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Rant Back – ValSmith - -
Leo Laporte
Yeah it looks like my Twitter account was hacked and the password and email changed. No stray posts. Yet.
Get hold of them. Quickly. - Roberto Bonini
Oh geez... Did you still have an active session open? - FFing Enigma
WHAT?!?!?! Jeez....did you Super Gen Pass the password? - Live4Emma (L4S)
I've posted a note on my Twitter feed, hopefully it'll make it to the Twitter folk. - Dave Winer
Ouch Leo. Hope Twitter gets that account back to you real-soon-now. - Robert Miller
wow, thats not a good thing... - Bryce Campbell from twhirl
Mine changed while I had an active session going! Change password - orionstarr
Leo got hacked! - orionstarr
I did not fall for the recent Phishing scheme so one of three things has happened, my password was hacked through a flaw in Twitter, one of the many services (NOT twply) that I gave my credentials to has hijacked it, or someone guessed the password. - Leo Laporte
Yep, spam and mlm are going to be a massive problem for Twitter mainly because spammers have a business model and twitter does not, here's an article I wrote on this topic just before Christmas - karl
I figured there would be some good conversation on TWiT regarding the hacks, now even more so. - Matt Mutz
This is not about pfishing.. this is something else - Ian D. Nock
i'll assume you put a strong password on somehow, yes? So that would mean something gave away your password or there was a bored hacker somewhere that zapped you...sorry to hear that.... - Live4Emma (L4S)
That's Harsh. It had to have been Kevin Rose. He knew you were on to him - Marcus Beagley
@Leo - Maybe one of those third party services isn't securely storing your credentials and it was stolen from them. I'm saying that maybe the third party isn't malicious, just careless. - Mitch
uh oh - Veronica
Leo, the Twitter official blog says they reset the passwords on your behalf - David Lloyd
Was Leo using Power Twitter at the time? New App new problem, coincidence? - SkiCat56
Get on the Red Phone and get @ev on the line. I've always knew giving out login credentials to 3rd party apps would lead to this. I like and FF's use of an API key a lot better. - Dave Senior
Twitter needs to say more about what it was.. but my feeling this is something in the infrastructure or through people ... after all, Obama has not used his account for sometime. - Ian D. Nock
And you can bet that no-one messes around with all the apps using that account - Ian D. Nock
Well let's hope they don't make any horrible statements on your behalf about your sexual orientation or organs. :-) - Dave Winer
Twitter should use also something like apikey like ff, password for controlling your account and apikey for getting your content... or something like that :) - tanel
I heard from a reliable twitter account that Bill O'Reily is hot for manflesh.... - Mitch
No self-respecting gay man wants Bill O'Reilly. Not. A. One. - Derrick
Twitter may have reset my password but they haven't told me yet. Maybe they need my email? - Leo Laporte
Not even his "staunch morals"? - Mitch
I bet they wished they had followed Dave's advice about the authentication key thingy xx - David Lloyd
I'm not a celebrity so probably no need to worry, but I changed my password nonetheless. - Herb Hernandez
That's why I don't use 3rd party web services, don't trust any. Also Log-in on using https. - Jay Barcelo
Is Power Twitter one of the culprits??? I might have to uninstall it. - Roberto Bonini
New official blog post says "These accounts were compromised by an individual who hacked into some of the tools our support team uses to help people do things like edit the email address associated with their Twitter account when they can't remember or get stuck" - David Lloyd
Good grief! This is getting ridiculous. - Bill Sodeman
Hey now.. that's not cool. What did Leo ever do to you? Albrecht voices/suspects a hack on Diggnation podcast and now this? - Jamie Wareham
Geez Leo what a pain. I am sorry to hear.... - Rob Cairns
Is nothing sacred anymore? Seriously, Leo's Twitter! - Mike Syrek
Good luck Leo! - Mitchell Tsai
Seems you weren't the only one. - Greg
There's a security hole in some "support pages" used by Twitter admins. Inside job I say. Disgruntled former Twitterite. - Scott Duffy
What's the procedure to get your account back? - David Andrzejewski
is there second email facility for twitter, like gmail does? - marx
Same here, actually. I haven't been able to log in or to reset my password since about 11am today. I did not fall for the phishing attack either. I was using Power Twitter, which I installed yesterday. I can still update Twitter and get my DMs via SMS, but otherwise I'm locked out. Thankfully, there are no stray posts yet on my timeline. I sent Twitter a bug report through their help screen earlier today, but haven't heard back from them yet. - alex de carvalho
Power twitter did NOT affect my account at all. That's just a Firefox add on and it does NOT ask for your password, so I doubt that would be an issue. I think this is more of a pointed attack to go for twitter's management; PR attack. Notice how pointed the accounts are that were hacked -- many *high profile* accounts...that's not a mistake, that was done on purpose. Leo was a victim and I hope they catch that / those jerks! - Susan Beebe
The Best of 2600 Details the Milestones of Hacking | Geekdad from -
The Best of 2600 Details the Milestones of Hacking | Geekdad from
My Second PC... Macintosh LCII w/ OS 7.6 -
My Second PC... Macintosh LCII w/ OS 7.6
I had an LC as my first home computer. - Alan Le
nice! had a ][+ and then I think I had a ][e. - felix
My first home computer was a Performa 400. :D (Unless you count my Coleco Adam, that is.) - Alix May
Nice. I had a IIe with a whopping 40mb external hard drive! That hard drive was $$! - Tom from fftogo
Heh-this was my #1 - Mark Forman
My first 'real' PC was the Amstrad CPC-464 (yeah, with the tape drive). I had to type some shortcuts during boot time, when I needed to program in... basic ;-) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Thierry-tape drive? Wow that's really old skool. - Mark Forman
thierry,I had the 6128. Amstrad were a great machine - Duncan Riley
Kids today have it easy. The should be forced to go back and work on a Vic-20 or Sinclair for a few months before they get to hack into anything resembling Linux. - John Frost
I opened on of the first Mac's in 84, for a newspaper I was working for back in 84. Overall Mac's are easier to use. - Paul W. Swansen
School systems used the LC in their classrooms for a while. Of course they never properly took care of the units... - Paul W. Swansen
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
How come I can't poke my wife on FriendFeed? -
Uh... that came out wrong. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
will you post a video? lol - David Ward
Maybe you need a "Room" for that. - Steve Lacey
Liked for Steve's comment. - Yuvi
I'm just perverse enough to like this. I really should go to sleep, now. - MiniMage
lol - liked for the post itself and David W and Steve's comments! - edythe
how cute. - ChaCha Fance
You're doing it wrong. - Vezquex
pixel pda ftl... ;) - Mona Nomura
you need a digital-analog weiner converter. Google Labs have one - john conroy
John: HA it wouldn't surprise me. Google folk are one well fed SMART mother ef'ers - Mona Nomura
My wife joined Facebook yesterday. So I can poke her there. It does sound wrong, though. :-) - Robert Scoble
+1 Steve Lacey - Duncan Riley
This thread is hilarious...gotta love FF! - Justin Korn
you can poke you wife, and you can poke your friends... but you can't poke your friend's wife. That is why they call it friendfeed - NoahDavidSimon
Haha.. may be she blocked you ;) - Muthu Ramadoss
Hahahaha, cried laughing! - Mo Kargas
GOOD ... sometimes a lack of features is a feature!! - Susan Beebe
Gads! - Chris Nixon
You can, of course, just make sure you post it to the "unmoderated" room. ;) - felix
███ ██████ ███ ███ ██████. ███ ██████ ██████ █ ███ :) - Yuvi
Yuvi are you pixilated? ;-) - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more. - AJ Kohn
Twitter Back On Track? - Raises API Limit To 100 Requests Per Hour -
finally, I was going to cahnge my password - Sasha Kovaliov from twhirl
fantastic! - Zee.
I'll believe it when it's still working in 2 days time :-) - Duncan Riley
@Duncan - 2 days time in a row :) - Sasha Kovaliov from twhirl
Agreed 2 days... - Dave Gray
Wow, it was only 70 when I joined in... - Yuvi
It's nice that they have the API limit moving up, but it still doesn't offer the response time that I desire. When I'm on Twitter, I'm interacting rapidly with people, and I have a lot of stuff flowing by very quickly. I need GTalk integration to work again. Updated right away, without the need for a client to request updates, and I can respond right away. Anything less and my Twitter use is too frustrating. Twitter @thattalldude - Shawn Kirsch from FriendFeed MT Plugin
100 requests/hour! finally some good news from twitter. - Alan Le
Does Twitter have an iPhone version of the FailWhale ready for this weekend? - Bill Sodeman from fftogo
MG Siegler
Twitter is slowly plugging the Fail Whale’s blowhole -
Twitter appears to be making progress in slaying its white whale - MG Siegler
I'm not really feelin' the imagery invoked by this title... - Rahsheen
Waiting for countless Moby Dick references. Go. - Shawn Farner
@rahsheen - agreed. switched it to "Twitter draws closer to harpooning the Fail Whale" - MG Siegler
i've definitely enjoyed the increased uptime. but they shouldn't even announce progress until we can reliably go back say ten pages into older tweets. I'm also frustrated by the never ending error messages from my twitter clients (twhirl on my pc and twitterific on my mac) saying i've exceeded 70 requests per hour. nevertheless, i am a bit excited that constant downtime may be a thing of the past. - mike
@mike - yeah i thought it was a bit early to trumpet a success at first too (mission: accomplished anyone?) but then again those are some pretty solid numbers and twitter did kick ass yesterday with its 30 minute maintenance in a two hour window. - MG Siegler
Great title! Twitter does need to stop blowing so badly. - wrecks
Does this improvement correlate to the addition of Pivotal Labs to the Twitter team? - AJ Kohn
Tell me that headline is suppose to be ironic:-) What happens when you fill the blowhole on a whale?...think about it - Duncan Riley
It'll drown?! - Susan Beebe
Dave Dugal
VU#800113: Multiple DNS implementations vulnerable to cache poisoning - Dave Dugal from Bookmarklet
Subscribing to my friend's friends... *waves*
Thanks - right back at ya. - Hutch Carpenter
howdy! - lisa-k
Hi @bhc3 and @lisak. Thanks for the follow - Czar
Sweet Lisa, I like her. ;) - JohnDu™
Added a few more subscriptions... Hello, friend's friends! - Czar
Hi ! - sergiooo
@sergiooooooo, Hi and thanks for the follow. - Czar
Robert Scoble
Why I am not leaving Twitter -
Good vid / reasoning Robert, but one question. You put a high value on the "real time" nature of Twitter (for good reason), but are you really highlighting the real time nature of Twitter via Google Talk? i.e.: is the "client" adding some of that value? If so, could FF in GT be of equal value? - Kevin C. Tofel
The client is certainly adding some of the value and, yes, I'd LOVE to see XMPP in FriendFeed so I could do the same thing here. - Robert Scoble
I am talking XMPP to via pidgin/gtalk - Bob Ngu from twhirl
Agreed. At the end of the day, I don't care about the network or the protocol used. I just want a real-time conversation aggregator. - Kevin C. Tofel
"FriendFeed...Twitter...they go to-ge-ther". Damn you Robert I can't get that jingle out of my head now. - Mark Krynsky
thank you... easier just to point people to this qik :) - Lucretia Pruitt
Funny that I was listening to Gillmor Gang when I started this video. - Robert Scoble
no, Twitter is leaving you, that's the problem. Even if you want to stay, they don't let us play :-) - Duncan Riley
Now I have Scoble singing in my head. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
I agree Twitter is leaving Scoble - Fred Grott
Hmmm... interesting timing for this. But, I agree! - Barbara K. Baker
Here's my response to you Scoble - - Corvida
Won't TWEET just become a protocol and google create a clearing house or collection place fro tweets? Is Twitter the Right answer? - John McElhenney
my guess is that you already have a lot of followers on twitter and will stay there to the bitter end because it is the path of least resistance. Eventually the features that make twitter so great will be available on other platforms, plurk for example, and while it's easy to stop a spammer on Plurk (as soon as the first person exposes the spammer/bot no one will follow them unlike twitter where scrape bots have the same juice as anyone else. - Darren Daz Cox
Jennifer Van Grove
twitabit: post your tweets here when twitter is down -
Jennifer Van Grove
I'm think I'm going to us Plurk today, but mainly just to get those plurkers on FriendFeed where I spend most of my time. Unfortunately I won't be able to reach the rest of my awesome twitter network. :(
I still haven't been able to get into Plurk. - Thomas Hawk
Personally, plurk annoys me but some of my twitter network is there so... - Jennifer Van Grove from twhirl
I am doing the same thing - just tried to send links out through twitter - but it is completely down right now... ;( - Tony
Tried Plurk for a week and abandoned it thereafter. - AJ Kohn
Is there an easy way to search for people in Plurk without knowing their email address? - Tom
Plurk is too... too... Plurky. Jibberish. - Lee Carlson
something about plurk isn't interesting. it isn't the interface. it is the conversations. juvenile. I post pictures there and then leave - NoahDavidSimon
Jack Daniel
Can't even get the Fail Whale to appear.
Twitter is dead much more can we take? I'm on plurk if anyone needs me. :-( - Tom
Jennifer Leggio
FriendFeed is not a killer, says co-founder -
I'm not too sure about that, I heard FriendFeed shot a man in Reno just to watch him die... - Ben Jackson from twhirl
@Ben - I almost spit out my water from laughing. :) - Jennifer Leggio
Yeah, that FriendFeed is a bad mutha-(shut yo mouth) - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
@Jennifer - Glad you enjoyed :) - Ben Jackson from twhirl
@Harvey - Thanks. Now I have the Shaft theme song in my head. - Jennifer Leggio
While Paul may not want to kill, and while FriendFeed and Twitter are different beasts, I know from my own experience that I have shifted a lot from Twitter to FriendFeed, primarily because of FriendFeed features and Twitter outages. (And musically, I was listening to "Yer Blues" this morning, but I haven't heard Biz Stone singing it.) - Ontario Emperor
attention on the internet is a zero sum game. When one site gains more attention and time another site loses. The minutes spent on the internet are limited and finite. - Thomas Hawk
"We are not trying to kill anything.” - most of the times, you don't mean to. It just happens, you know, accidentally ;) - Tim Hoeck
Security Justice
Security Justice - WWJSD Special Edition -
Robert Scoble
Barack Obama on FriendFeed? Don't believe it. I met the guy who set up the account and it actually is done by a Republican lobbiest. He said he set it up to keep track of Obama and also to keep Obama's staff from using the account. I wish there were a way to authenticate that people are who they see
Liked 'cuz I think this is hilarious. That lobbyist gets the Good Job Badge of the Day. - Craig Eddy
just like the folks who grabbed "robertscoble" on plurk. That seems like identity theft to me, it's one thing to have the same name but it's another to imply you are a another person. - Doug Brooks
Yet another proof of the classic comic: "On the internet, no one knows you're a dog." - Craig Eddy
It was Patrick Ruffini. - Louis Gray
Was? Patrick ain't dead yet. - Andrew Feinberg
Louis knows everyone. Yeah, it is Patrick. - Robert Scoble
Heh, you can tell he's committed to integrity, too: "McCain Nearly Outraises Obama in May" So you mean, he didn't. Friendfeed gave back the Engadget account to Ryan Block when he requested it: who do you have to talk to at the Obama campaign for them to make the same request? - Mark Trapp
brand squatting is a rampant problem. who should get to create the account on any service? i think this needs to be tied to domain ownership, possibly via OpenID - Kingsley Joseph from twhirl
Ahhh. That probably explains some of the items fed to the Obama-2008 room. - Robert Seidman
O so you mean the man running one of two active campaigns in the US doesnt actually use FF? Well I never... - Anthony
Mark I am talking with someone from the Obama campaign on Thursday. I will ask. - Robert Scoble
plurk all over again... lame - Susan Beebe
Excellent, Robert. Now, I wonder who's squatting ... - Mark Trapp
classic. let's see how many comment this gets :) - Tim Hoeck
So is this like *real* politics where there's a real dude and a fake dude all with the same name? - Susan Beebe
I thought I read somewhere that Ruffini had the McCain FriendFeed account. Why haven't Obama's people complained? Are they gunshy after the MySpace account incident? Or is it unimportant? Same question to McCain, if Ruffini controls that too. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
what a fucking loser - Ryan
unless they use OfficialBarackObama. but i figure knowing this info couldn't they sue? - Outsanity
Pretty simple solution. Obama campaign creates a FFtogo account. Posts it on their site. The unofficial one gets ignored or blocked. - Bill Bittner from fftogo
By the way, John McCain is also Patrick Ruffini. - Louis Gray
I believe it. Their Internet strategy was beyond awesome. - Charlie Anzman
Louis, what you don't know is that Patrick is merely a vessel in which McCain will enter when his body gives out. Sort of like Being John Malkovich, except Patrick is more interesting. - Andrew Feinberg
This is hilarious. But on looking at the stuff in the channel it is clear that he is promoting Obama. Why is he doing that.... baiting the folks to believe that this is the real official channel? - Vic Podcaster
Ruffini is a Republican, but he's very interested in the process, campaiging itself as well as social media. Not everyone is a Republican is evil, surprise surprise. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Sneaky. All is fair in love and politics. - Michael McGimpsey from twhirl
Lay off Patrick. He's a smart guy who happens to be on one side of the line. Every time I read his stuff or talk to him I learn something new. I can't say that for a great many Dems, sadly. - Andrew Feinberg
Dirty tricks in politics. I think Jefferson made them up. - Francine Hardaway
Just like Premier Wen on Facebook - Jia Liu
He is not a lobbyist he is an ecampaign strategist and blogger - identifying ourselves as Republicans (or worse Republican campaign operatives) on FriendFeed and Twitter is bad enough we don't need to be labeled as lobbyists as well. Next thing you know we are going to be "Republican lobbyist lawyers who own used car lots" - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Marco you forgot the words 'extreme' and 'fundamentalist' :) - Erin @queenofspain
You guys don't see any problem with him purporting to be someone he's not? - Mark Trapp
@erin get back in your fort! I was pretty certain combining "Republican" "Extreme" and "Fundamentalist" would have been seen as unnecessarily repetitive in FriendFeed ; ) - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Wow, everyone is ready to rip this guy even though he hasn't done anything malicious with the accounts. Has the Obama or McCain camps even asked him to give up the accounts? - Shey
By signing up an account name that is so clearly intended to be someone else, and not disclosing that is really playing on people's trust. If it was used to seed malicious information, surely thats libelous. - Dom Barnes
Yikes! - Mike Reynolds
i'm sure if the obama campaign approached friendfeed, they could get conrtol of the account. this is a non-issue - @baratunde
I Actaully befriend da obama handle , thinking it was a campaign person from Obama's camp...after all their Twitter handle seemed genuine and worked well. So what is FF's policy for such malicious users ?? Are they going to block account and freeze it or what ? and this is not just about having a prez handle and workin it. rather a community /social question.. we all know the rift on the Loren/Shel issue, but how do we & FF Mod's negate such trolls in this space ? - Peter Dawson
As long as there is no (realistic, scalable) way to check people's identities that works for everybody (so no credit card) and is free (or companies won't implement it), all this talk is useless. - sebmos
@Peter Dawson - Beside being an account that wasn't created by Obama's campaign, this account didn't do anything wrong. It's definitely not a "troll", as it didn't comment useless stuff, etc. I'm having a difficult time seeing the problem with THIS account. - sebmos
The account does not claim to be Obama, and clearly is not slandering Obama. Further, even if it WAS on Obama's behalf it wouldn't "be" him anyway. As for the whole squatting hew and cry, think of the nightmare. How popular would someone have to be before they could demand the special status of "he who gets to use one name everywhere"? Does Scoble get special treatment but a smaller person is just screwed? First come, first served is fine. In cases of slander or fraud there are already laws. - Soulhuntre
"He said he set it up to keep track of Obama and also to keep Obama's staff from using the account" - and you replied..... - Rashunda Tramble
Chris Reed
The ironic thing is we saw commercial like this for years, with young and old alike gaming together. But this promise never really came to fruition until the Wii. - Chris Reed
Jordan Hofker
Martian Skies - The Big Picture - -
Martian Skies - The Big Picture -
Martian Skies - The Big Picture -
Show all
Very cool pictures. - Jordan Hofker from Bookmarklet
Spectacular photos of Mars. Nice to see all these photos in one place. - Michael Tefft
I found particularly intriguing the pics with the dust devils - Nikos Anagnostou
Nikos: Me too. Those are crazy. Does FriendFeed handle animated pictures like that? I didn't even try. - Jordan Hofker
Jordan: Dunno. Saw them in the original page - Nikos Anagnostou
Security Justice
New episode: Security Justice - Episode 2
Paul Buchheit
Damnit…FriendFeed Gets Even More Useful With An Interestingness Filter -
Damnit…FriendFeed Gets Even More Useful With An Interestingness Filter
"In the meantime though, the service just keeps getting more useful. Tonight they released yet another feature called personalized recommendations. You can now view the items posted by your friends based on how interesting the network thinks each item is. You can view results by the last day, week or month. No RSS feeds for now, but co-founder Bret Taylor says they’re coming soon." - Paul Buchheit
very useful , thank you - Memory
This is a fantastic post. Answered a lot of my questions (i.e., What determines the order of entries appearing in my feed? What are some ways to make the feed a little more readable despite the volume of entries?) - RyanEs
Jeremiah Owyang
Social media rule: The more you give away, the more you get back. G'nite all!
Or the more you like, the more people will like you back. :-) - Robert Scoble
And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make? - Mark Trapp
Funny Stuart! - Jeremiah Owyang
Leo Laporte
[scribkin] The 6 Best Ways to Rock FriendFeed -
[scribkin] The 6 Best Ways to Rock FriendFeed
Useful advice as I try to make FF my new Twitter. There's lots to understand about the FF interface. Anyone else have any "secret" tips/? - Leo Laporte
My mobile app of choice: - Bwana ☠
I can't seem to find it, but there's a Windows Twitter to FriendFeed converter script that will send invites to all your Twitter friends to subscribe to your FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Thanks for linking up my article, Leo! - Phil Glockner
Jesse: Not sure about the script you're referring to but this script - - will add your Twitter friends to FF. I've been meaning to run it but haven't yet. I'll do it tonight and report back. - Leo Laporte
That's cool Bwana - for iPhone users - anyone have a Blackberry FF client? - Leo Laporte
Jesse, I think you are talking about Internet Duct Tape's Twitter to FriendFeed importer: - Phil Glockner
Leo, also if you're a Greasemonkey user, I highly recommend bookmarking - Bwana ☠
Leo, here's another handy Greasemonkey script for filtering your FF stream by service e.g. view only Flickr, view only Tumblr, etc. - Mike Doeff
@Leo, is a decent friendfeed blackberry client. I do not use it much but it is way better anything else I have seen. - Rob Diana
Leo: fftogo works well on the blackberry (so I've heard) but you need to change your font size in fftogo (scroll to the bottom and click on settings). I'm the developer for fftogo so if you want any improvements I'm your man. - Benjamin Golub from fftogo
So it does, Benjamin - but I hate going to the BB browser. What font size works best? Trying 9 right now. - Leo Laporte
I'm not sure since I don't have a BB but I've heard that the default (which works great on my Moto Q9c) is way too big on the BB. - Benjamin Golub
Just joining FF, it's different but it does seem nice and simple =) - John Tyra
Lots of folks who have not used the "hide" feature have not seen the options available. I love the g-monkey script tabs, but hey -- why not also try what's already here. BTW, here's Duncan Riley's great index of FF tabs: - Dan Covington
Good, common-sensical ways to be relevant and get the most from FriendFeed - Ron Emrick from Alert Thingy
Font size change helps on BB Pearl. Tks! - Tom from fftogo
Susan Beebe
Live WWDC 2008 Keynote stream presented by iPhone Alley -
coupled with the live stream on gizmodo, it's just like being there. - Doug Brooks
Stanton Champion
Apple. Apple apple apple. Apple? Apple, apple apple apple. Apple apple! Apple apple. Apple apple apple; apple apple. --Apple
Amen - iTad from fftogo
You said it all wrong. It's: "Apple." :-) - Robert Scoble
At least I got the language right. I could have called them "manzana" or "pomme" or something else. l'iphone de la pomme. oui. :) - Stanton Champion
You forgot "iPhone." - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Kyle Weller
Ransomware virus that uses 1024-bit encryption key -
A virus that takes all your important files hostage and then demand money is on the loose according to security experts. wow... This blackmailer virus uses 1024-bit key to encrypt data on user’s PC and then demands money for decryption key. According to Kaspersky Lab public should be on the lookout for ransomware virus named “Gpcode” which encrypts your files using an RSA encryption algorithm with a 1024-bit key. - Kyle Weller
What’s going on with Feedburner? -
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed adds personalized recommendations -
Totally cool! This is exactly what I wanted! Thank you! Will give feedback on it after I have a few day's experience with it. - Robert Scoble
cool beans. - Anthony Citrano
Helps a lot. Thanks. Easier to keep updated on the stuff that matters to me. - Alex Williams
Very cool Bret. - Hutch Carpenter
Very nice. - Atul Arora
Very nice, indeed - Michael W. May
Thanks. - Amund Tveit
We definitely want feedback. I literally had six versions of the algorithm running in parallel, and this is the best one according to our qualitative assessment, but we need more data to really improve it. Let me know if you see too much of something or missed something you think is important - it will help me debug quality issues. - Bret Taylor
@scobleizer: It also does a bit of what you want for individual services as well. Here are the best Twitters from the past day: Click the service icons to restrict the "best of" view to a single service. It doesn't let you send the link out to anyone since it is entirely personalized, nor is it the generalized search interface you described, but it is a step in that direction. - Bret Taylor
Also looks like the date can go from 1 thru 30. greater than 30 reverts to 30 - Atul Arora
Bret: that's very cool. It's amazing how few things I actually have missed. But, this will be useful to check in on. One thing I do wish it had was "big things since last time you were here." - Robert Scoble
Next? I'd love to have a way to see a true reverse-chronological view of the "Everyone" feed, but let me filter by "n" Likes and "n" Comments. - Robert Scoble
How about, do a time stamp of the last time Robert logged in, and every hour afterward, do a screen capture of every single update from everybody he follows, save it as a massive PDF file, and send it to him via e-mail attachment. Repeat every 60 minutes. - Louis Gray
@Louis Gray: That'll make FF go twitter! - Yuvi
uh-oh.. going 'twitter' is launching as an idiom.. - sedgewick
Awesome idea Bret. Hey, we'd be honored if you could speak at FOWA this year ( Interested? - Ryan Carson
perfect! now i only need to convince most of my friends to update their webbrowse behavior. most of them still didnt make the jump too rss and sharing is done mostly by skype :( - Chris Hofmann
Great addition. I'd also like to see it applicable at the individual user level. - Mark Krynsky
Been really looking forward to this since seeing it mentioned on "The Dan Farber Show"! In typical FF style, great feature with simple, clear implementation. Yummy! - Matt Frog
This is very cool. As soon as they provide an Atom feed of this, it'll be the most kickass service ever. - Eric Florenzano
hmmm, this is my top post. Nice one - Andrew Smith
This is a great addition, shows that they are listening to what people want! - Joe Dawson
Oh, now see, this is just awesome. - Vince DeGeorge
Can we get a favorite button for stuff like this :) - Rob Diana
They should call it A-list juice - Jamie
I want a feed for this feature! - Marcus
Very nice feature, for me, given the addiction, I suspect the "day" one will be the most used to make sure I didn't miss anything good. :) - felix
Bret: Yeah!! Great feature!! I've been waiting for this one! woo hoo! :) - Susan Beebe
Feedback: 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day look pretty good. 14-day and 30-day summaries seem swamped by the last 7 days (Maybe searches in 10-30-days should have older items weighted heavier than in 1-3-7 day summaries). Awesome! This really helps with the "Page 11" (Search past #300-399 fails design). My Friends feed (of 149 people) only goes back about 4 hrs. Everything past that is lost... Wish my regular Friends feed would save 24+ hrs. Nice job Bret! - Mitchell Tsai
Thanks, Bret! That's why we love friendfeed :) - Kenichi Matsumoto
ooh, what's this? ok, same thing I already talked about. awesome! - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Bret, you are an absolute genius. Every time I hear you speak (or write) I am just more and more impressed. - Alex Hammer
Search by service for Top 100 YouTube pictures, Blog articles, Google Reader/ articles, songs... We can search for "&service=picasa&num=100", "&service=flickr", "&service=blog", "&service=googlereader","&service=delicious" See for multiple Top 100 searches from the past 1-2-3-7-14-30 days. - Mitchell Tsai
Search for best 100 articles from past day with "&num=100" See - Mitchell Tsai
Thank you! Arigatou gozaimasu! - Mike Reynolds
Well, I must say it works! I've already found three things I had missed this week and really interest me. - Andrés David Aparicio
wow, that's actually kinda...useful! - Sarah Perez
This could prove beneficial, what is the algorithm they are using? - Chris Miller
My guess would be comments and likes - Bwana ☠
Hmm.. And this is the first item in my personalized recommendations? I guess it works :) - Dimitri Glazkov
What's very VERY cool is that service filters work with this as well EDIT: I just saw Mitchell already posted this feature. I should have known, he's always on top of these things :) - Bwana ☠
Awesome! - Daniel Spradau
Nice, that was the thing to do. I hope to get something like that for Twitter and I think it's still possible to make. - fbrunel
I bet FF hires Mitchell to code up queries!! LOL good stuff here Bret & Mitchell!! - Susan Beebe
@Bret: I'm sad you don't support APML. - directeur
Susan: I'm just too lazy (and retired May 2007). Now I code in Excel & FriendFeed (rather than Fortran 66 & Cobol). I just bookmark my own FriendFeed posts in Safari & Firefox rather than make too many Safari bookmark-sub-menus. Getting too lazy to write HTML or LAMP. ;-) Headed to Yosemite in a few days after the Harmony Festival this weekend - Robert Scoble's Ansel Adams visit was too tempting :0) - Mitchell Tsai
Awaiting for more kick-ass features from FF! Great work! - Winston Teo
This is great Bret. FF keeps getting better. - Michael Carter
great addition to the functionality! - Jeroen De Miranda
Are there plans to extend "best of" to FF rooms? Depending on the number of members and activity, that could be really interesting. - Tom Landini
This is so incredibly awesome. FriendFeed just returned to the same level of utility (for my usage patterns) as before the launch / noise onslaught. :-) - Kevin Scott
awesome, thats useful! now i need direct messages, go one - Alexander Oelling
Bret Taylor is amazing! - Alex Hammer
I find it interesting on how this feature is at the top of "best of the month." Seems kinda pointless. - James Rishabh Mishra
Finally back on a full computer after a nearly two-week absence (no, I didn't go to Peru, I went to Alabama). Looks nice. - Ontario Emperor
Great addition! Next feature request: let me filter by people I really know vs. people I just like to follow so I can see what my "real" friends are doing at a glance. - Dave Hanson
Jennifer Leggio
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StillSecure, After All These Years: Security Bloggers Network revs up for Black Hat
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Hacker News
Windows XP SP3 includes vulnerable Flash Player -
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