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Adrian Howard

Adrian Howard

Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot.
Coffee number two soon. Soooooooon.
My recent train of thought > OMG. OMG. iPad doesn't work. Won't switch on. Shit. Shit… wait… erm… yes… they do sometimes need charging.
RT @redevelopconf: Just one week to go and standard tickets are almost sold out. Can. Not. Wait.
“@AcademicsSay: A grad student guide to interpreting feedback from Canadian/U.K. faculty.” /cc @ebuie ;-)
Companies don't need a digital strategy. They need a strategy.
Coffee. Yay.
RT @redevelopconf: Less than two weeks to go. Less than two weeks to go!
Just used the phrase "the calendar beeped at me" and remembered I'm living in the future #TheDoorDilated
Wishing I were heading to hackbmth ;-(
An interesting discussion on automating the estimation of software projects > ;-)
I lied. NPS question, but a 1-6 scale.
Oh FFS. Just seen a NPS survey on a post-op hospital form. Not really an applicable context.
This is awesome. Generate your own pulp SF covers
Well. Arsebiscuits. That's my weekend plans screwed up.
Shouldn't really need saying but… > "UX Without Users Is Not UX"
RT @jonatisokon: What are you about to build? Does it match a hypothesis? Does it really? How do you write that down? Here's how:
RT @patrickhamann: Really like that my talk for @redevelopconf is pushing me out of my comfort zone. i.e its not only technical & talking about culture is hard
RT @seriouspony: @aurynn @MxCarmine thinking of all the tech (esp start-up) job ads that, if honest, would list "ethically limber" as a requirement.
Pre-migraine pretty lights. Yay :-/
Morning. Bah. Coffee.
RT @marlenac: We'e heard enough about harassment at conferences, @hypatiadotca offers strategies for helping if you see it happen:
Time to make soup!
The @NestSpace folk are starting a local book club. First meeting is Sep 11 for those who may be interested ;-)
Oh a code four! Well that’s all right then.
"Every time somebody says 'We'll fix that in the next sprint', drink" #AgileDrinkingGame
RT @morville: The print version is available in the UK. It's just (ironically) hard to find.
Really looking forward to reading @morville's new book Intertwingled: Information Changes Everything #ReadingList
"If your boss, the PO and the Scrum Master are the same person, take two shots" #AgileDrinkingGame
RT @semanticwill: If you’ve started drinking because you relate far too well to the #AgileDrinkingGame, drink. #Meta
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