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"the sales funnel is blown to bits. the sales funnel never worked particularly well in the first place" - @lauramclellan #MarTech
"marketing will be vastly challenged when it must not only deal with people, but with business & things" @lauramclellan #MarTech ^MR
If only the fire could be green ^MR RT @JenniferClegg: Killing good ideas can kill your future #MarTech
Full cup of coffee & ready to join the marketing technology discussion @ #MarTech - Full house this morning. ^MR
The Complete Content Marketer’s #MozCon Manifesto, Part 2: Promote & Measure #mozcon #content ^kw
Are You Making These Costly Retargeting Mistakes? #Remarketing ^kw
RT @eric_wheeler: Tumblr to start searching images for brand info ^kw
The Complete Content Marketer’s #MozCon Manifesto, Part 1: Conceive & Create #mozcon #content ^kw
Horrible experience w @united & SkyWest, 90+ degrees, little air, 39 min on tarmac, now to gate, sweat drenched, miss @deltaassist ^mw
Amplifying content to the media is a new staple of link building! Use WS-SD10 to save on our #SMX workshop:
RT @NealSchaffer: How social media #complaints have a viral effect via @toddbacile ^kw
RT @jeremymayes: #AdWords debuts new UI for account management. ^kw
RT @lyena: What Is Black Hat Social Media & Does It Affect SEO? ^kw
RT @larrykim: Holy Smokes! RIP Exact Match and Phrase Match in AdWords! #ppcchat ^kw
RT @Marketingland: Twitter Helps Verified Users Connect, Stays Mum About How To Request Verification @martinbeck ^kw
RT @jennita: Excellent read from @islaisreading - Is that Mind-Blowing Title Blowing Your Credibility? You Decide ^kw
RT @rustybrick: Google is prepping to issue penalties for content spam guest blogging (vs link spam)? ^kw
RT @MrMediaTraining: An important point about the fear of public speaking: the cause isn't the same for everyone. Here are eight causes:
Unsure how to get links from high-authority sites? Register for our @smx workshop using WS-SD10 and save:
RT @adage: Facebook now tells brands if mobile ads lead to desktop purchases and vice versa
Houston FREE SEO/SEM/Social Event Thurs! Meet @aimclear @DuaneForrester @maishawalker @BruceClayInc, free wine :) ^mw
Twitter launched a beta for its Promoted Video campaigns w/a cost-per-view buying model. ^kw
RT @MarketingMama: MN folks: Help your team be more social savvy. Send them to Social Media Etiquette w/ @JenKaneCo at @smbmsp Info:
The HTTPS rank signal within Google is separate from Panda and applied on a per-URL basis. h/t @rustybrick ^kw
RT @nateknox: Check out the MnSearch Marquee Event on Aug. 27: Social Media Sales Bootstrap Clinic with @MerryMorud
RT @dannysullivan: Google Webmaster Guidelines Update Calls “Low Quality Guest Blog Posts” Spam via @sengineland
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