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fighting off a bit of a cold... and to my sinuses I say "How are you making this stuff???"
I guess she's comfy... or knocked out.
Hell yeah cheat day! I'm going to own you!!! #SorryStomatch
First off it's pizza, duh. Now just to figure out what to watch tonight?
Pizza or healthy food for dinner... pizza right?
Beyond excited to see @BookofMormon tonight with @heatherstewart @QueenSuzi & @tedraimi fun to begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, hours!
I've decided to make today a #DayofDoing... that said I should have made yesterday a #DayofFiguringOutWhattoDo
Sad to say goodbye to @FEARNET I wish I could have worked with you fine folks.
Sometimes I feel like Twitter is just a web page I stare at while not working. #AnythingButWriting
RT @TheEditDoctor: @alexalbrecht was smelling a bit like Teen Spirit at the Boobe' Sisters show last night....
Here you go @Kevinrose flipping eggs like a boss!
Whoa you go @ToddStashwick with your writer hat on! you and @amy_hennig are going to blow MINDS!
RT @ButterflyLabs: Thanks to @alexalbrecht and @TakeMyBitcoins we now know Spotted Dick is a food? #spotteddick #bitcoin Watch next week
RT @TakeMyBitcoins: We'll be live in 15 minutes!. Join us at 8pm PT US to win bitcoins with our guest host @alexalbrecht #bitcoins
Super fun dropped by #Everlast shoot and met @frankshamrock @actorkevinmac going to be cool!
I'm stopping by @TakeMyBitcoins, Tonight! 8pm PT US. Check it out and win #Bitcoins
RT @heatherstewart: Just dying to see The Boobé Sisters LIVE you say????? Well now's your chance! THIS SATURDAY at the famous...
HOLY Congratz BATman! @wilw and @GeekandSundry are KILLING it with back them like me!
I love all the companies jumping on the Cap band wagon & not getting it *whisper* hint Cap isn't the Winter Soldier #ComicInfo
Attempting to make a 4 hour Texas brisket tonight... I'm currently wearing chaps to up my odds of success.
THX @GoSphero LOVE this new #SelfieBot it’s flying around the room, snapping #selfies of me.
Here is my first #Friendie btw Friendie is when your friend takes your selfie! #Coined
Playing in a doubles tennis tournament tomorrow... I'm not super confident, but it's going to be FUNZ
A little dinner before a show.
Dude heated snowboard? crazy this made me realize how long it's been since I've been boarding.
Pre dinner drink at the new Speakeasy that just opened #DrunkForever
Wish I hadn't seen this :) RT @wideawakewesley: This is creepy as f**k:
Wow really loved @OtherShoreMovie if you're at SXSW this year it's a must see! Congratz Tim/Karen!!!!
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