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How Will You Die?
"While you may be worried of catching of an obscure disease you heard about on the news, the truth is that we are far more likely to die of a small range of illnesses, nearly all of which are tied in some way to your lifestyle choices, like the food you eat or how much exercise you get. But you can lessen—sometimes dramatically—the likelihood of succumbing to the most common causes of death by knowing your risk factors and making informed choices. This is a look at your most likely cause of death (excluding uncontrollable events like accidents and homicide), given your race, sex, and age. Use this information to make choices that will keep you healthy." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
macabre - Shevonne
Sad how common suicide is as a cause. - Todd Hoff
Also, HIV for black men in *gulp* my age group. :( - Derrick
Heart disease, HIV, cancer. I'm working on 1 as best I can. The things I do for 1 should help with 3 as well. I hope I'm at zero risk for 2. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
my heart will probly give out before i turn 60. - Big Joe Silence