Online Brand Building the whys and hows #fromthearchive
Genuinely excited for a client.
The excitement is building #carrythemhome
It is sad, when you are on a nature walk with the kids and you find signs funny! Can you see my immature mind work?
RT @kelvinnewman: Do you work in Affiliate Marketing we’re running a free conference in a few weeks!
#YosemiteProblems, bad install, now mulitple programs crashing and windows are sticking in full screen. Arrrrhhh. Fix please.
Some good tips. Eliminate These 8 Things From Your Day To Make You More Productive
@STATrob @getstat See you next week by the sea?
@STATrob @getSTAT congrats fella. Moved on from those conf calls from your garage !
RT @keewood: The 5 Biggest Changes in 5 Years of Inbound Marketing
@Office365 Please teach your first line staff about 2-stage verification breaking activation/sign in. Would have saved 3 hours of my time.
After half a day without MS office working on the mac, and >2 hours with their tech support with their script, their supvisor fixed in 1min
Congrats. Great game ladies. #wrwc2014
RT @graywolf: So there's something new I've not seen in a SERP before
So tense #wrwc
World's first 'smartphone' turns 20 World's first 'smartphone' turns 20
Nice round up Jo [@SEOJoBlogs]
Who said airports had to be boring?
@WillJackJones the need for it is a sad state of affair though fella hey!
Why did I instantly think of Belinda Carlisle? RT @HuffingtonPost: If Heaven is a place on earth....these five places
I am still very much liking this post about instagram photography
The Admiral has set sail
I am listening to a 90s playlist. Pop music in this decade was absolutely terrible. Dominated by bland man made pop groups with only one...
Everyone loves a difficult interview question. But here are some good smart comebacks to those tricky questions.
@rustybrick probably not as uncommon as we would like. There will always be someone ready to take their money. Sad day all the same.
reading my travel blogger list posts is making me want a holiday
Food Bucket List: 101 Unique Travel Eats | Dealchecker Blog:
It was amazing how unbalanced your eyes get if you accidentally right-align a document! #sundaymadness
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