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Daily Technology - Amazon Redshift - What You Need To Know -
As others have pointed out, Hadoop is generally overutilized anyway. - Andrey Chernih
Lazy, impatient and hubristic: A simplistic RedShift troubleshooting guide -
Redshift Performance & Cost | Airbnb Engineering -
Speeding things up with Redshift -
Latency numbers every programmer should know -
Accessors vs Dirty-checking in Javascript Frameworks - Brendan Graetz -
Accessors - Andrey Chernih
Improving Angular Dirty Checking Performance | OpenSource Connections | Solr, Big Data, and NoSQL consultants -
Жизнь в Кремниевой долине: Переезд и первые шаги -
Ruby 2.0.0 in Detail -
#lazy does incur a performance penalty, so you’ll need to make sure you’re only using it when it makes sense. There’s also a Enumerator::Lazy class to create your own lazy enumerators. The example above could be written as: - Andrey Chernih
10 Common Ops Mistakes | PagerDuty Blog -
App Server Arena: Part 1, A Comparison of Popular Ruby Application Servers -
Video Recording And Processing In Android -
Middleman: Hand-crafted frontend development -
Time Converter - Conversion at a Glance - Pick best time to schedule conference calls, webinars, online meetings and phone calls. -
andreychernih/delicious · GitHub -
How To Use UUID To Mount Partitions / Volumes Under Ubuntu Linux -
Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 -
ruby on rails - SSL Error When installing rubygems, Unable to pull data from ' - Stack Overflow -
rvm rubygems latest - Andrey Chernih
Трактор возле IT-парка -
Трактор возле IT-парка
Robolectric: Unit Test your Android Application | Robolectric -
JUnit 4 in 60 Seconds – -
GIS-Lab: Данные OpenStreetMap в формате Shape и PostGIS -
Contributions Appearing in the Book - Programmer 97-things - - The Database of JavaScript Libraries -
Как отправить ребенка получать хорошее образование — -
The Twitter stack - Braindump -
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