Michael made it through Bonnaroo safe and sound had some great crazy fun.
State side. Bring on summer and long days, forget that winter nonsense.
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In Ballina till some time next year. Might come back down to Wollongong or Sydney for new years eve but not sure yet.
Never underestimate the power of a good story. - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Never underestimate the power of a good story.
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Anyone heading up to Sydney/The halloween party from the gong today and want to give me a lift?
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"I think I'll go for a walk." - Michael Gross
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"Judging by some of the comments I think this: http://www.livevideo.com/video... ... might be the video. I didn't get to see the video but that video is pretty dam cool." - Michael Gross
Back in Aus safe and sound. A real shower and some vegimite on toast later and its like I never left except for a few photos and a couple scrapes and bruises.
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Michael monkeys....wild monkeys....in Ankor Wat!
Strange traveling illnes gone, time to soldier on. Heart of Darkness anyone? I wasnt that sick I only considered going to the hospital for only a few mintues.
To infinity and BEYOND!
Cambodia tomorrow. Come on Sihanoukville be everything I'm hopping for.
Made it through the monsoon in Vietnam now we're just kind of stuck because of flooded roads.
Michael riding motobikes in Vietnam isnt that hard.
I'm not dead and haven't been arrested for anything yet. Trips going great.
.....Asia. Be back in 6 weeks.
Anyone want to come see Inglorious Bastards at 6:40 in Wollongong tonight?
Michael is back in Aus for a few weeks.
Michael got uni results..... I can haz degree!
Thanks for the birthday bits everyone. Now off to dinner and to have a few to many drinks. If your out in Wollongong tonight let me know and we can probly catch up.
@squarespace Hows the iphone giveaway going? #squarespace
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