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Great advice: "What is a Good Product Idea?" #startup #entrepreneur
The best time to eat fruits is empty stomach in the morning - it digests better. So if someone could deliver fresh juices, would be awesome.
Good to know: "12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company"
Massive List of Web App Directories to Promote Your Startup | Justin McGill -
How Do You Design Interaction? | Smashing Magazine -
Paletton - The Color Scheme Designer -
There’s a diff between being an entrepreneur & solving a problem. You’ve got to want to solve a problem, not want to be an entrepreneur.
Read: "There’s a difference between being a writer and writing. You’ve got to want to write, not want to be a writer." #quote
"It is impossible to be a maverick or a true original if you're too well behaved and don't want to break the rules." @Schwarzenegger #quote
As a #ProductManager, my tools are Email, Word, Powerpoint & Excel. Feeling ashamed I haven't coded in last 1.5 yrs. Do you code as a PM?
The largest enterprise in computing space sent a project template which has "Storyboard" & "Business Canvas" tabs. #leanstartup #impressed
"You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in the pockets." - @Schwarzenegger #quote
People know it, talk about it, but can't act on it. Takes a while to convince people to think and act iteratively. #leanstartup
Lean Startup framework sounds easy & logical when you read about it but equally hard to follow in a large company.
Common believe about leaders is that they are great teachers who teach their values & learnings to their followers creating more leaders.
Announcing Nudge – Influence Behavior while Generating Insights -
.@LinkedIn if you claim to let people discover great content, then how about adding "Save to Pocket" option in your iPhone app? cc @Pocket
Good example of data driven vs experience driven design: "Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It"
Long but Great Read: Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) On The Future Of Enterprise
Loving Moves app's accuracy, data & UI interactions. Fitbit should have acquired them instead of Facebook. It would have been a perfect fit.
I really admire Amazon as a company for great products they innovate and bring to market at really affordable prices!
RT @levie: Your goal as a startup is to make sure your point of view differs from the market's. And when the market catches up, you do it again.
And yes, back to active Tweeting as well! It's been really long I've blogged & actively Tweeted. Time to wake up.
Now inspired from various books & blogs that I'm reading, thinking of getting back to blogging. Lots of thoughts & experiences to share.
Thanks to long weekend, finally done reading "The Lean Startup" by @ericries. Great read, now planning to put it in action for new product.
Currently reading 3 books in parallel - based on the mood and the location of that book in the house. Seemed it was taking longer to finish.
Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell - YouTube -
RT @hnshah: Free this weekend. @seanellis and @morganb new book "Startup Growth Engines"
Olapic - Visual Commerce - Visual Content Discovery & Integration | Olapic -
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