AJ Kohn
Twitter List: Can you name this list?
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a-whole-bunch-o-nuthin'? - Josh Haley
I'm actually on this list. It's nice to be on it because of who created it but ... the results of the list are ... less than desirable IMO. - AJ Kohn
Something about photos? - Anika
@Anika: You'd think so huh? Not even remotely close though. - AJ Kohn
Hmmm, then I'd have no idea! - Anika
@Anika: And that's the point or ... the pointlessness of lists as a discovery device. These are people grouped by a topic, but they don't always talk about *that* topic. FriendFeed's FoaF is a far better user discovery mechanism. - AJ Kohn
Yeah, that can be an issue. I have a political list, knowing that most people on it talk about other stuff, but most of us have known each other for a good 5 years now that it's acceptable. - Anika
Passive-aggressive photography list? - Mo Kargas
@Mo: LOL. What a great name for a list! - AJ Kohn
Ah, got it, I think: @dannysullivan/searchmarketing? Point well taken! - Rebecca Leaman
@Rebecca: You're right. And again, I'm happy to be on the list but it shows that while I'm in the right 'category' it doesn't always produce engaging content on that subject. - AJ Kohn
My lists are mostly made of where I met people or what subjects describe them vs. what they actually do. - Anika
Noise? - Susan Beebe
@LOOK AT ME!: Yes, the former is an interesting strategy, but do you make those lists public? And if so, would that help anyone else? Absolutely a good private list strategy but I just don't see how they are ... followable? - AJ Kohn
@Susan: Yeah, pretty much! - AJ Kohn