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‘This piece of human garbage had to lie and lie and lie to steal from a system designed to help people struggling to afford food’
RT @john_self: How a Mail on Sunday reporter got three days of groceries … lots of questions asked. (via @timjonze)
If In a Silent Way was 8hrs long this train journey would have been less painful.
RT @martinstabe: The @FTdata Scottish independence referendum poll tracker is live. #indyref
An essay by @chris_power about the shit people always say when they talk about the short story.
Good work & good luck to staff at the @RitzyCinema, who are striking today for a living wage. /@picturehouses @RitzyLivingWage
Looks like financially dashing myself to pieces against the @VersoBooks website’s the only thing to be done /@byers90
And the film so powerfully convinces w/ the unscripted stuff, w/ hidden camera footage, unwitting extras… anti-text
Everything is visual (including some very abstract images) & the extraordinary score.
I’d also be fascinated to hear if anyone’s read the book, because the film is held in this language-less tension.
at the moment it’s just me but maybe I can get Jonathan Glazer involved
Let me know if you want to join a gang to talk about how Under the Skin is maybe a perfect film
Sorry, this is the thing I wrote about it: http://longform.greaterthanore...
A reading of the film. If you’re interested, Soft Skull Press.
I wrote this thing last year about Jonathan Lethem’s book on They Live. I’d like to write a book like that for Under the Skin.
Just saw Under the Skin for the second time. It remains a masterpiece.
RT @TimTomato: Amazing MCC Photo of the Year of Tendulkar about to go out for his final innings, like a renaissance painting.
RT @KennardMatt: I love this.Encapsulates the priorities of business journos and capitalist elites so honestly
Pissing like a racehorse! (I’ve sustained a relatively minor injury & I’m terrified you’re going to execute me rather than providing care)
Can a stupid man write a good book?
I had a really productive couple of hours this morning after disabling the office wifi. Turned out I’d only unplugged the printer.
RT @das_kunk: USAID created a Twitter knockoff for Cuba meant to begin innocuously (e.g., about soccer) then turn anticommunist:
And eagerly await my chance to read the finished book.
Hopefully. Otherwise all I can do is be envious of his talent and success and his glowing @Guardian review:
I read some of @MyBiggestLuke’s debut novel MY BIGGEST LIE which is OUT TODAY in ms & it was excellent & I don’t remember but I probably /
I don’t remember doing that but probably I did?
/gave him some advice that kind of changed how he thought about the novel & probably his whole life, you know?
Hopefully. Otherwise all I can do is be envious of his talent and success and his glowing @Guardian review:
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