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Marcel Weiß
“DRM verhindert keine Piraterie, sondern das Lesen.” -
Dieter Schwarz
fizy / videomusik -
fizy / videomusik
Sehr geil!!! - Dieter Schwarz from Mento
In der Tat. Ich habe fizy gerade als Suchmaschine in Google Chrome hinzugefügt und kann nun per Tastenkürzel "f" einfach in der Adresszeile suchen :-) Danke für den Tipp! - Alexander Ebel
gerne! oft sind die einfachsten dinge die besten! :) - Dieter Schwarz from IM
deineschokoladen - dein Genuss | Kreiere Deine individuelle Schokolade -
Gerade darüber gestolpert. Mach dir deine Schokolade doch selbst. Einfach gut. - Bjoern
Dieter Schwarz
Create Video Playlists and Embed Them Anywhere | Embedr -
Create Video Playlists and Embed Them Anywhere | Embedr
Mattie Kenny
Please change the size of images that are imported with Tumblr entries to the same size as those in FF messages. The thumbnail is annoying and usually ruins the photo.
yes, re-sizing will be helpful - slsrx
was going to say that the tumblr image should be the same size as a entry, but now I see that my feed is RSS feed, not an direct API, and most other ff entries I see for is either a direct ff post or reblogged via tumblr. - JECO Photo
Dieter Schwarz
Marc A Meyer
would be nice to be able to post from the real-time mini window.
Include Twitter reply as well as part of this feature. - Rolf Schewe
you can now Rolf - just click on the bubble and it will expand - Zee.
@Zee - Which bubble? - Kishore Balakrishnan
This sounds like a good idea. - Tyson Key
Bret Taylor
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Offline Gmail -
"Today we're starting to roll out an experimental feature in Gmail Labs that should help fill in those gaps: offline Gmail. So even if you're offline, you can open your web browser, go to, and get to your mail just like you're used to." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
This always irritates me a lot: "We're making offline Gmail available to everyone who uses Gmail in US or UK English over the next couple of days, so if you don't see it under the Labs tab yet, it should be there soon." You guys need to change your push process so things are available when they are announced or at a predictable time so I don't need to keep checking back for 48 hours... - Bret Taylor
Long time coming! Sweet. - Shawn Farner
Woo-hoo! Way cool. But yeah, very disappointing to not have it *right now*. - Richard Chen
@Bret are you suggesting that they roll it out silently, then tell people about it, then switch the feature on for everybody all at once? - Adewale Oshineye
Let's see if Bret still says that once there are 100 gazillion FriendFeed users each with 100 gazillion gigabytes of data. ; ) - DeWitt Clinton
Yes, more or less. (I think it should be available "imminently" or announced after it is actually available - that is what we did for most consumer products at Google). It is really weird to tell your users a feature has "launched" when it is not available to them, and there is no predictable path or timeline to use it. It seems like one could get the feature-turning-on process down below 30 mins or so. - Bret Taylor
DeWitt: I am not saying it is easy, just saying it is worthwhile. - Bret Taylor
I'm going to guess -- with no inside knowledge -- that flipping the bit on the accounts is easy compared with the scaling problem of having those millions of people all downloading all of their email at exactly the same time. But I could be wrong. - DeWitt Clinton
But more to the point: holy crap, offline gmail launched! - DeWitt Clinton
Has Google Reader always had offline support as well? Just noticed the little green online/offline toggle in the upper right menu... - Ken Sheppardson
@Ken: yah, Reader launched with Offline support the day we launched Gears at the fist Google developer conference a year and a half ago. - Bret Taylor
Bret: Nice. I completely missed that. Just installed Gears earlier today to use RTM offline, next thing you know... heh. - Ken Sheppardson
arf... still waiting for it in my labs. - Justin Hart
WARNING: Anyone with access to your computer will be able to read your offline emails, due to the lack of encryption in Gears databases - lautaro
lautaro, true but presumably you should put some kind of protection on your computer in general, lest someone be able to read/delete all the files on your computer. Only use Offline Gmail on computers you can secure or in trusted environments. Treat it like files on your computer. - Kevin Fox
I has it! Woo!! - Nick Humphries
Everyone should have it; if you don't, reload Gmail and it should appear. (That's generally true of everything we do for Labs, fwiw. The fact that you have to turn it on manually counts as a 'slow rollout'.) - Ryan Anderson
@Ryan Anderson Actually not the case. Neither refreshing nor logging out and logging back in again brings the offline feature into my labs choices. - Ben Greenberg
@Ben, sorry, I appear to have misread some mail earlier today, ignore me. - Ryan Anderson
@bret -- it's tough to manage a large number of users enabling offline simultaneously, each downloading thousands of messages/attachments on initial sync. We could do as you suggest, and only announce the feature after the rollout was complete, but that's problematic too (it still wouldn't do much to stagger the initial load, plus the press would break the news before we did, which is confusing for users...). Any ideas? :-) - Todd Jackson
@todd Boarding a long flight at 2pm EST tomorrow and hoping I get the tab to go offline before then. Hint... hint.... :) - Christopher Sacca
Todd: Re "Any ideas", absolutely... let users know when they can expect to have the functionality enabled on their account. You could either use the Cable Installer Method ("sometime between 8AM and Noon on Tuesday"), or the Rolling Blackout Method ("you're in block 4. We're on block 2 right now"), Alphabetical Order ("you're an M, we're on E")... Time Zones... State... whatever... - Ken Sheppardson
Also, maybe you could find out how many users actually use the Labs features and how frequently they use Gmail. These users would be the most likely to appreciate the new features. For instance, my roomate has the new feature and didn't even know about it, so he wouldn't have missed it. (I guess it's hard to determine who reads the Google Blog though :P) - Brandon Titus
What you *could* roll out to everbody is a little button in Gmail Labs so that a user could indicate they've heard about the feature and would like to be added to a queue such that if you explicitly ask to use the feature, it moves you up to the head of the line... or the tail of the list of other people who've specifically requested the feature. - Ken Sheppardson
I agree with Ken on this. I feel like people who aren't really interested get the feature first and this irritates me. - Brandon Titus
Anyone have any guesses as to how this will work if you have multiple Gmail accounts being used on a single computer? Or if I have a Gmail account and an App account that I’d like to have both run offline on the same computer? - Chris Stevenson
Good question Chris. Looks like there is a bug with using it with multiple accounts anyway (not exactly what you were looking for, but interesting. - Brandon Titus
Can't wait for it to work outside of the US & UK... - Eitan Burcat
Can't wait for it to actually get to my account...another friend of mine just got it. Too bad he uses Mail to manage his Gmail account instead of actually using the web interface. There needs to be a way to opt-in to get priority position on the role out. - Brandon Titus
Instead of these "offline web apps" I rather use real desktop apps, thank you... - Jemm
@Brandon Titus - Thanks for the link! Reads like I should avoid this if I have more than one account used on a computer to be safe. - Chris Stevenson
Options to limit the time for which messages are downloaded, the disk space used, and ESPECIALLY TO NOT DOWNLOAD LARGE ATTACHMENTS would be a plus. 500+ attachments were downloaded from my gmail account. No options to avoid it. - iSteeve
what's the difference between gmail off-line with thunderbird/outlook? I prefer thunderbird, which works both offiline and online. - xia
Take a bow Gmail. You have done a wonderful job. It was delayed but after using I know why it was delayed. :-) - Sidharth Dassani
Gmail Offline status after 12h of synch: "Finished downloading messages, 1463 attachments still to be downloaded" & 1.53GB less on my HD :( - Xavier Donat
Marcel Weiß
Der Link am Morgen: Gmail jetzt auch offline -
Hans Kainz
Evernote importiert Google Notebook Notizen -
Spaceship Size Comparison Chart [PIC] -
Spaceship Size Comparison Chart [PIC]
"Did you know that the Babylon 5 Vorlon Empire Heavy Cruiser is more than twice the size of a Star Trek United Federation of Planets Galaxy Class starship?" - Marcus from Bookmarklet
oh, scifi-geekheaven. - Marcel Weiß
Punch Hole Clouds & Other Rarely Seen Cloud Formations -
Punch Hole Clouds & Other Rarely Seen Cloud Formations
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WOW - Mona Nomura
My jaw dropped with that first pic. - Yolanda
That first picture caused a flash back of Independence Day. - imabonehead
My first impression? ALIEN INVASION!... - David Feng
amazing! - Susan Beebe
Wow! Oh, and that looks just like a huge fist. - Chris Loft
Nice collection of photos - Matt Faulkner from twhirl
Yeah ... what Mona N. said! - Allison Kipta
Educational and beautiful at the same time. Nice! - Michael Fidler from twhirl
Wowzer great pics - BEX
'shopped? - mike fabio from twhirl
I don't believe so revrev - but u never know - Zee.
Nice photos - Bob Gannon
I could have sworn I had Raoul Pop as a contact already - Michael W. May
Ooh, aah! - Egyirba
sheesh 120 likes - and they say people don't like clouds... - Zee.
Wow! - Mitchell Tsai
Susan Beebe
I must've seen this video 100 times and still love it! - Abbas Haider Ali
I've seen this before too and it never ceases to entertain! - Emily Miller
Klaus Eck : feed your blog to twitter - post RSS to twitter automatically - : feed your blog to twitter - post RSS to twitter automatically
ideal für das RSS-Twittern - Klaus Eck from Bookmarklet
Wilhelm Bauer
34 Basic Tutorials To Get Started With Digital Photography -
Nicole Simon
Nachrichten: GLOCALIST Medien - Medien für Wirtschaftsethik, Nachhaltigkeit & soziale Verantwortung: Eine andere Information ist möglich -
Nachrichten: GLOCALIST Medien - Medien für Wirtschaftsethik, Nachhaltigkeit & soziale Verantwortung: Eine andere Information ist möglich
Autumn Welles
I've been using Google Tasks (in Gmail) this week, and it is seriously the best thing ever. So simple and perfect.
Kol Tregaskes
"One of the most requested Google features is adding task management to Gmail or Google Calendar. This feature is now available as part of Gmail Labs and I predict that this will be the most popular experimental feature." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Astor Piazzolla - schlicht großartig. - Alexander Ebel
Nicole Simon
Greg Veen
Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino - Boogie live -
Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino - Boogie live
just bumped "Hold On I'm Coming" by Jerry Lee Lewis on -
just bumped "Hold On I'm Coming" by Jerry Lee Lewis on -'m+Coming/?autoplay_song
listening to "Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis" -
:) - Heather from
Richard Walker
Of Two Minds : Check your Chinese characters before you make it the cover of your journal -
Of Two Minds : Check your Chinese characters before you make it the cover of your journal
"Science journal mistakenly uses flyer for Macau brothel to illustrate report on China. A respected research institute wanted Chinese classical texts to adorn its journal, something beautiful and elegant, to illustrate a special report on China. Instead, it got a racy flyer extolling the lusty details of stripping housewives in a brothel.... There were red faces on the editorial board of one of Germany's top scientific institutions, the Max Planck Institute, after it ran the text of a handbill for a Macau strip club on the front page of its latest journal." ... "We have offered a lot of money to hire two managers -- KK and Jaime -- to lead the girls stationing in the club during the daytime. Our young girls are elegant northern beauties with attractive physiques. We also have housewives who are coquettish and enchanting. They are appearing here and now." - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
Cee Bee, you're a gent. I was teasing you about being late :) Now see what you've done? I'll look like an ass if I unwittingly dup one of yours :-o - Richard Walker
not at all. - Cee Bee
Marcel Weiß
Don’t you get it yet? Partial feeds kill readership -
Andrea, wenn Du keine Auswahlmöglichkeit beim Konsum Deiner News magst und/oder Deinen Feedreader nicht richtig bedienen kannst, weil Du nicht weißt, wie Du die Anzeige der Feeds umstellen kannst, ist das in erster Linie erstmal Dein eigenes Problem. - Marcel Weiß
Warum willst Du dann einen Summary-Feed bei dem Du Dir jegliche künftige Wahlmöglichkeit verbaust, wenn Du Dir Summary oder Headline-only auch im Reader selbst einstellen kannst? - Marcel Weiß
iirc netnewswire (mac) bzw. feeddemon (win) kann das. Interessiert mich aber nicht, da ich nicht so gern klicke wie Du anscheinend. :D - Marcel Weiß
Für mich ist auch der Archiv- und Recherche-Aspekt dabei wichtig. Ich nutze den Google Reader, und Google archiviert ja einfach alles, hält auch noch Feed-Inhalte vor, die schon lange verschwunden sind. Bei Voll-Feeds wird die Suchfunktion doppelt bis dreifach oder x-fach so nützlich. - Alexander Ebel
Das Archiv vom GoogleReader rockt. - Marcel Weiß
Marcel Weiß
Bundesministerium beweist Medienkompetenz. Nicht. | Spreeblick -
"Dass der elektronischen Antwort jedoch ein PDF anhängt, dass den Scan (!) einer ausgedruckten (!!) Webseite (!!!) des Familienministeriums zeigt, auf der ein Interview mit Ursula von der Leyen aus dem Hamburger Abendblatt veröffentlicht wurde … das ist kein verzeihbarer Faux pas, sondern beweist eine derart Besorgnis erregende Medieninkompetenz, dass man als mündiger Bürger fragen muss: Wie kann man diese Leute stoppen? Muss man dafür immer erst nach Karlsruhe?" - Marcel Weiß from Bookmarklet
Erinnert stark an das hier: - Philip Preißing
Philip: Haha, ja das ist ähnlich. - Marcel Weiß
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed is shorter and sweeter now - we got rid of the words the entry summary ("Bret posted a message on Twitter") and replaced them with a dash ("Bret - Twitter"). Easier to scan, fewer words, etc...
Picture 1.png
Very nice. - Rolf Schewe
ha, wow it only took you 14 seconds for a response? impressive even by FF standards! - MG Siegler
I approve. Please continue. - Akiva
I love how FF just pushes out features once they are ready. A feature release mid-day is awesome - Derek
This is great, but did you change something on the API? My lifefeed crashed at the same moment: Wait, now it's back. It was only down for a few minutes. - Jesper Lind
Down again... - Jesper Lind
Much better. - Marilín Gonzalo
Jesper: our API is not returning errors - perhaps it is an unrelated issue? - Bret Taylor
It seems like this also fixed all these problems with plural nouns and grammatical gender-related issues in non-english versions of FF =) - Anton
Ontario Emperor - welcomes. (Speak truncated now.) - Ontario Emperor
You - Awesome - AJ Batac
Bret: Yes perhaps it was a hosting issue. My site seems stable again. Thanks for the reply. - Jesper Lind
very good - MikeAmundsen
I - Liked - Micah
I just noticed that! Clean and spiffy! - Jandy
COOL - Josh Haley
Bret Taylor - just posted comment full of win and awesome on FriendFeed via BrainWavez - Josh Haley
I refreshed and this happened, but couldn't put my finger on it until I saw this post. *observant* - xero
Hm.. sort of liked the "humanized" ".. posted a message on.." or "..liked.." this etc. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Cool. If users think it's too little, you could add "on" or "from", I suppose? - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
@Thomas, I'm feeling the same. - Anton
It will take getting used to. Right now... not so sure. - Louis Gray
It's been an hour and I didn't notice this until I read the post. I am not sure I read the text to begin with, just names and icons. - Daniel J. Pritchett
that's the simple and better. - Arda Çetin
even linguistics become frugal in these times. - Amund Tveit
Quite. - Nicola Quinn
way cleaner, nice - Iphigenie
Nice one, rare to see companies removing stuff thats not needed to improve the service. Great move! Thanks - Scott Purdie
Definite thumbs down on this one. I liked that FriendFeed spoke in full sentences. This feels more like random tidbits strewn across the screen by some computer somewhere. Do. Not. Like. - Kristin of Two Everything
Very nice :) - Molly Song ;)
continually impressed with the speed and quality of your burn rate!! - Susan Beebe
nice little change - (jeff)isageek
cool - Loic Le Meur
Sabine Hossenfelder
PR-Missgeschick: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft wirbt für heiße Mädchen -
Scientific institute accidentally prints in its brochure with "Focus on China" symbols saying "We made a large effort to get the best hot young girls from Northchina" - Sabine Hossenfelder
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