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I mean Flashpoint is the Canadian cop show a writer would invent as a parody of a Canadian cop show. But it's real!
Current Hulu: Flashpoint: A Canadian SWAT team tries really hard to resolve every situation peacefully & with respect. Total fantasy.
I get sad when people say "PST" in the summer when they mean "PDT".
"Nmap version 13 is used to port scan Matt Damon's augmented brain"
"we have been trained too long to strive and not to enjoy" - John Maynard Keynes Why Not a Three-Day Week?...
RT @BillWeirCNN: Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks. MT @foxnation: Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore
RT @jacksonh: We're approaching a future where the only jobs that don't require computer science skills will be in entertainment or javascript development
“work happens in solitude and silence and nobody cheers that you did it” -@sandimetz on grit #btvruby
RT @msnbc: Poll: 69% of Americans want unaccompanied migrant kids to stay in the U.S.
“I am an unapologetic Ruby apologist.” -@dougalcorn #btvruby
“The answer is always ‘it depends.’” -@dougalcorn #btvruby
WebMock.disable_net_connect! = “turn airplane mode on” @Neal_Kemp #btvruby
Hardy Har Hot Sauces: (@ Ri Ra Irish Pub in Burlington, VT w/ 2 others)
Reasonable paranoia from @StarrHorne. What else are the scientists hiding? #btvruby
RT @teamgaslight: “@btvrubyconf: Great first day! So happy we could do the BBQ again. Thanks @teamgaslight! #btvruby” looks like fun!
RT @Dan_Kleiman: Some early morning reflections on day 1 of @btvrubyconf Awesome talks! #btvruby
RT @btvrubyconf: @kerrizor "Found this picture, it said click for more. No thanks" #btvruby
RT @rubygems: test-unit (3.0.0): Ruby 1.9.x bundles minitest not Test::Unit. Test::Unit bundled in Ruby 1.8.x had not been…
RT @nonprophetess: I put my root beer in a square cup and now it's just beer. Yes, good tweet. Send.
.@jboursiquot I bought this clackety keyboard a few months ago and I love it #btvruby
“What turns me on? A good problem. I’m not safe at meetings.” - @sandimetz
“@btvrubyconf: Btween 2 Ferns with @markbates discussing future of Ruby #btvruby” (Ferns deployed by yours truly)
RT @scottefein: We should steal all the good ideas from other languages - @sandimetz #btvruby
"I want multicore concurrency in Ruby and I want it for free." -@sandimetz #btvruby
“I don’t write Rails apps; I write apps that use Rails.” @sandimetz #btvruby
“hamburger button” — good name for that silly three-vertical-lines slideout-menu affordance on so many apps these days via @looukey #btvruby
Photo: onthemedia: Alex Goldman: Have you thought about bringing in, say, like an ethicist to, to vet your...
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