Wow. Just wow. cc: Marcus N. McElhenney Dan Gilbert
I wrote a few pieces about Google execs use of the field a few years ago for The Hill.
Are we done with this yet?
To the asshat who smashed my car's back window in -- I will find you.
From the "you have got to be kidding me department"
So did anyone else who watched The Newsroom last night notice that next week we'll be returning to Equatorial...
I think I've eaten as much yogurt in the last few weeks as Michael Westen did in a single episode of Burn Notice.
Lizard people: the greatest American political conspiracy ever created
We have been stupefied: How Republicans subvert democracy, and the Democrats’ sorry dereliction
NCAA emails show uncertainty over jurisdiction to punish Penn State
Loving Dave Grohl's "Sonic Highways" on DC. Seeing documentaries like this always makes me sad I wasn't a few years older...
first thing I did this morning! — voting in The 2014 U.S. Election
This is still just so fucking sad.
I don't know if she's drunk here -- I hope not, because that indicate a problem I wouldn't wish on anyone. But...
Something to wake me up this AM.
Something to wake me up this AM.
RT @TedatACA: Consumer Electronics Association Calls for #Retrans Consent Reforms Within STELA | American Television Alliance http://www.americantelevisiona...
Did @Morning_Joe just eat cat food?
On @Morning_Joe just now @rachelray admits that her mother (with 12 fats!!) is officially a serious cat lady..
I'm curious, .@morning_joe -- did the GOP spend years questioning whether or not Bill Clinton was born a citizen or if he was a Christian?
I wrote a number of articles for Linux Journal going back as far as my high school years. Had I known it would...
Watching C-SPAN, amazed by how much difficulty DC House delegate Norton (D) has reading a prepared statement.
A piece from my old newspaper about a rather shortsighted bill -- the "reform" that would actually be a reform...
RT @TheMurdochTimes: China releases image to mark June 4, now known as 'Giant Happy Ducks Day', via @McAndrew
RT @PostReid: $%&#! RT @dansaltzstein: Rode in NYT elevator with Rahm Emmanuel. No expletives uttered. Disappointed.
How awkward will holidays b 4 @JRosenworcel if no #NetNeutrality means fans of (her brother's) band @guster can't stream or download them?
So I haven't listened to much less thought about Staind or its frontman Aaron Lewis since I was in high school,...
So I haven't listened to much less thought about Staind or its frontman Aaron Lewis since I was in high school,...
.@petercipollone broke from a family trip 2c y'all in 99. I'd only coxed 2yrs, was blown away by yr epic badassery, unmatched until '04.
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