Good read: "Seed Rounds: How To Pick A Valuation" #startup #fundraising
"PMs to accept that they need to be shit umbrellas and credit funnels." - @satyap
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Conversion Rate Optimization for Beginners: 11 Resources To Get You Started - Aditya Kothadiya
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Great advice: "What is a Good Product Idea?" #startup #entrepreneur
How to: DIY Startup Explainer Video for Under $300 (That Still Looks Pro) | Start-Up Chile the biggest startup community in the world -
The best time to eat fruits is empty stomach in the morning - it digests better. So if someone could deliver fresh juices, would be awesome.
Good to know: "12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company"
We just open sourced Flanker, our Python email address and Mime parsing library -
Free email validation API for web forms -
Open sourcing our email signature parsing library -
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There’s a diff between being an entrepreneur & solving a problem. You’ve got to want to solve a problem, not want to be an entrepreneur.
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