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Nicole Simon
Die Fail Whale: Have You Played? -
Fun: I killed 40 fail whales on this funny Twitter game. @diefailwhale [thx to @Robindro] - Nicole Simon
Brian Oberkirch
Beginners’ Guide to the World Cup - World Cup Blog -
Know your audience: "Is South Africa the Nelson Mandela country? Yes, it is." - Brian Oberkirch
Robert Scoble
arrington: The Startup In The Arena at Techcrunch Disrupt -
Rebecca MacKinnon
Facebook's Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline | Electronic Frontier Foundation -
Max Gladwell
Eventbrite’s New iPhone App Brings Official Check-Ins To Conference And Parties -
Tristan Louis
How to simplify your presentation without dumbing it down http://www.speakingaboutpresen...
Chris Messina
From the Plaxo blog: "Toward a Truly Smart (and Socially-Aware) Address Book" /via @jsmarr tip @techmeme
Carlos Granier-Phelps
Iván Abrego
Jeremiah Owyang
The Future of the Social Web: In Five Eras -
Interesting stuff...thanks for sharing - Hugo Guzman
Great info! I agree fish where the fish are :) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Agree on the whole. I always find these categories a little artificial: Really "Forrester-speak". :) I think the recommendations are the most interesting. I'd make a separate post out of that. - Meryn Stol
You say it yourself: "What’s interesting isn’t this vision for the future, but what it holds in store for brands, " . I'd like these recommendations to be fleshed out with concrete first steps to take. Doesn't have to be more than links to relevant resources. - Meryn Stol
Meryn The recommendations are fleshed out in the actual reports. Our clients (brands) have access to see them. - Jeremiah Owyang
Hmm ok... Then I'll need to get the details elsewhere I guess. :) - Meryn Stol
There will be a give and take between communities and brands. The thing is, Facebook doesn't have a competitive alternative that users could go to. In my report, we suggest that active communities could define specs for products, and bid MULTIPLE companies to build it. - Jeremiah Owyang
good stuff Jeremiah, enjoyed and some good thought provokers there for the future - Richard Binhammer
Nice paper but really expensive for young people. $750 means $41 for page. - Alp
Great information, understanding the future's potential is more important than ever on the social web. - Maria Reyes-McDavis
Interesting, but very general and hard to apply. I see companies more as å provide of tools/stage for conversation, aka the gold rush mining vs selling tools - Anders Dahlberg
Alp, Many of Forrester's clients are large brands who have a subscription. We're still sharing a great deal on this blog, and have given the report to bloggers to cover, so there's value to be had there. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah (and the team), a great piece of work and, I imagine, a labour of both love and loathing at times! I have been very interested in this area as I have looked at the shift in skills to deliver social media activity changes from one of basic coding knowledge to much more human, interactive skills. - Paul Fabretti
Fantastic article! I found it SO intriguing that I've even printed it out! - J. D. Ebberly
"How Brands Should Prepare" is a great bit of information. Jeremiah, it would be nice (i'd be reading) if you expanded in future blog posts about the "How Brands Should Prepare". - frank barry
That's likely to be a research report I'm thinking about writing Frank - Jeremiah Owyang
Probably correct in assuming that most online social networks will neither spawn nor solidify to the point of being considered ‘affinity groups’ with the level of cohesion, unified budgetary authority or organized implementation capability of NGOs, churches, or employee aggregations. Even in the era of social commerce. I hope I’m wrong. - A Mitchell
Great post, understanding the future's potential is more important than ever on the social web. - Vladimír Hrouda
Just found this... great stuff! - Gerd Leonhard
Robert Scoble
Did TechCrunch get removed from Twitter's Suggested User List? Punishment? More:
The stats seem to say that TechCrunch got removed from Twitter's Suggested User List. I'm off to check it out with a new account. Is this punishment for TwitterGate? Sure seems so. - Robert Scoble
It looks like they got removed on July 26th. Mashable and ReadWriteWeb are still there. - Louis Gray
The TwitterGate posts were in the July 14-16 timeframe, if I remember. - Louis Gray
Who cares - erwin blom
The suggested user list is still Twitter decided right? No buy-in yet? - Michiel Sikkes from iPhone
yes, Thats right - Roberto Bonini
Probably wise from a pr kind of standpoint. Maybe Twitter had to step up to leaking material or they closed somekind of deal with TC - Michiel Sikkes from iPhone
Michiel: that you know of. Lots of big brands are on the SUL. We don't know the kind of deal they made to get on the SUL. For instance, Cisco provided a lot of "support" during the latest outage. Is that why Cisco's CTO is there? We'll never know because this list is totally biased and totally at Twitter's whim. - Robert Scoble
They are losing several hundred followers a day - Mark
the whole recommended user list should really have a little more end user input and maybe some or other qualifying criteria. - nathan
Robert: So it's even more likely they closed a deal because there is no transparency. "Publish but we will remove you from the list" - Michiel Sikkes from iPhone
nathan: the whole suggested user list should be done away with, but the damage is done. Before @techcrunch was put on the list I had more followers than it did. - Robert Scoble
Michiel: well, now, it sure seems a lot more likely that no deal was really reached. - Robert Scoble
And, by the way, TechCrunch's credibility just went up in my eyes because they did something that got them taken off of the list. I know I never trust anything someone says on this list when they talk about Twitter. It's like they got a $250,000 gift. Would you believe anything someone said about me if I handed out $250,000 gifts to all of them? - Robert Scoble
I was thinking more along the lines of recommended user of the month or something like, most influential user, recommended by the twitterverse... - nathan
Techcrunch probably knew that they would be taken out of the list if they published it and still they did it. Wonder how many people would really do that? - Sumanth Kolar
I think that twitter should work on some form of TEO or something that automatically grades accounts. - nathan
I would tend to agree, TechCrunch's cred would go up, but they're also drawing additional attention to twitter. - nathan
Sumanth: not many, I'm sure. Mashable has switched its business to be almost entirely about Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Mashable had an entire series around retweeting. Why? Because people retweet Mashable constantly. - Louis Gray
How do you get on the suggested user list anyhow? - Eric
Louis -- it's amazing how many retweets Mashable gets, I wonder how many people are on their 'zombie retweet' list... there's a form on (or used to be) where you could give them your Twitter creds and they'd auto-RT anything @mashable sent out. - Jonathan Coffman
Jonathan: I never knew that. Is it still there? - Jalada
So Twitter now sensors or did Michael Arington peeve someone off again... - Rob Cairns
Eric: most of the things on Twitter's Suggested User List are now brands. So, get on the list by creating a brand. Other than that? I heard bringing them cupcakes works. - Robert Scoble
Robert, Allen Stern says that doesn't work any more - Jesse Stay
Perhaps it had something to do with this article? Maybe a bad fall out? - Erica OGrady
Oh yeah. *That* article. Much retweeted, even. - Dennis Jernberg
I noticed the list down from around 200 to 20 and even those I"d never heard of! - Ange Recchia/angesbiz
my hope is that his will push techcrunch to push rsscloud - the realtime web is too important to be owned by twitter - Michael Pinto
they were prob removed for tying to spam twitter with #techcrunch50 contest - tipplewhip
Carlos Granier-Phelps
Keywurl - Safari plugin to search from the location bar #mac -
Keywurl - Safari plugin to search from the location bar #mac -
Show all
Thank you! - Fabian De Simone
I can't tell you how many times a day I type my search query into the location bar.... - Carlos Granier-Phelps
This "was" one of the reason I had not fully migrated to Safari. Now? Uninstalling Firefox from my machine! - Fabian De Simone
Works with Safari 4 Public Beta :) - lautaro
Jeremiah Owyang
Tomorrow, @Oprah crowns @aplusk the "King of Twitter". Two years ago, that was @scobleizer. Move over geeks, the stars are movin in
Makes me want to fwow up - Leo Laporte
I'm glad I'm on FriendFeed, until they take over here too - Jesse Stay wont be long ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I just checked Oprah's Twitter feed. 0 updates, following 9 people. At least @ev is one of them. - John E. Bredehoft
Just realized that I'm not following any of these 9 people on my current (relatively new) Twitter account. Shaq and Ev, your stats are about to increase. No offense, Ellen. - John E. Bredehoft
Something tells me I already know what this weekend's TWiT is going to be all about. :p - Chris Charabaruk
Jeremiah: that's what happens when you stop blogging. :-) - Robert Scoble
i think it has awhile before stars hit FF. I haven't seen any with one yet. have you? - Rachael Depp
Twitter Bubble - Johnny
Yeah exactly! - Roshni
I think updates are more important than followers and by that there is absolutely no comparison. - travispuk
This morning Oprah wasn't subscribed to anyone. This afternoon it was 4 people, now it's 9. Not that I'm uh, looking at her, uh, ^EOF - Kevin Fox
Like with house prices, the race to a million is fine, until people actually start looking at the numbers and realize'a million followers' isn't actually worth a million users. I sit and await the Great Twitter Crash of 2010... - Johnny
My prediction is that @aplusk will overtake @cnnbrk at around 10pm EST tonight. - Mike Reynolds
So true, I hope twitter is ready for Oprah mania, I wonder how a lot of the new twitter users would react if they had to experience the great fail whale season of 2008 - Wayne Sutton
@Oprah will overtake @plusk & @cnnbrk within days. Will millions of new @Oprah fans dominate the conversations on Twitter? - Steve Levin
So Oprah joins Twitter and promotes it. A whole slew of new people comes and sign up... then what? Without a form of 'education', there is going to be a lot of passive users, or worse for Twitter, a lot of people seeing the novelty in following celebs then once it wears off, never coming back. The success of this relies on the explanation and demonstration of it tomorrow on the show. Let's all pray for no fail whales... - Johnny
Here, and in Twitter, I'm always more interested in content, than people. As for celebs, I generally find them very uninteresting. - Ian May
The celebs are almost all PAINFULLY annoying to follow or read tweets from, but the herds still follow, I don't get it. I guess the herds are... still herds. - Kemp Edmonds from twhirl
Kemp: mmmmmmmmoooooooooooo!!! - Robert Scoble
I use Twitter and FriendFeed for useful information only...if I want to know or hear from celebs I'll watch Entertainment Tonight! - Bonnie Foster
Celebs claiming this is the power of social media. Such obvious nonsense: it's the power of big media. - Michael Krigsman
Jeremiah, I need a shoulder to cry on - Jesse Stay
What makes me sad is that, given Johnny's thoughtful sentiments above, it seems likely that a lot of people will be "meh, this social media stuff is BORING" and then be deterred from checking out more interesting apps like FF in the future. Bummer. - Adam Lasnik
Scoble: No not you too please NOOOOOOOO! - Kemp Edmonds
@aplusk's account now shows 1,963,812 followers. Suddenly up by 1M or so. What gives? - Mike Reynolds
Final moments until @aplusk overtakes @cnnbrk - any minute now - follow live at - Mike Reynolds
We are at least safe here. The celebrities wouldn't move in to FriendFeed! - Seth Greenblatt
Yes, welcome to Asocial Media! - AJ Kohn
whatsa whosa @aplusk? - BEX
The celeb influx on Twitter proves that it's all about who you follow. If you don't follow them, then no problem. Your experience is largely unchanged. - Jared Smith
+1 Jared. - Hutch Carpenter
Scoble is king of FriendFeed. Better kingdom; better king. - Mark Traphagen
Just read the Reuters article that quoted you - John E. Bredehoft
Its a sad day for Twitter. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Jesse Stay
Twitter's worst nightmare right now: "FriendFeed" is the top trending topic.
And rightfully so, this is working very well for me. - Jeremy Kunz
No surprise there, think it will continue like that for a while! Must remember to turn off my Friendfeed to Twitter sync for a while. - Ed Richardson
IMO it's moving too fast right now (the live updates) for anyone on Twitter to like it, even with lists - Jesse Stay
@Jesse why nightmare? twitter and ff should work together for best of both which they would do if they weren't competing - i like both but use twitter mostly, would like the added functionality of ff discussion with twitter simplicity. - ernie yacub
Jesse Stay
Another suggestion on the new real-time updates on FriendFeed. Give me keyboard shortcuts to pause the feed. Using my mouse is too slow in a fast-moving feed.
Good call. - Daniel Brusilovsky
I think the question is - are you a typical FF user or an edge case? - Dave Hodson
Dave, I think I'm an edge case, but the "typical user", IMO will be driven away by the fast speed of these updates. All they'll see is me, or Scoble, or the highly active users, not their real friends they subscribe to. - Jesse Stay
Jesse - or maybe FF adds an option to "show less" Scoble - Dave Hodson
Carlos Granier-Phelps
Circuit City looking like a huge bazaar -
Circuit City looking like a huge bazaar
Robert Scoble
Nine ways Twitter could make money:
1. Look for affiliate revenues - Robert Scoble
2. Exploit the spaces between content - Robert Scoble
3. Adopt a freemium model - Robert Scoble
4. Add Virtual Goods - Robert Scoble
5. Get recurring revenue, er, find a way to charge for subscriptions. - Robert Scoble
6. If you’re going to do advertising, get into creating ads that are viral and interactive. - Robert Scoble
7. Create “frequent tweeting” programs - Robert Scoble
8. Look for support, or tips, from your users. - Robert Scoble
9. Get outside your website. Try to sell schwag. Do events. Etc. - Robert Scoble
Pro features at some point would be nice. An enterprise version could work as well. - Mike Fruchter
Inserting geo-targetted ads on Tweets. - Mike Fruchter
Got any others? - Robert Scoble
what about truncated, collapsable/expandable threading? - David Lloyd
And maybe "Nine ways Friendfeed could make money" hehe - David Lloyd
Twitter should license their technology to companies for intranets. - Michael Gaines
TweetSense. Ad Tweets served BY Twitter, who has the best idea of your Tweet volume and subject matter. Lowest hanging fruit, contextual ads on the Twitter Search page. - AJ Kohn
What about platform support via dev tools? Encourage the ecosystem and make money at the same time? (Apologies, Robert, I replied on Twitter first.) - Tim Beyers
10. add premium support for app developers. - Darren Stuart
Considering they have had 100% uptime for a few months, you have to think stability is fine now and they have their engineers beavering away on new features. Of course digg has 80 engineers and hardly ever seems to launch anything :p - David Lloyd
Thanks for this article Robert - bcultral
11. sell inhouse or managed solutions to companies for their own uses internally and sell federation CAL's so they can connect the internal solution to the wider twitter network so that specific users can tweet to the public. - alphaxion
Sell the entire background page to brands by the hour/day with some of the area being made available for discounts/offers. (You need something to benefit users too, not just Twitter.) ;-p - mtlb
I'm a little scared of the day all these FREE Social Networking sites CLOSE THE DOOR ON FREE, with all my data inside. - PaulFrankRizzo
good point..what is the answer Robert? - bcultral
Paul: I don't think free is going away. But I sure would pay for decent DM features, for instance. Lots of companies would pay for custom skinning features. - Robert Scoble
By following a brand's advertising account you consent to receiving ads from them. Add some profiling info to this and it could be a powerful tool to receive adverts on a users terms. - John Galpin
7.1> Post ad-tweets every half an hour from twitter account, which every twitter user will follow by default (have to follow by default). Make changes to API, so that people can't work around it and dodge this tweet. - | Balu |
Create daily reports for similar types of tweets and licence that data to various companies, this will be user generated marketing report. - Shanthala Balagopal
Chris: in that case I hope they do all nine! Just kidding, but, seriously, these sites need to find a way to make some revenues or they'll go away. If you don't want them to find a revenue model you are NOT a good user of these systems. - Robert Scoble
ugh, can we please look at ways for twitter to make money without resorting to adverts? I'm pretty sure there's loads of ways, I've mentioned the one I have been bleeting on about for months now. How about you? Can you come up with ways to make money without going cap in hand to advertisers? - alphaxion
Phase 1: Twitter Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit! - Alastair Montgomery
alphaxion: most of these are not about advertising. - Robert Scoble
Every local government needs to be on twitter, on their own twitter - and so does every state and federal government, police and emergency service - operated privately and 'independently' from the main twitter stream. - Chris Loft
care to comment about Obama and his 8 million strong email database taken into the Govt side? I am a community organizer and feel that email list belongs to the people - bcultral
Create a premium 'breaking news' service from data mining existing content and sell it to the old media. - Andrew Leyden
apart from 6 ;) Tho I'm addressing the others who are commenting rather than your suggestions. Trying to tease a bit of creative thinking out of people. I think it is a very healthy activity to get people working on ideas for how to make money and excluding the advertisers at the same time. - alphaxion
Chris: friendfeed has the same business model choices ahead of them to make too. - Robert Scoble
Selling my email address is NOT a way to make money. People will lose faith and/or start using phony emails for signups. - Michael Gaines
Alphaxion: #6 is actually about Context Optional, a company that creates very creative, viral ads. If you're going to do ads, that's the way to do it. - Robert Scoble
squeeze the advertisers...users should not have to pay for service ..other then paying to put up with advertisers and regulating and demanding subtlety - bcultral
Chris: hah! Actually most of the dating services are going to free models so they'll need to use some of these 9 too. - Robert Scoble
Robin: problem is that advertisers are going away. TechCrunch is hearing that this year could see some sites have 50% fewer ad revenues than before. So, you'll see more sites use these nine business models on you. - Robert Scoble
point taken - bcultral
How many users on FF at this point? - bravestface
Have Twitter subscribers pick a few products to "endorse", and have ads with their Twitter names attached to them. Then, give those users a discount based on # of clicks. - Michael Gaines
Robert: not forgetting that comps can simply sing up with an account and tweet updates from there, which is where inhouse and federation can be handy. New version release? An auto tweet to the public can be done - alphaxion
Chris: adsense is shit. Pays low CPMs. HotorNot makes $10 by selling virtual flowers. I'd love to be able to put a flower on your comments. Or something else. :-) - Robert Scoble
Turn "following" into a Multi-Level Marketing pyramid! - Rick Tuttle
very interesting discussion, robert. thank you! after 2 months of running Magpie (, I can resume that #2 from your list works really well for both tweeps (they earn) and advertisers. - Jan Schulz-Hofen
the sale of commercial API keys so that software such as starteam or sourceforge could tweet out info automatically based on trigger events to both private and public twitter networks. - alphaxion
:) - bcultral
Charge for Groups feature ala Yammer - Sajida Hina Khan
They should Plax-ify Twitter and create a premium service to share and update full contact details between followers. - matt howard
Rick: I thought following already was a multi-level marketing pyramid! You should have seen my son on Sunday when we were on Leo Laporte's show. He told his 2,000 live listeners that they had to follow my son. He got 100 new followers in a couple of minutes. - Robert Scoble
I think you forgot data mining (which links directly into advertising model, and buzz campaign monitoring). In a nutshell they should have a look at us ;-) (heck, we already do #2 and what I mentionned above!) - twitscoop
bravestface: there are about 250,000 registered users of friendfeed (it's a guess based on available data). - Robert Scoble
If you're a company trying sell/advertise via Twitter...I would expect them to pay. That way it doesn't piss off your standard user. The key is charging less than other competing PR firms. - CannonGod
How about a search engine. Soon there will be so many people and companies on Twitter (and similar sites) that people will want to search for those like they do for web sites. It's already frustrating trying to find people now as the current search is very limited. Add to that a similar model to AdWords that could generate money. Would be interested to see what other people think of this idea! - Joanna Butler
Joanna: has tons of places to monetize. I'd pay $5 a month to be listed on top or have a "pro" icon next to my name, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Chris: there are quite a few that I don't even track. Hi-5, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Emphasis on 'could' - AJ Kohn
Robert: I'm with you on that! Once companies are using Twitter, they'd easily see the benefits of a pro listing. I have several clients who'd at least be willing to experiment that. - Joanna Butler
The key is for Twitter to charge advertisers and not users. For example, they could make a mint by placing sidebar ads (a la FB) and justifying $ rates relative to the most popular people followed - such as you, @LeoLaporte, @guykawasaki, oh, and 'That One.' - Jim Mitchem
@jim they would make orders of magnitudes more by selling their software, support of the software and access to their software instead of limiting themselves so badly with conventional advertising. - alphaxion
If you tell Toyota or Coke that their constituency is online with Twitter and they're following specific people, or trending topics - you know they'd pay through the nose for those precious few seconds. It's push vs. pull. - Jim Mitchem
@chris - that's cool, just don't snort coke and drive Trish in a Toyota concurrently. - Jim Mitchem
@chris their software is a product they can sell, the userbase is a compelling feature of that product.. "pay for our commerical API to add twitter support to your product and add the ability of your customers to share their going-ons with the network and stoke demand and interest"... - alphaxion
Chris: exactly. Done right, who wouldn't pay? - Joanna Butler
What's the source of the current online culture of entitlement? Users don't want paid subscriptions nor to suffer ads. The same view that powers online piracy. Shouldn't creative professionals and those who fund them be compensated? If not, there will eventually be a big drop in production. Ps- few companies even use internal IM or digital BBS to share institutional knowledge, I don't see enterprise Twitted as being very lucrative. - Colin Hessel
I pay for reliability and accountability - a free service owes me nothing, they can lose my data overnight, be unavailable whenever, disappear. A service I pay for comes with an SLA, some guarantees, etc. Plus, if you don't pay for it, or donate to it, one day it will be gone and you might feel sorry. - Iphigenie
I would pay for additional features = pro account (stability, groups, counter, threads etc in one interface)... but I am just an ordinary user... - Hanna Wiszniewska
ok, so maybe Toyota was a bad example - Jim Mitchem
enterprise version already exists look at - Andrew Mueller
Great ideas Robert. Twitter execs will appreciate it but I still think no business model will exist until they are acquired. - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
yes, i think acquisition was their business model - but the economic crisis did dash hopes of a gold-plated one so they are thinking about value added services now (through the buy-in of sandy it seems "concierge" style message parsing is one option they are looking at. If you can buy, book, plan, coordinate things semi automatically via twitter there is value in there) - Iphigenie
content partnerships, - imran
Following on from the discussion re FF UI - this discussion shows a BIG issue - I had to expand 95 comments to see Robert's original 9 (and was that the best way to publish the list?) and now I can't compress them! - Mark Warren
Mark: if you refresh the page they will be compressed again. - Robert Scoble
At the very least, show Google Ads on search - Varun Mahajan
I like the idea of selling aspects of the API as a SaaS. Also think they could very easily start charging consumers for Track and SMS. - Clay Newton
They would do well to add the ability to do very robust data mining. You can imagine providing a set of business intelligence dashboards to track and analyze customer sentiment as well as real time trend analysis. - Clay Newton
Virtual goods are a really solid idea as well. Look at what they are doing at Mahalo Answers. Mixes virtual $$ and real $. Twitter could easily implement a number of different levels here. They could also open up the API to provide even greater levels of functionality for app developers, essentially building a tiny-app framework. - Clay Newton
tony: you then get into the murkey problem of is it their data? By the same standard your ISP could sell their data on your usage. Is it ethical and would your customer base accept it? - alphaxion
I just posted the Social Networking Monetization Golden Goose idea yesterday at - Gail Gardner
@alphaxion - Advertisers will always be in the mix and are inevitable, they should do just in a way that doesn’t interfere with individual tweets/updates. Unless Twitter has an endless supply of financing, they’ll have to go to outside sources, (like subscribers/advertisers). I don’t see Twitter though offering so much value as to make it worth paying for. Not enough features. ( has its insider pay service and still runs a ton of ads on the site, so having one rev. stream doesn’t eliminate another.) - mtlb
Someone also mentioned a pay service for exclusive/breaking news on Twitter. First, I have Drudge for breaking news, but more importantly, part of the appeal of Twitter is that people like to feel they broke the news themselves. Why should Twitter or a select few decide what's breaking and what’s not and exclude the rest of the users from contributing to that? - mtlb
I would pay good money for the ability to punch people over the internet. - stretta
Make people pay to block other users! They'll get rich. - Rae21
I was reading this long list of comments and then the system did its hiccup/update thing and it all went away and I had to spend time looking for the damn thread again. Freaking annoying! - Rae21
@twitscoop Twitter data mining (strangely over looked) seems less like a business model then and more like a feature of the social network: transforming the data flow of one's social graph into usable information is why we stick around in the first place. Oh, I guess that does count as a business model. - Brad Kligerman
I've noticed a couple companies contacting me directly via Twitter when I have made noise about their products. Obviously, people say a lot of things on Twitter about products they use... I agree with Patrick Pushor; "develop tools for professional/advanced use of twitter and charge for that level of service". Twitter should send a rep. to companies to show them how to use Twitter to improve their own products and service, by using Twitter Search to find out what consumers are saying about their products. - Colleen
I wrote an article about twitter's fundamental problem yesterday. Essentially, all communication networks move toward being free. - Zach Landes
Robert Scoble
Interesting blog about what's wrong with friendfeed's interface -
Interesting blog about what's wrong with friendfeed's interface
Joshua Porter does an awesome job here of explaining what's wrong with friendfeed's UI. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
I disagree with almost every one of those suggestions. [edit] I'd prefer more, not less on the page. This person doesn't use hide much I guess. Likes allow me to find other people, white space is always appreciated and comments are value added. Again, don't like a title, hide it. It's just not that hard. - AJ Kohn
AJ: why? - Robert Scoble
The interface I never knew I wanted - but I totally do. Some really great points in there. - Shawn Farner
+1 AJ. The first suggestion might be valid but others... no, no and no. - Tapio Kulmala
@Robert: I'd be okay with the ability to select how many items showed up on the page (default to 5 for newbies), but forcing it at 5. No thanks. I prefer scrolling to clicking by page, particularly with the speed in which things change on FF. White space is necessary to ensure you CAN scan the page. And comments is where the gold is. This interface would essentially reduce it to a one line Title interface, right? - AJ Kohn
GreaseMonkey does have a script that allows you to filter by content, so I think that is a great idea to already have it in FF. However, the other three opinions, I don't agree with, like the others. You don't care if someone you don't know liked something? The great thing about "Like" is that people that is subscribed to this person can view your content, so you get more exposure. Why wouldn't you want this? - Shevonne
If they had everything in a single line, the vertical scrolling would be ridiculous. Maybe FF can have an option for people to hide comments, and click a link to show them, if they prefer. Maybe something similar to the WP FriendFeed plugin. - Shevonne
It appears he wants to use FF primarily as a news/info feed from select people with no commentary. I thought part of the allure off FF was the social commentary. And it always annoys me when people are so dismissive about seeing stuff from people other than the ones they've personally selected. Seems rather snooty. - rønin
saeba - snooty? I see it as a headache bypass. There are some people that are a huge pain in the head to read on a regular basis and are out there posting as much as possible. I personally do not want to subject my head to that. Snooty, not at all. - Renee Hendricks
Most of the things he doesn't like are things that make FF good. For example, showing a few comments can generate interest in the entry even if the title is uninteresting. Finding new people partially comes from being able to see the full list of who liked the entry. I have to agree with the weighting problem though, I complained about that the first week. - xero
Interesting observations, although I don't feel there's any major problems with the FriendFeed UI. Although that's just my 2p. - Tyson Key
"Randomness helps us discover. It can create interest. It can lead to intent." - AJ Kohn
@Susanne Isn't that what hide is for? - rønin
saeba - I was just commenting on the "snooty" part. I'm very low on the "read me I'm popular" end of things and yet I find it necessary to hide a lot of Friends of stuff. Does it make me snooty? Hardly. Makes me headache free :D But, yes, that's what hide is for. - Renee Hendricks
This from a guy that seemingly has never commented on any post other than his own and has made no (or few) direct FF posts. I somehow think he is missing something in the credibility department. - Brian Sullivan
site is down. I didn't do it. - Josh Haley
Went to read post and got this message "Error establishing a database connection". Worked when pressing Gray's links below. - B2B Specialist
Every suggestion is bunk -- this is clearly not a serious user. Friend names *should* be the top item (this is, ahem, friend-feed). I do care who likes what -- I get to know people that way. A single line entry would be Google Reader -- thanks, I already have that option. Finally, if a title doesn't intrigue me, very often the comments do. +1 saeba, +1 xero - Christopher Galtenberg
I really like the fact that FF shows you who liked what. If pure scannability is what you are after then just read FF from an RSS reader. - barce
What barce said +1. Scanability is *not* the point of the main page. Social engagement is. - Christopher Galtenberg
OK, link works now, and now I can comment on it. Mr. Porter, FriendFeed is not a feed reader. It allows the import of a bunch of feeds and could be used that way, but as you point out, the interface is not designed with that in mind foremost. The killer app of FriendFeed is that it is a centralized, customizable place to have conversations about almost any content. Trying to make FriendFeed like Google Reader (my assumption based on your post) will change the dynamic of what I believe is this killer app. - Josh Haley
There are two major problems with Implementing his suggestions 1. Cluttered screen. 2. Increased need for mouse clicks to get to content. It should be go through serious testing before knowing which approach will give a better experience. - Amit Morson
While I don't care for his suggestions personally, when I couple his ideas with Louis Gray's "Lite" idea, I think he's really on to something. If you want to go the "Lite" route, keep the initial interface as simple as possible, then let the user discover all of the features of the FriendFeed we know and love. Oh, you can see who liked this item? And you can see comments? And you can see things from friends of friends? Joshua is NOT using FriendFeed incorrectly; he's using it the way he wants to use it. - Ontario Emperor
title here should read: "Uninteresting blog about what's right with friendfeed's interface". Sorry, Robert stop pumping links simply because you were mentioned in it. AJ nailed it in the second comment. Up next for this thread, what the author of this blog should learn to do on FF. HIDE. - Carlos Ayala
This would be a cool little tweak - make links open in a 'new' tab. - Jim Mitchem
I've solved most of the problems Joshua mentions by processing Friendfeed friend, room, list and search feeds through Google Reader. And I can absolutely guaranteee you that, using the GR interface, I can run circles around anyone using the FF interface in terms of grokking all the new FF activity in the areas of greatest interest to me (or any areas). Lightning-fast scanning and... more... - Sean McBride
Carlos, let's say that you put me behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car. Before I can drive the thing, I have to make a number of changes to the car to simplify it - "hide" this control, "hide" that control, etc. For newbie car drivers like me, why not come up with a model that's like a Honda Accord? If people insist that I'm using the NASCAR car incorrectly, then I'm not going to drive it at all - which is why more people use Twitter than FriendFeed. The firehose is not for everyone. - Ontario Emperor
Sean, could you post a screenshot of your FriendFeed/GReader-based scanning solution? - Ontario Emperor
From a user interface standpoint, hiding items strikes me as extremely wrong. Not smart. Not efficient. I want to see the information that is most valuable to me with the least possible effort. - Sean McBride
I wouldn't want a bunch of line items as if I'm reading email. I like seeing the comments and who has liked it. That is what makes me give an item with maybe a boring title another chance. One thing I would like is if my or my friends comments stood out a little better. - Yolanda
Ontario: a single screenshot wouldn't capture my Google Reader view on Friendfeed. Anyone here can try this simple experiment: create a Friendfeed folder in GR, and add a few FF friend, room, list and search feeds. Be sure to include feeds for FriendFeedLinks, FFholic Most Discussed and Best of Day. You'll be able to rip through hundreds of items with the greatest of speed and... more... - Sean McBride
Sean, assuming the interface isn't omniscient, wouldn't the bare-bones case require you to add sources of information? And isn't that something users would be much less likely to do than Hide? I think the hide-based paradigm, while counter-intuitive, is more likely to lead to the success which is having just the right amount of feeds. - Christopher Galtenberg
+1 Barce - yeah if the guy wants an RSS-feed pure list of his friends' content, just pull his feed it into Google Reader via RSS... then he can scan headlines all he wants, and he doesn't have to care about likes or comments... - Nathan Chase
Christopher - you are correct that it takes a bit of effort to add FF feeds to GR, and probably requires more skill with feed management than most net users possess. We need a slick interface to expedite the process. But try this: go to Best of Day and click on the RSS icon in the address bar. If you are already a GR user, you will be served up a... more... - Sean McBride
I discovered this post through GR, by the way. - Sean McBride
I also use a Twitter folder in FF to cut through all the noise. From my bird's-eye view, FF and Twitter are just bundles of easily manipulable feeds. - Sean McBride
Sean, that's actually a pretty brilliant idea, cause I always forget to check the "best of the day", so it would make for a good "news feed" to check, since most of the posts are important news/articles, or at the very least, important memes/social conversations among FF users - Nathan Chase
Nathan: in my FF folder in GR I place FriendFeedLinks in the number one slot; FFholic Most Discussed in the second slot; and Best of Day in the third slot. It takes me less than five minutes a day to identify the most important new posts on FF as a whole. If I were unable to create this interface, I wouldn't bother using FF at all -- it would be a serious waste of time. - Sean McBride
Sean: I'm subscribing to you based purely on my respect for your l33t news-reading skillz - Nathan Chase
More: I find the posts of certain FF users to be exceptionally valuable, like Anthony Citrano, Meryn Stoll, Paul Buchheit and Louis Gray. From my GR view, I can quickly see that user X has posted *number new posts. I can then click on a user's feed, scan the headings of all their new posts, and zoom in on the posts that strike me as most interesting. Viewing all their items as a single list/group gives me a much better conceptual understanding of their posts, without wading through torrents of noise. - Sean McBride
More: my FF and Twitter folders in GR are nicely integrated with many other folders, all of which are prioritized by importance. I manage all these feeds under a single interface. My lead folder is Top 10 Feeds, and includes BreakingNewsOn, CNET News, FriendFeedLinks, Lifehacker, NYT - Breaking News, NYT - Technology, Slashdot, Yahoo! News: Mideast Conflict, Yahoo! News: Technology and Yahoo! News: Top Stories. - Sean McBride
Sean - I'll bet your desk is clean too. - Scott Maentz
Nathan - I've been strongly interested in optimizing my news-reading flow for several years now. This current setup that I've described is the best method for news reading I've discovered to date. - Sean McBride
Scott - minimizing to the max, getting rid of clutter, streamlining, more bang for the buck, etc. is almost a religion for me. :) That is why I fell in love with the Google aesthetic from the first week that Google was released to the world. - Sean McBride
Gabe - if I am in the middle of a hot discussion on FF, I simply click on to read and respond to the latest comments in near real time. But 95% of the really valuable posts on FF are captured in GR soon enough. - Sean McBride
Sean - More power to you! I also love Google products and use them as exclusively as possible. - Scott Maentz
I neglected to mention a key point: ALL the items of interest in ALL my feeds (including Friendfeed and Twitter) are easily searchable and retrievable from a single user interface: Google Reader. And if you star items of interest as you scan and read them, the search space is significantly narrowed. And I can forward any of these items as email, and tag them. What's not to like? - Sean McBride
For all people who are noting that Google Reader items do not appear in realtime, it should be noted that most FriendFeed shares don't make it to the FriendFeed UI in realtime either. So it doesn't sound like you're losing much by using Google Reader as your FriendFeed interface. I'll experiment with Sean's system a bit and see what I think about it. - Ontario Emperor
I would hate that interface. I don't agree with any of it. I love FoaF and if I don't want stuff from a certain user, I hide them. If I don't want a service showing up, I hide it. - Mattie Kenny
The basic Friendfeed user interface is like logrolling or birling: I'll wager that most new users lose their balance quickly and fall off the log. I am a speed reader, and can absorb huge flows of text easily, but I can't begin to get a handle on the FF flow from the main page -- it's mostly random chaos. Surely this interface issue will continue to be a major obstacle to achieving... more... - Sean McBride
Gabe - check out the FriendFeedLinks feed Is it really important to see these items in real time? They are valuable to me within 24 hours or a week. The more one is distracted by trivial posts, the less one has time to focus on important posts. - Sean McBride
I know this is a plug for my own code, but (demo at can be seen in the iframe on the right at tries to address such problems. Not exactly the *same* problems [and it shows my discussion stream (comments+likes) and not my "what's new" stream], but the code is there, and it's easy to add features. Feel free to use this with your own user name (e.g. as an iframe. - ĎÚβĨŐÚŚ Dod
Ontario - try this experiment: add the feeds for your five favorite friends to a Google Reader Friendfeed folder. I think you will find that you will be able to track their new posts with much greater speed and ease than from Friendfeed. One is not equally interested in all the posts from one's favorite friends: GR makes it possible to find the most interesting posts with a quick scan down the list. - Sean McBride
Dod: intriguing FF interface. But no features for starring, tagging, sharing, emailing, prioritizing and searching. Yes? No? - Sean McBride
Some interesting comments but I don't agree with all. E.g. it's sometimes interesting to see who has "liked" a post as that might be someone I want to follow. However I do think there should be more options for hiding or compressing content as you choose - Mark Warren
I'm pretty happy with the interface as it is. In fact, I think when you compare it to other social networking/sharing services like twitter,, facebook, linkedin, etc... I think it wins hands down. The issues Joshua highlights seem trivial to me, and his recommendations might make the service less useful as Mattie noted above. - Jim #teamFFrank
I agree with the disagreers here. He obviously just wants a gReader with a Gmail UI and links to a (probably mostly unused) commenting feature (to put it bluntly..). - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
@Sean persistent storage of MyFF is friendfeed itself, and the only way to change its content would be via posts, comments and likes. | I *could* keep some external info in a database at the app's server, but this would require user-auth, backups, etc. and spoil the "zero-admin" fun. | Search I can [and should] do, so you'd "tag" by saying [e.g.] tag-widget (like I just did) and then search for it. | An "item to top" cheat is to delete and re-add one of my own comments (only works for discussion feed) - ĎÚβĨŐÚŚ Dod
An interesting list, but I'm sure if those changes were made that new ones would spring up. The 100% perfect interface will never likely come. - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
Maybe FF could allow people to Hide parts of the interface. - Christopher Galtenberg
I responded on josh's blog. He's a smart guy who actually did the first iteration of Grazr's home page. Unfortunately the problem is not the interface. It's what *is* friendfeed. He starts the argument with a supposition of what it is, and that's *not* what FriendFeed is to me (or I gather a lot of other people). - mikepk
That certainly got the discussion going. What this tells me is that there needs to be several (three would be the best number) different pre-configured default types of FF that are easy to find for new users. Provide an icon in the left sidebar that goes to a page that offers the three options with descriptions on how each benefits users. Then let them easily toggle between them so they can pick what they like best without having to know how to alter defaults or know anything more. - Gail Gardner
@Strategist, that's one way to approach it, but it dillutes your efforts. It also makes the interface more confusing, not less for initial users. It also means you have to figure out what the default is, as a large percentage of people will never explore beyond a default configuration. Everything has a tradeoff. - mikepk
choice is good,..but too much choice is bad. regarding the OP i disagree completely with all of his "ideas". i def want to see who liked what. i often feel interested in ppl that like things based on topics. all this screen estate talk bash is silly too. the way FF is structured right now makes it possible for each topic to look the same no matter how much text it contains aso. what i would like to see improved is comment rating as @DIGG and filtering. its essential to sort out spammers. - Chris Hofmann
The post was obviously satire, since he titled it "modest" suggestions for updating FriendFeed, and because his suggestions are clearly chosen to be shocking and wrong. - Joshua Allen
Dod - there is a great deal of FF material sitting on Google's servers now, and easily accessible through GR's search interface. In fact, material that has been deleted from FF is still available on GR. - Sean McBride
Joshua, I'm assuming that comment was intended to be saitire. :) I've met josh, I think his suggestions where legit, although it may have been to just spark conversation. - mikepk
Another intriguing data point, Josh's blog has 17 comments at the moment. On FriendFeed this share has way more than that and is "liked by over 100 people. So again, what is the *purpose* of FriendFeed, what *is* it. That is the hard question. - mikepk
"So again, what is the *purpose* of FriendFeed, what *is* it. That is the hard question." - Is it? "History" is full of examples of products that were created for one purpose, but were more useful doing something else. FF started as an RSS aggregator - it's evolving based on how we use it. - John Craft
FF is a powerful vortex that is going to suck in all the blog commentary in the world. :) Maybe not too much an exaggeration. The interface as its stands blows away all the blog comment interfaces out there, in my opinion. - Sean McBride
@mikepk: I wouldn't be so sure. I subscribe to Josh's blog as well, but the usage of the word "modest" in a proposal hearkens back to Swift's famous "modest proposal". He left some big red flags in there, like pretending to forget that people have mouse wheels. - Joshua Allen
Yes, all SM is in a major state of flux. And perhaps it will always be that way. Making *it* whatever *you* want *it* to be. - Jim Mitchem
Thanks for the comments on my post, everyone. I should have made it more clear that I'm not suggesting Friendfeed get rid of its social features...that would reduce the service to a mere feed reader. I completely agree that those features help make FF what it is. What I am suggesting is that in the current design I think they could be presented more efficiently, and as a result I find it hard to scan to find good content quickly. - Joshua Porter
Yes, it is a hard question. If its use is evolving, and it's not based on it's initial conception (which, you're right, is the norm rather than the exception) then answering that question in the contest of trying to make interface design decisions *is* excruciatingly difficult. you're left with a) leave it alone and allow the evolution to continue b) try to formulate what it is to give users a better experience of *that*. Scoble and Josh have a different use pattern than I do, and probably you do. - mikepk
"answering that question in the contest of trying to make interface design decisions *is* excruciatingly difficult." - I think the answer is to make the interface more configurable. Create your own style in the same way you create a WordPress theme or a date format - using defined components, and styling them individually. - John Craft
John, but the more configurable you make it, the more confusing it becomes for users. I've been at this for almost three years now. It's counter-intuitive but the more options you give someone to tailor their experience the more likely they are to choose *none of the above*. Simplicity suffers greatly when you can't answer that fundamental question of what you *are*. - mikepk
Again - as with any media, it is what YOU make it. Except of course if you subscribe to cable, in which case you get what they give you and pay for it through the nose. My point is that if the medium is in place, and it's pliable, we each use it to our individual preferences. That's why FF will not ever go away - but continue to morph into a highly user-friendly interface that will continue to attract users because of its concatenation/aggregation features. Duh. ;) - Jim Mitchem
Here's a simple thought experiment, imagine a poll of the people commenting in this tread "what's the one user interface change you would make that would most improve your experience of FriendFeed". If you didn't get 100 different answers I'd be surprised. That's the hard part. - mikepk
imo, the point of Josh's post is that for the casual observer, FF looks intimidating. As frivolous as it sounds, 'Appearance' and how the UI is organized *is the most important touchpoint* for the consumer. As it stands now, many just don't have the time nor the inclination to tackle the steep learning curve FF requires--there are just too many demands on attention online. Another barrier to entry, which Josh didnt raise, are the confusing account settings which could be better described w/bubble help. - Lee Hsieh
"the more configurable you make it, the more confusing it becomes for users." True - but with a "standard" format (like this one), or a few to choose from, it doesn't have to be. Let new users start with something pre-determined, then migrate to their own custom skin if/when they're ready. - John Craft
Having FoAF defaulted does seem to cause confusion - though it helped me, personally. But if a person is too lazy to scroll, that's not FriendFeed's problem. Sometimes the headline is irrelevant, but the convo contains more valuable information. If I wanted to see headlines from pre-selected people, I would go to Twitter. - Mona Nomura
Lee, good point. There are a lot of competing requirements. Further complicating these kinds of discussions are things like the initial user experience. It's like a variant of the old engineering adage, you can have it intuitive and simple, powerful, or efficient but you can only pick two to optimize. :) - mikepk
Here's something 'right' about FF UI, the 'open in mini-window' live stream. Very cool. - Jim Mitchem
For those who caught Sean McBride's comments earlier about using Google Reader to find interesting FriendFeed content, I *did* give it a try and have taken a couple of screen shots. 1 of 2 (with associated discussion) - Ontario Emperor
2 of 2 (again with associated discussion) - Ontario Emperor
And, as Sean noted, such a system is purported to help you locate things easier. So if you're now interested in Yolanda's item (the one at the bottom), it's here. - Ontario Emperor
I don't know why people are interested in making FF a walled garden. FF remains one of the most enjoyable means of content discovery for me. I think it's something less without FOAF. I would make it a toggle feature on account creation, but not remove it. I'm constantly finding relevant new people through the feature. I think the interface is the strong point - FF is not Google Reader or Gmail - as it's conversation oriented, hence long threads (though for people wanting aggregation *only*, I see the point) - Mo Kargas
Ontario - nice work on the screenshots. Do you notice now that you can view comments and likes from GR? And that it usually takes no more clicks to uncompress comments for the original FF page from GR than from FF itself? One click on "*number more comments" in GR will drop you into the middle of the discussion stream on Friendfeed, with all comments uncompressed. - Sean McBride
Hmm... quickly glancing at my GR subscriptions list I see 2 new posts from Patricia, 1 new post from Paul Buchheit, 2 new posts from Veselka, 24 new posts from Dave Winer, etc. A few clicks exposed the lists of new items to view, and I found six items worth clicking through to. All now marked as read, and no need to see again. That was really fast. Knowledge garnered. Desk cleared. - Sean McBride
So he just wants to turn it into filtered feed reader where only the A-list really gets a look in? What utter bollocks. The strength of FriendFeed is in its social interaction and sharing across the service. Note to Paul Buchheit: please don't do any of these. - Duncan Riley
@duncan: sounds like you're saying that he's missing the "friend" part of FriendFeed... - .LAG liked that
This entry had so many comments it would open up in the home feed btw - Tyler (Chacha)
You can't review history... just too much of it has happened. What this type of medium is going to become is a way to take stuff that interests you, and is currently happening, and being fine if you miss some of it - Tyler (Chacha)
I love the fact that Friendfeed will take the 'likes' of people I subscribe to and give them to me, 435 people can't cover/write/create it all. - Tyler (Chacha)
now we can see who's really on FF - Donovan Slennon
+1 Matthew. I like the fire hoseness of FF. The other great function is to zero in on one friend and see what he/she is up to. That was probably the original intention. The social media blast is a cool side benefit. - Seth Gottlieb
@mikepk dilutes how? I agree that most never change the defaults and get confused which is precisely why I suggest that we offer new users a choice of three "views" with suggestions based on how they want to use FF. - Gail Gardner
@Chris Hofmann Yes, too many choices cause indecision. That is why it needs to be two or at most three and there has to be a VERY simple suggestion on which someone should pick. Otherwise some won't do anything. - Gail Gardner
Ok... I'm not trying to be snippy - and I think discussing how to make FF better is great... but for the love of (name your deity) can we stop the friggin' navel gazing. Things evolve... let's give it some time to do that and stop posting on this thread... jeeeezzzzzzz - Brian Roy
I didn't entirely agree - I like the layout and seeing comments/likes from new people, too - Sarah Perez
I think Friendfeed would be better off focusing on the functionality over the UI. 3rd parties can deal with changing the UI, but adding functionality like Track/Block can't be done by anyone but FF - Tyler (Chacha)
I'd like to correct that last statement .. Track/Block can't be done 'well' by anyone by FF. Because 3rd parties can do it, but probably FF could do it better - Tyler (Chacha)
what a great time to be a FriendFeed developer -- recent tips from power users like Scoble, Gray, and other interesting tidbits like this one. They have so much input now, I wonder what direction they'll take next? - Pete D
I wish there were a way I could tell FF to give me only the comments of people in my network when there's a huge number like long as we're making a wish list. - Rae21
This entry has so many comments it won't open up without me navigating to its page. Grrr - Tyler (Chacha)
Yeah, Looks like Robert Scoble is a firehose. :) I'm new here. I don't think I'll be friending him. - Rae21
Rae21: that is pretty smart! But I am looking for great items for you. Just build a new list. Call it "noisy asshole" or something like that. Then add me to that list. - Robert Scoble
-1. The name is "FriendFeed", not "Firehose". The people are just as important as the feed. Don't lose that, or the mechanisms which promote discovery of new ppl. - Nick Lothian
Added as a CON for now on the FF PRO vs CON list (for now): - B2B Specialist
Nick just said it right ^ - Christopher Galtenberg
Louis Gray
My wife's blog at got to 30 RSS subscribers in one month. Took me eight after I started mine! She always wins!
My wife's blog did the same thing. - Keith - @tsudo
make that 31 - Duncan Riley
There is serious power in the Mommy blogger network, trust me - Jesse Stay
ted perlmutter
daniela barbosa
Demand That the Services You Use On the Web Give You Data Portability in a Secure Way -
Leo Laporte
Yeah it looks like my Twitter account was hacked and the password and email changed. No stray posts. Yet.
Get hold of them. Quickly. - Roberto Bonini
Oh geez... Did you still have an active session open? - FFing Enigma
WHAT?!?!?! Jeez....did you Super Gen Pass the password? - Live4Emma (L4S)
I've posted a note on my Twitter feed, hopefully it'll make it to the Twitter folk. - Dave Winer
Ouch Leo. Hope Twitter gets that account back to you real-soon-now. - Robert Miller
wow, thats not a good thing... - Bryce Campbell from twhirl
Mine changed while I had an active session going! Change password - orionstarr
Leo got hacked! - orionstarr
I did not fall for the recent Phishing scheme so one of three things has happened, my password was hacked through a flaw in Twitter, one of the many services (NOT twply) that I gave my credentials to has hijacked it, or someone guessed the password. - Leo Laporte
Yep, spam and mlm are going to be a massive problem for Twitter mainly because spammers have a business model and twitter does not, here's an article I wrote on this topic just before Christmas - karl
I figured there would be some good conversation on TWiT regarding the hacks, now even more so. - Matt Mutz
This is not about pfishing.. this is something else - Ian D. Nock
i'll assume you put a strong password on somehow, yes? So that would mean something gave away your password or there was a bored hacker somewhere that zapped you...sorry to hear that.... - Live4Emma (L4S)
That's Harsh. It had to have been Kevin Rose. He knew you were on to him - Marcus Beagley
@Leo - Maybe one of those third party services isn't securely storing your credentials and it was stolen from them. I'm saying that maybe the third party isn't malicious, just careless. - Mitch
uh oh - Veronica
Leo, the Twitter official blog says they reset the passwords on your behalf - David Lloyd
Was Leo using Power Twitter at the time? New App new problem, coincidence? - SkiCat56
Get on the Red Phone and get @ev on the line. I've always knew giving out login credentials to 3rd party apps would lead to this. I like and FF's use of an API key a lot better. - Dave Senior
Twitter needs to say more about what it was.. but my feeling this is something in the infrastructure or through people ... after all, Obama has not used his account for sometime. - Ian D. Nock
And you can bet that no-one messes around with all the apps using that account - Ian D. Nock
Well let's hope they don't make any horrible statements on your behalf about your sexual orientation or organs. :-) - Dave Winer
Twitter should use also something like apikey like ff, password for controlling your account and apikey for getting your content... or something like that :) - tanel
I heard from a reliable twitter account that Bill O'Reily is hot for manflesh.... - Mitch
No self-respecting gay man wants Bill O'Reilly. Not. A. One. - Derrick
Twitter may have reset my password but they haven't told me yet. Maybe they need my email? - Leo Laporte
Not even his "staunch morals"? - Mitch
I bet they wished they had followed Dave's advice about the authentication key thingy xx - David Lloyd
I'm not a celebrity so probably no need to worry, but I changed my password nonetheless. - Herb Hernandez
That's why I don't use 3rd party web services, don't trust any. Also Log-in on using https. - Jay Barcelo
Is Power Twitter one of the culprits??? I might have to uninstall it. - Roberto Bonini
New official blog post says "These accounts were compromised by an individual who hacked into some of the tools our support team uses to help people do things like edit the email address associated with their Twitter account when they can't remember or get stuck" - David Lloyd
Good grief! This is getting ridiculous. - Bill Sodeman
Hey now.. that's not cool. What did Leo ever do to you? Albrecht voices/suspects a hack on Diggnation podcast and now this? - Jamie Wareham
Geez Leo what a pain. I am sorry to hear.... - Rob Cairns
Is nothing sacred anymore? Seriously, Leo's Twitter! - Mike Syrek
Good luck Leo! - Mitchell Tsai
Seems you weren't the only one. - Greg
There's a security hole in some "support pages" used by Twitter admins. Inside job I say. Disgruntled former Twitterite. - Scott Duffy
What's the procedure to get your account back? - David Andrzejewski
is there second email facility for twitter, like gmail does? - marx
Same here, actually. I haven't been able to log in or to reset my password since about 11am today. I did not fall for the phishing attack either. I was using Power Twitter, which I installed yesterday. I can still update Twitter and get my DMs via SMS, but otherwise I'm locked out. Thankfully, there are no stray posts yet on my timeline. I sent Twitter a bug report through their help screen earlier today, but haven't heard back from them yet. - alex de carvalho
Power twitter did NOT affect my account at all. That's just a Firefox add on and it does NOT ask for your password, so I doubt that would be an issue. I think this is more of a pointed attack to go for twitter's management; PR attack. Notice how pointed the accounts are that were hacked -- many *high profile* accounts...that's not a mistake, that was done on purpose. Leo was a victim and I hope they catch that / those jerks! - Susan Beebe
From the most important article published in 2008 (courtesy of Jakob Nielson's Alertbox) "The majority of the workday should be allocated to big blocks of uninterrupted time where any outside influence is banned and you focus on your own priority tasks, one at a time (don't check your email more than once per hour). People who...
Oh, oh, "stay off friendfeed"!!! - Robert Scoble
I really think there is a place for FF and Twitter in the workplace, its just finding the right implementation - Tyler (Chacha)
+100 Scoble :) ADD folks will never swallow that logic! LOL - Susan Beebe
It's a hard habit to break but limiting email checking/writing to 2-3 times a day helps, too. - Dave Ferrick
I believe in shorter blocks of time with short breaks. I subscribe to the Merlin Mann (10+2)*5 idea. And if people want to use FF during their 2 min breaks, let them. It will make them more productive during their 10 mins of work. - April Russo (FForever!)
Howard Rheingold
Principles for a New Media Literacy – Center for Citizen Media -
How we live, work, and govern ourselves in a digital age depends in significant ways on the answers. To get this right, we’ll have to re-think, or at least re-apply, some older cultural norms in distinctly modern ways. These norms are principles as much as practices, and they are now essential for consumers and creators alike. They add up to a twenty-first-century notion of what we once called “media literacy,” which has traditionally all but missed the emerging methods of participation that are becoming such a key element of digital media. - Howard Rheingold
Jyri Engestrom
Teemu's breakdown of Admob's real mobile internet usage stats:
Lee Bryant
What Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers can teach us about interface design -
Brian Solis
briansolis: Conversation Prism: The Language of Human Connections is International - -
Brian Oberkirch
OH: So, like how did you did you become famous on the internet, but like so not famous in real life?
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