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RT @stuheritage: Prescient. Mork on the pressures of celebrity, from the episode where he met Robin Williams:
RT @hughlaurie: Since my earliest memory, I have dreamed of being a content provider.
RT @timoarnall: “Connectivity is not binary. The network is never neutral.” < Great & check out the links at the end
I am a big fan of @gendal's explanatory blogs for banking. This weekend he wrote about payment card fees
RT @FinTechInnoLab: Applications to the 2015 London prog are now open!!! Apply here
Just used the heat vent on my Lenovo laptop to slightly soften an over refrigerated Double Decker #innovation
The irrational fear of asking respected colleagues for personal feedback. Only seen as irrational after the fact.
Also if you are a Chrome user then I do hope you have watched the beautiful Spacecraft for all data viz/documentary
If you are one of the few people not to have seen the Microsoft Hyperlapse video over the weekend then watch it now
'I am trying to find new ways of telling people to sod off' #QOTD from the team meeting. #Collaboration #Innovation
Album of the week ♫ 'Complete Surrender' by Slow Club ♬ #scrnch #lastfm
Enjoying the England v India highlights. How good is Moeen Ali?
I hate cars. Henry Ford should have invested more in horses.
Why are the diagnostic computers for cars not open source rather than tied to dealer networks?
I have awful luck with cars & especially with anyone involved in the sale or maintenance thereof. You feel like you've been interfered with.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Slow Club (32), First Aid Kit (20) & The Hosts (20) #ADLFM
I am overjoyed that my 4 year old is now addicted to LEGO however he now wants Metal Beard's Sea Cow from the Lego Movie which is £170. No.
It's a bit parky today (says man in shorts, tshirt and flip flops sat in a garden shed)
RT @topfife: @aden_76 consider the Developing Nations. Nokia’s J2ME store is probably still thriving.
A (previously) respected colleague has just said/typed this 'I have rolos. I went to the machine, saw them and thought - YOLO'
Can anybody point me to a successful/useful/popular app store that is not by Apple or Google?
What we did with the War Cards The story of our Midland Bank War Card transcription effort for the #WWIAnniversary
You can find the Midland Bank War Cards here please register, take a look and make some life stories.
Untold stories from the front line. by @SpreeNoMore
Fantastic looking innovation conference in Brighton on the 3rd of September from the fine folk @brilliantnoise
RT @TheFCA: Press release: FCA sets out its approach to financial promotions in #socialmedia #smfca
In other LEGO news my son could watch unboxing/set making videos for hours. So proud.
And how on earth do people store (and keep the pieces together for) individual LEGO sets?
I do however now need to find some good LEGO storage i.e. Some plastic clip lid boxes that fit perfectly into an Ikea Expedit shelf unit.
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