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Million pound idea. In app purchase for Threes that allows you to rewind your last five turns. Wrong on so many levels but still right.
Million pound idea. In app purchase for Threes that allows you to rewind your last five turns. Wrong on so many levels but still right.
“@thegreatgonzo: Can anyone point me at a good long read on Shariah-compliant banking in the UK?”
MT @daveedwards10: Primary school admissions: All Yorkshire councils say >95% got one of their choices < we are one of the lucky 5% #blessed
Wonder how many calls Sheffield Schools Admissions Department got at 9am?
The joy of investigating an opaque and complex process that determines your child’s future at 1.30am.
In related news anyone know a solicitor/specialist in the appeals process?
Community S05E02 is brilliant. The Nicholas Cage story line especially. Such good writing.
Parenthood perfectly captured in two photos “@youngvulgarian:” via @robmanuel
If only the phrase often used to describe toddlers ‘in to everything’ applied to sitting quietly and watching TV while Daddy sleeps.
RT @1uigi: CloudFlare's private SSL key has been obtained. SSL keys are indeed vulnerable! cc @tenderlove @avdi @konklone
RT @Matt_Muir: Saturdays are good for eating brunch and reading about the week's webspaff, courtesy of Web Curios:
RT @davidkiosk: Spray tan stained Uggs, porno fingernails, rugger shirts, golf and greyhounds. Welcome. To Dore village. Sheffield's Nouveau "eesh"
RT @craigmod: Want to download all of your Kindle highlights? @cmenscher has you covered! Highlights Liberator: /via @samryan
RT @indiaknight It's Friday. We're on social media. Let's sing. … (via @mjrharris) < YES.
OH 'I don't really like One Direction but I do like Ricky out of the Kaiser Chiefs' Top office banter going on around me *headphones on*
Helping User Research and Customer Insight work effectively on digital service design brilliant stuff by @leisa
Pope inauguration mobile phone now and then presentation start. Please stop.
To Leeds for a day with those zany black and white obsessed folk.
Why the only work worth doing is making or serving (via Makeshift
RT @poetica: We have batches of beta invites to give away! If you're a team/company/group etc and you'd like to try Poetica all together, DM us!
RT @deplorableword: Square (PRODUCT)RED is genius every customer receives an emailed receipt with a donation link
RT @FintechBot: RT @TheFCA: See the full list of complaints data by financial product type and firm (UK) < downloadable too.
On the plus side for Maria Miller her nominative determinism can now be fulfilled as mascot for Rotherham FC.
RT @nickbilton: Very smart (and scary) graphic showing how far down #MH370 is at the bottom of the ocean:
RT @MarkKleinmanSky: Exclusive: Metro Bank founder and First Direct CEO join forces to launch Atom, digital lender targeting 2015 launch.
“@rachelcoldicutt: .@FinalBullet’s ”7 Habits of Successful Women“ is excellent” it is and applicable to both sexes.
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