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AGORACOM - George Tsiolis

AGORACOM - George Tsiolis

AGORACOM is an online community that connects small-cap investors and public companies. More than just lip service, AGORACOM generates 7-digit revenues.
Robin Williams on Canada."
Market DD Geniuses - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @super_trades
RT @Breaking911: This appears to be the last photo Robin Williams posted on Instagram. (H/t @AssignmentDesk1)
RT @HistoryInPics: Robin Williams cheerleading for the Denver Broncos, 1980
[ Blog Post ] Virtutone Announces Closing of Acquisition of Customer Base and New Revenues
RT @ukarlewitz: SPY - today’s 66m share volume is light, even for summer. Last Aug rally 50-100% higher on up days. Hopefully vol increases
% LMR.v owns of GGG.v RT @apaulgill: @ChartTrader175 @AGORACOM 4.4 mil shares or 12%
RT @apaulgill: $GGG.CA Graphene 3D Lab Trades Today Lomiko is a shareholder $LMRMF $LMR.CA 1 hour warning - watch both!
If we get this September polar vortex $DGAZ will be a huge winner
RT @Glorieux19: $ZEN @ZENTSXV Time to load up this one big time with Cliff's gone, this one should move up huge this week, probably 50% gains available!
Back from 2 week holiday tweeps. Much needed rest. Feeling great. Look for trade ideas over next few days. Plan is to pay for vaca by 09/15!
$ZEN Investors thrilled with cross that took out Cliff's overhang. Read the great thread on AGORACOM @ZENTSXV
$TMKR rocketing again pre- market. Bullish #Ebola
TSX Venture Tweets - Via AGORACOM is out!
$RUSL "@ReutersWorld: Ukrainian rebels say they ready for ceasefire"
TSX Venture Tweets - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @XylaXylitol
Market DD Geniuses - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @Dvolatility
So Guinea is smart enough to shut its border to Liberia .... but this is what I had to face in Miami customs #Ebola
TSX Venture Tweets - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @GoPublicCanada
Market DD Geniuses - Via AGORACOM is out! Stories via @HFTAlert
$OMAG Now $2.20 ... @timothysykes @super_trades @FousAlerts Look at low float and imminent news stated in recent 10Q. Client but #'s speak
$RUSL has massive upside if it closed over EMA and Russia does takes steps to back away
Putin may simply be the Hans Gruber of the real world "who said anything about being a terrorist .. I'm an exceptional thief" HAVE TO WONDER
IT HAS TO BE ASKED ... Do Putin & his Billionaire buddies engage in these antics to profit from them? Big $$ made down and up last 2 weeks
RT @globebusiness: Bigger, brighter ‘supermoon’ set to shine this weekend @globetechnology
"@ukarlewitz: even more true when the 2 down starts from a relative high as opposed to at the end of succession of lows"
RT @WildcatTrader: 9 of 12 times we have had two consecutive weeks lower since 2012 a new low has been put in over the next two weeks.
RT @optionmonster: Some good news! Experimental drug compound found to reverse effects of Alzheimer's in mice @gizmag
[ Blog Post ] Lexaria Intends to Complete a $900,000 Financing
Other than Nikkei getting slammed, index futures bounce into green overnight
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