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RT @mfeathers: Sometimes I suspect that DHH doesn't like TDD because he inadvertently made it so difficult for himself and others in Rails.
RT @joncanady: "TDD is dead, never test first" is just as bad as "TDD is the only way, always test first." Stop being extremists. Just test.
"I made this letter quite long because I lacked the time to make it shorter." - Blaise Pascal,...
"part of what makes Rails development “interesting” is that there’s such a mix of information about..."
My new client, WeedMaps ("Yelp for Weed"), just got a nice mention in Wired: (side note: great headline, @mat!)
RT @jessieay: If I were an iOS developer, I would implement this 5 minutes ago: <3 1password
Feature Request for @ScreenHero : “High Five” button
Can I just say how much I love reading video game reviews in the New York Times?
RT @digby56: It's torture. If they still won't call it what it is, you know it will happen again.
RT @thomasfuchs: Tweet-size package manager: cat *.js > prod.js Optionally with minification & gzipping: cat *.js | uglifyjs | gzip -9 > prod.js.gz
RT @jeffszusz: Not only 30% speakers but also 30% of all #pycon2014 attendees are women. Hells yes!
RT @cczona: "I've been getting questions all weekend, all by men. So I think the women need time here." @gvanrossum deciding to only take Qs from women.
RT @z5h: Coding: Thing seems broken. Try to fix. Thing that fixes seems broken. Try to investigate. Thing that investigates seems broken.
"Stephen Colbert" is brutal satire with an occasional gleam of good-natured cheesiness. I'm afraid Stephen Colbert will be the opposite.
"It flies in the face of the agency’s comments that defense comes first,” said Jason Healey, director..."
RT @areacode212: #HailHYDRA "@BloombergNews: BREAKING: NSA said to have exploited Heartbleed for intelligence for years"
OH: “I like debating with you. It's like pairing only less productive."
"Homeless people in these stories, it is worth noting, are almost always referred to by their first..."
The ACLU on the constitution-free zone of our borders:” including Burlington, Tucson, NYC, LA, etc. via @zunguzungu
RT @duncan: A personal account of yesterday’s events at @6Wunderkinder when we took @wunderlist offline due to #heartbleed
RT @chadfowler: Yesterday @duncan and I spent 12 hours sitting next to each other as @wunderlist did #heartbleed fixes. Hiis account
RT @jm: PROTIP: Given Heartbleed, be sure that your Chrome is set to check for SSL cert revocations. It's not by default.
RT @wycats: If you haven't yet signed the #ExtensibleWebManifesto, why not do it today? (Read it, then sign at the bottom)
Judy Estrin on Serial Success & the Future of Innovation Monday night, April 7 in SF @RailsBridge -- tix still avail:
In SF next Monday? Come hear Internet pioneer Judy Estrin speak at a @RailsBridge benefit
RT @abt_programming: "The proper use of comments is to compensate for our failure to express ourself in code" - Robert C. Martin
RT @BadAstronomer: I just took the “Which Quiz Are You?” quiz and got the “Which Quiz Are you?” quiz.
RT @z: No, Nate, brogrammers may not be macho, but that’s not all there is to it (via @Pocket) #longreads
HUGE line at Bar 82 (classic video games & alcohol in downtown L.A.)
"Writing code is like teaching a robot how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." - @thinknow
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