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TIL I’m not actually underweight.
Personally, I think *any* western team would've challenged Newbee more than VG. Western DotA is chaotic, which is why we like it #dota2 #ti4
And that any talk of 'skill' is pretty much useless. The best team didn't win. The best team at executing a strategy won. #dota2 #ti4
I would actually argue that what we saw was how well teams could execute a dominant strategy, 'n how others couldn't adapt to it #dota2 #ti4
What we saw was what happens when a strategy is executed at a very high level and almost completely unchallenged. #dota2 #ti4
I guess 'best DotA' doesn't necessarily mean 'interesting DotA'. #dota2 #ti4
Even if @NewBeeDota2 gets eliminated, this will be the best thing to happen all week:
You have to be good enough to get better. #dota2 #gameishard
Satisfying to see an awful strategy systematically dismantled. Figure something new out for a change @theAllianceGG. #dota2 #TI4 #egvsa
Seeing a strategy systematically dismantled is very satisfying, especially when it's such an awful strategy to being with. #dota2 #TI4
Last year I cheered for @theAllianceGG bc they were not @natusvincere. This year I'm cheering @EvilGeniuses bc they're a breath of fresh air
And now I’ll never be comfortable getting gifts shipped directly to people from an online seller.
I guess expecting a good gift-wrap and personalised message job for Rs. 30 from Flipkart was pushing it.
Article is even more relevant in the face of big new titles like #TheDivision coming out next year. Non-free DLCs will kill the game.
One of the reasons why I'm locked into #DotA2 - Greed of AAA shooters is chasing us into arms of competitive MOBAs ~
RT @codelust: Kimi wins the only British GP that matters:
Nice use of our money Valve. #dota2 #ti4
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つFIX ECHO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ #dota2 #TI4
Recently discovered ‘Within Temptation’. Definitely filled the void Evanescence left in my library.
. @twitter needs an option "This user doesn't know how to use Twitter." as a reason to block someone.
What will hit 4k first — my Twitter follower count or my DotA 2 Solo MMR? #roadto4k
This might not be the right context for #wtfindia, but ...
This might not be the right context for #wtfindia, but ...
The new @Skype for iOS is pretty. Stuff like this makes me not want to switch to Android (if ever).
I'm very tempted to go through with this ...
The phone itself looks great. I will hold out to see what the iPhone 6 is like, but my recent exposure to the Nexus 5 and now Moto G make …
Sister got a new Moto G today. Boy the SIM slot is finicky.
I meant ‘aural’, not audible. Calm down.
There is more visual, audible and technological awesome in this video than I can handle ~
There is more visual, audible and technological awesome in this video than I can handle ~
I want to start writing down names of songs I satisfactorily arrange for the piano. I think I have enough to fill up a two-column page atm.
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