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akkartik on Tab-completion for vim scp in zsh -
"I don't see how the vim patch you point out ( modifies vim sources? Seems like a patch for zsh (which makes sense considering it's on a zsh mailing list)." - Kartik Agaram
Beginner wanting to learn Scheme: RxRS, Racket, etc. What do all these things mean? I just want a text editor, interpreter/compiler and a book! -
John Carmack on Inlined Code -
My little GA experiment (Soup) -
Data structures and algorithms used in the Linux kernel -
Nim(formerly Nimrod) 0.9.6 released. -
Deftype Equality Definition -
Primeval C: two very early C compilers, by Dennis Ritchie -
Xv6: a simple Unix-like teaching operating system -
Impending kOS: the power of minimalism -
Do you use vim as a server or as a single instance? -
My compile-time Conway's Game of Life, metaprogrammed in C++11 -
Impulse Tracker Source Code Released -
Plugin for running/building things(either looking for one or thinking of writing one) -
Unicode Support – Scheme Working Groups -
bl0ckeduser's C compiler project -
Why do programmers start counting at zero? (2013) -
Hand coded assembly beats intrinsics in both simplicity and performance -
A Hacker News implementation in Clojure. This is my first Clojure project! -
A brief history of one-line fixes -
How statically-linked programs run on Linux (2012) -
This ring snake's colors are amazing -
This ring snake's colors are amazing
How profilers lie: the cases of gprof and KCachegrind (2013) -
/u/Chr0me on how "Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, cash flow is reality." -
Pterosaur 0.8 demonstration (makes all firefox textboxes, firebug, etc use vim with your vimrc) -
akkartik on My little GA experiment (Soup) -
"Sources? :)" - Kartik Agaram
akkartik on Meta: subreddit planning & discussion -
"Thanks." - Kartik Agaram
akkartik on Meta: subreddit planning & discussion -
"Can you comment on the attitude of this subreddit towards C++? Something related specifically to C++ would probably be off-topic, but what about a project in C++ that is mostly C-like but uses variable declarations anywhere, STL and C++ streams? (My preferred style to mitigate the danger of undefined behavior.)" - Kartik Agaram
akkartik on Where do I begin with becoming familiar with a codebase on Github, maybe eventually making some commits? -
"I'll make a potentially unpopular suggestion: look for projects that have a reputation for being easy to compile, where the first priority is to be easy for others to read. I've heard good things about Lua. There are other options in [one of my all-time favorite reddit threads]( I'll also plug [a toy side project of mine]( built primarily to be easy for others to read. I gain enough from anybody trying to make sense of it that I can promise extreme responsiveness and helpfulness." - Kartik Agaram
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