a topic I am very interested in.
RT @wearefriday: We're hiring for #sitecore engineers #jobs @wearefriday More info here -
'It's not like the old days...'
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