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Web-Based Turbo Pascal compiler (2013) -
Comments - alanphillips78
(X-Post from /r/Python) Top US universities teaching Python -
submitted by Vachenzo [link] [comment] - alanphillips78 launches $0.99 SSD-based VPS servers -
Comments - alanphillips78
Simple Language Implementation Techniques for the 21st Century -
Comments - alanphillips78
Prison Bankers Who Profit from the Inmates -
Comments - alanphillips78
CDC confirms first Ebola case diagnosed in US -
Comments - alanphillips78
Arduino to sell 3D printer—$800 in kit form or $1,000 pre-assembled (xpost r/arduino) -
submitted by RockDiesel [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Compare cost, durability, and region support of public cloud object stores, e.g., Amazon S3 -
submitted by andrewgaul [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Tony Hsieh Steps Down from Lead Role at Las Vegas Downtown Project -
Comments - alanphillips78
Secret Service Declassified Another 500+ Pages Which Detail The Sting Operation that Caught Aaron Swartz at MIT -
submitted by blackvault [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
Genius (YC S11) – Full Stack, DevOps, Android, iOS -
Comments - alanphillips78
The Secret to Getting Top-Secret Secrets -
Comments - alanphillips78
A strange green organism has spread, clogging up the world's rivers -
Comments - alanphillips78
Vulcan: Inspect your database in your browser -
Comments - alanphillips78
Compare cost, durability, and regions of cloud object stores -
Comments - alanphillips78
New Federal Database Details Medical World’s Financial Links to Drug Makers -
Comments - alanphillips78
Sudoku, Linear Optimization, and the Ten Cent Diet -
Comments - alanphillips78
Lecture 3: How to Start a Startup -
Comments - alanphillips78
Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7 -
submitted by razpeitia [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Reddit CEO Yishan Wong on Giving Stock to Users: “We Have a Crazy Plan.” -
Comments - alanphillips78
How I used Jekyll to build a portfolio + blog -
submitted by mlundela [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
Document Summarization using TextRank -
submitted by Bliss86 [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
AMD CodeXL 1.5 Released! A new release of the tool suite for the performance-aware developer! -
submitted by doronof [link] [comment] - alanphillips78
FCC Eliminates Sports Blackout Rules -
submitted by 1ch [link] [3 comments] - alanphillips78
Reddit Plans Its Own Cryptocurrency To Give Back To Its Users After $50 Million Raise -
submitted by rs16 [link] [4 comments] - alanphillips78
MySQL Offers a REST API -
submitted by ErstwhileRockstar [link] [5 comments] - alanphillips78
PEAK IPV4? Global IPv6 traffic is growing, DDoS dying, says Akamai -
submitted by ActualStack [link] [1 comment] - alanphillips78
Show HN: Realm for Android -
Comments - alanphillips78
Microsoft Announces Windows 10 -
Comments - alanphillips78
Dmitry Grishin: “Robotics Has Too Many Dreamers, Needs More Practical People” -
Comments - alanphillips78
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