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And the man who shot an 18-year-old in the street on the 9 August is yet to miss a day of pay.
Inconceivable how badly it’s being managed and policed—it’s just this mangled grotesquery of racism and abuse of power.
Waking up every day to find yet more news from Ferguson that’s as incomprehensible, sad and brutal as previous nights.
RT @racheldemy: My body is no longer a temple or an amusement park. It's a community theater interpretation of Lord of the Flies.
When I see how great & confident you’re all looking today
I don’t know how to feel about still being on this guy’s friends’ list.
A couple of friends help Buster Keaton move.
Buster Keaton explains capitalism
Watching Buster Keaton. Here he is explaining capitalism:
Which is on at the Edinburgh Fringe right now; which you should see if you can; which is mournful and invigorating.
“Is that something people do? Is there something people don’t? You know? It’s such a range.” (from Will Eno’s play Title and Deed)
RT @paraicodonnell: You never really forget how to be a critic. It's like deriding a bike.
I’m the worst at twitter #worstattwitter
In 2009, police in Ferguson beat an innocent man bloody & charged him with getting blood on their uniforms.
A few staff members saw it, and I imagined seeing it, imagined imagining this timid person’s life, organising their life around their fear.
There was no reason for it, why that particular thing should have shocked me in the way it did. For maybe 10 seconds I twitched.
Earlier I was in a shop and someone opened a door I was (not very) close to, & I physically reacted as if a bottle had been thrown at me.
“what handicaps their art is that everything and everyone… hooks the art onto the great national family portrait”
‘The Time I Spent On A Commercial Whaling Ship Totally Changed My Perspective On The World’ by Ishmael, a sailor
RT @suttonnick: What a shame. The Telegraph has updated its front page after that unfortunate picture/headline combo in first edition
RT @KimKierkegaard: Again I am burdened by a heaviness of the soul. Not gonna call it baby weight bc thats an excuse.
RT @mendelsund: @alantrotter when I first saw it my first thought was "oh this will b great, they'll do a cover for each kid." That'd be sweet
My nephew has just arrived and I guess he exudes wifi? Which, tbh, has me slightly rethinking the whole kids thing.
RT @petfurniture: Reminder That Museums Are Churches That Don't Tell You How To Feel
It was Indiana Jones that taught me that to be ‘penitent’ is to be contrite, as when kneeling or doing a sweet dive roll
The sense that I am lying sensate in my grave already while the young roll above me, whispering intimacies to each other I can never hear.
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