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Back from #SDCC so happy I pulled the trigger! Too much fun! Next year I'm hoping to be on the floor with @ZergID! #GoalsBaby
Oh nothing just hanging out. Though I think the beer made me a bit of a giant. #SmallGardenBench
Storm trooper grave yard? Nope sugar cubes! #SDCC
Best #SDCC dinner, all the meats!!!!
Made it! #SDCC badge pickup was crazy fast... You know two days after the con started :)
Well it has officially worked. After all the SDCC tweets I've decided, screw it I'm going! See you TOMORROW PEOPLE!!! #SDCC2014
My friends at #SDCC may be having fun, but I have homemade guacamole... It sounded cooler in my head.
Finally saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes tonight. Now that's how you do summer blockbusters!
Nothing as boring as waiting on the @Uverse tech to bring me my new modem :( #StuckattheWindow
Ok random question... who's your favorite gamer out there right now? #WatchingGames
Internet is screwed up #ATTUverse got a guy coming Tuesday... how am I supposed to play Heroes of the Storm?! #DailyQuestsFail
A little part of me dies every time I get excited for things like my new cast iron grill plate from @WilliamsSonoma
Busy busy busy with @ZergID stuff! So excited, opening my first actual office :)
Hey @MaurySterling just caught Extant pilot... so guess the leg is better :) Gratz!
Finally trying Bilzzard's Heroes of the Storm today #MobaNewb
Just saw How to Train Your Dragon 2... man I'm a sucker for a great animated movie! #WishIHasADragon
Look who came to the 4th party I was at. #AttackoftheDrones
Home made lettuce cup tacos! Win! #4hb
Yes our friend brought a 4th of July cake! Thank you 'Merica!
Is it too early to start working on my Halloween costume??? I need to 1up my Ghostbusters from last year.
RT @jhewlett: Why was there a Diggnation cosplay episode, you guys got this down! @kevinrose @alexalbrecht
anyone have a good recommendation for a free 3D Room modeler? I have the measurements just need to see it in 3d.
Wow talk about blast from the past. Having lunch at Lemon Moon! Old Screen Savers lunch spot. #TSS4Life
Um so @montanathedog and I are like, WHAT?!
I've been thinking about something boys ;) “@robkrekel: @alexalbrecht @Omundson can we do this thing already....”
Clearly @heatherstewart is out of town... dinner of leftover pizza and beer! #justMeAndTheDog
Happy to find out my friend and RAND president @michaeldrich is on twitter! Welcome to the future people! #Think
We're Hiring Code Ninjas NOW RT:@ZergID ZergID is hiring:
Happy Father's Day from my fav coffee shop in La Jolla! #OceanViewCoffee
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