The river. Ulaanbaatar. March 22.
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Ulaanbaatar. March 9.
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Clematis tangutica
2014-09-14 16.48.52.jpg
2014-09-14 16.50.05.jpg
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En. Golden clematis. Pt. Clematite amarela. Cym. Barf y gwr hen melyn, cydd y coed melyn. De. Gelbe Waldrebe. - Afonso Xavier
Ulaanbaatar, 14/09/2014. (Possible/suggested) identification after - Afonso Xavier
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En. Larch. Pt. alerce, lariço. Cym. Llarwydden. De. Lärchen. - Afonso Xavier
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The species was completely unknown to me. I tried to use keys to identify only as Pinaceae. After personal request, several colleagues identified it as Larix. Cf. - Afonso Xavier
Lonicera periclymenum
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love it! - Œnone
The leaves that appear more prominently in the last two pictures are not the same species as the flower! Leaves of Lonicera periclymenum are better shown in the first two pictures. - Afonso Xavier
Lonicera fragrans - Œnone
En. Honeysucke, woodbine. Pt. Madressilva, chuchamel. Cym. Gwyddfigd, melawg, laeth y gaesg. De. Wald-Geißblatt. - Afonso Xavier
it smells so pleasant & the stamens have sweet taste. taste it - Œnone
Indeed, the plant shown here smells and bears a sweet taste on stamens too. The species is identified as Lonicera periclymenum rather than Lonicera fragans (fragans = smelly), though. - Afonso Xavier
Lotus corniculatus
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En. Bird's-foot trefoil, birdfoot deervetch. Pt. Cornichão, corninhos. Cym. Pysen y ceirw. De. Gewöhnliche Hornklee; Schotenklee. - Afonso Xavier
Fragaria vesca
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En. Woodland strawberry. Pt. Morangueiro-bravo, morangueira, amorodeira, amorilhoteira, careijão. Cym. Mefusen y goedwig, syfien. De. Wald-Erdbeere, Monatserdbeere. - Afonso Xavier
:-) Wood strawberries, growing wild in the wood. Tinier than garden strawberries, indeed. Does running wild make them yummier? - Afonso Xavier
Ranunculus flammula
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En. Lesser spearwort, banewort. Pt. Lançoa, flámula. Cym. Llafnlys bach, poethflam, blaem y gwaew lleiaf. De. Brennende Hahnenfuß. - Afonso Xavier
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En. Field forget-me-not, mouse-ear. Pt. Não-me-esqueças, orelha de rato. Cym. Ysgorpionllys y meysydd. De. Acker-Vergissmeinnicht. - Afonso Xavier
I found no detailed description to identify the species and keys to distinguish Myosotis arvensis and Myosotis debilis. Common name mentioned above applies for Myosotis arvensis. - Afonso Xavier
Habitat: edges of a river, occasionally flooded land (after days of heavy rain). - Afonso Xavier
Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Part 2,
Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Part 2,
May 29, 2013. 100th Anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s "Le Sacre du Printemps". Worldwide celebration and global event with the endorsement of UNESCO: - Afonso Xavier
The Rites of Spring 2013, global multimedia event. - Afonso Xavier
Wikipedia on Stravinky's "The Rite of Spring": - Afonso Xavier
Ajuga reptans
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En. Bugle, carpetweed. Pt. Búgula, corocha. Cym. Golchenid cyffredin, glesyn y coed. De. Kriechende Günsel. - Afonso Xavier
Potentilla erecta
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En. Tormentil. Pt. Solda-brava; consolda-vermelha; sete-em-rama; tormentila. Cym. Tresgl y moch; melyn yr eithin. De. Blutwurz, Dilledapp, Tormentill, Ruhrwurz, Siebenfinger. - Afonso Xavier
Pentaglottis sempervirens
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En. Evergreen bugloss. Pt. Buglosa, olhos de gato. Cym. Llys y Gwrid. De. Grüne Ochsenzunge. - Afonso Xavier
Very nice. 🌺 - JB from iPhone
Euphorbia amygdaloides
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En. Wood spurge. Pt. Leitariga, leiteira das bouças. Cym. Llaethlys y coed. De. Mandelblättrige Wolfsmilch. - Afonso Xavier
Lychnis flos-cuculi
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En. Ragged Robin. Pt. Flor-do-cuco. Cym. Blodau'r frân. De. Kuckucks-Lichtnelke. - Afonso Xavier
Common in the same habitat as Cardamine pratensis, Lychnis flos-cuculi blossoms later, towards the summer. Both plants grow in meadows and their flowers bear a pinky colour. This common habitat and similar colour of petals could explain a possible shift of common names in English (standard language) from Lychnis flos-cuculi to Cardamine pratensis. Philological research is needed. - Afonso Xavier
First blossomed Lychnis flos-cuculi seen April 2, 2013. First meadow with Lycnis flos-cuculi dominating the field found April 20, 2013. Cardamine pratensis in flower in the same meadow since winter. (Bergantinhos, Galizaland). - Afonso Xavier
Ceredigion cuckoo takes European holiday to avoid UK weather - Afonso Xavier
Ceredigion cuckoo takes European holiday to avoid UK weather
Spring (March 2013)
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These are gr8 photos. You can almost feel the breath of spring. - JB from iPhone
Umbilicus rupestris
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En. Navelwort, penny-pies, wall pennywort. Pt. Bacelos, chapéus-de-parede, cochilros, conchelos, umbigo-de-vénus. Cym. Crondoddaidd, bogail y forwyn, bogail gwener, deilen gron. De. Venusnabel, Felsen-Nabelkraut, Hängendes Nabelkraut. - Afonso Xavier
Cardamine pratensis and blossomed Lychnis flos-cuculi in the same meadow.
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Pictures taken April 21, 2013. - Afonso Xavier
First blossomed Lychnis flos-cuculi seen April 2, 2013. This is the first meadow I found with Lycnis flos-cuculi dominating the field this year. Cardamine pratensis in flower in the same meadow since winter. - Afonso Xavier
Cerastium glomeratum
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En. Sticky Mouse-ear. Pt. Cerástio-enovelado; orelha-de-rato. Cym. Clust Llygoden Llydanddail, corn-wlyddyn. De. Knäuel-Hornkraut, Knäuelblütiges Hornkraut. - Afonso Xavier
Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Part 1, accompanied by an animated graphical score.
Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Part 1, accompanied by an animated graphical score.
Spring (March 2013)
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Last Saturday. A trip to enjoy nature and human interaction with the landscape.
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Spring arriving later to wildlife this year.
Cardamine pratensis
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En. Cuckoo flower, lady's smock. Pt. Agrião-dos-prados; cardamina; enxadreia. Cym. Blodyn y gog. De. Wiesen-Schaumkraut. - Afonso Xavier
More research is needed, of course. My first impression is that there has been some shift in names in standard English language when relating the popular name to the scientific one in Cardamine pratensis. Cuckoo flower is used in other European languages for Lychnis flos-cuculi, a plant that shares habitat with Cardamine pratensis, though it blossoms later, more towards the time cuckoo... more... - Afonso Xavier
Welsh follows the same pattern as English according to BSBI, this coincidence can be easily explained by language contact, furthermore, the fact that Welsh keeps the name of a bird for Lychnis flos-cuculi can be considered as an attempt to keep the popular name though at the same time avoid confusion with Cardamine partensis . Research is needed in both records of popular names of both plants and their names before Linnaeus. - Afonso Xavier
Anemone nemorosa
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En. Wood anemone; windflower; thimbleweed; smell fox; helmet flower. Pt. Erva-do-vento; anémona-dos-bosques. Cym. Llys /blodeuyn y gwynt; ffrithlys; ffrithogen y goedwig. De. Buschwindröschen. - Afonso Xavier
"Wales is the first nation in the world to have DNA barcoded all of its native flowering plants and conifers, opening up huge potential for research into biodiversity conservation and human health." - Afonso Xavier
Impressive. Thanks for posting. :) - JB from iPhone
Franz Liszt, from the prelude to "Années de pèlerinage ":
"Having recently travelled to many new countries, through different settings and places consecrated by history and poetry; having felt that the phenomena of nature and their attendant sights did not pass before my eyes as pointless images but stirred deep emotions in my soul, and that between us a vague but immediate relationship had established itself, an undefined but real rapport, an inexplicable but undeniable communication, I have tried to portray in music a few of my strongest sensations and most lively impressions." - Afonso Xavier
Quote from < >[30 January 2013] - Afonso Xavier
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En. Fleabane. Pt. Avoadinha, voadeira, buva. Cym. Amrhydlwyd. De. Berufkräuter. - Afonso Xavier
Exotic species in the area where pictures were taken. - Afonso Xavier
Urtica dioica
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En. Stinging nettle, great nettle. Pt. Ortigão, urtiga-maior. Cym. Danadlen fwyaf. De. Große Brennnessel - Afonso Xavier
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