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Adrian Howard

Adrian Howard

Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot.
Coffeeness, coffeeness, the greatest gift that I possess; I thank the Lord I've been blessed; With more than my share of coffeeness
RT @AndySwann: Looking forward to discussing Work Vs Purpose @NestSpace this Thursday. In or around #Bournemouth? Join us!
RT @LeanProdMeetup: Come learn about “Messaging-Market Fit” from @DanOlsen at @LeanProdMeetup tomorrow #prodmgmt #ux #ui
New Agile & Lean UX News issue soon. Last issue at, subscribe at http://quietstars.us2.list-man... #leanux #agileux ;-)
RT @semanticwill: So You Want To Get Lean: Integrating Lean Startup – Melissa Perri @lissijean #LeanUX14
Coffee. Ooooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh.
RT @dancingmango: Can you learn Agile UX in 90 minutes? Find out.
FAQs. Where UX problems go to die.
RT @MaartenVolders: Only 4 weeks left until starts. Tickets almost sold out. Grab yours today! #leanux #agile #designthinking #kanban
♫ Let's go shopping dear; You know the shops are really near ♫
Second coffee to get me through the rest of this very Mondayish Monday.
RT @hackbmth: Loads of awesome photos from yesterday up now:
RT @linoleumtile: Fun alert! We were able to expand the guest list for the next #leanUX MN event! 8 spots left to join us on Tuesday:
Playing "Find the browser tab that's playing video"…
Well. My opinion of @NNGroup has just dropped considerably. "UX Certified". Sigh.
I think somebody did this to me once
Coffee me baby.
RT @semanticwill: So you want to get Lean: Integrating Lean Startup @lissijean #LeanUX14
Dear Company, When your content marketers write a "Robin Williams guide to X" post you appear ghoulish asshat dillholes. Love, Everybody
"If they think you're crude, go technical; if they think you're technical, go crude"—Swap "crude" for "UX" & confuse the heck out of folk ;)
RT @WJBritt: Great tips from #agile2014 about integrating UX with your #Scrum team by @NatalieWarnert with Dave Prior @mrsungo
Pleasingly full of leek stew.
RT @writebeard: Excited to do a Lean Branding workshop at @LeanAgileScot in September! Hit me up for discounted tickets.
RT @jonginn: Anyone know any network/connectivity comps who would be interested in donating mifi/router for @hackbmth? We have a tendency to kill wifi…
Six sleeps until Doctor Who.
Coffee. Oh yes.
RT @quicola: Take a sec to look at my idea and if you like it, give it a thumbs up #leanux #collaboration #ibmdesign #SXSW2015
Le Sigh.
RT @StoryLabSF: UX and Lean Development "playbook" from the @WhiteHouse. Nice. I like... via @mchronister
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