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Bugs & Fixes: A roundup of Mavericks troubleshooting tips | Macworld -
Apple’s latest operating system update, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, is out. If you own a Mac that supports the OS update, you should get it. Now. You certainly can’t beat the price: free! While Mavericks is a stable release, it’s not bug-free. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. - Alex Cheng
Hong Kong's Startup Office Spaces - Forbes -
In the space of 2 to 3 years, Hong Kong has become a hotbed of startup activity. But startups need a place to live and grow, and Hong Kong’s astronomical real estate prices didn’t provide the most conducive habitat for cash-strapped entrepreneurs. Enter the co-work space and/or virtual office. - Alex Cheng
Global Distribution Systems in Present Times - Four Major GDS Systems; Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan / Oct 2002 -
Free Font Nevis by Ten by Twenty | Font Squirrel -
【reBuzz 專欄】Instagram 行銷經典案例:把旅館拍的美麗,就免費送你一晚住宿, 1888 Hotel 算盤打得可精 | TechOrange《 媒體與商務 | -
到了住宿的酒店難道就只能打開窗戶,拍著外面風景或是還沒被弄亂的房間? - Alex Cheng
設計師自學完全手冊,讓你從零基礎到成為專業設計師 | TechOrange《 平台、開發與通路 | -
design - Alex Cheng
NAS Tutorial: Oplocks and NASes - SmallNetBuilder -
WordPress - Swagger Responsive WordPress Theme | ThemeForest -
wordpress, theme, wordpress-theme - Alex Cheng
Musée d'Art Moderne - -
website, museum, showcase - Alex Cheng
website, showcase, museum - Alex Cheng
Render Inc. Business Cards - Business Cards on Creattica: Your source for design inspiration -
Business Card Design: 100+ Creative Examples, Useful Tutorials and Templates -
多才多藝爵士女鼓手 - Anna Fan專訪 | 輔仁網 -
(原載於:【聽打】敲擊音樂誌) 都2013年了,距離「珊潺」奪取香港首面奧運金牌已有17年,香港不只運動員唔係臘鴨,在音樂界,世界知名的樂手也不少。但要數本地著名鼓手、敲擊樂手,也許一般人都數不出三五個名字。 - Alex Cheng
猛烈南瓜在飯桌: 程班長台灣美食:砍掉重練 - http://foodie-smashingpumkins....
還記得三年前,銅鑼灣廣場的台灣牛肉麵店,程班長。開店初期的確係威係勢,又說是台灣名牌牛肉麵店,又說是帶同子弟兵來港進軍香港。。。 - Alex Cheng
台灣團隊進軍亞洲!EZTABLE易訂網年底揮軍北京、曼谷 | yam蕃薯藤新聞 -
提供消費者24小時餐廳訂位服務的台灣網站「EZTABLE易訂網」目前已在上海成立分公司,現在計劃年底前進攻北京等中國其他一線城市以及到泰國曼谷擴點,2014年將接著開發雅加達等其他東南亞市場。 - Alex Cheng
因為早在五六年前,已有本地咖啡先驅在上環蘇豪區開設小店,近半年更是遍地開花。 - Alex Cheng
WordPress - Skinizer - Multipurpose WordPress Theme | ThemeForest -
Skinizer now fully works with WordPress 3.5! Skinizer is a powerful multipurpose WordPress Theme. Because of the included pre-made skins you can create pretty much any kind of site you want to build. From a personal and business to creative and technology website. - Alex Cheng
The One Thing You Can Control as Founder and CEO: You -
The Biggest Complaints About iOS 7 and How to Fix Them - Rebecca Greenfield - The Atlantic Wire -
Now that the most adventurous iPhone owners have upgraded their software to the new, flat iOS 7, the software's initial kinks have started to show. - Alex Cheng
XMind: The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool - - Simple and free issue tracker -
Online Project Management & Collaboration Software | Binfire -
Which metrics should publishers be using in Google Analytics? | Econsultancy -
Which metrics should publishers be using in Google Analytics? - Alex Cheng
10 Must Have WordPress Plugins of 2013 Every Blogger Should Know About - Jeffbullas's Blog -
How many of you think that having a lot of WordPress plugins slows down your site? That’s only true if you use poorly coded WordPress plugins. With over 26,000+ WordPress plugins in the repository, it’s hard for bloggers to pick the right WordPress plugin. - Alex Cheng
SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines - Search Engine Watch (#SEW) -
I conduct a lot of large-scale SEO audits, which can often uncover a lot of large-scale SEO problems. On sites with millions of pages indexed, technical problems can sometimes yield catastrophic results. - Alex Cheng
Ten Tips to the Top of Google - Search Engine Watch (#SEW) -
Ten years ago, creating a website and getting found in Google wasn't hard to do. Choose a domain. Learn some basic HTML code. Do some keyword research. Create some title tags and meta tags. Write about 250 words. And for the most part, you were done. - Alex Cheng
Google Finally Supports Paid and Organic Co-Optimization - Search Engine Watch (#SEW) -
Google has now made it possible to "analyze and optimize your search footprint" with the new AdWords Paid & Organic report. Adding this functionality was a bit surprising, since Google has done all they can to stop co-optimization analysis from happening. - Alex Cheng
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