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Reading: The future of content consumption through the eyes of Yahoo Labs (Need to see actions, not words.) #yahoo
Grumbling: Close variant matching for all exact and phrase keywords (Savvy advertisers lose more control.) #ppc
If Data Is Sexy Then Twitter Analytics Is Channing Tatum
Reading: What Happened When I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days (Super Size Me for Social.) #facebook
Reading: Facebook Closing The Door on Like-Gates (See what I did there?) #facebook #aboutbloodytime
Why aren’t you more excited about Twitter Analytics? #analytics #social
Reading: Gardens, Not Graves (Tending to your chronological content. Ugh! I need to do this.) #content #blogging
Saving: How We Read (I absolutely adore this piece. Awesome information here.) #ux #readability
Reading: Decoding the Google Answer Box Algorithm (Not decoded really but good observational data here. ) #seo
Reading: How SEOs Can Dominate with Early-Stage Content (Amazed this isn't par for the course.) #seo
Reading: How Entities (and Knowledge Cards) Can Help With Query Intent (Disambiguation and intent aggregation.) #seo
Reading: Why aren’t App Constellations working? (Nice round up of opinions here.) #apps #unbundling
Reading: HTTPS as a ranking signal http://www.googlewebmastercent... (Effecting fewer than 1% of global queries.) #seo
Reading: ccTLD Search Engine Results Study (Really interesting data here on authority versus localization.) #seo
Reading: Google+ Authorship Images Live On (Personalized search shows faces for who you follow on Google+) #seo
Reading: How Fonts Affect the User Experience (Yes! Such an overlooked optimization.) #ux #fontslut
Reading: How Hamburger Menus Can Increase Your Conversion Rate (They reduce distractions.) #ux #cro
Reading: We Experiment On Human Beings! (In reality, all marketers do.) #psychology #marketing
Reading: Upside-Down Decision Making Framework (Solid but just seems like good logic to me.) #business
Testing: Introducing the Google News Publisher Center http://googlewebmastercentral.... (This is really awesome if it works as advertised.) #seo #news
Reading: Where Did My Video Snippets Go? (Only those devoted to video content get them?) #seo
Reading: The Summer's Most Unread Book Is… (Love the proxy metric the Hawking Index represents.) #analytics
Reading: My Zero-Tolerance to Bureaucracy Policy (I try to follow this as much as possible myself.) #change #business
Reading: Why We Unfriend (Social entropy my friends. Unfriending = growth.) #social #psychology
Graphing: US Desktop Search Volume Down 7% YoY in June (Five straight months of decline matches record.) #search
Reading: A look Inside Being a Mozcon Community Speaker (Fun and informative narrative.) #mozcon #career
Saving: The Technology (If you read one thing this month, it should be this.) #technology #life
Reading: Google 7 Packs Dropped But Not as Much as MozCast Indicated (Change in geo-location delivery.) #seo #local
Reading: Google's Pigeon Update Solves Yelp Problem (This is not the real Yelp problem.) #seo #hostcrowding
Reading: Google Local Update Causes 62% Drop In 'Pack' Presence (Interesting change.) #seo #local
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