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Finally saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes tonight. Now that's how you do summer blockbusters!
Nothing as boring as waiting on the @Uverse tech to bring me my new modem :( #StuckattheWindow
Ok random question... who's your favorite gamer out there right now? #WatchingGames
Internet is screwed up #ATTUverse got a guy coming Tuesday... how am I supposed to play Heroes of the Storm?! #DailyQuestsFail
A little part of me dies every time I get excited for things like my new cast iron grill plate from @WilliamsSonoma
Busy busy busy with @ZergID stuff! So excited, opening my first actual office :)
Hey @MaurySterling just caught Extant pilot... so guess the leg is better :) Gratz!
Finally trying Bilzzard's Heroes of the Storm today #MobaNewb
Just saw How to Train Your Dragon 2... man I'm a sucker for a great animated movie! #WishIHasADragon
Look who came to the 4th party I was at. #AttackoftheDrones
Home made lettuce cup tacos! Win! #4hb
Yes our friend brought a 4th of July cake! Thank you 'Merica!
Is it too early to start working on my Halloween costume??? I need to 1up my Ghostbusters from last year.
RT @jhewlett: Why was there a Diggnation cosplay episode, you guys got this down! @kevinrose @alexalbrecht
anyone have a good recommendation for a free 3D Room modeler? I have the measurements just need to see it in 3d.
Wow talk about blast from the past. Having lunch at Lemon Moon! Old Screen Savers lunch spot. #TSS4Life
Um so @montanathedog and I are like, WHAT?!
I've been thinking about something boys ;) “@robkrekel: @alexalbrecht @Omundson can we do this thing already....”
Clearly @heatherstewart is out of town... dinner of leftover pizza and beer! #justMeAndTheDog
Happy to find out my friend and RAND president @michaeldrich is on twitter! Welcome to the future people! #Think
We're Hiring Code Ninjas NOW RT:@ZergID ZergID is hiring:
Happy Father's Day from my fav coffee shop in La Jolla! #OceanViewCoffee
A night with one if my favorite cigars. Life is good. #Cubana
Ok, I might be late to the party but this video is 1) Hysterical 2) VERY important for everyone to see! #FCable
Indiana Who?! My buddy @stephenscaia is making an Indi movie! #LostHorizon throw them some LOVE!
After 5 long and AMAZING days, my next short film is in the can! I rewarded myself with McDonald's and whiskey. #StrangeRewards
Anyone playing Watch Dogs? Does it live up to the crazy E3 hype??
absolutely!!! - Poly Chak
Had an amazing table read for my upcoming short film shooting next week! Can't wait to get started! #Instant
Been too long my old friend Chimay, too long.
In! “@Omundson: “@aerodash84: @Omundson @3pmusic @alexalbrecht Voltron prequel video? Was actually blown away by that twist.” Alex...?”
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