So... Now that we're days/a day away from the #WorldofWarcraft expansion... Who's playing and what c...
wOOt! @ZergID got a great writeup on @massively! IT BEGINS!
Sous Vide pork tenderloin, fried brussels sprouts and Texas beans #4HB and delicious!
Just had my first @ZankouChickenLA experience... #Instadiction
WHERE HAVE I BEEN UNDER A ROCK! @garyvee you rock bro, this is a must listen! Gratz on the show!
Adult question... how often do you have your AC unit serviced? #NotWhatYouThought
So this is where my evening will go! #NerdNight
Excited to be going to the #Geekies2014 as @alisonhaislip's chaperone. Only ten glasses of wine tonight Alison. #BadChaperone
Heading down to the OC! Please hide all the beer and tacos, or else.
Big ups to my ol' Diggnation bro @kevinrose on his new adventure best way to celebrate? #DiggnationReuion?
Treated myself to a birthday coffee frappuccino with whip cream. It's the little things in life.
Thanks Everyone for all the Birthday wishes! Twitter has become the best birthday morning reading in history! #LeoBaby
Drank a full bottle of wine... then for dessert... booze! #toomuch?
Wow so sad to hear about Robin Williams, the world truly lost a legend :(
I successfully only wore pants for an hour today. I believe I win Sunday.
TMNT Craziness RT @TheOnion Michael Bay Gives Fans Sneak Peek At Ninja Turtles’ Hyper-Realistic CGI Genitals
Making a FrankinRig with some of my old LiteCoin miner parts... what's the best Case/Cooling to get for two ATI 280X OCs?
Um there's a panda in my latte! #bearista?
Congratz bro! “@ToddStashwick: A bit of news involving me and Monkeys, 12 of them specifically”
Yes dinner at Animal, I do like pig ears.
Way to go MIKE! RT@SemaphoreHQ Startup Mozaic Branding Aims to Broker Branded-Content Deals for YouTube Stars
Question: What is the best ad sales company for websites right now? @CraveOnline, etc.... um... asking for a "friend" #TheZergIsComing
WoW! Congratz RT:@Legendary Welcome @feliciaday & @GeekandSundry to the family in Legendary’s new digital network!
Out on the town... Cigar and Scotch bow tie courtesy of brother in law. #BlackTie
On our way down to San Diego! Coffee on the train, nice Saturday morning.
Ok... I found what the Internet was created for... #SpoiledDeer
Just finished my panel at @thelegacyboutiq and got a shwag ping pong paddle! #uberpong
Sometimes when I'm drinking wine I like to grab the bottle from the top and pour like mad pretending I'm King Robert from #GoT #MIRight
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