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akkartik on My little GA experiment (Soup) -
"Sources? :)" - Kartik Agaram
akkartik on Meta: subreddit planning & discussion -
"Thanks." - Kartik Agaram
akkartik on Meta: subreddit planning & discussion -
"Can you comment on the attitude of this subreddit towards C++? Something related specifically to C++ would probably be off-topic, but what about a project in C++ that is mostly C-like but uses variable declarations anywhere, STL and C++ streams? (My preferred style to mitigate the danger of undefined behavior.)" - Kartik Agaram
akkartik on Where do I begin with becoming familiar with a codebase on Github, maybe eventually making some commits? -
"I'll make a potentially unpopular suggestion: look for projects that have a reputation for being easy to compile, where the first priority is to be easy for others to read. I've heard good things about Lua. There are other options in [one of my all-time favorite reddit threads]( I'll also plug [a toy side project of mine]( built primarily to be easy for others to read. I gain enough from anybody trying to make sense of it that I can promise extreme responsiveness and helpfulness." - Kartik Agaram
John Oliver on Civil Forfeiture [X-Post From /r/PoliticalHumor] -
John Oliver on Civil Forfeiture [X-Post From /r/PoliticalHumor]
Literate Programming: Knuth is doing it wrong -
Debugging with the Clasp debugger -
And now for some fuN: u/Kronos9898 describes why the armies of Mordor wouldn't stand a chance against the Roman legions under Trajan. -
could people from this subreddit help us over at /donaldglover -
[SBCL] Data structure - Huge memory consumption -
Can it be done: syntax region background color, with "transparent" foreground? -
Gibbons, Germans, and Steel -
Generate vim syntax highlighting from a BNF grammar -
[C++] AVL Tree, not inserting/deleting properly? -
/u/Daeres provides an extensive look at the place of the 18th c. historian Edward Gibbon within the historiography of his time -
ContinuingLogo: A new Logo interpreter with support for a long forgotten language feature: Lisp 1.5 style FUNARG's -
[First year Computer Science] Recode "2048" using arrays(C++). -
What If?: Into the Sun -
What If?: Into the Sun
Room with a view of the Austrian Alps [X-Post From /r/Austria] -
Room with a view of the Austrian Alps [X-Post From /r/Austria]
The army of Mordor took a wrong turn and goes up against the Roman Empire at its height.. -
/u/farmerje explains abstraction in computer science -
lambda as the body of the define (cons, car cdr newb question) -
Vertical Split by Default? -
Every line of code is always documented (some handy tips git history tips) -
"Fix a 37 year old bug introduced by Bill Joy on August 24, 1977 that was already present in the 1BSD release on March 9, 1978" -
Why does exiting vim make the next prompt appear on the bottom line of the terminal? -
I want to code, but it's hard to just sit down and learn it, without having something specific I'm motivated to create(also hard to find), how are you guys dealing with that? I want to be engaged. -
akkartik on Vertical Split by Default? -
"This patch is the shits, and I thank Christian Brabandt for it at least a dozen times a year since he made it at my request in 2010. It adds a new option called `'splitvertical'` analogous to `'splitright'`. Better links to the most up-to-date version of the patch: [1](, [2]( When my vimrc runs into a vim without this patch, the following approximates the behavior so I pretty much don't notice for my usage patterns: " always split windows vertically set splitright set diffopt+=vertical silent! set splitvertical if v:errmsg != '' cabbrev split vert split cabbrev hsplit split cabbrev help vert help noremap <C-w>] :vertical botright wincmd ]<CR> noremap <C-w><C-]> :vertical botright wincmd ]<CR> else cabbrev hsplit hor split endif (The first time I asked for this was [way back in 2002](, but I haven't used that..." - Kartik Agaram
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