BBC News - Genetic Parkinson's disease brain cells made in lab Fuck Parkinson's
I'm the capital of twitter.
Using a Windows keyboard on a Mac is weird as hell.
RT @path: Blog post from Dave Morin, Co-Founder and CEO: "We are sorry."
Any HTML5 devs looking for a #job making cool HTML5 games? I have leads! #devTO #toronto #HTML5 A flowchart/infographic of the average career of a graphic designer.
RT @dapwell: Tasted like Vitamin Water I think. Before VW existed.
RT @dapwell: I drank my friend's mom's estrogen replacement therapy juice accidentally on shrooms once in high school. Just remembered that.
Guys, lets make some internet. Aaron showed me this many moons ago. “@mud: Agreed! RT @AaronAlfred: Please. Name your layers.”
#nowplaying Autobrennt - PillowTalk Podcast - This is groovy as funk.
No internet in the office!
What can you tell me about cake
What can you tell me about cake
wordpress all the things
Recycled Leather Belt Flooring by TING so cool check the gallery
LikeHate app: express & share your attitude to things in the real world with a camera and two buttons
A Coffee Every Day - A Project by Aron Tzimas
Budweiser’s 2012 Superbowl amateur hockey/flash mob spot in Port Credit!
Budweiser’s 2012 Superbowl amateur hockey/flash mob spot in Port Credit!
SO fat… I can't even walk up the stairs. “@kristikenn: @loudawgs Loutine just destroyed me! So good ! How fat are u right now @Affan!”
Wow 55 people RSVPd to @PartyPeopleTO so far for tomorrow night! Get yerrr tickets!
OH: "i read about it on a website, it must be good" re: jQuery plugin
Love love love “@VoicesofBlack: brand new song..track will most likely be on album YARCH”
"Dude, you're gettin' Adele."
Lets do fun things together.
Are you living the life you always wanted.
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