Afonso Xavier
Sonchus oleraceus (November)
En. Common sowthistle, sow thistle, smooth sow thistle, hare's Colwort, hare's thistle, milky tassel, swinies. Pt. Cardo manso, cardo molar, leitaruga, serralha. Cym. Ysgallen y môch, llaethysgallen, llymeidfwyd. De. Gemüse-Gänsedistel, Kohl-Gänsedistel, Gewöhnliche Gänsedistel. - Afonso Xavier
I am finding a number of plants sharing the main characteristics defined in descriptions of Sonchus oleraceus that show noticeably differences. I am using leaf morphology to find the attributes that identify this plant. Main difference I observe is in basal leaves, terminal lobe similar size as final side lobes, margins more saliently dentate and toothed and tip acute. Upper leaves more spinulose-toothed. - Afonso Xavier