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Reading: The Future of Facebook May Not Say ‘Facebook’ (Single-purpose multi-app strategy.) #facebook
Saving: Announcing Schema Actions (Schema evolves into full on Open Graph.) #semanticweb
Reading: 10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic (Well done by @CyrusShepard) #seo #googleplus
Watching: Does Google treat 404 and 410 status codes differently? (A little bit actually. Good to know.) #seo
Reading: Content Marketing Is All About Targeting (Lots of great stuff in this piece.) #content #seo
Reading: These 5 public speaking tips will improve your writing today (Not a bad way to think about it.) #blogging
Saving: How To Build a Keyword Matrix (Don't just read it, try it yourself.) #seo
Reading: Why links should never be the end goal (Agree 100% with this marketing-centric approach.) #seo
Reading: Google Analytics Demographics Report (A nice reminder to use these reports. Get out of your rut!) #analytics
Reading: 150 Million More Reasons to Love Bing Everyday (Entity 'Snapshots' answer to Google Knowledge Cards) #search
Reading: 5 Personal Writing Metrics Every Content Marketer Should Track (Track but don't be beholden to it.) #content
Reading: Relevance, it turns out, has a short shelf life (Technology accelerates brand churn.) #marketing
How To Track Image Search In Google Analytics (Updated this weekend with refined filters and caveats) #analytics
Reading: This Chart Explains the Reachpocalypse and Why Facebook is Laughing All the Way to the Bank (True) #facebook
The Totally Mathematical Reason Why Social Matters To SEO
Reading: Why Every Marketer Should Use Google Plus (True, but not this way and not for these reasons.) #googleplus
Reading: Making Bing Search More Personal (Behind the scenes of Cortana and new Bing tiles in search.) #search
Clapping: 6 Reasons We All Need To Stop Complaining (Seriously. No whining in marketing!) #seo
Reading: A Comprehensive SEO Guide for Ecommerce (A great deck here by @audette) #seo #ecommerece
Reading: Honey Maid Takes On Haters (Excellent message and great marketing.) #marketing #hatersgonnahate
How To Track Image Search In Google Analytics (Updated with International, Medium and Chrome details) #analytics #seo
Reading: NPR Tests Social 'Reading' (April Fools prank exposes Internet user behavior.) #content #pychology
Reading: Comparing Facebook's Static vs Dynamic Lookalike Audiences (Seriously powerful folks.) #facebook #ppc
Reading: Using Web Co-occurrence Statistics for Improving Image Categorization (pdf) (Very smart and cool.) #search
Saving: Automating and Visualizing Data from Google Webmaster Tools (I need to get my nerd back on.) #seo
Reading: Antifragile SEO http://01100111011001010110010... (There's a lot of truth in this piece.) #seo
Reading: Universal Analytics Is Out of Beta, Into Primetime (Essentially Google Analytics 2.0.) #analytics
Watching: How does Google separate popularity from authority? (Very important answer here from @mattcutts) #seo
Reading: Here's How We're Building The Upworthy Business (Upworthy sure is good at 'honest' marketing.) #marketing
Reading: Public Relations and Content Strategy are Related but Not The Same (Some good analogies here.) #content #pr
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