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AGORACOM - George Tsiolis

AGORACOM - George Tsiolis

AGORACOM is an online community that connects small-cap investors and public companies. More than just lip service, AGORACOM generates 7-digit revenues.
Small Cap Medical Marijuana stocks so oversold its almost too easy ... Easier than my $TSLA and $TWTR bottom feeds today. $ENTR $LXRP $NXTTF
UPDATE "@AGORACOM: $TWTR 9 DMA $42.33 DONE; 20 DMA $45.21; 50 DMA $50.21" $1,104 profit in $TWTR Another TA buy on a high-flyer. Quite easy to make. Still have another 650 shares left bu...
$TWTR Sold 1/2 at $43.30. Pocket some cash and let the rest ride
If you even here a whisper of Putin / Russians pausing or cooling off, pile into $RUSL with both hands. I know I will
[ Blog Post ] AGORACOM Small Cap Stock TV – April 15, 2014
$TWTR Added another 1.5 position at $42.05. Full 2 positions
More proof that "Analysts" are rigged or stupid "@prognolic: what happens when analysts make "conviction calls"" DIY! $1,000 profit in $TSLA Straight TA Trade. Bought off the 100 DMA and it bounced off like a rocket. Great lunch ...
CORRECTION: And you're all welcome again. Yesterday was $TWTR "@AGORACOM: $TSLA Just went long $185.58" CC @howardlindzon"
... And you're all welcome again. Yesterday was $TSLA "@AGORACOM: $TSLA Just went long $185.58" CC @howardlindzon
$TSLA Just went long $185.58
If you are looking for ETF's to play Russia / Ukraine turmoil than meet $RUSS 3X Bear and $RUSL 3X Bull
$TWTR bucking the market trend today is a very good sign ... so far. Still have to see if it can close out the day like that.
Defence 20%; Education 2%. Welcome To The USA RT @ReformedBroker: Happy tax day - here’s where your money is going
$TWTR has gone through its pain and is done. Recovery coming. $TSLA still has to go through its pain. Stalking $185 100DMA for bounce
"@AGORACOM: No way $TWTR stays in a lull until May 7 ER. This platform is a monster and it is going to grow for YEARS. We are $50+ by May 7"
Looking good right now "@AGORACOM: $TWTR Took an opening 1/2 position at 40.50. Stop 39.45. Target, let it run and raise stops if it goes"
Gold supposedly down this AM on weak China demand then Bloomberg tells us China Gold Demand To Rise 25% By 2017 $GLD
"@upsidetrader: $OIH held uptrend"
The big small cap news this AM is St-Georges Metals $ $SXOOF ... signed 240,000/yr tonne offtake agreement. BIG
TSX Venture Tweets - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @NioCorp
Market DD Geniuses - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @AGORACOM
Attention @CSE_News ... Some Pretty Big News Out Of St-Georges Metals $SX:CSE
[ Blog Post ] BREAKING NEWS: St-Georges Metals Signs Conditional Offtake For 240,000 Tonnes/Year Copper Conce...
No it doesn't. Some idiot attached the wrong file RT @globebusiness: U.S. Airways’ baffling tweet begs explanation
It Sucks When Someone Gives Away Your Secrets ..... For You RT @RepPeteKing: Awarding the Pulitzer to Snowden enablers is a disgrace
[ Blog Post ] Why You Need To Kill Me If You Ever Want To Beat Me
[ Blog Post ] St. Georges Signs Conditional Purchase Agreement
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