AJ Kohn
"Social media is enabling us to share like never before. But is it also encouraging us to take shortcuts to understanding people and what makes them tick? Are we comfortable making more assumptions than before simply because there’s that much more information available to go on? Are we helping marketers and communicators do their jobs better, or are we actually encouraging them to look at us one-dimensionally, and how do we shift that?" - AJ Kohn from Bookmarklet
Not sure if I really want to shift it, if marketing folks know I am getting tired of microsoft based systems and planning on going all apple, what kind of marketing fight would happen over that one? I want them to look at me one dimensionally cause I can blow them off easier. - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
@Dan: That's a good point. Showing what you want ... so you can control the inbound flow. I think many people do this ... some unconsciously. The implications are huge IMO and make any social media data mining ... not a gold mine but pyrite instead. - AJ Kohn