RT @ellingsenphoto: After using @akismet for a few months now I should know I can safely hit "empty spam" without double-checking. Cuz it's ALWAYS right. :)
RT @SarrahKaliski: The plugin @Akismet is working great! In one day's time I would've had 15-20 spam comments. It filtered out ALL the spam #wordpress #plugin
Your welcome :-) -- Thanks, @akismet, for being the one plug-in no blogger should be without for over 5 years now! /via @Leighbra
RT @LauraMotorCity: Loving that I decided to purchase @Akismet - my blog has been spam free for 10 days. Totally worth the $5/month!
SarahReede No problem -- glad to have you spam-free!
RT @KendrickDisch: "Akismet has protected your site from 12,929 spam comments already." Thanks @akismet
RT @BrainClouds: The spam caught by Akismet is great. Let's see... Vicodin, The Masters Golf tournament, Russian brides, Diabetes... They have it all!!!
.@hburgnews Congratulations! The 25 billionth spam caught by Akismet was on your site #akismet #25billion http://blog.akismet.com/2011...
RT @kristastevens: Winnipeg WordPress meetup raises a collective glass to @akismet for catching #25billion spam comments. Woo!
Akismet just caught its 25 billionth spam! #akismet #25billion http://blog.akismet.com/2011...
RT @iammattthomas: Almost 25 billion spam comments caught. Wouldn't the web suck without Akismet? http://akismet.com/25billion/
RT @BenGammon: Solved the spam issues using @akismet spam filter for #Wordpress. It's free for personal use too, which is pretty cool.
Very honored to be featured in the first ever @webboycomic. Check it out, it's awesome: http://www.webboycomic.co.uk/comic...
RT @ellingsenphoto: Finally ponyed up and invested in @akismet for my blog, and magically no more spam attacks! I now have 2 more hours in my day. Yay!
RT @SoftLayer: Apparently @Akismet isn't fooled by the six spam comments that identically claim "This is NOT SPAM, all I am asking you to do is read this."
RT @danyork: One Simple Example of Why We Need Akismet and Other Anti-Blog-Comment-Spam Services http://www.disruptiveconversations.com/2011...
Akismet account signup is back online: https://akismet.com/signup/
Akismet.com new user signup is temporarily disabled due to WordPress.com issues. The Akismet API is 100% up: http://status.automattic.com/9931...
RT @opheliaswebb: Sometimes, when I am having a down day, I just go through my Akismet filter. Spammers have the nicest things to say about me.
RT @JanKarlsbjerg: Loving @Automattic 's @akismet: Catches all of my ~60 spam comments/day & it's been 6 months since false positive #WordPress
RT @simianstudios: Top tip - if you have a contact form on your website, you can use @akismet to spam-filter it and do away with those ugly CAPTCHAs :)
Akismet Plugin 2.5.3 for WordPress - http://blog.akismet.com/2011...
RT @mrgunn: @colleengreene FWIW, reCaptcha has proved entirely useless on our site. Akismet is the way to go.
If you use the WP Wassup plugin, please disable its Akismet feature and use the real Akismet plugin instead. Spammers are taking advantage.
A brief DNS outage affected some users at 20:42 GMT. Blogs with Akismet 2.5 will auto-recheck any spam comments that were missed.
Akismet plugin 2.5.2 for WordPress http://blog.akismet.com/2011...
RT @lie2815: Sigh. Why do spammers even keep trying? I've got @akismet.
Hosted on Dreamhost? Any problems could be related to some maintenance they are doing. Due to complete by 12:00 GMT http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2011...
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