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Reading: Google 7 Packs Dropped But Not as Much as MozCast Indicated (Change in geo-location delivery.) #seo #local
Reading: Google's Pigeon Update Solves Yelp Problem (This is not the real Yelp problem.) #seo #hostcrowding
Reading: Google Local Update Causes 62% Drop In 'Pack' Presence (Interesting change.) #seo #local
Re: Google’s Pigeon Update Solves Yelp Problem, Boosts Local Directories -
"It's a shame that Google responds to the threats from Yelp when Yelp thinks it's being marginalized but not when others complain about the host crowding Yelp is afforded on numerous search results. Getting 3 Yelp results is, frankly, too much most of the time not to mention the instances of 4, 5 and even 7 on a SERP. How about we fix THAT problem?" - AJ Kohn
Reading: Introducing Save on Facebook (Surprised it took this long to develop this feature.) #facebook
Promoting: Open and Fill Your Funnel with Stumble Remarketing (Site is back up now.) #growthhacks
Open and Fill Your Funnel with Stumble Remarketing
Saving: The World Wide SEO Definition Map (Very clever and interesting.) #seo #interactive
Reading: Experiment Shows Up To 60% Of "Direct" Traffic Is Organic Search (For some URLs for some sites.) #analytics
Testing: Introducing organic Tweet analytics (Well this looks pretty darn useful.) #twitter #analytics
Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide - What SEOs Need to Know - The SEM Post -
How Does Google Index Tweets? -
Reading: How Does Google Index Tweets? (Very interesting study and good insights here.) #seo #twitter
Reading: Deleted Google Author Photos Boost Ad CTR (Or seasonality or coincidence.) #search #ppc
Good and bad reasons for anonymizing data | 33 Bits of Entropy -
The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures Of All Time -
Reading: Google Kills Two More Link Networks (The treadmill is getting faster folks.) #seo
Reading: Google Webmaster Tools Beta International Targeting Reports (Very good news.) #seo
How to enforce computer time limits during the school year on your Mac | Parent Resource -
Reading: TapCommerce joins the Twitter family (Twitter ads to it's advertising stack.) #twitter #advertising
Reading: Furthering Our Focus (Yahoo is making solid changes but are they moving fast enough?) #yahoo
Reading: 10 Surprising Ways to Drive Results on Google+ (In which I talk about exterminators.) #googleplus
Reading: What's Changed After Panda 4.0? (In which I deliver boring but effective advice.) #seo
Reading: Google Discontinues Q&A Services (Multiple international platforms shuttered.) #google
Reading: Workaholism in America Is Hurting the Economy ("Taking a vacation my actually save your career.) #life
Listening: Do Nothing for 2 Minutes (Your moment of Zen.) #productivity
Never go another day without knowing what Gawker’s staff is eating for lunch » Nieman Journalism Lab -
Reading: Google Acquires Songza (Google adds music to its portfolio.) #google #music
Why Is Memory So Good and So Bad? - Scientific American -
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