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Could the beautiful scheme language be used to develop a database driven web application ? -
The algorithms required to solve all problems (using C++) in any competitive coding contest -
What do you think about exVim ? -
Growing Up in C (1996) -
GOTO statement considered awesome -
Leaky programming language interpreters -
[10/23/2014] Challenge #185 [Intermediate] Syntax Highlighting -
akkartik on My little GA experiment (Soup) -
"Sorry I forgot all about this and just returned to play with it. Most interesting. Have you heard of [pushgp](" - Kartik Agaram
A shallow survey of formal methods for C code -
Where is our interview with Bram Molenaar? -
cv - shows the progress of coreutils programs like `cp`, `mv`, and `dd` -
The Guts of a Spineless Machine that powers Haskell compiler GHC -
A git repository of UNIX: from V1 to FreeBSD -
"Modern" terminals support customizing the entire 256-color palette. Is there a clean way to utilize this to allow for faithful renditions of GUI color schemes? -
What If?: Distant Death -
What If?: Distant Death
inca: an APL-style array calculator/interpreter in C -
Announcing swieros - A tiny hand crafted CPU emulator, C compiler, and OS (x-post from/r/osdev) -
Announcing swieros - A tiny hand crafted CPU emulator, C compiler, and OS -
Re: Marlborough as Carthage against the French -
"Historical context on why France was the richest country in Europe at this time:" - Kartik Agaram
akkartik on Tab-completion for vim scp in zsh -
"I don't see how the vim patch you point out ( modifies vim sources? Seems like a patch for zsh (which makes sense considering it's on a zsh mailing list)." - Kartik Agaram
My little GA experiment (Soup) -
Data structures and algorithms used in the Linux kernel -
Nim(formerly Nimrod) 0.9.6 released. -
Deftype Equality Definition -
Primeval C: two very early C compilers, by Dennis Ritchie -
Xv6: a simple Unix-like teaching operating system -
Impending kOS: the power of minimalism -
Do you use vim as a server or as a single instance? -
My compile-time Conway's Game of Life, metaprogrammed in C++11 -
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