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Paul Kortman
So who's in? >> The Google+ project: real life sharing, rethought for the web.
It's in limited testing. I'd like to play around with it, but will it be like all the others? - Alan Eggleston
Robert Scoble
Here's why I'm not going to tell you wht I think about Google +: truth is everyone else is in charge and we'll see if it's used @SidBurgess
Very little new that Google tries seems to take off. Let's see where the crowd goes with +. - Alan Eggleston
Matt Cutts
Check out an interactive tour of Google+ at Lots of new things coming today!
Cool. Well thought out. Should be interesting when it opens up for more users to try. - Alan Eggleston
Alan Eggleston
Twain Autobiography Re-released Unedited for Brand -
Grazie. Hai un occhio per la bellezza. (via Google Translator) - Alan Eggleston
Alan Eggleston
RT @Flipbooks: 11 More Of The Coolest Bookcases (HuffPost) #Neat!
Some of them are more artistic than useful. - Alan Eggleston
Alan Eggleston
@willconley777 May you leaf long and phosphor.
May you leak long and floss for us. - Alan Eggleston
Gregor Spowart
When I think of chaos, I always imagine people running around screaming and things bursting into flames etc. Not just a bit of snow!
The first description in the American Heritage Dictionary is of total disorder or confusion. Snow tends to bog down and cause snarls, but not total disorder. - Alan Eggleston
Jesse Newhart
RT @MichelleRealtor: Rt @CNN_Newsroom Blog: "No More Anonymity for Bloggers?" -
What's the biggest impact going to be? I can't see bloggers being more careful with what they say. Google reluctantly turned over the information and the judge didn't find against the defendant for senseless reasons. Every social media site's terms of service state that while they will protect the user's personal information, they will turn it over when commanded to by legal authorities. Nothing has changed, really. - Alan Eggleston
Arnoldo Echavarren
Pharmaceutical Fountain of Youth Could Cost Pennies | Wired Science | -
Pharmaceutical Fountain of Youth Could Cost Pennies | Wired Science |
Could but probably won't cost pennies ... for consumers. These prognostications for free this or cheap that never pan out. The only exception is information on the Internet, and with the demise of the print journalism, who knows how long that will last. - Alan Eggleston
Dave Winer
"I predict a return to blogging as people discover the power of being able to finish a thought"
I really like this statement - but will people return to blogging as we've known it? - Tony
Are you perhaps over estimating the allure of thinking? - Todd Hoff
Micro-blogging is good for idealets and infotainment, but it really is turning the web into a mindless medium like TV. Of course, there will always be the equivalent of PBS trying valiantly to raise the bar somewhat. Blogs will always have the possibility of transmitting real knowledge. - Paul W. Homer
The interesting thing for me is I think we have lost the definition of what a blog is. Everybody jumped up and down about what Steve Rubel did, but really I see his change as a shift of platform. If he posted that same content on wordpress, nobody would have said a word. Just because he did it on posterous and called it a lifestream, people took issue with it. So, what is our definition then? - Robert
Dave - I read through the link you sent, thanks for the information. So, in what ways do you think posterous goes against this definition? - Robert from email
I think Steve still has a weblog, he's just submitting posts to it in a "different" way. Like Dave's link says a weblog is "... a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser." Pretty much sums it up, I think. Steve's post is going to generate attention, and debate, but in the end it's a weblog. - Rob Fahrni
Robert, I know you're asking Dave a question, but I don't think the Posterious way goes against the definition. If I'm not mistaken Radio could post via e-mail, and I know Blogger supports this feature. Maybe I need to dig into Posterious a bit more but isn't that what it does? - Rob Fahrni
Rob - That is my point. This in my mind is one of the major problems with looking for a "new name" for these social products. We see it as something different because it is called something different. Posterous, from what I can see so far, allows for the writer to interact with their "weblog" in a different way, just as you said... - Robert from email
Huh? - Dave Winer
Dave - I think your "huh?" was towards me... We call Posterous a "life stream", I say it is a blog, that we have given a different name to. That is what I am saying.Rob - I agree with you 100%, and that is my point exactly. I keep reading these post about blogging being dead, or blogging being alive... but those that say they are not "blogging" are still "blogging" Maybe I am not making sense, but I hope I am... - Robert from email
Robert - Precisely! I think Posterious is trying to find a why to differentiate their product, so they've coined a new phrase. It's still a weblog, how the data arrives may be different, but it's just a weblog all the same. When I read Steve's story last night, from his new site, I thought I was going to find a link on it to something "new and innovative", then I realized I was AT the actualy site, his "life stream." - Rob Fahrni
Rob - YES... That is what I am saying... Same with Tumblr in my view, it is a weblog... Blogging is not dead at all in my view... - Robert from email
Robert - Right on! - Rob Fahrni
Blogology is a still too young science, and definitio usually comes when plays are over. What I feel sad for is the lack of opportunity future literature and social behaviour experts will suffer not using post's content ( and graphics ) as sources for studying today's world zeitgeist. Borges prophecy is at work, few understands - too many doesn't even know what they're writing about: a... more... - valerio fiandra from iPhone
Robert, the photo sharing site you've used recently is structurally a blog too. It differs from normal blog software mainly in that the chronology is by date of occurrence, not date of posting. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
It's funny that this sentence and a few lines from Anthony Trollope's autobiography should have crossed paths in my consciousness on the same day, since it's almost the same idea, thrown back two temporal orders of magnitude. Trollope tells of a correspondent, a vicar, who had enjoyed his clerical novels but was upset by Lady Glencors'a contemplation of adultery in the Pallisers series.... more... - Amyloo
Bruce - Very true! I'm glad that you are not working hard to call it something different. I'm loving it so far, even though I have not had a lot of time to put a bunch of pics up... - Robert from email
This is silly. Blogging isn't defined by the tool, it's defined by who's doing it. Read the piece I pointed to. I don't mean click on the link and hit the Back buttton, click the link and READ. - Dave Winer
Agreed, Dave. Heck, we blogged back in the day via FTP uploads; that's what moved you towards developing "Edit This Page", in fact (IIRC). - Ken Kennedy
Dave - I did read through it, and I agree that a blog is NOT defined by a tool, I think that is what we have been saying. I do not see where we are at odds on our viewpoints, please expound. - Robert from email
This subject keeps coming back - blogging will never die. - Jesse Stay
Before Web 1.0 we listened, conversed, collaborated and then we wrote. Writing was the synthesis of all the thinking that occurred in the first steps. In the new medium, the thinking process is the streams, both personal and community. Blogging is the synthesis of this new kind of community thought process. - Joolio
Dave - haha! - that is awesome :D - Susan Beebe
I think a large percentage of bloggers were really microbloggers, they just didn't have the correct apps to do that. The people that actually have something to say will keep blogging and those that just like to say something small or share something interesting will continue microblogging, or lifestreaming, or whatever variant you want to name it. Blogging is akin to publishing articles... more... - xero
This was known since the times of IRC: you can only have idle chatter or quick focused questions at that speed. - Michele Costabile
Michele, if that premise is true, then kids only absorb important life-long lessons from their parent(s) when they're sat down for a full length lecture. No? :) - Micah
The best food for thought always come in easily digestible chunks, however, sometimes you need to digest some larger/harder stuff to give you the ability to digest that chunk. - xero
Xero - That is an interesting thought... - Robert from email
Agreed, well said, Xero. - Micah
I thought completing a thought was the beauty of FriendFeed. - Alan Eggleston
Just FYI, when I started Scripting News in 1997, it was entirely "microblogging" -- look in the archive. - Dave Winer
This isn't a fight. I love all this stuff. I was just saying what I think. - Dave Winer
Question: Of those of you out there who use posterous, do you use it as a replacement of your blog, a mirror of your blog or something different? - Curt Mercadante
One of the things I like about blogging is the ability to not finish a thought, not to try so hard to say all I have to say or say come to any definite conclusion in a single post. The unfinished thought is what encourages conversation. Let someone else add to your thought. Let others challenge your incomplete premise. I don't know everything, why pretend I do? My thoughts are never finished. - Jack&Cleo
Just because you can finish a thought, doesn't mean people will read it. - Will Higgins™
Tell me about it. That happened earlier in this very thread. But at least you ca read it yourself. - Dave Winer
Just as your diary became your journal and then your log, your log has become your stream. The web has become your life..... AND SO IT WAS, that in the year naught-nine, the web-log was renamed to life-stream, dissected, and it's pieces scattered about the hundreds of "cloud" services, from which it could fall as raindrops of thought, pinging here and there in an attempt to spread ideas to where they were needed the most. - Joel Bennett
Here's a picture, even easier than 140 chars. - Dave Winer
Love the idea! - Sampad Swain
Where's yours? - Dave Winer
Me too. :-) - Dave Winer
What do you mean, I have always been able to finish a ... ooh a nice shiny object... - Marcel de Jong
Isn't it ironic that this post contained a clear and concise thesis, in under 140 characters? - Mike Chelen
Good point Mike... - Mark Harai
There's NOTHING wrong with brevity. There is a time and a place for discussion and lengthy discourse. - Will Higgins™
Matthew DeVries: that covers definitions 1 and 2, yet the 3rd is an "incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result," where in this case the expected result was to explain how new platforms prevent thoughts from being finished, and the actual result was to the contrary :D - Mike Chelen
aren't we all copying from the same online dictionary? - Mike Chelen
wow, you got it perfectly word-for-word, remind me to pick you for my crossword puzzle team :) - Mike Chelen
Matt Cutts
Today's webmaster video: What are some best practices for moving to a new CMS?
Today's webmaster video: What are some best practices for moving to a new CMS?
Good common-sense suggestions. - Alan Eggleston
Robert Scoble
There's a reason I follow 100,000 on Twitter and 25,000 on friendfeed: I get to see patterns no one else is seeing. Here's some:
I saw the Chinese earthquake while it was happening. 45 minutes before CNN. - Robert Scoble
I see that Bing is gaining steam today. - Robert Scoble
I saw that people were frustrated on Saturday with CNN. - Robert Scoble
Matthew: in a way, yes. - Robert Scoble
I see new software, services, ideas before most other people. - Robert Scoble
How do you deal with the noise? - Kevin Lim
How do you filter out all the noise? I find myself constantly unfollowing people to make Twitter more relevant. - Michelle
And I get to see how they react to news, like Opera's new browser this morning. - Robert Scoble
The Robert Scoble version of "Google Earth" - Pete Blackshaw
Big Brother style - Richard Lai
So that's like "Scoble trends" :) Like Twitter trends, but for emerging events. - Kirill Petrovsky
Jinx. - Michelle
Michelle: noise is like the lawn. It lets you see the flowers. - Robert Scoble
So effectively you start a topic on Twitter, and then use friendfeed as a chat room? - Richard Lai
i follow almost 60,000 on twitter now and love it. totally agree scoble. - Jason Pollock
Hoping for some improvements to Tweetdeck groups - just not enough yet - Kirsten Hamstra
yeah but how do you SEE the patterns, you cannot read them all do you? - Hans Mestrum
You should be talking about all the spammers on Twitter because that is the trend - paul mooney
Robert is our filter, we follow robert who sees the patterns and reports it back. - Ray Slakinski
Here's a hint: I don't always follow 125,000 people. In friendfeed I have lists of only 150 people. THEY HAVE VERY LITTLE NOISE. - Robert Scoble
He has a socket in the back of his head ;-) - Richard H
Also, in friendfeed I can remove noise by displaying only items that have gotten a like. Like this: - Robert Scoble
Thank goodness we have you, Robert, to do that, so we don't have to. - Jason Mayoff
make sense following "likes" - Hans Mestrum
paul: spammers don't bother me. They add about as much value as people who tell me they had a jelly sandwich for lunch. - Robert Scoble
Jeff Pulver Followers every p0rn site and spammer who Follows him, check his Following list - paul mooney
paul: here's a little trick: I do most of my following in friendfeed. Why? Better friend management. - Robert Scoble
I also have issues bc what I have to follow for work is very different from what I want to follow, but that is another issue. - Michelle
Twitter has gone the way of email, that's why Twitter Search doesn't work - the system is overwellemed! - paul mooney
Bill: actually you only need to follow a few people to get a pretty good look at the good stuff. Why? If something is good everyone talks about it. - Robert Scoble
Michelle - same issue here! work vs. professional following and juggling multiple accts - Kirsten Hamstra
paul: it still works for me. I just skip over the spam. My mind likes seeing spam and noise. It helps me see the news. - Robert Scoble
For the rest of us - just friend Scoble -- you might hear about stuff delayed 5 minutes or so. - Brian Sullivan
Where do I get one of these neat sockets in the back of my head, I get dizzy just trying to follow 2K people. - dabitch
All the Twitter marketers are auto-Following the spammers, it's a perfect storm - paul mooney
paul: in email I don't care about the spam either. I can always scan a page of spam and find my boss' emails for some reason. - Robert Scoble
reminds me of roy - I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate. - mike "glemak" dunn
Brian: that is true. My like feed at is pretty good. - Robert Scoble
That's why people who don't follow others on Twitter are kinda of missing the point, aren't they? I love seeing when people are being followed by 30,000 people but following 2. - Curt Mercadante
BTW Robert, props on following the Iran elections. Hopefully this will open our eyes to what has been happening in Egypt, Russia, Pakistan and a host of other countries for decades. If Benezir Bhutto were alive and had been elected like she would have been, we'd live in a different world. - Michelle
so robert - could you be an android ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Robert: so in a way, if you follows all that people, we actually needs to follow only one person, which is you. here's why: it is most likely that you'll post about the major stuff that you read about in your friends stream - which make you a better filter than any other service around :) (I'm following lots of people too because I simply like to find and read about new and exciting things) - Orli Yakuel
I totally agree with you Robert. It's like holding your hand into a jet of water and drinking from time to time. - nik
you need to have the spirit of sharing good stuffs to others, or the good only reaches you but does not spread out. - K.D.
I cannot get people to join FriendFeed. I even did a video showing them how great it is. I cannot seem to follow that many more on Twitter than 200 and keep up with them. I tried Tweetdeck, but it just used too much RAM for me. - Hummie
The REAL trick here is that you have a natural gift for scanning with your eyes. I would follow many more people if I could scan (and absorb) information as quickly as you do. Since I don't, I follow you. You are among my first line of defense. - Bettina Tizzy
All these fortune cookie Tweets are the work of spammers, sooner or later comes the link to the get-rich-quick site - paul mooney
Robert you are awesome! ★ - weirdchina
@scobleizer I want to see the matrix also... still several K from where you are. - Robert Freeze
i follow more on ff - junrxu
Sounds a little like Joey Osmond - Robert I see patterns Scoble? Definitely agree though - there is useful information that can be pulled from the right people's twitter/friendfeed that gives trends developing real time, as long as sea changes over longer periods - Tom Tubbs
holy shit robert... i just had my mind blown watching your live friendfeed. this whole time i've been trying to control the chaos... keep people organized into neat piles. wow... wowow - Eric Nakagawa
You are so right! - Thomas Chai
@Hummie: I had the same problem with TweetDeck. Try SeesmicDesktop, it has similar functionality but less RAM-greedy - Ashalynd
Robert do you have a link to the video you did showing 'how' you manage all this information flow? I would enjoy watching it again. - Matt Perry
here's another interesting search which will show all scoble's friends' items that have at least 1 like: only wish this were realtime - Mike Chelen
Robert - cool post, excellent comments - same exact reason I embraced FF in early days and stayed here!! Love it - Susan Beebe
Robert since I have been following you I have done a complete 180 on how I felt about social networking before. I mean the media is fast but social networking works at the speed of thought. Now if I could only figure out how to interact behind the Army & Airforce firewall... I felt lost today at work... LOL - Nathan McClain
Matt, I think that video is this one: HOw I Read Tweets: - Robert Scoble
Orli the problem with only following me is that I need to sleep once in a while and I also might not follow people you care about. For instance, if you are into celebrities and not technology I totally wouldn't be good for you to follow. - Robert Scoble
we know what I care about and I'm glad that I'm following you! but I got the point, and I agree of course. I was just kidding I guess.. - Orli Yakuel
Great video. Watching it again now... - Matt Perry
Yeah some wild connections are made by watching a lot more than a few friends. Wonder why most people don't "get" that? Researchers should follow a ton of people and sources. - Jack Humphrey
Jack: actually, people should do BOTH follow a ton of people and sources as well as follow just a very select group of people. I wish I could share my groups (er, lists of friends) with you all. THEY are going to be the secret to filtering in the future. - Robert Scoble
I'm lazy. I use your feed as my pre-filtered source of good/interesting general information. Thanks for doing a lot of the hard work for us (or at least me). - John Meagher
Robert I think you are 100% correct, but it touches on what people should have already been doing, and that's getting as much information as they can from as many sources as they can and putting the facts together for themselves. I think traditional media's days of fact-less reporting are thankfully numbered. This is truly Fair and Balanced!!! - Nathan McClain
Robert: People still won't get it. Seeing patterns is a talent or a skill. You can aid it, however, by showing or demonstrating how you filter for patterns. How do you scan messages and discern a pattern? How do you focus on a few without missing the patterns of the many? Might make a good presentation/blog. You probably already did it, right? - Alan Eggleston
I don't think it requires following 125,000 people to be aware of the same trends. - stretta
stretta: it does not, but I get to see small things that many people don't. - Robert Scoble
Robert - and I appreciate those "small things" :) --- they look like startups! and new bright shiny tech toys! - Susan Beebe
imagine an AI system that can analyze all that data for you and generate illuminating reports... - Matt Jaunich
Matt: I can and lots of geeks are working on building just that. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the post. I immediately added the "like" search to my saved searches. - Sean Powell
I follow 60,000 and I see a white light at the end of a tunnel. It's getting closer... - Rick
You must do this by o s m o s i other way? Intuition and speeed reading. - Ziona Etzion
Yeah. Robert, I don't read your stuff and I don't know if you're going to read this. But regardless, I know you're well famed and this is the first thing I skimmed across of yours that would indicate that it's deserved. I follow options in the same way., eg almost literally. I have TD StrategyDesk open right now, ThinkOrSwim, Power E*Trade Pro, OptionsXPress, and the regular TD Ameritrade website open as well. Doing this allows me to view and be ware of data and turning points in many views and levels - Matt Kaufman
Robert: If you could follow all 100,000+ people from Twitter in real time within friendfeed would you? - Garin Kilpatrick
Twitter is a helpful automatized hammer for the main engine, which is friendfeed ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
I don't see why you couldn't just save a search on everybody's posts with likes on FF though and still follow only those you actually read daily + any protected accts? Even build smarter searches than that. You increase the number of people following you by lots more your way of course. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ from BuddyFeed
Sorry. The trend watching and analytical part would be the same, wouldn´t it, except that I now see that the saved searches don´t update in realtime. Yet. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ from BuddyFeed
No doubt... - Thor
How did you find so many people to follow? How does an average user find so many to follow? - Bas
Patrick: I was on stage and couldn't be on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Patrick: the people I follow are usually much more tech interested and demonstrate early adopted behavior than the larger public audience. - Robert Scoble
Never mind all this. How's Opera? Got a link this morning and thought I might try it (what a surprise, me trying something). - Francine Hardaway
Scoble Earth(TM), Pete Blackshaw? ;) - Tyson Key
Robert: Is this a Mandelbrot pattern? The chaos has a look, a feel and a taste, as in the jet of water analogy. You're the freakin' hydrologist with the dousing rod. - Phil Boiarski
I'm with Robert, just not with such a big of a scale. My point: I am noise and you are noise. Let's not forget there's a baby in that bathwater before one takes a blanket anti social network view of social networking! - Mike Lewis
makes sense 2 me - Summer Fling
OMG Robert I agree 100% BEFORE Twitter screwed with the @replies censoring us from seeing all that people tweeted... I could scroll through my home page and get the pulse of the world on Twitter! A beautiful site! Comparatively now: Twitter is silent. - Arleen Boyd
Robert, I'm having a jelly sandwich for lunch tomorrow. ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
All major television networks/news outlets should hire Scoble and heed this advice based on this weekends events in Iran. They need to learn how to listen, filter and understand how social media can deliver real-time information around the world. - E-Advocate Network
böring - yazarcizer
What tools are you using to keep track of the all that flows past? - Inbox2 Team
Yeah, Robert is an Androïd! Each time I'm gotta 'like' 1 of his entries, comment, or visit links, I ask myself if I'm doing this because he is Scoble! Of course not: it's just because he's always pointing on valuable infos. And this is good for IT stuffs, for early adopters, for business. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
So, Scoble proves that the best search & filter engine is Human. (Nah.. I'm not a 'groupie', never will ;-)) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Curt, pple who don't follow others and hope to be followed & heard are obviously wrong. Social Media is not "Ego Media" ;) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Patrick, IMO Robert uses FriendFeed's search to find infos, & FF's email features to keep track of conversations & updates - Thierry R. Andriamirado
or maybe you also miss some important ones because of the noise: like the patterns known by 99% of the users that have less than 1000 followers? does that make sense? - Ouriel Ohayon
isn't that a little too much? do you even have time for anything else? Is it worth knowing about an earthquake some 30-40 minutes earlier than most people than spending some time with your real life friends? - stefan
Stefan, the point is: if you want to spend as much time as possible with your real life friends, you have to be as efficient as possible during the time you spend in front of the computer. The more information you drink in a short time, the faster you can identify patterns. - Brome
Best answer I've heard for why I'm also ok with following and listening to a ton of people on various platforms: "noise is like the lawn. It lets you see the flowers. - Robert Scoble" - Leslie Poston
Wow, that's a clever use of the platforms! - Il gareth in Brasile
We need information so we can decide while staying in touch with reality. -> Filtering skills, Good Human filter, Good filter tool (FriendFeed). - Thierry R. Andriamirado from email
hey it was great to finally personally meeting you and hung out at the diner ; my weblog about the evening now at plus infos about WE LIVE IN PUBLIC premiering now in L.A. and my new video "PERU" @ ; all the best for the conference today and building43 ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
@Brom, yes. but there is only so much information one can absorb at a time. 100.000 twitters and 25 FFs? Even half of it is too much for a normal person to take in that fast. Robert MUST be a robot O_O - stefan
how do I follow thousands of people without clicking follow over and over - Kyle Weller
Kyle: Use friendfeed and click "subscribe" - Garin Kilpatrick
Kyle: its still required to click subscribe for each user, but those clicks are well spent, and FF also will show posts from friends-of-friends. another good option is to join some groups for subjects that interest you - Mike Chelen
Matt Cutts
Wow, I replied to enough tweets just now (~60) that Twitter won't let me send any more tweets. It's an uncomfortable reminder that Twitter != the open web.
so you decided to continue on friendfeed? - Mike Dammann
Not sure why you bother with Twitter myself. I just have FF push my comments through to Twitter and never go to it anymore. I have added all of the people I follow on twitter as Imaginary Friends here (really there are not many ;)) and use FF as my sole interface now. - travispuk
denied! they probably were searching on google, got one of those "we think you aren't human" message and decided to get even, matt. but just think, now you can be all scobleish over here. - dannysullivan
"Twitter != Open web" - Reminds me of Gmail that has a sending limit as well - Amit Agarwal
Spammer :P ... I kid I kid! - Tony Adam
Amit, but it's pretty darn hard to hit Gmail's sending limits (500 people at a time) if you're just sitting and doing normal work. And I can still send email in other ways because email is an open/federated standard. With Twitter, the whole ecosystem is theirs, so if they don't like how many people you reply to, tough luck. - Matt Cutts
Matt, we use GApps here at work and I think we are just under the limit on sending. The issue we have is that we have a couple of accounts that are used on the Apps account for announcing to our clients new versions of software and critical issues etc. We are only lucky that at the moment our client base is under the limit... to be clear though these are our actual clients who we provide support services to, not a mailing list of 'potential' clients. - travispuk
There are Twitter accounts that regurgitate the same messages over and over. I'm happy with limits on those, which are a nuisance. But many times people are just communicating a lot with unique messages and I can't see stifling those. - Alan Eggleston
ff is much better for rapid fire conv anyway - mike "glemak" dunn
~60 @replies? You must be some kind of spammer. - Christian Burns
Matt, it all boils down to network effect otherwise there are feasible alternatives to Twitter when it comes to Microblogging like, jaiku and many more. Imagine how cool it would be if all these were federated and we could cross communicate (ala Google wave). - Abhishek Sharma
In the absence of significant competition or people like RMS (who put their philosophical beliefs ahead of convenience or utility) what motivation does the owner of a walled garden (with many tenants) have to open up or federate? - Adewale Oshineye
The #twitterjail limits were apparently decreased in the last week or so. I've seen a HUGE upsurge in the number of people complaining about this, and/or establishing secondary sending accounts for when they're rate limited. Strangely enough, it seems that smaller accounts are rate limited at smaller numbers than large accounts. So any claim from Twitter that this is architecturally related is hogwash - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Note that based services like *are* federated. An user can subscribe to and dent @ an user. - Michael R. Bernstein
The big problem, is that they keep them a secret (until you exceed them) and they do not apply them in equal or equivalent fashions. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Erin @queenofspain
WTF? From National Org for Marriage: "This victory for Prop 8 is a victory for children, for civil rights, and for the common good."
Gross. - Rochelle
Amazed that the whole separation of church and state never came up. - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
Ken Starr never framed the petition on it - Erin @queenofspain
Judy.. how is it a victory for civil rights? - Bill Rawlinson
Judy, it's not a victory for my children. - Rochelle
I didn't think there were any Prop 8 supporters on FF. Judy I applaud you standing up for your beliefs and I hope you can help us to understand why you feel your grandchildren will now be better off. - Kenton
This is not for MY children for sure. Because it breaks my heart to teach them that some people think others are not equal under the law. - Erin @queenofspain
It's a sad day for the self-proclaimed "Greatest Country in the World". We could use more awesome people in Canada. come on up. - Nathalie
That is sacrilidge to the acronym "NOM" - Steve C, Team Marina
So. the "National Org for Marriage" is not actually FOR marriage. perplexing. - Nathalie
I wonder what the position of the National Org for Marriage would have been had they been active during the time period when it wasn't legal for a black man and a white woman to get married. - Rochelle
Very good question Rochelle! - Nathalie
Rochelle, I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. The National Org for Marriage has nothing to do with marriage and everything to do with upholding extreme right-wing Christian views of marriage. I just visited their website and it is interesting. A picture of Miss California is on the front page, the President is also President of IMAPP, and the have an education fund. "The... more... - Kenton
I'd still like to hear Judy's explanation of how this is better for anyone. I do applaud her courage in speaking out and proclaiming her beliefs, I just don't understand them, and obviously hope she will someday see her error. - Bren
How is this a victory for kids anyway? Why would they even care, unless they're raised to be against it? California, if Iowa can do it, so can you. - Jordan Hofker
Judy, what if your grandchildren are gay? You would deny them rights due to other citizens? I honestly don't get the "what about the children" slant. My kids see same-sex couples all the time. My daughter figured our early that some people like people of the same sex and some do not. She's not damaged for knowing this. - Anika
I'm against Prop 8 but also against a court overturning the will of the people. Doesn't CA have a referendum for amendments to the State constitution? Put it in the constitution and that will settle the issue. - Robert Hafer
I don't like this will of the people theory. Like 15% of the population votes in an election which isn't quite the will of the people, and even if 100% of the people voted it doesn't make it right. Slavery was also the will of the people, holding back womens rights was also the will of the people... - Steve C, Team Marina
+++Steve C. - Anika
Reading that made me throw up in my mouth a little. - Mark Edwards
++++Steve C. - Bill Bittner
Steve C - By that same reasoning, a judge could come along and reinstate slavery. We don't need a black robe oligarchy. - Robert Hafer
SICK - Brandon
this makes me sick... - Harold
here is an example where the like button is completely inappropriate - dthree from fftogo
Why isn't NOM (ha ha) working to ban all divorces? - Hiro Asari
I'd like to thank Robert for his combination use of straw man *and* slippery slope fallacies. When the "will of the people" runs contrary to what is right, it is the duty of courts and elected officials to stand against such "will.". - Bren
Don't you just despise people who hide behind kids, don't know squat about civil rights, and believe that their narrow views make up the totality of the common good? - Steven Perez
The equal protection clause is also the will of the people. So that we protect the minorities among us. Today CA ruled that voters could, in fact, reinstate Jim Crow..anything with the 'will of the people' and a constitutional amendment. Which is what makes this all so very scary - Erin @queenofspain
So with CA ruling an amendment by voter referendum trumps equal protection...everything is fair game. - Erin @queenofspain
+++ursi - Bill Bittner
Those who oppose the rights of others and base that opposition on religious beliefs - and especially those who claim to be Christians - are misguided. During his lifetime when did Jesus ever advocate forcing change upon others, getting involved in politics or even knocking on anyone's door? Whenever anyone's rights are limited we encourage the rights of everyone to be limited. All we have is an illusion of freedom now; shall we jump in and help them make it even less of an illusion? - Gail Gardner
They wanted to stone the adultress. He stopped them. They questioned his socializing with sinners and tax collectors. He said "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" (Kinda goes against the Tea Parties, huh?) He said the Kingdom of God is not of this world. It is in ourselves. So why are so many people trying to turn the U.S. into a Kingdom of God? He said "Obey your leaders and submit to their authority." - Bill Bittner
Deny gays their marriage, but by George, keep that adultery coming! - Alan Eggleston
Hoping at least 50% of those children are gay - Gabrielle
Robert Scoble
My mind map for today's talk to CIOs. What else should I add? Keep in mind got 30 minutes. Dicuss here please:
In the room are CIOs from Home Depot, Pepsi, Johnson and Johnson, Prudential, Bechtel, etc. - Robert Scoble
Also see here: for a discussion that we did earlier about what I should tell CIOs. - Robert Scoble
Theme of my talk is "the 2010 Web." - Robert Scoble
I don't see XMIND :) - Tim McDougall
Because of time constraints I'm trying to NOT be comprehensive, but just give a taste of the best of the tech industry innovation lately and what it could mean to their businesses. - Robert Scoble
ask them how they are measuring all this stuff. - Brian Watkins
Brian: will do, but in many ways we are too early for measuring. I bet they haven't even heard of a lot of this stuff. - Robert Scoble
Nice, you popped in Atlassian and Socialtext, good call. Mint though? Bit early isn't it? >> - Nick Wade
I mean, how many CIOs do you see here on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Are ou going to mention backtype or ubervu in the community section? - dthree
fun stats on why collaboration: - Carrie Krinock
Nick: that's probably true, but they signed up a million people so are an example of a consumer service that's done well. - Robert Scoble
David: I might mention them, but I'm not trying to be comprehensive. - Robert Scoble
I think open standards need a mention since Microformats is now even supported by Google. Automating to extract information from structured data brings great opportunities. - Burcu Dogan
Analytics - George Dearing
Scoble: I think you have to have Twitter, they all know it but it has to be there, it is a platform that engages and ties with a lot of what is in your talk - Lou Paglia
Mobile is way under-emphasized... I think that's gonna start getting bigger and bigger and bigger... - Joel Haasnoot
Joel: I agree, I could spend 16 hours just on mobile. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: fair comment re Mint. - Nick Wade
++Joel completely agree. mobile is bigger than ever now and 2010 - Lou Paglia
Have you added calibration tools for product demos and training ? - William Lopez
William: no, what kind of tools are you thinking of? - Robert Scoble
Have fun, remember most people hate sitting in their seats more than 20 minutes, make they get up and down a little. Ask one of them to come up and do pushups. - Halley Suitt Tucker
Halley: um, I'm not THAT brave! :-) - Robert Scoble
ome emphasis on Web Services - and agree on the Mobile detail required! - Manoj Menon
Just don't let them challenge YOU to a push-up battle ... no fun, even for me. - Halley Suitt Tucker
could have major topic not about tools but "paradigm shifts", the breakdown of the walls between the enterprise and the rest of the web, 2010 CIOs will contend more than ever with not being able to put four walls around their corporate constituents - Lou Paglia
I underplay mobile because I could spend hours on just that. Heheh. I have 30 minutes. - Robert Scoble
Lou: absolutely! That will be a subtext to everything. - Robert Scoble
Hmm, but mobile is moving more and more to tailor-made-mobile, not just a bare bones version of the website: maybe that's a paradigm shift you could mention. - Joel Haasnoot
If CIO's aren't careful, paradigm shifts become paradigm shafts, as they take a sudden beating in a marketplace. - Halley Suitt Tucker
there is the issue of "mixed discovery" I am missing; a ping pong of subjects and peoples when you use twitter e.g.; you go from @person to #issue to @ person etc ... - that is a new kind of serendipity; could be used to have new ideas about marketing - Willi Schroll
You forgot to show the Oprah-fication of any modern technology. - Pete Barry
I am missing the integration bit ... not sure it really exists yet. The problem is that this is way too many tools for any one company. so possibly just a missing item. - Oliver Thylmann
@halley they can either be part of the movement and coach their organizations through the changes as a thought leader or many can continue to try to put up "sand bags" and there is where the your term, shaft, will come. - Lou Paglia
What about Hulu under video? For me it's an important piece. :) - James Furlo
James: good catch. - Robert Scoble
I just gave a similar talk here in LA yesterday. My take on it as a former CIO is how the consumer/general internet systems are tackling the problems that have plagued enterprise. From single sign on to data portability, transparency, collaboration and real time communication. They need to start looking at these systems as the model for the new enterprise in 2010 and beyond. - Jerry Schuman
In cloud, what about development availability, S3, EC2, gist, gnip, the glue movement, shared data center and server resources (there's your Rackspace plug) - Lou Paglia
Boxee might be a good topic as they are trying to make it a media player with a social web component. - dthree
Lou: that's another area I underplayed on purpose because I could spend an hour there. Personally it'll lead us down a rathole and keep us from talking about the bigger trends. If they start deploying anything new they'll need hosting and we'll be involved in the conversation then. - Robert Scoble
David: Boxee is a good one to discuss. - Robert Scoble
an overall theme is the shift in technology moving consumer to enterprise rather than the other way around. For companies its more important than ever to look at what startups/small biz are doing vs thinking "they'll be using my big system in 5 years". - William Kapes
Should Boxee really be on a CIO's radar at this point, is convergence of web with the digital home even part of the CIO conversation, should it be? - Lou Paglia
Sometimes I wonder if CIO's really grok the way the folks they support WORK day to day. Sometimes we're at home w/a crying baby, sometimes on the road w/customers, sometimes in the office. As a sales marketing geek for years, I always wanted to scream, "Hey guys, I'm in a rental car on a frigging windy road north of Portland in a thunderstorm trying to connect to the system to get the new pricing sheet, do you GET my life? Help me out here!" - Halley Suitt Tucker
Are you using MindManager for your mindmaps, Robert? - Rohit
Lou: good point, gotta stay focused a BIT on business, but the changes in TV do have implications. I just was at Adobe and they are enabling 1080p high def to both browsers and TV. - Robert Scoble
Rohit: yes, this is done with MindManager. - Robert Scoble
The ideas behind technologies like Wolfram|Alpha and Hunch - Mike Smith
Robert - Here's a Mindmeister Mind Map that I've been working on here and there for some time now - I don't have geolocation-centric sites listed, but otherwise, this is a handy look at the social-sphere: - No Name
Mogulus in the live video section? And why not other sites, like BlipTV or others, for those who edit and upload higher quality videos that are shareable? - Ken Kaplan
Since these are CIO's you can talk about how sometimes even "outlaw" technologies can find a place in the modern workplace. There are companies using BitTorrent to push out updates among sites, saves on bandwidth since it goes distributed. But I think the biggest focus of your talk, since its you :), should be the influence of the social and real-time web and its impact. Again, your strength and you've only got 30 mins - William Kapes
@Lou Paglia, got that right. - Halley Suitt Tucker
Ken: good point. I love Blip. But again I wasn't trying to be comprehensive. - Robert Scoble
topline think this may be too granular for most CIOs - this group is broad predictions for the path + a few examples. Functionally expand microblogging add Twitter then let niche apps flow from there. - Carol Lynn Martens
Doesn't LinkedIn apply. There is a lot of professional interaction and the Answers section for mentoring. - Alan Eggleston
CIOs are going to be most interested in security, and not necessarily hampering the discussion (some will), but rather how they can track what people are saying within the company, and how they can better train those that use social media in the company. At least that was my experience speaking to a similar group of CIOs in Dallas last year. - Jesse Stay
Alan: I was on purpose leaving out older social networks like Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook. I want to focus on what's disruptive. - Robert Scoble
not sure if this was asked above...but will there be a video of this, Robert? - Carlos Ayala
Carlos, nope, sorry. Usually with a small intimate group (only about 20) they want to have off the record conversations. - Robert Scoble
Unless I missed something there may be a gap in terms of viral video (YouTube, etc), shared image hosting and slideshows, and even presentation sharing (SlideShare, AuthorSTREAM)--with literacy and attention spans down these become key communication components IMHO on two levels -- ease of use (post once link anywhere) and ability to comment and rate to build communities of passion. - Tom Bunzel
Quick question robert: which programs do you use on your mac and iphone to access friendfeed? - Rohit
Where is Vimeo?.. Hulu..? - Oguz Serdar
What about Evernote in the "Cloud and Collaboration" topic? It's ubiquitous... web, desktop, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. - Kurt Rosenkranz
Roger that Robert, understood. Thanks. - Carlos Ayala
Azure, App Engine, Rack Space Cloud, Amazon EC3, etc... Something had to run all those things in your mind map. - Jeff Weber
Google Apps under both Office and Collaboration - Scott McMullan
You can tell them: because of the "cloud" most of them won't have a job in 2 years, because of social-realtime web, most of their businesses won't make it through the depression - Tweet Feeds
I know you're trying to keep the map slim, but: Google Voice,, and the mention of Evernote on iphone - the snapnote feature (mobile image capture/upload + OCR + desktop, web/feed access). - Micah
Say hi you are on screen - Robert Scoble
Hi CIOs! - Jesse Stay
Hi everbody. - dthree
Jesse the CIO of your church says hi! - Robert Scoble
hi everyone - Brian Watkins
Robert tell Joel I said hi back - you two should do lunch some time and have him show you some of the stuff they're doing. - Jesse Stay
Hope you guys blocked out a few hours of your time. Robert kind of talks a lot. - Jerry Schuman
Hi CIOs, the smarts are moving to the edges of the organization so dust off your resumes, your roles are obsolete - Tweet Feeds
I think there will be more mixture between real life and online life. Sharing identities & connections will be as common as exchanging business cards right now. And, I predict, you will be tagging real-life objects with your phone (or your My name is E connector) to put them as favorites online. Or to ask for a product sample with one simple motion (thanks to nfc and rfid). So, 'sharing identities / mixing real and virtual' deserves some attention... Good luck! - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Hi from the Netherlands. Just to point out you need more focus in your MindMap on international collaboration tools :) - Rene de Vries
Robert, perhaps touch on how they plan to serve the business / marketing side more effectively? Maximize available man hours, evolve prioritization criteria, etc. - Jeff
Oh. And great to see Wakoopa on the list there. 'You are what you use' is a pretty powerful social indicator. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
How about adding VMware under Cloud and Communities. - Shobhana
@Home Depot: I'm no Luddite, but I did not at all like the automated checkouts at first. Now I'm coming around - last week had the quickest turn-around shopping experience at a hardward store that I can remember. Sorry, back on topic now :) - Micah
i would add geezeo next to mint and perhaps txtblaster next to tatango - Allen Stern
Live mesh,live office for collaboration. - Ashish
Nice job, Robert. $1 to first CIO (other than me) from that room who responds to this message. :) - Joel Dehlin
Joel you're one of the *only* CIOs I know that uses FriendFeed. You've been using it for over a year now I think, haven't you? - Jesse Stay from email
Jesse: I think there may be a few other ones onto friendfeed, but I think I might have shocked them with a look at my real time feed. :-) - Robert Scoble
Joel, nice meeting you, I'll find out the answer to your question. Can you follow me here on friendfeed so I can DM you? - Robert Scoble
Don't forget about Dropbox under "cloud and collaboration". One of my favorite tools by far. - Brandon Titus
Under Consumer, I would add a major value and coupon site like personally as companies like Home Depot and Pepsi can relate to this. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
@scobleizer Awesome mindmap. Why does youtube not make the map under video? - Kevin Murray
perty, good job much better than a power p prezzo - sofarsoShawn
Kevin: now that I've given a speech I need to go through and make it much more complete. For the speech I was going for disruptive stuff that was changing right now and that would jog my memory. As it was we didn't get through the complete list. 30 minutes flies by. - Robert Scoble
like that I could read your mindmap on my iphone - funny though when I saw web 2010 I thought - ah robert is providing a glimpse of the future to disconnected cio's - then realized that's a little over 7 months away - wow time flies :-p - mike "glemak" dunn
mike: and keep in mind that the car industry has changed the definition of a year anyway. I'm getting my 2010 Prius in a week or two. - Robert Scoble
To adopt any of this nascent social media, there must be an almost immediate ROI. Otherwise, it's nothing more than an amusement. - Don Bonaddio
D@mn Don! On the noesy! - Arleen Boyd
Don: there is a lot of money in amusements. ;-) - Robert Scoble
after reading this thread "better" - there have been many cto's on friendfeed for awhile now, different dna than cio's - justsayn :-p - mike "glemak" dunn
you covered all that in 30mins? Or was this the handout. - Ryan Stanley
Ryan: we got to one or two nodes. Heheh. I don't do handouts. - Robert Scoble
You forgot Aviary. - Mike Shields
Oh, and we should probably discuss it instead :) - Mike Shields
Did you find most of your audience were already Web 2.0 savvy? - Ryan Stanley
BBC iPlayer? - Rupert Watson
ROI - Robert - is there a slide that tells them why? Jack Welch would tell you that if you are not measuring this you are not managing it. The only way to persuade grey beards like me is to show them why it is worthwhile otherwise in this climate more than any other time - experiments for the sake of just learning and playing will get short shrift. - Simon Rogers
Scobes: thanks for the reply on the youtube q. your mindmap is my new "must understand" check list. thanks again for all your contribution. - Kevin Murray
What about integrating home - all the appliance at home if we can control it from the net. has too be very good. - anamika
I'm curious as to how the CIO of Home Depot responded. Being a B&M hardware store, they aren't very big on Tech (ask me about using and deploying Office 97 in 2004 *shudder*). When I was there, there was lots of energy going in to SAP and other ERP related products/projects but not much energy going into making sure employees could use those tools. I how did it go? - EricaJoy
EricaJoy: I don't remember a specific response from him. There was some of the usual pushback about why I would share so much of my life online. Other than that I was impressed that they were very literate on the topics and services I showed. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I don't see sync and version control products on your mind map. I think they are getting important for information management. - Arvind
any chance you'd post final draft - maybe in original form (not pdf/jpg?) also - camtasia recording of presentation could be fun - Courtney Engle
Don't see SlideShare it'd be handy under Collaboration and if not on this presentation perhaps on one with a focus on the next stage or under implementation strategies. - James Stratford
open web identity: add Firefox (with 200+ downloads...); Jammer is spelled Yammer; add AWS at cloud services; I would definitely move Ning to 'community' (it is also realtime; but first of all it is the most important community building platform; very popular in the Netherlands); Google Apps for collaboration - Jeroen De Miranda
Robert, if you have time to answer quickly, are you using the Mac or Windows version or both? - Gregg Morris
Gregg Windows version - Robert Scoble
i am late for this but, i wud also add twine and streamy..not sure where though. i thought i saw analytics up there...definitely a must. also really confused as to how evernote helps brands connect with consumers. - Freddie Benjamin
Chet: nope, sorry. - Robert Scoble
just saw you have the apps room in there, did you get a few words in about it? - Zee.
Zee: we talked about friendfeed but I don't think we spoke specifically about that room. - Robert Scoble
You left out Search, Commerce, Mobile - no? All of these are critical business drivers, platforms, customer channels. All are shifting, seismically under their enterprise feet. - Thom Kennon
Wolfram|Alpha - Andrew Eglinton
Jesse Stay
While Twitter's down, I'm learning the FriendFeed API :)
Yeah, good call man. This Fail whale crap sucks. :) - Drew Lucas
Twitter's loss, our gain. Can you do a mobile client? That's one of the top complaints I get about friendfeed now. - Robert Scoble
That's funny, I was just looking at the FF API myself :). Appears to be a really nice API. - Costa Walcott
Write an app that will auto-sync/import Facebook and Twitter users to FriendFeed imaginary friends. Please. - Kevin Kuphal
The FriendFeed API is both fun and useful. I think you'll enjoy it. :-) - Yvette Ferry
Kevin there already are a few - talk to @kshep. I believe he can point you in the right direction. - Jesse Stay
If you do anything mobile, just do it better than MotherFeed on the iPhone - Justin Whittaker
That's why I shuttled over to FF, too. Twitter's back. - Alan Eggleston
Unfortunately you can't create an imaginary friend via the API. Big, big obstacle to doing some very, very slick stuff. - Ken Sheppardson
me too! - Tonks
My big curiosity is around limits - how many people can a user follow in a day, how many requests per hour can I make, etc. - Jesse Stay
Yeah, if you could create imaginary friends via the API, that would be sweet - Costa Walcott
Costa: imaginary FF friends are awesome. Makes a huge difference, for keeping all your feeds in one place. - Yvette Ferry
So I see a subscriptions method - is there a method to get a list of the people that have subscribed *to* an individual? - Jesse Stay
I'm looking forward to tinkering around with the API here shortly, myself. Funny it's come up so often in my feed today. :-) - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Jesse: No, last I looked you could get the subscriptions but not subscribers count. I have to admit I've fallen back on parsing the html from<username> to pull that out when I need it :-/ BTW, y'all subscribe to the group right? :-) - Ken Sheppardson
I do now. :-) - Jesse Stay from email
The mailing list for the API is very helpful as well because the FF team monitors it daily. Or you could just ping Ben Golub for answers. And Ken, thanks for the api group, I am now subscribed. - Rob Diana
Subscribed! - Micah
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