AJ Kohn
Poll: How many Twitter accounts do you (or have you) use(d)?
Just one. - Andrew Smith
3: @SMC Rochester, @PMI Rochester, and my own personal one @susanbeebe - Susan Beebe
Just the one. - Just Mrs. V
3 - one for me @nathanchase, one for my startup company @flickchart, and one for my band @thepauses - Nathan Chase
uno - RAPatton
1 - rønin
5 - Anika
One - Ian May
One. I have no need for any more since I don't have a business or anything. - Rochelle
2, mine @webgoddess and my library's @MRRL - WebGoddess
Just the one. - Alix May
1: I have no time for more than that! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
One. I don't even really use that one, either. - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
[Here's the post where these poll results are referenced: http://friendfeed.com/e...] - AJ Kohn
2, one it's only for a blog about cinema in Portuguese. - Bibi
Lots of accounts but only use 1. This one. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
2 accounts, but only use 1...1 is difficult enough to manage - Jennifer Van Grove
Five. My personal Twitter, @jaredwsmith; two accounts for reporting weather conditions in Charleston, SC (@chswx and @charlestonwx); a Twitter account for my day job (@cofc), and @DragonDagger, which has incredible backstory despite the newness of the account. - Jared Smith
3. @johnmccrea (my primary account), @therealmccrea (to make sure no one else hijacked it), and @thesocialwebtv (for the video podcast I do with @jsmarr, @factoryjoe, and @daveman692) - John McCrea
Only one. - Mona Nomura
one - Sarah Perez
1 - Tyson Key
Only 1 ever. - James Ferguson
[once again, thank you all for continuing to participate. This poll is referenced at http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/proof-t... the current average is 1.6] - AJ Kohn
2 - @coldacid and @Yes_Coalition. The latter is defunct, as the whole coalition crisis more or less ended (or went to bed) and I was unable to find someone to pass it on to. - Chris Charabaruk
I am using one, but i'm thinking of creating another one, using my real name, and retiring the one i'm using now which is a nickname (and not a very good one) - Tom Ribbens
Two - Mine and my partners - Joe Dawson