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I should click more pics of me in glasses.
Am so fking tired.
Some Gujju fillum shooting at zen cafe #ahmedabad
adese + GitHub = <3 :P
Paranormal activity is crazy LOL
RT @ankvanz: totally speechless.. this is what we really need to understand .. be a real man. Well done #SatyamevJayate #ARealMan .
RT @cameow_7: A real man is a man who is actually a HUMAN! Rise the humanity within u guys.. Be a responsible man. #SatyamevJayate #ARealMan
I hope all the men on my timeline are watching #SatyamevJayate :)
RT @FastCoDesign: Plug this Arduino-run hacking device into any standard receipt printer and watch it go!
Apple eating, on my work desk sitting, langur. Lol
RT @BestOscarWilde: There are only 2 kinds of people who are really fascinating - people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing.
Pleasant weather = green work space.
RT @BestOscarWilde: One can always be kind to people about whom one cares nothing.
I think my chain of rejections hasn't ended yet. two years and counting.
the 10th photo on this site is @shilo1221's installation from Burning Man. so much proudyy !!!
"Tricking Tinder With A 3D Printed Finger"
It is these things which keep me away from marrying. Really. I mean if u got married, stay committed or don't. (Ref: prev tweet)
What wud you do if u found a friend of a friend's husband on tinder looking for a match ?
LED flickering with moozik !
Making circuit. Guess what's wrong in this one. Except for missing components :P
Pretty dead spider on my desk at @fablabcept #ahmedabad
RT @stephenfry: Fifty-eight million is a BIG number! It's how many children need help getting to school. Together, we can get to zero
Squirrel, parrot, cats, pigeon and now a baby bat. Just cleared a whole lot of ants and ticks off this…
Amit shah just came out of the building next to mine 😳😳😳 #showoff 😜
Stocking flowers. Made these long time back.
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