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Stage Business: The Shakespeare Programming Language -
submitted by gmsc [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Some Graph Algorithms presented with animations -
submitted by PM_selfie [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
What is memory safety? -
submitted by awruef [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
The Apple backdoor that wasn't -
submitted by 53ae8fa6-d057-4a82-a [link] [14 comments] - alanphillips78
Congress finally passes cell phone unlocking bill -
submitted by willywalloo [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
Covering more testing basics: What every developer should know about testing - part 2 -
submitted by codehandle [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
After moving money around, Google paid tiny amount in European taxes -
submitted by jayfehr [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
ColorShifter: Using an undocumented API to smoothly change the windows 7 and 8 theme colors -
submitted by elfakyn [link] [11 comments] - alanphillips78
Revisiting 1 million writes per second -
submitted by pushthestack [link] [8 comments] - alanphillips78
Indie ISP to Netflix: Give it a rest about 'net neutrality' – and get your checkbook out -
submitted by dmachop [link] [15 comments] - alanphillips78
US wants to criminalize movie and music streaming -
submitted by screaming_librarian [link] [31 comments] - alanphillips78
Better abstractions with core.async -
submitted by bcash [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Instruction vs. Mentorship -
submitted by endlessvoid94 [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Guest post: I hire DevOps engineers for sites with billions of views, here’s how! -
submitted by allanparsons1 [link] [5 comments] - alanphillips78
House passes bill that will restore your right to unlock your cellphone; now headed to Obama's desk -
submitted by maxburke [link] [22 comments] - alanphillips78
Verizon Wireless to slow down users with unlimited 4G LTE plans. Throttling eases congestion—but data caps apply even when there's no congestion. -
submitted by Suraj-Sun [link] [36 comments] - alanphillips78
The Path to Community Broadband Runs Through an Army of Telecom Lawyers -
submitted by User_Name13 [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
“Open source is a mega-capitalist conspiracy to reduce programmer wages.” — (long) interview with Steve Klabnik -
submitted by hannahurr [link] [123 comments] - alanphillips78
I am the developer behind IPPUSBXD: a userland driver for IPP over USB class printers written in C. Could I have some feedback please? -
submitted by steve_abel [link] [2 comments] - alanphillips78
If you're looking for a place to start learning OCaml, this is a great compilation of links -
submitted by jcr14 [link] [4 comments] - alanphillips78
Why Comcast's Net Neutrality Promises Mean Absolutely Nothing -
submitted by screaming_librarian [link] [2 comments] - alanphillips78
Are you a Verizon customer with unlimited data? Get ready to be throttled. -
submitted by ScruffyTheDog [link] [60 comments] - alanphillips78
The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbor’s Home -
submitted by dzamir [link] [25 comments] - alanphillips78
Top 10 Very Very VERY Important Topics to Discuss -
submitted by lukaseder [link] [230 comments] - alanphillips78
Elon Musk tells Stephen Colbert his wild plans for cars, jetpacks, and wireless charging -
submitted by atomicpig91 [link] [13 comments] - alanphillips78
Comcast Ramps Up Ad Campaign Claiming To Support Net Neutrality, Even As It Really Supports Killing It | Techdirt -
submitted by lanadapter [link] [11 comments] - alanphillips78
Readings in conflict-free replicated data types -
submitted by alexeyr [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
SpaceX scores an early win in its lawsuit against the US government -
submitted by Wreak_Peace [link] [3 comments] - alanphillips78
Accelerators in HPC – Having the Cake and Eating It Too -
submitted by typhooncomputing [link] [3 comments] - alanphillips78
Boost.DI: Proposed Boost library for dependency injection [xpost from /r/cpp] -
submitted by __notmythrowaway__ [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
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