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AGORACOM - George Tsiolis

AGORACOM - George Tsiolis

AGORACOM is an online community that connects small-cap investors and public companies. More than just lip service, AGORACOM generates 7-digit revenues.
QUICK POLL: Would You Pay To Stay On Facebook If The Company Introduced User Fees? This Is A 30 Second Poll $FB
Dunnedin Ventures $ is up 18% on almost double normal volume. @allanbreports is working that magic!!
Folks, the markets love the Fed plan. Major indexes at all-time highs, small caps on CSE, TSXV and TSX are going to follow. BULLISH & LONG!
RT @Glorieux19: @ZENTSXV @AGORACOM @sdmoores The US DOE approves ZEN's graphite: ZEN will be a beast, buy will cheap!!
$NPWZ Up 7.7% on 600,000 volume. Last run in March took stock to 7 cents. Client or not, NPWZ is onto something big $PLUG $FUEL $BLDP
$NPWZ CEO "We now expect to continue on the commercialization front more aggressively." $PLUG $FUEL $BLDP **CLIENT
$NPWZ Neah Power starts shipping multi-source charger " to certain big box retailers for evaluation of the product"! $FUEL $PLUG $BLDP $HPJ
[ Blog Post ] CLIENT FEATURE: Garibaldi Resources (GGI: TSX-V) $1.7M in Working Capital + Strong News Flow
[ Blog Post ] Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006
10 years ago today ... I didn't buy $GOOG IPO on big $23B valuation. My kids will never forgive me. My stock symbol is $GOOF
$CGA breakout after lawsuit settled? @AlphaWolfTradin @FousAlerts @allanbreports @HedgehogTrader @wtsiolis Low float, big EPS Previous flyer
I have no position in Verisante and WOULD NOT buy as long as Thomas Braun is President and CEO
Time for Thomas Braun to be removed as President & CEO of Verisante Technology $VRS.TSXV $VRSEF ... Arrogant and should not lead a small cap
Long Tweed $TWD 2.62. Anticipating medical marijuana epic run next 6 months. Would buy clients if I could
VIDEO CLIP: My Air Canada "Slam Dunk" Call #smallcap #stockpicks
VIDEO CLIP: My Air Canada "Slam Dunk" Call #smallcap #stockpicks
TSX Venture Tweets - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @FissionUranium
[ Blog Post ] VIDEO: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPhone
Market DD Geniuses - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @Dvolatility
Drowning In Debt Didn't Work "@zerohedge: ISIS Gets Angrier At America: "We Will Drown All Of You In Blood""
Hope you enjoyed your 6% move on Air Canada ... more coming. You're welcome
Broke $41 this morning ... you're welcome RT @AGORACOM: This $GPRO short guy on CNBC is an idiot
Eric Jackson rips Marissa Mayer performance and $YHOO stock sales to shreds of the best articles out there
GEO-POLITICAL TENSION = merely a trading opportunity. It won't take down markets. We've faced US gov shutdown, Ukraine, Gaza. NON STARTERS
WHY YOU HAVE TO LIST YOUR SMALL CAP HERE >> RT @GoPublicCanada: The CSE Advantage - Canada’s New Stock Exchange
Just went long $RGX at .62. Will add 1 more position at .58 if it gets there. Risk-reward is fantastic here. Reliable bouncer @wtsiolis
My Air Canada "slam dunk buy" is off to the races this morning >> fast forward to 6:50 ARE YOU WATCHING OUR SHOWS???
SMALL CAP REVENUE IDEA: Xylitol ($ increased revenue 67% on H1. Customers Costco, Whole Foods,Loblaws *CLIENT
GREAT CHINESE SMALL CAP > $CGA. EPS over last 5 Quarters 0.23 0.12 0.35 0.51 0.48 Trading ~$2 with 22M float. Just settled lawsuit
$MOBI overbought short term on RSI and %D
I fully expect GOOD Marijuana stocks will make a monster multi-year run once investing season begins after Labor Day
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