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Re: A Sheffield Digital Festival… -
"My original Tweet earlier this week was more related to 'computing' as in what is our equivalent to events like dConstruct or ReasonsTo in Brighton. We seem to be covered very well in art, film music etc. but not 'computing' for want of a better word than just digital. I think the comedy festival has been a huge success as has tramlines which sparks other events and awareness. Maybe just about tying a few events together over a two week period to start with to see what sticks / occurs. Alex's dorkbot list is a damn good start." - Aden Davies
Album of the week ♫ 'Softly, Softly' by The Hosts ♬ #scrnch #lastfm
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: The Hosts (20), The Black Keys (11) & Arctic Monkeys (11) #ADLFM
It seems I was too hasty awarding my spam of the day award
Fintech Stars: Throwback Thursday Edition < Bizarre arcade game style interactive thingy to show banks in Fintech
Liking these experience design concepts of money by @method_inc. Video Case Study
RT @FinalBullet: Unexpectedly have FREE page up for grabs in next @hackcircus. Anyone want to advertise tech/sci/art show etc? FREE but need artwork asap!
Average. Not in the same league as Good Will Hunting.
RT @dkimerling: Please vote for "The DNA of FinTech APIs" to be a core conversation at SxSW '14 cc: @schwentker @StandardAPI
I have never seen Dead Poets Society. Remedying that now.
Pulp film = 90 minutes of grinning. Brilliant stuff and one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Cheers @scotthinch
Watching Pulp: a Film about Life, Death & Supermarkets
“@TheDrum: Lager drinkers unable to distinguish between Budvar, Heineken & Stella Artois” rubbish ones evidently.
RT @rshevlin: Maybe Banks Don’t Have To Innovate < another great post from one of the Fintech Titans.
A man with a chainsaw at the top of a very tall tree.
I wonder how well animated GIFs work over Webex?
RT @wearefriday: We're hiring a bilingual arabic-english #UX designer. temp-to-perm for the right candidate.!u... #jobs
Some proper men are climbing the massive tree in my garden with chain saws in their hands.
Screw omnichannel my first banking related blog in 13 months.
My Reckons = 90% opinion, 10% insight…at best. Talking of which…
Watching John Mcafee on Bloomberg. He is a fascinating and troubled individual. Talking about attempts on his life at DEFCON.
Find the rogues - and embrace them by @timolloyd < Can't agree enough with this.
RT @davidbrear: @aden_76 Omnichannel for me although i try not to use it!!
RT @DeanVipond: @aden_76 Ømni—Chånnel
The word omnichannel should be burnt in a fire but if you did have to write it, how would you? Omni Channel? Omnichannel? OmniChannel?
RT @thedailymash: Pound says it would rather be French
I really enjoyed @BenedictEvans' post about cheap iPhones a topic I am very interested in.
RT @wearefriday: We're hiring for #sitecore engineers #jobs @wearefriday More info here -
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