Sat next to @boardas and @dave2marsh today. Seems I missed a memo about leather jackets.
RT @mediaczar: @aden_76 also, linkedIn posts
Whatever happens with Philae and Rosetta today expect it to be used as overwrought metaphor on the value/pointlessness of long term planning
I might even publish it on Medium and Linked In like a personal brand pro.
Mildly ranty, ill informed and reckon filled blog post can wait until tomorrow for publishing.
RT @maijapalmer: FT readers' most-hated tech jargon is: 'leveraging the power of Big Data'. In second place: 'Fail fast'
Something about turkeys and voting for xmas I guess...
I remember @transferwise coming second at the Innotribe start up contest in 2011 and thinking it was a disgrace they did not win.
RT @graphiclunarkid: @aden_76 You can help with that if you like ;) (Disclosure: @FreeUKGen is a client of mine)
Why aren't national census records available freely? #opendata
Just got served this ad. 'A Simple Credit Card. How Unexpected. Representative 11.1% APR (variable). Annual fee applies.' Simple yeah?
RT @buffer: @aden_76 Thanks for the nudge on that one, Aden! The idea of a "pause" button has come up from time to time. Really love the idea! -Adam
An idea for @Buffer and other auto posting services. Allow people to denote specific dates and times to not post anything. i.e. 11.00, 11/11
RT @BBCClick: The man who hears colour - < Is it Shingy?
It looks like @legalbizzle has been unmasked ;)
RT @bijonmehta: HSBC Exec Lays Out The Bank’s B2B Expansion Strategy #fintech #payments #b2b #hsbc #banking
RT @FintechBot: Deutsche Bank hires Salesforce chief scientist for new data role < Woah! Did not see that coming
Wonder if I could sneak in to the Fidor API event later this week. Pass myself of as a developer? Ha. No.
RT @johnjsills: The Christmas trees are back in Canary Wharf, with their holy seasonal message...
RT @MutinerieCrew: Hake The Bank à Mutinerie - 2014 | Programmez!
Watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos on BBC4 and thinking the production crew must have consumed lots of psilocybin.
Me ‘spell out the word’ Son ‘b a ck, b a ck’ Me ‘what does it sound like?’ Son ‘Cock!’ Me *fighting back giggles*
RT @TacticallyInept: Tevez's goal vine doesn't do justice to his entire run. Here's the full version of it -- Even better.
RT @cwiggins: .@tim_cook We're begging you: iTunes is a disaster, even the new v. Don't know how it got this bad, but please, please make it good again.
Really glad I took Aguero out of my fantasy league team.
“@petervan: Gary Hamel @profhamel on Rethinking the Architecture & the Ideology of Organizations” great long read
RT @ITredux: " a lot of big companies, process becomes a substitute for thinking." #bpm
“@mobinauten: Yes, if you really want to digitalize and open the banks. Is It Time to End Screen Scraping?” yes
RT @lfoxmas: Let's get 'LFO' by LFO to the Xmas Number One spot as a tribute to Mark Bell who sadly passed away this week. Spread the word! #lfoxmas
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