RT @TheNextWeb: The iPad was made for StumbleUpon, now it has the app to prove it http://thenextweb.com/apps... by @mpanzarino on @TNWapps
Love Social Media? Want to get paid for it? Am looking for full time employee to promote CFM online: http://www.centreformanagement.com/
Wanna change a student's life? Centre For Management is hiring marketing execs & counselors. Send resumes to Info@CentreForManagement.com
"Size 0" models hurt sentiments of large people like me. I'm having a "Fat Till Death" protest. Will keep eating for 24hrs. Wanna join? ;-)
Why does govt call unaccounted funds 'Black Money'? The money we pay them in taxes is also never accounted for! http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/busines...
Need to hire a content writer for our social media initiatives (full time or freelance). If interested pls send me a message here
RT @ibnlive Citigroup gives $ 16 mn retention award to CEO http://ibnlive.in.com/news...
DSK's lawyers come up wt new defence. He's a victim of US racial profiling coz his last name sounds like 'Khan' ;-)
IMF has been exploiting developing countries for decades. Why we surprised when its top guy's habits are similar? ;-)
RT @bfeld: Tech talents from India, other countries leaving Silicon Valley http://www.usatoday.com/tech... via @USATODAY
Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Isaac Newton, Abe Lincoln all failed at first. Why should you be different?: http://www.onlinecollege.org/2010...
Watch out for old Charles-Di wedding jokes to be recycled for the current generation! Will Kat you all later :-) http://myloc.me/show...
Govt taxes increase price of booze has shot up by 75%! Can't even drink to forget this depressing news :-P http://myloc.me/joeuG
Wanna have fun? Ask people forwarding messages advocating social change if they voted in their own local elections. Slacktivism rules :-)
Why we worried about Sri Lanka? Last time we made Ten Lankan heads roll, we just used an army of monkeys ;)
Thanks all who helped India win by wearing blue, doing pujas, not shaving etc. Obviously Pakistanis didn't do enough of that :)
Do companies in China or US bunk office for sports events? We need to be world beaters beyond the cricket pitch. Go India Go..to Work :-)
'What's shamefully wrong at ISB', cover story of mag run by IIPM. Next edition- Expose' on N.R. Narayanamurthy by Ramalinga Raju? :-)
Gates, Jobs & Branson dropped out of college. However, they haven't hired many drop outs themselves. Maybe college education is worth it :)
High Court says NO college can give 100% job guarantee. Finally, common sense prevails! http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai...
Ministry against foreign medical colleges coming. No relation to capitation fees for medical seats in short supply, controlled by them ;)
One of 2G telecom scam accused hangs himself. Many people want be very rich before they die. That's one way to do it...
The real masterminds behind India's scams will prob never be caught. God helps those who 'help' themselves? Who is 'God' in this case? ;)
If you're a geek above 35 yrs (like me), this will bring back fond memories. Rest of you, stay away :) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news...
Why are environmentalists using the Japan tragedy to advance their cause against nuclear power? You guys prefer coal & oil based plants?
Swiss Banks still refuse to share info on their clients. Huge sighs of relief in Parliament :-) http://myloc.me/show...
Mandela retired gracefully from his organization & retained his stature. Legally, Yunus has to retire. Does fighting to cling on help his?
Why do post lunch conference speakers start with lame joke on how its tough to keep us interested after food? Yaaawn! Joke's not helping.
Just saw 'Inside Job'. Movie abt how US investment banks made billions, caused crash and got away scot free. No Morals to this story :)
In the UK for the next 6 days. Message me if you want to meet over coffee :-)
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