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Our thoughts & prayers with those affected by the MH17 tragedy. Out of respect, we will not be posting on social for the remainder of today.
Last wk at #incliveevents @DuaneForrester (Bing WMT) said "Just focusing in backlinks will set you up to fail." ^mw #visability_14 ^mw
Last week at #incliveevents, ATL, @DuaneForrester (Bing Webmaster Tools) said "Just focusing in backlinks will set you up to fail." ^mw
SEO is about search user experience. We can be the people who focus on the customer - @wilreynolds #mozcon ^ls
Measuring content? Fire events for ArticleLoaded, StartReading, ContentBottom & PageBottom - @justincutroni #mozcon ^ls
Move beyond standard metrics in analytics. Measure real behavior & everyone will love you. - @justincutroni #mozcon ^ls
RT @mimatweet: Show of hands: Who will we see tomorrow morning at the Minneapolis Central Library?
Google is an ad company that has a search engine. Take back your data and get control of it - @mdsimmonds #mozcon ^ls
Succulent SEO Secrets, Tasty Tactics, #Visibility_14 Is HERE! #visibility_14 ^kw
Succulent SEO Secrets, Tasty Tactics, #Visibility_14 Is HERE! -
Being Facebook or Tumblr is exactly what Andy Beal is trying to avoid with his newest startup:
G+ strategy: Incentivize audience, build vibrant community & keep them engaged to help build authority - @marktraphagen #mozcon ^ls
.@staceycav's content tips: Use FB Graph Search & 6-3-5 brainwriting, let goals lead format, cater to audience interests/screens #mozcon ^ls
.@dr_pete’s content advice: Build something amazing. If you can’t, become a SME. If not, find a repeatable system. #mozcon ^ls
The Smoking Gun: Deleted Google Author Photos Boost Ad CTR #authorship #PPC ^kw
Panda changed the way media think about SEO. Focus PR strategies on helping them overcome their challenges. - @leximills #mozcon ^ls
Most important thing for local search: Name, address, phone (NAP) need to be consistent across the web. - @MikeRamsey #mozcon ^ls
…SERP style, micro-formats, social (strategic). Errors, server & CDN (technical). - @Suzzicks #mozcon ^ls
How is mobile SEO different? Focus on: page speed, usability, desktop linkage (algorithmic)… - @Suzzicks #mozcon ^ls
a/b testing resources from @kylerush: Testing standards: Experiment brief:… #mozcon ^ls
… give everyone influence & expertise. - @RichMillington #mozcon ^ls
…create shared narrative, encourage unique/shared experiences, push for vulnerable/self-disclosure discussions… #mozcon
To create a powerful sense of community: create group within group, introduce rituals & traditions… @RichMillington #mozcon ^ls
4. Align your marketing with your actual customer experience - @kerrybodine #mozcon ^ls
2. Determine how your brand is/isn’t reflected in your CX. 3. Help employees discover the role they play - @kerrybodine #mozcon ^ls
Help your co. keep its promises: 1. Come to terms w/ what brand really stands for - @kerrybodine #mozcon ^ls
.@randfish's 5 big trends: regulation, content mktg, Google hurting biz, SEO ≠ job title, answers on SERP. #mozcon
RT @CharityStebbins: Recommended read by Rand on negative #SEO: #mozcon
RT @portentint: Did Rand just imply negative SEO exists...? #mozcon
Greetings from lovely Seattle! We're coming to you live from #mozcon today through Weds. ^ls
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