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RT @arbesman: "in apocalyptic films the familiar landmarks are the first to be destroyed; but in post-apocalyptic movies they are all that remains."
It was a little challenging getting the full impact of the dubstep-y bass-y verses of 'Radioactive', but the end result is very satisfying.
I couldn’t think of a more appropriate word to describe the sound of a piano off the top of my head.
To be fair, all music is piano music at some level. But when I say piano music, I mean songs that sound especially pretty on the piano.
Imagine Dragons also makes awesome piano music.
It's almost like too much of one thing desensitises us to it ~
It feels like I don't read for knowledge anymore. Any time spent reading is time I feel like I'm not doing, or taking needed breaks.
Yo dawg, I heard you like applying changes …
There's nothing more earth shattering in its moment as a sneeze.
"Human as a Service" ~
New word I learnt today:
Windows 8.1 Update repurposes the Metro-style start screen to a bigger, better start menu. Much easier to understand its existence.
Deep deep deep down, I'm still a high-schooler at heart.
Completely random Sunday listening:
Completely random Sunday listening:
The difference in weight between my MBP and ROG seems to be purely the battery pack.
Shifted iOS DND mode from 11p-9a to 10p-8a. #lookmaimallgrownup
Stringly typed ~
Welcome to frontend development, where the rules are made up and the tools don't matter!
Another tweet discarded because it failed the two minute test.
So Kimi's chassis (from last weekend) was so damaged that Alonso couldn't go beyond 12 laps in it: #f1
To boldly go where no truck has gone before …
Why pay for lawyers when you can get free legal advice on HN?
Say what you will about BSB, but they had some powerful vocal melodies, good singers under all the Pop:
Say what you will about BSB, but they had some powerful vocal melodies, good singers under all the Pop:
What a story ~ Font War: Inside the Design World's $20 Million Divorce:
I've reached the conclusion that the `content` property (in CSS) is wrong and should be avoided whenever possible.
Windows says 'Synchronising …'. I saw it and went in my head. (Apple would have said 'Syncing' or 'Synchronizing'.)
Autohotkey is quickly becoming my new favourite application.
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