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The Admiral has set sail
I am listening to a 90s playlist. Pop music in this decade was absolutely terrible. Dominated by bland man made pop groups with only one...
Everyone loves a difficult interview question. But here are some good smart comebacks to those tricky questions.
@rustybrick probably not as uncommon as we would like. There will always be someone ready to take their money. Sad day all the same.
reading my travel blogger list posts is making me want a holiday
Food Bucket List: 101 Unique Travel Eats | Dealchecker Blog:
It was amazing how unbalanced your eyes get if you accidentally right-align a document! #sundaymadness
And oldie but a classic - advice you should listen to!
And oldie but a classic - advice you should listen to!
I really need to just admit it to myself I am a marketing guy and not a system admin. #sticktoyourownstrengths
A new one for me, editing wp-settings.php with new memory limits. Things I didn’t think I would need to know on a Sunday night.
Epic graphic showing the depths and diversity of the ocean floor
As of they have written up my standard corporate playbook!
RT @lyndoman: 69 Bookmarklets that any SEO cannot do without via @cognitiveSEO
RT @SpeakToSeSoMe: Fancy yourself as a bit of a food photographer? Check out our top tips for snapping food on instagram via @Bookatable
"I hate cats and will do anything to stalk them and kill them" says world’s toughest mouse
Its official link removal from forums is near on impossible.
Insight about flight attendants and how airlines work.
It seems that any domain with *article* in its name is likely to be a suspicious link these days.
@rickcduncan that is just showing off! (jealous)
USA have finally understood football. Welcome. RT @google: Taking 16 for the team. #Howard #GoogleTrends
Disruption in the UK car insurance market - could be interesting
Very proud, listening to my wife on the BBC Cambs radio (via iPlayer) [starts at 2hr 06m]
Too much advantage to the early adopters?
best spam I received today, got to love the subject line “100% white hat SEO. Will rank 1 on Google GUARANTEED!”.
Used 2 new words today. #everydayisaschoolday
Onwards and upwards at @SeSoMe_agency. A big week ahead.
If the busyness of my local town centre is an indicator. The UK is definitely out if austerity and on the way up.
Recycling some old books. Remember learning code from a book? Guess the year this page was published!
Grumpiest cat I have ever seen!
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