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My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Slow Club (49), La Roux (23) & First Aid Kit (20) #ADLFM
Today has been good already and this afternoon I am meeting up with some good people so it can only get better. #PositiveTweetFriday
This weeks Web Curios features the phrase 'ludditic Damascene' which is just one of the reasons to read the rest.
Still laughing at the phrase 'But this is the year of digital' cc @imyke
July's top album ♫ 'Stay Gold' by First Aid Kit ♬ #scrnch #lastfm
Cab driver playing some awful Spanish lounge version of ‘Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world’.
RT @choosenick: "I've been making scissors for 58 years... Every pair a jewel"
And thankfully some nice people I.e. Me and the people I am with.
In a poncy roof top bar near Oxford Circus. It is full of roaring great <insert your expletive of choice>.
I may mock @johnjsills for his slides (and other things) but he is a great presenter.
RT @FintechBot: How fake money for movies is made by @BoingBoing
I find myself with a free evening in London. Is the Digital Revolution exhibition worth a visit?
RT @philgyford: I wrote more about my frustrating attempts to open a business bank account last week: Yes, that sounds really dull.
RT @HistoricalPics: Steve Jobs giving IBM the finger in 1983!
It's always been true. A lovely piece of writing by @philgyford on Shoreditch
Looking into conference attendance justification. More confs should provide justification email templates HT @alxdwn
*spins rolodex* Who else shall I go and annoy on my visit to London?
I wrote some words about @FintechBot such as why and what and how. Have a read
Any cPanel/Email server/wordpress/postie experts know why my emailed in posts are being labelled {Disarmed}?
Someone just used the word sanguine in a call. What a lovely underused word. Obviously it was not being used to describe me.
The new albums from La Roux, The Antlers and First Aid Kit are all wonderful.
Sharepoint. Why?
Looks like my @fintechbot does not speak French (or it does not like @Bobsguidedotcom RSS feed formats)
“@dansumption: Nobody’s Enemy:” Flava Flav making friends.
Album of the week ♫ 'The Bones of What You Believe (Deluxe Version)' by CHVRCHES ♬ #scrnch
So wishing I was at The Harley for #Tramlines & East India Youth. Bloody adult responsibilities.
RT @LaughingSquid: ‘Urban Isolation’, A Short Skateboarding Film Set on Empty Los Angeles Streets and Highways
“@BBCClick: Cheering robots replace baseball fans” might see a few at the lane.
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