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RT @SA5G: Wow @shingy knows how to present and hold an audience #FOMG14
RT @Finextra: Royal Canadian Mint ditches MintChip digital currency project < Digital currencies are hard it seems.
Internet Tube: An abstraction of the global submarine fibre-optic cable network by @oiioxford via @aljopainter
Just got my first meeting invite for 2015.
‘Show me something real! I need it now not later!’ < I could not agree more Liam. #TheGrey
‘Show me something real! I need it now not later!’ < I could not agree more Liam. #TheGrey
The Grey really is a dreadful film.
That thing where you have invested too much time in a terrible film to stop watching. The Grey.
RT @scotthinch: “@SheffieldHalf: Today is the day! Make sure you use the hashtag #ilovesheffieldhalf with your race day pictures and we'll retweet
RT @lizforcards: We're at hunters bar rdbt just in case the runners get this far. Spectators have bought up all the water in the Spar to hand out #sheffhalf
RT @rhodri: I would like to see footage of the moment where the Sheffield half-marathon organisers realised they’d forgotten the water.
RT @BBCSheffield: Police attempting to put road blocks in place to stop thousands of half-marathon runners who have started despite event being cancelled.
RT @BBCSheffield: Chaotic scenes as marathon runners start running race despite being cancelled.
RT @BBCSheffield: Officials says insufficient water is available to runners making it unsafe for event to take place.
RT @BBCSheffield: BREAKING: Sheffield Half Marathon has been cancelled.
A very pleasant evening with friends to celebrate an SWFC defeat and my 38th birthday.
Number of firewall related swearing incidents today = a lot
RT @Matt_Muir: ICYMI earlier, fire this week's web straight into your eyes with Web Curios:
RT @prehensile: a question for @M_PF: any idea if there’s an API (official or otherwise) for Tesco Clubcard data? cc @nicklansley
I would like to get back on the reckon horse but I have severe blog anxiety (blah anxiety?)
Fantastic to see a talented colleague, Alasdair Anderson, speaking publicly about Hadoop project at HSBC
Block Rockin' Beats was #1 on my 21st birthday, which makes it the theme tune of my life! Find out yours:
I need to get better at Snapchat.
'Team meeting' (@ BrewDog Sheffield - @brewdogsheff)
I like this piece about being a designer @Stripe says a hell of a lot about design focused cultures in Fintech
Hearing the brilliant story behind this started out from just 100 photos on Flickr that got 1.7 million views
Meeting with the good folk from the Imperial War Museum.
Long day... (@ Sheffield Railway Station (SHF) - @nationalrailenq)
First ever visit. (@ Visa Europe Headquarters)
RT @jaggeree: BEST COPY IN AN APRIL FOOLS EVER - - well played @davemcclure and all at @500Startups
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