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I've decided to make today a #DayofDoing... that said I should have made yesterday a #DayofFiguringOutWhattoDo
Sad to say goodbye to @FEARNET I wish I could have worked with you fine folks.
Sometimes I feel like Twitter is just a web page I stare at while not working. #AnythingButWriting
RT @TheEditDoctor: @alexalbrecht was smelling a bit like Teen Spirit at the Boobe' Sisters show last night....
Here you go @Kevinrose flipping eggs like a boss!
Whoa you go @ToddStashwick with your writer hat on! you and @amy_hennig are going to blow MINDS!
RT @ButterflyLabs: Thanks to @alexalbrecht and @TakeMyBitcoins we now know Spotted Dick is a food? #spotteddick #bitcoin Watch next week
RT @TakeMyBitcoins: We'll be live in 15 minutes!. Join us at 8pm PT US to win bitcoins with our guest host @alexalbrecht #bitcoins
Super fun dropped by #Everlast shoot and met @frankshamrock @actorkevinmac going to be cool!
I'm stopping by @TakeMyBitcoins, Tonight! 8pm PT US. Check it out and win #Bitcoins
RT @heatherstewart: Just dying to see The Boobé Sisters LIVE you say????? Well now's your chance! THIS SATURDAY at the famous...
HOLY Congratz BATman! @wilw and @GeekandSundry are KILLING it with back them like me!
I love all the companies jumping on the Cap band wagon & not getting it *whisper* hint Cap isn't the Winter Soldier #ComicInfo
Attempting to make a 4 hour Texas brisket tonight... I'm currently wearing chaps to up my odds of success.
THX @GoSphero LOVE this new #SelfieBot it’s flying around the room, snapping #selfies of me.
Here is my first #Friendie btw Friendie is when your friend takes your selfie! #Coined
Playing in a doubles tennis tournament tomorrow... I'm not super confident, but it's going to be FUNZ
A little dinner before a show.
Dude heated snowboard? crazy this made me realize how long it's been since I've been boarding.
Pre dinner drink at the new Speakeasy that just opened #DrunkForever
Wish I hadn't seen this :) RT @wideawakewesley: This is creepy as f**k:
Wow really loved @OtherShoreMovie if you're at SXSW this year it's a must see! Congratz Tim/Karen!!!!
Excited to see a screening of @OtherShoreMovie tonight!
Ok @heatherstewart and I want to start a new TV show... What should we watch?!
My light Doomsday Prepping begins with a very nerdy "Tactical Pen"
RT @Good_Old_Voli: @alexalbrecht When it gains sentience and attacks, take lots of pics.
Doing some experimental cooking tonight. Fingers crossed there isn't any shredded beef malfunctions.
Anyone ever tried this before? Going to rock some tonight! #whitelightning
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