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Toddlers regulate behavior to avoid making adults angry -
Comments - alanphillips78
Outsourced Jobs Are No Longer Cheap, So They're Being Automated -
Comments - alanphillips78
Magic in a Box: My First Day Using Myo -
Comments - alanphillips78
Spreadsheet showing SHA-256 calculations in step-by-step detail -
Comments - alanphillips78
Google Now vs. Siri vs. Cortana – The Great Knowledge Box Showdown -
Comments - alanphillips78
Show HN: Birds Near Me – Birding with citizen science -
Comments - alanphillips78
Can Google's search engine find profits? (1999) -
Comments - alanphillips78
Floodwatch – A collective ad monitoring tool -
Comments - alanphillips78
Peter Thiel Is Wrong About the Future -
Comments - alanphillips78
AptDeco (YC W14) Is Hiring a Senior Full Stack Developer in NYC -
Comments - alanphillips78
Great Read: OOD Principle Language -
submitted by jtzikas [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
What kids around the world eat for breakfast -
Comments - alanphillips78
What could go wrong? Pentagon prepares to put high-risk secret documents in the cloud -
submitted by thenormster [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
RAD Debugger Project -
submitted by Roflraging [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
How Instagram Improves Their App's Performance -
submitted by klogk [link] [4 comments] - alanphillips78
US spying scandal will 'break the Internet,' says Google's Schmidt -
submitted by doctorshady [link] [2 comments] - alanphillips78
Scott Hanselman: "Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler" Keynote - Velocity Santa Clara 2014 -
submitted by qroshan [link] [2 comments] - alanphillips78
Multiexporter-hack -
submitted by entelechy_ [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
synoptikos – an intelligent private tutor -
submitted by yazjisuhail [link] [6 comments] - alanphillips78
Read between the lines: US networks are in bed with US cable companies to force US consumers to pay for networks they don't want; threatening Canadians if they choose pick-and-pay model. -
submitted by nittanylionstorm07 [link] [15 comments] - alanphillips78
3 Ways IBM is bringing GPU Computing to Java -
submitted by harrism [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
A Massively Parallel Computing Solution -
Comments - alanphillips78
An Implementation of the Dynamic Object in C++ -
submitted by toebi [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Trying Not to Try -
Comments - alanphillips78
Firestone Stopped Ebola in Its Tracks -
Comments - alanphillips78
Show HN: RecipeWriter – An editor to write recipes -
Comments - alanphillips78
Move Fast and Break Nothing -
Comments - alanphillips78
The strange contagion of a dream -
Comments - alanphillips78
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