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Nate DiNiro
Panel recommends new agency to regulate safety of health information technology | iWatch News -
Health information technology has been touted as crucial to better health care, but a new report says an entirely new regulatory agency is needed to oversee this largely unregulated sector, which can also injure or kill patients if it’s not operating properly. In pushing for a new oversight body, the respected Institute of Medicine, an independent research and advisory organization, is explicitly advising that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not be tasked with the job — a recommendation that is bound to be controversial. The eagerly anticipated report, titled “Health IT and Patient Safety: Building Safer Systems for Better Care,” will be publicly released Thursday. A copy was obtained by iWatch News. The study details nine other recommendations for how to ensure patient safety when doctors and other health care providers use health information technology, or health IT. The findings from the report were presented October 28 to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) an - Nate DiNiro
I'll be writing a post on this after the release. This is pretty important... - Brian Ahier
Brian Ahier
Startup @PatientsLikeMe harvesting & analyzing patient information in a whole new way #hcsm
These guys are really doing some great stuff :-) - Brian Ahier
Brian Ahier
It's Cherry Mania Time! Have a great weekend everyone :-)
W00T!!!! - Brian Ahier
Brian Ahier
Center for Public Integrity analysis reveals who hired healthcare lobbyists (via @AHCJ_Pia)
Some pretty interesting analysis here ~ and some surprises like the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions has healthcare lobbyists??? - Brian Ahier
Berci Mesko, MD
Health gets personal in the cloud - O'Reilly Radar -
Health gets personal in the cloud - O'Reilly Radar
Thanks Berci :-D I was wondering if anyone was reading that! - Brian Ahier
Then we are 2, Brian :) - Berci Mesko, MD
I've read the post too. - Martin Fenner
Me too. - Sally Church
Haven't read it yet. - pn
Brian Ahier
Pundits on Health Reform Battle -
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Brian Ahier
Secrets of Google's 3-D Mars & Moon -
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Bryan Vartabedian
Brian Ahier
EHRA Supports Clear Standards for Health IT -
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Brian Ahier
Video Journey Into Nanotechnology -
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Brian Ahier
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It's an interesting accident of history that we consider sharing tweets "retweeting" instead of "forwarding", like in email. RT = FWD?
There have been some... uh, shall we say delicate nature emails, that I have forwarded to a select group of folks with a very good sense of humor, but would not want to have on my public twitter stream.The microblogging platform has many similarities to both email and blogs, but there are some stark differences. Although it does make one wonder why... Read More ther term 'retweet'... more... - Brian Ahier
Brian Ahier
The Economics of Abundance -
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Robert Scoble
Why Twitter's lists are, @jackdwilliams asked, going to cause companies trouble:
Now that ANYONE can make a list of corporate employees it's VERY easy for the public to watch a group and make judgments about that group. So, if you have a bunch of employees all talking about Dallas football, your customers are making judgments about whether they want to do business with them. - Robert Scoble
LOL you're posting without even posting the answer - Loic Le Meur
Loic: I just posted the answer. - Robert Scoble
So, if your employees all start posting their political views, for instance, won't that cause trouble? "I don't want to do business with that company, it sounds like a bunch of xxxxxxxxx." - Robert Scoble
ad hoc lists also provides information for the social engineering side of the malware crowd - WarLord
Also, what if there is brand disonance? It was hard to watch before AS A GROUP. But now? I already have a group list of Rackspace that has 200 employees on it and that isn't even finished yet. So, now you'll be able to study us as a group in a much easier way than before. - Robert Scoble
Businesses are built on people - so having a personality is not in and of itself a bad thing (actually, I prefer it to a total lack of personality). But that being said, it is the funneling of these Tweets into one channel that develops an overall "sense" of a company that may or may not be what you intend. - Rob La Gesse
Nicholas: you can remove yourself from lists. - Robert Scoble
You can block the list curator and you will not be on their list - Brian Ahier
This is where the trick of corporate versus personal accounts comes in. - joebrooks
Rob: right. Like I said, I hope you hired smart people (Rackspace did) because if you didn't your customers will be able to see right through that. - Robert Scoble
joebrooks: the problem is that Twitter is more personal than corporate. I recommend always behaving online as if you are a corporate representative anyway. Even behind closed doors or on Facebook. That way you never are bitten. - Robert Scoble
Nicholas: what's your Twitter account? I'll go see if I can put you on a list. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Ultimately having employees that do not reflect the values of the company will come out - social media only accelerates the process - Brian Ahier
just added to my technology list :-) - Brian Ahier
Rob: exactly..the real problem will be with the employees, not the employers. Particularly with employers who aren't hip to social networking and the workplace...those that embrace it could use the group function as a powerful means of demonstrating diversity, flexibility, identity - Chad Gesser from iPhone
The attitude in this part of the world (Middle East) is "I don't want anyone to see my employees" so this is going to fail, at least in the short term, here. There's going to be a walloping, and fast-growing, disconnect. *sigh* - Alexander McNabb
Any company that ONLY hires like-minded employees is a company destined to stagnate and fail. How you train and encourage those outliers to communicate will make you or break you. You NEED that discourse to grow. But it doesn't have to be public discourse (and rarely is it beneficial when it is). - Rob La Gesse
Alexander: companies that get Twitter's power to build better customer-employee relations (which brings a LOT of goodness) will do better than those that stick their head in the sand. - Robert Scoble
It is one thing to have diverrsity of viewpoint, but another altogether to not reflect "values" - anyone that doesn't do business with a company because their employees root for fottball teams or political parties is not thinking very clearly IMHO - Brian Ahier
interesting to think how I could actually use this as a real time microblogging/qualitative research tool...combining it with text g and smartphones :) - Chad Gesser from iPhone
@Brian, but that happens *all* the time. The movie star or singer that expresses a political viewpoint gets abandoned by those who disagree. - Brent Logan
Robert. Totally agree, but we're behind here. We're behind in connectivity, attitude towards business and customers (many businesses are sole distributors) and particularly towards transparency. We have some leaders, but all too few. And lists is going to scare many away, I fear. I hope not, but I fear. - Alexander McNabb
I'm bored about friendfeed :-) you will be the only one using it soon! - Loic Le Meur
Nicholas: I read through some of your tweets and will keep you in the stream for a while :-) you look interesting... - Brian Ahier
Alexander: that's OK, because it will give the great companies room to get PR credit while the bad ones look lame. - Robert Scoble
I don't have the lists feature yet. But I think it is great. Allows people like me to follow the favorites even if we might be following tens of thousands. - Paramendra Bhagat
Is it transparency, or co-opting employees to make them be corporate droids 24/7? - Brent Logan
Brilliant! "it will give the great companies room to get PR credit while the bad ones look lame" - Brian Ahier
We had quite a debate at my hospital on whether to block social media - fortunately brighter minds prevailed - Brian Ahier
Robert: LOL. Yes, true. Oddly enough the hotel sector here in UAE embraced Twitter first and fastest, so let's see what they make of lists! The telcos are just starting to climb on board... and many are learning, the hard way, that the old one-way model of advertising don't work on social platforms. Which provides occasional amusement... - Alexander McNabb
Blocking social media is so stupid. - Paramendra Bhagat
If lists is built in a way that it lets me focus on different people/topics depending on the task I am currently engaged in - I will love it. Since I don't have it, I am not sure yet. - Rob La Gesse
What Rob said. - Alexander McNabb
Curation aggregators like will make the job easier - Brian Ahier
Rob. You build your own lists. So you decide. But I don't have it yet either. But I know. - Paramendra Bhagat
Lists of corporate employees will typically only be a subset of those employees (the ones on Twitter) and thus can't be expected to represent the whole company regardless - Eric Andersen
I could build one list of people I work with, another of people with whom I might share a hobby, a third of people who are close friend, the fourth of my favorite web stars, people like Scoble. - Paramendra Bhagat
"I don't know what I can't touch". So I don;t know how lists will fit in my work-flow - which changes drastically from 8-12 am, 12-5pm, and then again from 5pm-12am - and beyond. - Rob La Gesse
One of the powerful features of Lists is the ability to follow other list streams - listreams (to coin a term) - Brian Ahier
The issue Robert brings up only applies to very small companies I think. - Eric Andersen
So you can follow lists created by other people, you mean? - Paramendra Bhagat
BTW you *can* remove yourself from a list - simply block the list owner. - Eric Andersen
I wish you could do it without blocking the owner. - Paramendra Bhagat
Paramendra: I have built some good lists and follow a few really great ones created by others as well - Brian Ahier
Agree - should be able to opt out of lists without blocking or unfollowing. - Rob La Gesse
I don't think in the end you will need to block the owner, just their ability to put you on a list... There will eventually be a setting that will allow you to approve before being added to lists if you choose - Brian Ahier
Brian. I don't have the lists feature yet. So I can only express jealousy. ;-) - Paramendra Bhagat
Nic. I can't wait to get the lists feature for me. I have only read about it so far. I guess they are rolling from the west. I am on the east coast. - Paramendra Bhagat
Rob: blocking a list just is that, removing yourself from a list. - Robert Scoble
My best lists if you have the feature: Healthcare: - Official Government accounts: - Every hospital on Twitter: - Brian Ahier
Any smart ideas for getting on the Lists beta? If they're rolling out from the east coast, Dubai'll be getting access next winter... - Alexander McNabb
Paramendra: the list feature was delivered to a few thousand randomly-chosen Twitter users. Plus a few dozen tech bloggers and influentials. - Robert Scoble
Alexander: no way to get people onto the beta, sorry. - Robert Scoble
Robert: So if you block a list you do not block the owner? cool! - Brian Ahier
Alexander. I just made that up. I don't think they are doing it exactly that way, but it sure feels that way to me. - Paramendra Bhagat
Robert. I can't wait. - Paramendra Bhagat
Brian. Good work. Keep building them. - Paramendra Bhagat
I was pretty happy when Tim O'Reilly put me on his Mindcaster list - being followed is cool but being listed is even better :-D - Brian Ahier
This is so interesting - wracking my brain thinking about how to demystify for small businesses. There's definitely an aspect to lists that could simplify things for companies that are new to Twitter...but it could also be a new form of chaos and complexity that will confuse the hell out of many. - Alex Hawkinson
Twitter should keep growing to add more and more new features like this one, first perhaps put out there by independent Twitter clients/apps. - Paramendra Bhagat
Anyone know when Lists will be exposed via the API? - Alex Hawkinson
Some of the most awaited betas I have ever gotten into have ended up underwhelming. So I can wait for Lists. Remember Joost? I barely do. - Rob La Gesse
So Robert. Have lists fundamentally changed your Twitter experience? - Paramendra Bhagat
Paramendra: absolutely. - Robert Scoble
Robert. Good to know. That is what I was guessing. - Paramendra Bhagat
'sokay, Paramendra. I thought I'd try for the sympathy vote... :) From what I can see of Lists it could be massive, though... Even if we'll be slow to use it, which will lag adoption because much of Twitter's utility comes from scale, no? - Alexander McNabb
Brian: Steve Case put me on his special list. I'll tell ya THAT was a big ego boost. - Robert Scoble
I think tags would have been more interesting than lists. Then I could create search groups that include multiple tags - without including everyone in the lists. - Rob La Gesse
Rob. Lists have been tried and tested on the likes of TweetDeck. They are as fundamental to me as the RT option. Lists will be a hit. - Paramendra Bhagat
Robert. Why are you surprised to be on Steve Case' list? You are big. Don't you know? - Paramendra Bhagat
Rob: lists ARE tags. Think about it. - Robert Scoble
I am sure lists will be a hit - hell, ANY new feature in Twitter is a hit (because there are so few of them!) :) - Rob La Gesse
Paramendra: I'm a fan boy as much as anyone. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Yeah, it will be very interesting to see how folks behave when it goes public and people find out what lists they are on, and what lists they are NOT on ;-) - Brian Ahier
Rob: you might have to eat your words when the new RT feature comes out. I hear that is VERY controversial. - Robert Scoble
Robert: You're not a fan HAVE fan boys. - Sean Montgomery
Scoble - no, I don't think so - lists are much less granular. (from what I hear) - Rob La Gesse
Scoble - I often eat my words. That is why I make sure they are all extra tasty :) - Rob La Gesse
Robert. Steve Case follows me. That happened because I explicitly asked him to. :-) I knew I was not going to be famous fast enough. So I plain asked. - Paramendra Bhagat
Rob: they are less granular because you are limited to 20 of them. :-) - Robert Scoble
I have a private list because I don't want to be divisive on certain issues... - Brian Ahier
You are limited to 20 lists? Wow. - Paramendra Bhagat
Brian: I deleted a few lists already because they would make people feel bad. Especially one called "people I've met." There is NO WAY I can remember everyone I've met so I would take a lot of shit about that. - Robert Scoble
Paramendra: per Twitter account. :-) - Robert Scoble
Why would the RT feature be controversial? It is so mainstream. - Paramendra Bhagat
WIth tags I could create a follow group of "met, boulder, fun, beer, interesting" - how do I do THAT with lists? - Rob La Gesse
Robert. I have only one Twitter account. I like it that way. But 20 are enough, if you ask me. - Paramendra Bhagat
I have 9 Twitter accounts - 20 are nowhere near enough :) - Rob La Gesse
(all but one of those are job-related) - Rob La Gesse
Lists will also help to score influence. Scoble is listed on 327 lists so far (the most I have seen yet)! A ratio of list membership to number of followers will be a new metric for authority... - Brian Ahier
How many people can you add to any one list? As many as you want? - Paramendra Bhagat
Rob: create five lists and put me on all five. :-) - Robert Scoble
I think the 500 limit was lifted - I saw one today that over 900 - Brian Ahier
Brian. You are right about that new metric of authority. - Paramendra Bhagat
Nicholas - exactly - that's why I would have done tags first. Easy to creat lists based on tags. Harder to create meaningful tags based on lists. - Rob La Gesse
Brian: really? That's cool! - Robert Scoble
Scoble. All you do is talk. How do you get so popular? .... Kidding. I know how. - Paramendra Bhagat
You become popular because you really, truly "get" social media. - Paramendra Bhagat
Paramendra: I share my fame. That gets me more. Ask anyone who's been on my Twitter account or on our videos. - Robert Scoble
Ah - why is Scoble popular? Someone should write the book. I'm starting to feel qualified :P - Rob La Gesse
The account had created a list with all their >900 followers on a list - it was strangely compelling... - Brian Ahier
Add me to your Twitter account. :-) That is how I got on Steve Case' Twitter account. I am paramendra on Twitter. My first name. - Paramendra Bhagat
Nicholas. You lose with with the tags talk. - Paramendra Bhagat
Paramendra: I can't follow more people tonight. - Robert Scoble
paramendra you are on 5 lists now... - Brian Ahier
Scoble: Okay. Tomorrow then. :-) - Paramendra Bhagat
Well, I'll follow you anyway Paramendra. :) Sucks as a consolation prize, I know... :) - Alexander McNabb
Brian. I am on 5 lists. Wow? - Paramendra Bhagat
Lists and tags are NOT similar. You can assign multiple tags, or a single tag to an individual, then group those into lists in really interesting ways. If you try to group lists, you are grouping the entire list - not ust based on sub-tags that are more defining. - Rob La Gesse
Alexander. Much appreciated. - Paramendra Bhagat
One site has me as Twitter number 12 in NYC. NYC Twitter Elite. - Paramendra Bhagat
Demi Moore and I signed up on Twitter the same day. - Paramendra Bhagat
Am I on any lists? I don't have lists yet, so I have no way of knowing... - Dennis Jernberg
Tags are more granular - just like in Wordpress. Categories are less granular. Categories are lists. - Rob La Gesse
Paramendra: @winland/blogsbookswriters @sdweathers/worldfriends @PeractoVita/friends @happybanana/bananas @ahier/technology - Brian Ahier
Dennis: you are on eight lists already. - Robert Scoble
I am @ahier - Brian Ahier
Brian. Thanks. I will look up as soon as Twitter allows me to. - Paramendra Bhagat
Got ya. - Paramendra Bhagat
So I want to start a list (if only I could) called, "Scoble's next boss" :) - Rob La Gesse
HE would NOT be in the list, of course :) - Rob La Gesse
Rob: heheh. - Robert Scoble
Well, I'm off to play with the kids. See ya. - Robert Scoble
Brian. I tried to follow you. But looks like just like Scoble I can't follow any more people tonight. - Paramendra Bhagat
Nite, Scobes - Rob La Gesse
Robert - you are now 328! (just included you in journalists - new media is the new journalism) - Brian Ahier
Scoble. Have fun. You make FriendFeed happen. - Paramendra Bhagat
Scoble leaves, thread dies? - Rob La Gesse
Nite all - thanks for the great convo - Brian Ahier
Well, isn;t that what Twitter is for? :) - Rob La Gesse
Welcome to the future of Twitter. - Rob La Gesse
The future is now. - Paramendra Bhagat
And there is no escaping it - because we don;t really control it. - Rob La Gesse
Guess I am out as well. Midnight on a Monday :) Take care, all. - Rob La Gesse
twitter being a better, more effective product is a challenge like all good opportunities :) - Mike Chelen
Jason Pollock
If u want to read some incredible lists check out @Scobleizer & @LeoLaporte. They're rocking it! #socialmediarocks
Check out my lists: and where I am listed: - I LOVE Twitter Lists! - Brian Ahier
Tim O'Reilly
WOW! Absolutely stunning... - Brian Ahier
"We'll ask early [Wave] users to nominate people they know also to receive early invitations." Nominate-good way to avoid eBaying invites.
GMail did fine with a few automated invite exchange programs back when I first signed up. People put their name on a list, concerned inviters grabbed random addresses and fed them to google. - Daniel J. Pritchett
how do I nominate someone? - Brian Ahier
Brian only people invited in the first wave get invites. If a friend invited you you won't have any yet. Search your inbox for the word invite to see if you missed them. - Daniel J. Pritchett from iPhone
James O'Reilly
Remarkable pix of filth. RT @elisabethrobson Earth, the big garbage dump.
Like in the sense that it is important ~ - Brian Ahier
sherry reynolds
@mkrigsman in ZDNEt article abt tweeting way out of surgery Is that Dr John Glaser advisor 2 ONC chief on Health IT?
Dr. Paul A. Glazer, MD is Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard University's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Brian Ahier
Topic 3. How can local governments best leverage ARRA HITECH funding? Examples? #hchit
Are local health departments eligible for ARRA HITECH funding? #hchit - hchit
Our local health department has joined a regional consortium to seek AHRQ funding for planning grant to create HIE - - Brian Ahier
HIE = Health Information Exchange(s) - hchit
This grant application is due by 9/14 and we will submit ours next week... - Brian Ahier
A different approach - gov't bonds for private companies - see 5th paragraph - - Carol
I've posted the next topic... - hchit
Public Health is a primary target of ARRA esepcially since meaningful use requires or will require integration into reporting.. there have been some grants already issued directly to public health and some was avaiable for HIT. . On March 27, 2009, HHS released $338 million nationwide to 1,128 federally qualified health care centers for Increased Demand for Services (IDS) grants. On... more... - Sherry Reynolds
Does "public health" equate with local government health departments? #hchit - hchit
via @healthguru2 only in the narrowest of terms; PH 2.0 = preventive care, wellness, participatory med, epatient empowerment, web2.0 enabled! #hchit - hchit
@hchit only in the narrowest of terms; PH 2.0 = preventive care, wellness, participatory med, epatient empowerment, web2.0 enabled! #hchit - Gregg
Great comment by Marshall Maglothin on ARRA HITECH Funding with specific link to HHS site for more information at - dleyva08
Topic 2. How can states best leverage ARRA HITECH Stimulus funding? Examples? #hchit
Are there specific state agenices or coordinators for ARRA HITECH? - hchit
Most states have been working on a months long strategic process for this - CA eHealth Collaborative, NY,MA, WA - Sherry Reynolds
Some states do, some states don't. California just released draft strategic plans for HIT/HIE - eHealth Initiative
States are not required to have full plans in place to apply for federal HIE money (the $564 million), but as part of the funding have to come up will full Strategic and Operational plans that take into account stakeholder involvement, etc - eHealth Initiative
I worry about smaller states like South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, etc.. but the grants are designed for regional distribution and are not as much competitive as they are allocations - Sherry Reynolds
How many of you are already involved in this process at the State or mutli-state level? - Sherry Reynolds
Let's move on to the next topic...#hchit - hchit
Oregon passed health reform bill HB2009 this year which included new office HITOCH (Health Information Technology Oversight Council) to coordinate Health IT efforts - Brian Ahier
@SCHospitals SC is releasing a draft strategic plan today. Stakeholders have come to table to work on a plan and look at what needs to be done. #hchit - hchit
@reedsmith: @SCHospitals who organized the summit? - hchit
@reedsmith a state health collaborative called Health Sciences SC and SCDHHS - SCHospitalAssoc
"Strategic Opportunities for States in the ARRA HITECH Provisions" - Carol
Topic 4. How can providers & practitioners best leverage ARRA HITECH funding? Examples? #hchit
Any thoughts on T4? Very interested in this one. - Carol
Most of the "closed" systems (where the savings accrue to the same organization that implemented the EHR - like Kaiser, Partners and Group Health) have already implemented since there is a strong business case. The target audience of small practices (10 or under) will be able to access technical assistance from regional extension centers at some future point but I would move now to find... more... - Sherry Reynolds
American College of Physicians - rich resources for providers evaluating Health IT - Sherry Reynolds
Thx Sherry, very helpful. Has anyone analyzed $ demand for funds expected from small practices? - Carol
Most ARRA funding for physician practices are in the form of incentive payments after you have deployed EHR - Brian Ahier
Big question rural practices have is the difference between the Medicare and Medicaid incentive structure - anyone have insight into the best avenue on this issue? - Brian Ahier
After deployment, not after a contract for services is signed? What is the exact trigger for release of funds? - Carol
Does anyone have any links to good informational articles (not government links) on ARRA HITECH? - Carol
If you know or want to learn about ARRA HITECH Stimulus funding please join the conversation now at
For healthcare acronyms list: - Brian Ahier
Topic 1. A popular perception is that ARRA HITECH Stimulus funding is only for implementing EHR/EMR at hospitals? Other opptys? #hchit
My understanding is that it will encompass much more...BCMA, CPOE, etc - Jerry Fahrni
Also for HIE, right? #hchit - hchit
$564 million for State HIE, and maybe more - eHealth Initiative
Who is eligible for ARRA HITECH funding/grants? #hchit - hchit
Please spell out the acronyms when used the first time, thanks ;) - Carol
1) States get grants to support HIE - eHealth Initiative
2) Non-profit entities get money to create regional extension centers - eHealth Initiative
ARRA = American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - hchit
3) Many doctors qualify for Medicare or Medicaid incentives if they use HIT - eHealth Initiative
4) Many hospitals qualify for Medicare and/or Medicaid incentives - eHealth Initiative
HITECH=Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act - hchit
In total, $2b in direct funding, $30-$40b in incentives for using EHR - eHealth Initiative
the bulk of the money will go to small practies with less then 10 providers, public health and providers who serve high priority populations - Sherry Reynolds
Hard to comment via mobile - keep in mind traditional funding (AHRQ , NIH etc.) in conjunction a/ ARRA - Brian Ahier from iPod
There are multiple funding streams seperate from the 2 billion to ONC and the 45 billion to CMS. Broadband 1billion has telehealth in it. CER comparative effectiveness is another 1 billion.. - Sherry Reynolds
Plus money for Social Sec., Indian Health, Veterans, etc - eHealth Initiative
Of the money that flows to ONC (the office of the national coordintor) 2 pools are out right now.. about 580 million each for regional extension centers (70 total but the 10 core ones will match HHS regions) and naother 575 million for HIE.. - Sherry Reynolds
there are way to many acronyms to spell out for newbies.. ;-) but there is a very funny video that Ross Martin (head of the health care diivsion of a consulting firm) - Sherry Reynolds
Of interest is the real life application of funding for initiatives in local areas. Education and communication of this info is a big job - Kathy Mackey
AHRQ=Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - hchit
NIH = National Institutes of Health - hchit
CMS = Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services - hchit
Let's move to the next topic... - hchit
Thanks for posting the acronyms hchit. - Carol
I've posted Topic 2 in a new post... - hchit
So back to introductions...who are you? what do you do? what brings you to #hchit?
I am @cascadia aka Sherry - I was the consumer rep that stood up the national eHealth Collaborative last summer for HHS and ONC In my real life I develop the plans and implement EMR's for clients like Group Health, Sutter, Stanford LIve in SEattle - Sherry Reynolds
I am @jfahrni - IT Pharmacist working in the heart of the central valley of Calif. Simply interested. - Jerry Fahrni
Hi @cascadia and @jfahrni. Be sure that your FF comments are setup to post to Twitter as replies. Thanks. #hchit - hchit
Hi I'm Brian Ahier - on my way into a Community Health Record meeting so I will try to follow along with Twitterberry :-( looking forward to your posts everyone... - Brian Ahier
actually I use FF to avoid spamming my followers on twitter. - Sherry Reynolds
Tom Stitt, principal @aperial, builders of social media apps for healthcare, today's moderator for #hchit - hchit
Twitter post lost? Carol, health care market research & strategy, from CO. @qeanmedical - Carol
@mkmackey watch trends in #hchit special interest eprescribing, ehr, phr, RFID tech, mobile health apps. work with entrepreneurial healthcare groups in niche marketing - Kathy Mackey
cat herder "new" to healthcare IT, shattering sclerosis and reversing necrotic momentum in how IT solutions are bought, implemented and created - Sam Adams
We're going to try and moderate #hchit today from FriendFeed. Join via FF or Twitter - both should work.
Will be lurking on #HCHIT chat while on ONC conf call: 800-619-2472 code: 3122 ~ web: - Brian Ahier
Bret Taylor
Having fun watching posts stream in about Chrome OS:
Do you know anything? - Johnny from iPhone
I like that the story broke late at night Pacific time, and I am very eager to see this unfold. - Louis Gray
Duuuuuuuuude! - Johnny from iPhone
That is fun! - Brian Ahier
Wow, they are pouring in fast! - Laura Norvig
Bret Taylor
Supreme Court reviewing Oregon and Louisiana policies to not require unanimous verdicts - -
"Oregon is one of only two states that does not require juries to reach unanimous verdicts in criminal cases. Like Louisiana, it allows convictions by a vote of 10-to-2. In a pair of decisions in 1972, the Supreme Court said that was all right, that the Constitution does not require states to insist on unanimity. But the decisions, one each from Oregon and Louisiana, were badly fractured and internally inconsistent. They discounted the historical record and made assumptions about jury behavior that have been called into question by more recent research." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Poor headline. The Court hasn't decided to review this case. Until and unless it does this is just another guy with hope and prominent amici. I hope they do grant cert though - would be neat discussion. - Daniel Dulitz from iPhone
@Daniel - I'm definitely hoping they agree to review these cases. This is something that I'd like to see consistent in the justice system from state to state. - Jennifer Dittrich
I live in Oregon and didn't even know that was how our system worked. You learn something new every day! - Patrick Lightbody
Oregon has many strange features ;-) - Brian Ahier
Brian Ahier
Comment on: Health Care Costs: Am I missing something? Or is there a lot of flimflam going on? -
I might as well way in on the discussion... There is no doubt that healthcare is too expensive relative to the rest of the economy. I agree with Dr. Parkinson and I have faith that new companies will spring up to compete armed with new business models, new technologies, and new networks to lower costs. However, there will need to be continued action from the government, especially CMS/HHS. Healthcare reform will only be effective in conjunction with health information technology progress. Health IT is a toll that will help to improve quality, patient safety and clinical outcomes while making healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone. Spurring advances and innovation, we can leave a sound system for the next generation. We should all take the approach that Mr. Daschle and Mr. Gingrich are taking: - working together to solve problems, instead of tearing each other down. - Brian Ahier from FriendFeed MT Plugin
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