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Re: Google Authorship May Be Dead, But Author Rank Is Not -
"Correct @Aaron Bradley. I actually covered that in my 2012 presentation on Rel=Author at SMX West." - AJ Kohn
Re: Google My Business Profiles Start Ranking In Non-Branded Searches -
"Interesting observations here Andrew. It makes sense that Google would start doing this. The Google My Business profile gives Google geography and category information. From there it's just a hop, skip and a jump to matching it up with query syntax. The intriguing part is the idea that the highest natural result that has this knowledge graph connection via Google My Business is also given a Knowledge Panel treatment. If that pattern holds then it's a huge advantage for that business." - AJ Kohn
Reading: The future of content consumption through the eyes of Yahoo Labs (Need to see actions, not words.) #yahoo
Grumbling: Close variant matching for all exact and phrase keywords (Savvy advertisers lose more control.) #ppc
If Data Is Sexy Then Twitter Analytics Is Channing Tatum
Reading: What Happened When I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days (Super Size Me for Social.) #facebook
Reading: Facebook Closing The Door on Like-Gates (See what I did there?) #facebook #aboutbloodytime
Why aren’t you more excited about Twitter Analytics? #analytics #social
Reading: Gardens, Not Graves (Tending to your chronological content. Ugh! I need to do this.) #content #blogging
Saving: How We Read (I absolutely adore this piece. Awesome information here.) #ux #readability
Reading: Decoding the Google Answer Box Algorithm (Not decoded really but good observational data here. ) #seo
Reading: How SEOs Can Dominate with Early-Stage Content (Amazed this isn't par for the course.) #seo
Reading: How Entities (and Knowledge Cards) Can Help With Query Intent (Disambiguation and intent aggregation.) #seo
Reading: Why aren’t App Constellations working? (Nice round up of opinions here.) #apps #unbundling
Reading: HTTPS as a ranking signal http://www.googlewebmastercent... (Effecting fewer than 1% of global queries.) #seo
Reading: ccTLD Search Engine Results Study (Really interesting data here on authority versus localization.) #seo
Reading: Google+ Authorship Images Live On (Personalized search shows faces for who you follow on Google+) #seo
Reading: How Fonts Affect the User Experience (Yes! Such an overlooked optimization.) #ux #fontslut
Reading: How Hamburger Menus Can Increase Your Conversion Rate (They reduce distractions.) #ux #cro
Reading: We Experiment On Human Beings! (In reality, all marketers do.) #psychology #marketing
Reading: Upside-Down Decision Making Framework (Solid but just seems like good logic to me.) #business
Testing: Introducing the Google News Publisher Center http://googlewebmastercentral.... (This is really awesome if it works as advertised.) #seo #news
Reading: Where Did My Video Snippets Go? (Only those devoted to video content get them?) #seo
Reading: The Summer's Most Unread Book Is… (Love the proxy metric the Hawking Index represents.) #analytics
Reading: My Zero-Tolerance to Bureaucracy Policy (I try to follow this as much as possible myself.) #change #business
Reading: Why We Unfriend (Social entropy my friends. Unfriending = growth.) #social #psychology
Graphing: US Desktop Search Volume Down 7% YoY in June (Five straight months of decline matches record.) #search
Reading: A look Inside Being a Mozcon Community Speaker (Fun and informative narrative.) #mozcon #career
Saving: The Technology (If you read one thing this month, it should be this.) #technology #life
Reading: Google 7 Packs Dropped But Not as Much as MozCast Indicated (Change in geo-location delivery.) #seo #local
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