Re: Up Periscope! Your Theatre May Be Infested By Meerkats! -
"Not only free publicity... I can easily imagine incorporating it into performance art, say a Naim June Paik Improve for the masses. I should also note that while Meerkat and Periscope are getting a bit of media attention after SXSW, I've been streaming live video from my phone for years. Qik. Livestream, Ustream, Bambuser. It's a long list that has been around for a long time. The question is, is it finally ready to jump the chasm." - Aldon Hynes
Re: Are Women's Colleges Doomed? What Sweet Briar's Demise Tells Us -
"I'm following this from afar and have not researched the story closely. Yet things that stand out to me is a profound lack of disclosure by the current board of directors and its interim president, a reliance on outside consultants, and not engaging the alumnae, faculty, or students, and a history of problems with endowments by the current interim president. It is hard to say what the real situation is, or outcome will be, most likely until this proceeds in the courts. However, it is worth noting that SaveSweetBriar appears to have some heavy hitting lawyers working on their side, state and local prosecutors are looking at the situation, partly at the request of certain state legislators. People looking for more context may also want to look at James F. Jones’ tenure at Trinity College which declined in rankings considerably while he was there as well as allegations that he misused endowment funds there." - Aldon Hynes
Re: Bored ... And Brilliant? A Challenge To Disconnect From Your Phone -
"This seems flawed in so many ways. The first is the selection bias that comes from only having an iPhone app. This selection bias is further compounded by targetting people who want to keep their iPhone usage at bay, whether or not there are any relationships between iPhone usage, time spent bored, or time spent daydreaming. I'd be interested in the Moment app, if it existed on Android and f it wasn't framed in the context of trying to reduce mobile screen time." - Aldon Hynes
"At the local level, I haven't found the attacks or personal insults to be that much of a problem. There are other problems, which I hope to address in my story...." - Aldon Hynes
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