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RT @jfroma: @ajlopez and since today rabbitmq :)
Now, @woloski at MongoDB Buenos Aires Meetup, from @authzero
SimpleGeoLoc Simple Geolocation function: items with geolocation, near points
MongoDB supports MORE THAN one router for sharding
Damn... no beer yet in this meetup ;-)
CraigList uses MongoDB
Geospatial features in MongoDB: FourSquare use them for lat/long and more
MongoDB 2.6: Our Biggest Release Ever
MongoDB: Inside India’s Aadhar, The World’s Biggest Biometrics Database
MongoDB, written in C++, using memory-mapped files. No control over what is in memory, or in disk. Delegated to host operating system
MongoDB > 50 shards, India implementation, tracking persons wo/ID using biometric data
Erlang Spawned Shelter by @pyotrgalois
URL MongoDB Meetup Buenos Aires, streaming
Back online, at MongoDB Buenos Aires Meetup @VHGroup_Ar
The Clojure Daily is out! Stories via @codeandsupply @babie @AlexFPWorks
The ajlopez Daily is out! Stories via @maraoz @steveklabnik @jaceklaskowski
Brandon Rhodes: The Day of the EXE Is Upon Us - PyCon 2014
Daily Post: Early Erlang Geek Links (11)
The hardest and easiest way to be a better coder
Is there a correlation between the scale of the project and the strictness of the language?
Why do dynamic languages make it more difficult to maintain large codebases?
Nimble, Functional flow-control for JavaScript
Starting my day, writing down my list of commitments
Ok, enough coding for the day, time to fight Coto effect, and fight for my food. See you tomorrow matrix!
How to Do What You Love & Earn What You’re Worth as a Programmer
You have ruined javascript
JavaScript frameworks, Which one? AngularJS, Backbone, Ember, Knockout?
JavaScript Frameworks | How to Learn Them Quickly
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