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Bret Taylor
At the FriendFeed birthday dinner
Happy birthday FF! What a year! - Mike Doeff
hmmm where's all the all the laptops? - Brandon
I have never eaten fondue, but I dipped a graham cracker in a chocolate fountain once. - Pete D
Happy Birthday FFers (and THANKS) - Charlie Anzman
Cheers! - FFing Enigma
Congratulations on your first year! - Anne Bouey
Yeah, Melting Pot! - Eric - Final Countdown
Congratulations and Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! :) - Mona Nomura
Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, you're !!!!!!111!!!!!!ONE!!11 - Pete D
Happy Birthday... and Thank You - Johnny
프렌드피드 일주년을 축하드립니다. 더욱 더 발전하시고 더 좋은 서비스를 제공해주시기 바랍니다. 생일 축하드립니다. :D - zizukabi
Thank you for being such a huge part of my life this year! - Robert Scoble
heppy birfdeh young buck, you've had a bangin year. Tequila tonight, tomorrow we ride (as the Hells Angels say) - Marko Bon from fftogo
happy birthday and many more to go! FF ftw! :) - imabonehead
happy birthday guys! congrats on a terrific first year - John Lilly
Happy Birthday and thank you for an excellent service! - Mustafa K. Isik
Happy Birthday! I love FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Awesome... I love small startups - Chris Lamprecht
Happy Birthday. Is that Ana busting open a screwcap? - Richard Chen
Happy Birthday FriendFeeders and thanks for great service. - Alexander Arsky
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! - Vista
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed!!! Love ya'! *mwah* - Lisa L. Seifert
C'mon. It's FriendFeed... They should be having Birthday Pie (Chart). Either blue or orange. Both taste yummy. - Lisa L. Seifert
happy birthday friendfeed, and jeanette.....i miss u guys - goutham
Many happy returns, FriendFeed! - Richard Walker from twhirl
Happy Birthday FriendFeed! It's been amazing, so happy to have been a tiny part of it! - Iain Baker
A belated Happy Birthday, great service! - Bo Stern
Happy birthday! Long may you continue! - Martin Bryant
Congratulations and happy first birthday, guys. FrF is awesome, you're awesome, and your achievements in this year are awe-striking as well! :) - × × ×
Happy birthday and congratulations! - Joe Dawson
FF is the best way of social communication atm - Phil Smirnov
Happy BIrthday Friendfeed crew! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Once again Ana is the only one doing any work in a FF picture. - Steve C, Team Marina
“~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDFEED!!! ~~~” Fondue! I love fondue... jealous!! Let's have many more birthdays! Best of Luck, Success FTW!!! - Susan Beebe
congrats - Alex Hammer
I see here how it's okay for you to play on your iPhone during dinner ;) - wiredgnome
Wow! Posted almost 6 years ago and there it is on my TL (after someone I follow either posted a comment or liked it). This is the kind of features only Friendfeed was able to provide. Hope everybody on that picture had the career they were hoping for back then. - Pascal le Rudulier
*.* - LilaLaMarea from Android
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anca ye iç olm bi el at şuraya - yormayinbeni
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WTF BIRTHDAY - yormayinbeni
blogunuza yazamadık biz de buraya yazarız. bok yiyin. - sizlerin galad
bump - Laura Norvig
Robert Scoble
@loudmouthman Microsoft has 320 million users on Hotmail and Messenger. Facebook only has 100 million. Never count Microsoft out.
For now. :-) - Alex Williams
As much as people give Microsoft a hard time. they are still here and as strong as ever. Microsoft is not going away anytime soon. The numbers prove it. - Michael McGimpsey
They looked tired and jaded at Enterprise 2.0 - Dennis Howlett from twhirl
Man, we all know MSN is an empire... - Jack
does anybody have independent studies of whether hotmail, or yahoomail, or gmail actually makes money? - wilsonng
The hosted version of Sharepoint / Exchange is in beta as a service from MS. It will make them billions and establish them almost instantly as the most important "cloud" provider for businesses. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
does anyone consider the yearly growth rate? - Axel Quack
Can you comment on Amanda Chapel - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
And 300 of those 320 million are spammers. - TranceMist
Igor: it's a dude named Brian in Chicago who writes that Blog. - Robert Scoble
How many of those users are active? I have a Hotmail account, but I never use it anymore. - William Beem
Those people are not early, medium or late adopters though, those are people who don't want to embrace anything new... Those users don't typically migrate to better services - why would they be interested in a social network? - Rich
email is a very private matter -- we'll see how well msft does at converting that to a real user relationship. doubtful - Jason Goldberg
People also still put gasoline in their cars... ;-) - Mary Anne Davis
How many of these are throw away accounts or simply abandoned? Still an impressive number but well inflated. - AJ Kohn
AJ: none: those are all accounts which have been used in past 30 days. - Robert Scoble
i still keep my hotmail/msn just so i dont lose contact with some people. its a hard magnet to avoid - Ruben Llibre
I have a bunch of old account running about .. Thankfully they all forward to my Gmail Accoint :) - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
This is a good example of an audience's understanding of what the picture looks like our of their immediate demographic. People have a hard time realizing what's outside of their own 'fishtank' so to speak. There are people that like MSFT, there are people that love using their online services, there are people that truly would rather keep things IE/Live/Office/Windows because it's what... more... - No Name from twhirl
Thankfully I don't use Hotmail as my Main Email - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
Robert: Really? so we're talking 320MM ACTIVE accounts, plus xMM of lapsed/inactive. Interesting. Thanks for clarifying. - AJ Kohn
I had four accounts , each created when I forgot the password of previous one, I use none now, only gmail. - sirishkumar
I very seriously doubt these would be active or real accounts. Plenty of dead ones or ones used for spamming. Ask them if they can give you a number of accounts that were logged onto in the last 3 months once a week. EDIT, ok, I did not read your article, shame on me, so they have active users. Still don't see how chat accounts can be seen as weapons. - Gerard van Schip
Why did Yahoo self-destruct in regard to Microsoft? Although it is a minority opinion (which I have detailed previously) Yahoo may in fact not need Microsoft to the degree that many think. - Alex Hammer
What is Microsoft's growth though, as compared to Facebook's? - Jesse Stay from twhirl
heh - امیدم
Alex Hammer
I loved This Great State! -
Alex Hammer's book "This Great State" - Alex Hammer
Alex Hammer
I'm using blippr to find great apps, books, games, movies, and music. Come follow me! - Alex Hammer
Jay Rosen
Question: In order truly to explain how the DOS attack "worked" don't you have to explain why Twitter was vulnerable to it? Who's done that?
I'm far from an expert on this -- but it seems that every site is vulnerable to a DOS attack. Google has some black magic in its network that protects their servers in some way. I have no idea what that is. Facebook appears to have some too. Twitter appears to have none. I doubt if the companies are going to explain publicly what they've done, and I suspect Google will share some of its knowhow with the younger companies. - Dave Winer
However, it occurs to me that your question could prompt a different answer -- that Twitter should explain why it's centralized. In other words defend your architecture. As basic a question as there is. In the news business you could ask a big news org like AP or the Washington Post why are they so vulnerable to corruption in their management. (Just a hypothetical.) - Dave Winer
Someone in the paper explained it as being "like five very fat blokes trying to get through a revolving door"... made sense to me lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Yes, why is Twitter centralized? That's part of it. But also: weren't there differentials in how different sites, different services handled the attack and kept running? Is that data significant, or is it boring as it testifies to the already well known? - Jay Rosen
That's a good point by Dave Winer re: "defend your architecture" Are they not accountable for any of this? - Benjamin Taylor
It can see from replies on Twitter that I used the wrong word, "vulnerable." Because that made me sound like a clueless newbie who doesn't know that any site can be attacked, "hit" by a DOS action. True enough! But I meant why did Twitter fold under attack when other sites under attack did not? What are the differentials in performance about? Dumb question? :-) - Jay Rosen
I think if they were built more on the cloud they could extend more to handle such a load. Cloudbursting is one solution to all this, along with modularizing the entire architecture to not be affected by one-another. Good architecture would fix Twitter's problems. I worry they don't have the expertise to know what that is though. - Jesse Stay
Twitter's service doesn't require investment in a massive, distributed computing infrastructure like Google's. Whose does? So they're more vulnerable. Aren't we all? Jess's right, though. If they have the money, they make changes which will make them less vulnerable. - George Frink
I'm sure if they had an Anycast setup it would help too, which is what makes DNS so robust. - rob
Computerworld has a report: Security experts scramble to decipher Twitter attack - Jay Rosen
check out the old story frm fistfullofeuros :)- - Peter Dawson Let’s be fair, hosting the status page away from Twitter’s hosting infrastructure is a very good idea. However, mixing it with 14,476 other hosted sites on the same machine may not be so bright. Those other sites can attract problems. If someone were to hack the group hosted machine... more... - Jay Rosen
Google didn't go down, although their services were attacked. Neither did Facebook, although it was slowed. It's not a matter of black magic; it's how the platform was built and redundancies were addressed -- or not. In the age of cloud computing, where massive scaling is available on Amazon, you'd think that scaling could be addressed. Here, there's a more straightforward issue: a single backbone. A well-designed etwork architecture and layers of redundancy, as Lyon pointed out, are crucial. - Alex Howard
Single backbone: is that how the Internet is built? - Jay Rosen
A long, long time ago, perhaps, when the ARPANET first connected the universities. It's still built that way, in many parts of the world. When an undersea cable to Africa was cut recently, there went connectivity. - Alex Howard
I think twitter started as a skunkworks project and that DNA is still in the engineering culture of the company. Facebook and Google seem to take enterprise architecture seriously, twitter not so much. - Jim Posner
wouldn't there be an issue anyway even if they did distribute their servers into multiple locations unless they had localised DNS entries to help diffuse traffic away from the initial point of contact (ie whatever runs the cluster namespace at But then, DNS is a whole other set of problems... There's a reason why five 9's is the highest availability rate you can ever expect to get ;) - alphaxion
Twitter's sole vendor for its link to the Internet backbone is NTT Communications. @dsarno spoke to NTT's boss about the attack - Jay Rosen
A note to the developer list. Does not sound good - Jay Rosen
NYT coverage Saturday - Jay Rosen
From the NYTimes story Saturday... Soren Macbeth, founder and chief executive of StockTwits, a service that lets investors trade news and information about companies, said his service, which is built on Twitter’s infrastructure, was offline Thursday and still hadn’t fully recovered Friday. “Having the service be intermittent is almost worse than having it be totally down,” he said. “It... more... - Jay Rosen
With some DNS (and other) tricks it's easy to reroute traffic away from servers getting hit by DDoS attacks, provided of course, that your systems are sufficiently decentralized in the first place. With the 10+ year advantage Google has in growth compared to Twitter, and the size of its network, it's no surprise that they aren't as vulnerable to such an attack. It seems unreasonable to... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Twitter's history of downtime, and issues associated with that, is well documented. - Alex Hammer
Alex: I've not been a big defender of Twitter (read my past posts), but there's little most any company can do to defend against this sort of attack. There are few companies with the resources and distribution that Google has. Facebook also has a considerably larger network and bank account than Twitter. This is one time when Twitter deserves kudos IMO for keeping things up and running as well as they have. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Twitter has come a long way in such a short period and they should be congradulated for their accomplishments. They do, however, need to continue moving towards higher redundency, and I'm sure they are. DDoS prevention typically happens at the datacenter networking and routing level. Unfortunately, you have to have the whole datacenter on board in preparation for this. - Adam Reyher from Alert Thingy
I wonder if we're starting to see the rise of "too big to fall off the tubes". Could you imagine if a sufficiently large enough botnet were to turn to the likes of google, amazon or rackspace... how many companies would lose their ability to do business? How many individuals would lose access to their data? - alphaxion
Robert Scoble
A Google executive told me that something cooler than Wave is yet to come this year. OK now I am interested! But I am tortured. What is it?
You are a cruel, cruel man. Now we're all tortured - Keith Barrett
There going to buy friendfeed. - Shaun Hess
Yea. I feel like your friendfeed pic, not being able to figure what it is. - Lakshman Prasad
Must be pretty big.. very curious!! - Allan Jones
Geocities 2.0! - pourmecoffee
Maybe Google Chrome OS earlier than expected? - Manuel Mas
I wonder what that could be. - John (bird whisperer)
So they're already giving up on wave? - Colin
How can they be advertising something cooler than Wave when Wave isn't even out yet? - Lise
Colin: no. Wave is very important to Google. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Wave 2.0? - TheHenry
I think I know, but I'm not allowed to say because it would violate an NDA. - Bryan Bartow
It's Google Surfboard - a wave add-on - Keith Barrett
Bryan: in that case do you agree? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Wave is going to be awesome. Waiting on my sandbox access.. it will redefine communications on the net! - Tim Hoeck
Or how about Google Wave: Pacific. - TheHenry
Depends on their implementation of the idea. Personally, I'm more excited about Wave based on what I know about the two, which I admit is very little. - Bryan Bartow
I have a Wave sandbox, and it IS awesome! The announcement has to be related to the new OS or android - Keith Barrett
Keith, if it's what I'm talking about then it is neither. - Bryan Bartow
Bryan: hummmmm. Now I'm more tortured - Keith Barrett
In the interest of full disclosure, my information is two levels removed from the source. Google -> vendor -> me. Still, I trust the source and when the idea was told to me it sounded very plausible. - Bryan Bartow
I hope it's Google Base integration with Open Social widgets! - Mitch
A bit bigger than that, Mitch ;) - Bryan Bartow
@manuel I just came back from Win7 ship party and i am astonished that how many man years does it take make a OS. - Ruchit Garg
My team was actually asked to work on the project, but we unfortunately had to decline. It definitely would have been a cool project. - Bryan Bartow
Ruchit: I understand, just speculating. Yet considering it sounds like a Linux distro running Chrome, it does not sound all that impossible. - Manuel Mas
Google Heath integration with Orkut? - Mitch
@Bryan: Is it a Netbook with Chrome OS with all the Google Apps built in. Something like a GPad? - Abhishek Tiwari
Chrome OS wouldn't be a real surprise. Even a Linux distro by Google wouldn't be a shock. Wonder what it could be... hmm... - ChristianWV
killer than wave??? how many of you think google wave is a path breaking one????? - hariharan kumar
cool is always relative. I have learned not to get too excited. It may be cool for you but not me. - Phillip Miller
I think you mean subjective - Mitch
hate you. :) - metalerik
When I first heard about Wave, I thought big deal, chat and email. But after watching the entire presentation, I see it could replace Email, IM, IRC, Forums, Blogs and their commenting systems, etc.. and put it all in your 'INBOX' - Tim Hoeck from Android
What about the Google Docs interface overhaul? With the possibilities of GDrive ... - Kevin Mohr
Google AdSense on the new Coca-Cola Freestye soda dispensers? - RAD Moose
@Abhishek Nope. Not hardware related if it's what I'm thinking. - Bryan Bartow
Google shoul create a highly robust social media platform that integrates Google's products: profiles, mail, calendars, chat, voice, picassa, blogger, gReader, search, latitude, maps - that is what I would build :) - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
add Wave too, of course - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
I'm just going to call it gootopia (or should it be googtopia. hmm) - Micah from iPhone
Interactive TV? :P - imabonehead
I was dreaming about getting access to wave now something new and better?!!! - Mostafa Lameei
Mostafa: There's always something new and better coming from every front. - Manuel Mas
Logical - Google product integration has way more potential than they have currently in production now. I see layers of useful and revenue generating features and improvents. The potential roadmap I see for this is highly disruptive and needed. - Susan Beebe from iPhone
If I had to guess, I would say 1) some type of Youtube Appliance (=Apple TV done right) or 2) Google News 3.0 (shifting from news to a discovery engine). The TV thing is probably bigger and somewhere they have a big competitive advantage with Youtube. - Edwin Khodabakchian
USB plug in directly to right ear download contents of mental zipper - ready to upload to friends - PookyMedia
Another big opportunity besides realtime communication is media streaming so my guess is a Silverlight-like (RIA) platform with special focus on adjustments dependent on the device used for consuming and open enough that augmented reality innovations will play nice with current "standard" codecs - Alberto Saavedra
Google TV!!! Yes! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Google Web Drive would be cooler, in a - Nick Humphries
Antimatter Wave, aka Wavenot™ - ianf ⌘
Google buying FF?!! but something big too big have will for sure have a relation with Google voice. - abdellah
A time machine? - Allen Eskelin
"Google buying FF" - Noooooo! It will just get killed like some of the other high profile acquisitions they have made. - travispuk
@Allen I love the concept, @Travis google killed the app that were at their first stage of development, FF is 85% finished (mean completed) the rest 5% will be user innovation, so even if Google buy FF they will not change a line in the code or the who is the firt to like this post?!! what did Greader this week? who from Greader left the office to go to FF? too many question!! - abdellah
but let be clear, all the above are just speculation. - abdellah
@Jerome havn't understand what do you mean by Cosmo - abdellah
I think it's called "hype." - Carlos Eberhardt
It has to be quantum computing. all computation done outside of time and space. - Walter Logeman
I'm thinking Google Chrome with Native Client for super fast rendering of web applications (including Wave). - George Moga
Introducing Google Goo: Making the web squishy, coming late 2009. - DGentry
Won't be hard to be cooler than Wave. Yes, I'm not a big Wave fan: way too noisy, messy, unusable... Maybe I'll change my mind in the future but for now, I still don't get what we'll do with this stuff and I don't buy the idea. - Pascal Thivent
Okay, here are my predictions. First, let me say that being cooler than Wave will be quite hard because that's pretty awesome (do you have sandbox access Pascal? Because I'm sure that will change your mind). (1) Google TV - Never mentioned anywhere officially and would definitely be cooler than most others, however VEVO is somewhat similar. (2) GDrive/Cosmo/whatever they call it - would... more... - Californian
Google World Domination? - Amit Morson
The amount of web-based applications being delivered from Google is amazing. There is so much potential in Google voice apps, Google Wave, which will put their social apps on steroids and now an OS. If they can leverage their brand and fan base into these other verticals; they will be a force to reckoned with and a huge target for anti-trust regulators... - Mark Harai
Google Cloud. In your pocket, on your desk, embedded ---anywhere, anytime at anyprice. - Thom Kennon
Wow Thom - that actually does sound VERY cool... - Mark Harai
I'm interested too!! - Alex Hammer
Probably something to do with a more direct Windows competition. If you look at Google's recent products, many of them are meant to replace Microsoft products. - William Mougayar from iPhone
A multi-platform OS is the only thing in my mind that could top Wave. Can't wait to find out for sure though what this will be! - Garin Kilpatrick
I bet it's the Gdrive after I've just paid for an extra 10GB storage on Google. Would be cool to be able to access all my files from any google app, so I could add a picture from picassa webalbum or embed a video of mine/ favourited without having to go to the other site and copy a URL. This would set it up nicely for google OS - Steven Horner from iPhone
It's a kind of gyro balanced 2-wheel personal transportation device, IT will change everything. The way we live, the way cities are built. - Ray Cromwell
Crazy. I wonder if it will read my mind and stream content related to my thoughts in real-time. - Dane
What!? Cooler than Wave. I'll give my left nut to find out what & to be a tester. - Brian Felix from iPhone
Whatever it is, I'm sure IT WILL BE BIGGER THAN THE INTERNETS! - Andy Bakun
It is a Google-branded reality distortion field developed in collaboration with Apple. The reality distortion field prototype is so strong that Eric Schmidt was forced to resign from the Apple board of directors, lest his field encounter that of Steve Jobs reulting in mutual annihilation in a devastating burst of pure energy. - thegeniusfiles
That's a really interesting idea, Gabe. It seems to go a bit against the drive that Google Apps will reduce the need for IT departments though, so I doubt it. - Californian
This photo search thing? - Michael Q Todd
More exciting than Wave. Has got to be Tsunami - Sidharth Dassani
Robert Scoble
The geekiest business card of @jasoncormier: -
The geekiest business card of @jasoncormier:
We are at and everyone here has a cool credit-card style business card with their social media stuff on it. - Robert Scoble
That looks awesome. - David Damore
Very cool. - Nir Ben Yona
Neat. Is the mag stripe real? - Jeff Harbert
Click on the image for a larger view. - David Damore
Seems neat but what's the end-of-life scenario? Can it genuinely be recycled? Most credit card things can't. Just more plastic landfill. - Spidra Webster
The value of the phrase "social media" is totally burned by thousands of idiots on twitter. I'd remove all traces of that. - Richard Matthias
That is cool. I'd love to have one of those, though I tend to keep my social media stuff a little more anonymous so I can bullshit online with my friends and express opinions with words that I wouldn't use in a professional setting. - Ivan
Look cool but how do read the data off the card ? and who makes the credit-card style card ? - Michael Holzinger
Looks like a hotel key card. You can get them for 500 @ $0.70 here: - Kevin Fox
Its actually a room key, the mag strip is printed on, nothing on it. Follow on our company's random banter :D - Stepan Mazurov
I was at a seminar last night at UCI last night where Sasha Strauss said "we are not there yet" as far as putting twitter/facebook on business cards. He did say on email signatures it shoudl be a must - Nadia Flores
It is actually a room key and they cost $1 each. Very awesome and memorable card. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Jeff: the mag stripe doesn't do anything. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Nadia, why are we "not there yet" as far as putting your Twitter/FB on business cards? It's a logical thing to do now, I think, when you're going to make business cards for yourself - Andre P. Siregar
I bet he gets the "what does the mag stripe do" question every time he hands out his business card - Andre P. Siregar
Note that hotel keycards are encoded at the front desk, so in theory you could get a clerk to encode your unlock code on your own key, but off the bat I can't think of anything you could put on the stripe that the average person would find utility in that wouldn't be a bad idea (like a credit card or drivers license data) - Kevin Fox
I have a question: what are business cards for? What is their useful purpose? - Mark
Mark: to give people a way to remember you and email you. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
You can use Microsoft Tag on your mobile phone to link to your social media sites or upload your contact profile with all the info - no typing, just a phone with a camera. - Jen Mills
Love all the comments about my card here! Here are some more details for those of you who might care: What you see in the picture is actually the back of the card. The front of the card has our company logo (Room 214 is the name of the company) and is almost entirely green. The card is as thick as a room key card, as you might guess. Most people's first reaction is, "wow, cool card...... more... - Jason Cormier
Very clever, Jason :) - Andre P. Siregar
Looks kinda cool - Alex Hammer
April Buchheit
Today marks the day of our first date 11 years ago :)
Congratulations!!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Cool ! Congrats ..!! - Nayan
Cool... Kerah and I had our first date 10 years ago. 8/7 must be a good day for first dates. ;-) - Keith Pelczarski
Wow, that is neat! Congrats you two! :) - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
well worth celebrataing, congratulations!! - Alex Hammer
Robert Scoble
Putting knowledge into Twitter makes me sad because it is almost impossible to pull it out again in future.
No kidding :-) - Jason Cronkhite
But it's real time! Once you've put the knowledge in there, it's already old. - Andy Bakun
Ya, It's like the email of 2009 in that sense. - Malcolm Bastien
Andy: OK, quick, find me all the tweets that replied to my netbook question - Robert Scoble
Robert: that was sarcasm. - Andy Bakun
FriendFeed is infinitely better, and I want to thank you, Scoble, for introducing me to it. Unfortunately, I still find myself opening Facebook from time to time, as I cannot seem to integrate that into FriendFeed properly :( - Carlton Prest
I know that's impossible. Which is why people should use friendfeed instead. Friendfeed: where search actually works. - Andy Bakun
Carlton: that's a problem with facebook's platform. - Andy Bakun
Once FF integrates better with blogging systems - then we'll see a greater adoption. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Jonathan: yes. In FriendFeed knowledge is bundled together and can be found in the future. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone know if all your Tweets are archived forever? Do they ever expire? - Ideas At Random
Under what circumstanced is Twitter a good knowledge-base? - Amit Morson
Twitter archives your tweets: if you delete them, it takes like 3 weeks for them to disappear out of search. - Andy Bakun
but twitter do not need to offer this - thousands of apps already exist to pull out the knowledge you want it. e.g. find what links you posted -> - Nick Halstead
Ideas: My early Tweets are not indexed. You can't find early Tweets from the Chinese earthquake, for instance. Are they saved? Probably, but since they aren't indexed in Twitter search it doesn't matter. - Robert Scoble
Nick: bullshit. Find everyone who responded to my Netbook question over on Twitter. Some responded without using my name. - Robert Scoble
What's interesting about this challenge is that since twitter's search ability is what's being questioned, there's really no way to verify that _everything_ could be found, because there's no external, non-twitter copy of all of twitter to see if you could find _everything_ about any given topic. You can't be sure that you found everything. - Andy Bakun
They'll be a search or other app capability that will make getting anything you want out easy in future. The whole world will be (increasingly) organized, and not just via Google. - Alex Hammer
Alex: that's not true. Each Tweet does not have enough metadata to make search easy. This is the #1 reason why I have been pushing FriendFeed so hard. - Robert Scoble
Alex: that's the future. What about now? - Andy Bakun
It's almost impossible to find a tweet. It's only 140 characters of info with no metadata. Each tweet is just not individual enough to find again later. Needles and haystacks... - Rahsheen
Yep, metadata is the key, and 140 characters is not enough to even store unstructured metadata AND the content itself. - Andy Bakun
Once you shout out the window it is gone... unless you live in a canyon. - Art Witczak
Robert (from FF and copying Twitter): I have heard that Google is planning to launch a search engine for twitts. If so, that could be a very good solution to store, index and retrieve all the knowledge in Twitter. By the way, 140 characters are not that heavy! - Eduardo Loyola
@ Robert Scoble ...Have you tried searching your FF account for your early Tweets, like the Chinese earthquake? - Ideas At Random
Ideas: I have and it is better than Twitter but not perfect. - Robert Scoble
You mean "impossible" as in the rich API with which tons of developers have found tons of ways to interact with Twitter? I'm no dev, but it sounds like it's one of the most accessible services yet. - David Chartier
David: twitter's API can't add the metadata that will make search good. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, Robert is right there. The API just doesn't make search any better. Everything is just too much of the same. - Rahsheen
If you send all your tweets to FriendFeed they are much easier to search and find later. Or use LoudTwitter < > you can backup your tweets to your blog and archive them. - Chris Loft
Good point. That's why I archive my tweets. It ain't pretty, but it works: - DaveDelaney.ME
I still have a lot of followers on twitter that are not on FF. I see that changing fast, but I have no desire to set up a bunch of "fake" accounts. I wish I could just view twitter users in FF. The way that Steve Rubel uses Gmail, is changing my workflow for sure however... - Robert from email
Those fake accounts sure are a pain in the arse to set up. - Mark
Agreed, thats all I will say - polou/indigo_bow
Take heart Mr. Scoble, the next big Twitter is looming nearby, the developers are coding it as we speak..This is the most amazing time for technology, as long as the 'bean-counters' don't kill the innovation.. Respectfully, Nicholas Chase - Nicholas Chase
Workaround for archiving my Twitter conversations. I setup a rss feed based on a search results with my username.(ie and have the feed in Google Reader. Now I can quickly search my old tweets. Yes, I know it doesn't help find other people's tweets or info. But, with using my Twitter username as the search word, I archive @replies, and any mentions. I started this with Google Reader in January and have access to every tweet I sent and received since then. - Brian
That is real time, man. Why we don't understand: it is not there if it is not happening in real time. - ThinkEzy
As we are moving towards a real time stream of information, we fail to conserve the value. Twitter Search lists the latest messages on your query and therefore any tweet older than a couple minutes is lost. I would love a time line of the election in Iran from the beginning with coverage of the main events within the election, the most important messages and the leading users. Than, add photo and video footage and Twitter would have real time coverage of events. - Thomas R. Stegelmann
Whatever actual knowledge Twitter has to offer is generated via network effects -it is collective, not Scoble- who along with 'us,' contibute time, presence and input which is sometimes smart + insightful, sometimes off-the-cuff, sometimes emotional + sensational, sometimes (yes, even) frivolous... all of which generates a certain kind of intelligence. And yes, given a specific context, this might pass for knowledge. - Brad Kligerman
I have my twitter home feed imported here as an imaginary friend, just to make searching it easier, so I can restrict the search to my home feed instead of the entire twitterverse. - April Russo (FForever!)
That's why everyone should pipe their tweets into FriendFeed, even Technosailor Aaron Brazell. All of them are retained, and they're easily searchable. - Hutch Carpenter
What should be added in a search engine to make it more viable? - James Stratford
Maybe you need to stop thinking of Twitter as something you 'put things in' that you later need to 'take out'. If Twitter is not a type of container, what else could it be? I think Twitter is a thought process, a community thought process. It helps you think, it helps you generate new ideas from it's own content. You don't need to take things out, you just need to add your thoughts to it. - Joolio
Robert are you aware of Tweetree? It is like Twitter in HD. It does a much better job tracking Twitter replies and it will insert videos, entire blog posts, and even the entire ff thread in real-time from any tweets that are made via ff. - Garin Kilpatrick
Garin: Thanks for the link. Great site! Hadn't heard of tweetree before. - Mike Bracco
Mike: You're welcome! Glad you like it :) - Garin Kilpatrick
You should try out then you can search directly from within gmail :) - NerdyHearn
This is the reason why I have Louttwitetr blog all my daily tweets in a blog dedicated to this ;) Same for delicvious links to also share the link-love - oliver gassner
Bret Taylor
In Banff, Canada with Karen... A few photos from our first day. (Cool hotel, huh?)
Show all
You should see some of the other former CP owned hotels across Canada. Amazing architecture in all of them. - Chris Charabaruk
Beautiful! I see there's still lots of snow, is the ski season still open there? - Tudor Bosman
Tudor: no, I don't think so. The last photo is from us taking a bike ride today. A bit of snow, but really nice, warm weather overall. - Bret Taylor
Awesome hotel! Yah for CANADA! - Herman
Canada...I love my country just like you love many places to go, so much to see and Canada is one of those places :) - Owen Greaves
Did you experience a sense of "the shining" yet? - ianf ⌘
Reminds me of the Elsinore Brewery, eh. " Yeah. OK, well, uh, we found, uh, this mouse in a bottle of YOUR BEER, eh. Like, we was at a party and, uh, a friend of ours - a COP - had some, and HE PUKED. And he said, uh, come here and get free beer or, uh, he'll press charges." - DJ Stevie Steve
It is so gorgeous there, great biking and hiking now. - Anne Bouey
Rob & I went to Banff, Jasper & Lake Louise for our honeymoon in June of 1981. What a gorgeous place you are visiting!! - Skye Miller
I was there last month, Calgary is a nice place - Jeremiah Owyang
Restaurant recommendation: - John Craft
I was there last October for a conference. Very beautiful indeed. - Robert Felty
WOW, awesome!! totally jealous, nice place.. ENJOY!! :) - Susan Beebe
Wow! Very nice.... - Anthony K. Valley ©
I've been to Banff and Lake Louise, love it! Was going to suggest eating at Btfsplk's Diner but apparently it has closed. :( - Yolanda
very nice. enjoy the time. - Alex Hammer
I haven't been to Banff yet this year. or Lake Louise for that matter. I don't know if the road is open yet. but if you're in the Lake Louise area you must go to Moraine Lake. It's better than Lake Louise. (I'm in Calgary!!) - Nathalie
Also. quite touristy, but you should do the Gondola up Sulfur Mountain (or you can hike up). Nice views from up there. - Nathalie
Looks like Banff Springs hotel, it sure is nice. Enjoy your stay. Cheers! - Chris Penner
I haven't been there in over 10 years. It is so beautiful, I want to take my wife and kids so that can enjoy it too. - Chris Johnston
Great shots! ; ) - Fossil Huntress
Rick Klau
Sad. David Carradine committed suicide in Thailand:
very sad - Alex Hammer
agreed. will miss him on wild west tech show. - kris smith
Nick in Manila
Malcom Gladwell today exquisitely shows us why "realtime" matters. And the ultimate vendication of Friendfeed, Robert Scoble and Louis Gray (and Gary V.)
To take the underdog's real strength you must destroy what you know and love and what other people think might be your strength. In my case, I've put far less effort into my blog in order to get into the real time web on friendfeed and Twitter. Now that the world is changing the strategy seems smart. Two years ago? I was called an idiot. Heck, Arrington said I needed an intervention last December. - Robert Scoble
That's true, but now the fun begins. :-) - Robert Scoble
Here's a better link, all on one page: - Nick in Manila
Cool - Alex Hammer
great post...a bit long though. I love reading Malcom... The way he describes various phenomenon is simply intriguing - Bhavesh
St. Joe's used full court press in the 60s to good effect: - Lou Clark
and an even better link: (printable/scalable) - Chris Heath
Robert Scoble
Scoble in the shower
awe for the love of.... - jeneane sessum
.... uh... - Johnny
HAAAAAAaaaaahhahahahahaha!!! This and the drinking pic NEED to be paired together! - FFing Enigma
For the love of ... oh, man. Now I have to go wash my eyes out! :) - Tim Hoeck
My eyes are burning!!! - Jeff
Why? Why would you do such a thing to the now looks all warped and raggedy. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
OHHHHHH MY EYES!!!!! *LOL* - Molly Song ;)
I feel so dirty. But I can't bear the thought of a shower. -
Reboot. - Russellreno
HIDE!!!!!! - AJ Batac
Seeming a little needy, maybe? - Oldengrey (Jay)
what the frick!? This is why sometimes social networking is just TOO MUCH sharing. - Eric - Final Countdown
oh no, I'm scarred for life! the horror!! - imabonehead
OMG!! Happy wet drunk! Ok so what will be the "story"?! And how did you go from Fenway to Cab to Shower!! LOL - Susan Beebe
Thankfully, blessedly, tame. *brain crashes anyway* - Mo Kargas
At least he's clothed sitting next to me now! - David Recordon
now you have gone to far, Robert. ^^ - ※Fu※
Oh, weren't you bitching about FF stupid posts not making you smarter last week? Well, here ya go. No more bitching. We get to talk about bacon again. - Eric - Final Countdown
Off to have nightmares. :-P -
new Meme? - anna sauce
NO!!! -
Clay Shirkey: the problem is a failure of filters. Indeed. ;-) - Sprague D
*cough* TMI *cough cough* - Steve Isaacs
TMI! - Lindsay
What on earth. I swore shower was some kind of metaphor - why is this taking place? - Shawn Farner
Wha??? - Mike Doeff
anna - yes! we need shower pics of everyone! LOL - Susan Beebe
uhhhhh okay - Alisha
MY EYES!!! @_@ Meme?!? Just a sec... - Ron
Bacon :-) - Robert Scoble
well we know what tomorrow's caption contest will be on Valleywag :-) - Duncan Riley
There have been too many pics of his naked chest this week. -
Yeah, I don't care how many people take pictures of themselves in the shower, I'm not gonna join in that memefest. No thank you. Besides you've already seen my brother in the shower...Remove some weight, adjust the nose a bit and you've got me too...ugh...that's just so wrong. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Nooooooooooooo! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Wait, a shower meme? Oh, ain't no WAY ya'll are getting a picture of me in the shower. EF NO! - FFing Enigma
"I'm a PC!" - imabonehead
Wow. lol - Jennifer Leggio
Tina: Why not? It will be fun. lol :D - Ron
My eyes!!! TMI - Paul W. Swansen
scoble bullying the irish spring - Cee Bee
Whiskey tango foxtrot, Oscar? - Susan A. Kitchens
someone get this man a hairdryer NOW! - thomasrdotorg from twhirl
Tina: I hope they don't do a shower meme. I'm not going to take a picture of myself in the shower, no matter how drunk you get me. *lol* - Molly Song ;)
Is this your entry for the bitch face meme? It's a very disappointingly happy bitch face. - Pete D
Why do you hate America? - Jason Carreira
For the love of God, PLEEZ don't drop the soap. - Dawn
I've been Scobelized. And I'll never be the same. - ComicList
Shower blogging is barely one half step above bowel movement blogging. - Rob Sterling
DISlike! DISlike! - Joel Bennett
Scoble for VP!!! - Sean Kelly
why you do me like this Scoble? - James Neal
*hide* - xero
Click on "best" and you will see all. Oh my!!! - Robert Scoble
TMF. Too much flesh :) - Jonathon
eww no FFing in the shower. - rob
It's times like these that make me wish real life had a undo button. :) - Grant Bierman
hahaha! wow Bob. - Ryan
rough morning, first my head screams and now this! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
way too much information - Kim Landwehr
I like it - extending to a new audience. You know where the real hits on the Internet lie. Marketing genius. - Steven Livingstone-Pérez from twhirl
With all that flyin' around, Twittering, and Friendfeeding, he's gotta need 3 or 4 showers a day. The question is ..... Which soap is he plugging ? :) - Charlie Anzman
I hope it's lever 2000 messing with Valleywag :) - Anthony Farrior
Here's the link to the Valleywag site with this photo! ha, ha! - Susan Beebe
Way too much information!! - Alex Hammer
I knew I started the topless meme eight months ago. - Robert Scoble
Just with a bit of a time delay. - iTad
topless meme!! - anna sauce
Eww. Where's the "don't like" link? ;-) - Brent Logan
I always thought Robert was more a bath man. I stand corrected. - Derrick
Gah! How did this pop up again? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Man I didn't need to think of that . gag! - Allan Bunt
we all such idiots :-) - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
aahaha. - Gökmen Karasu
please dont let there be a sequel to this... - carol alvarez
This picture when viral. - Keven
What? Really? - That's So CAJ!
Why do I hear the Psycho shower scene sound effects in my head right now? - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Robert Scoble
What does it mean to be "fanatical about the Internet?" Who are the 43 people who most fit that description? Answer here:
We're working on a list of our own right now. - Robert Scoble
Tim Berners-Lee should be at the very top of that list. - Victor Panlilio
Victor: yup, he's on our list for sure. - Robert Scoble
I would put Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht on that list. And iJustine. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Mathew: good ones. I would love to drink some more beer with those two guys on my couch! :-) - Robert Scoble
Vint Cerf. Bob Metcalfe (even though he is somewhat controversial). - Victor Panlilio
If anyone is more fanatical about the internet than i am - they should be locked away, seriously. But me aside, i'd have to say you Scoble and...Le Meur come to mind - Zee.
Zee: heh, we're fanatical, that's for sure! - Robert Scoble
Matt Mullenweg, Tim O'Reilly, Eric E. Schmidt, and how about you ;) - Jeff Sayre
there are many answers, but let's see if you can set this list apart form every other list, and include some women on it. - sarahlefton
sarah: my list has lots of women. Who would you say are fanatical about the Internet, though? - Robert Scoble
Esther Dyson - Jeff Sayre
About the Internet, or about the Web? Vint Cerf, Ian Hixie, Mark Pilgrim, Tim Bray, Sam Ruby, Zaheda Bhorat, Me, Tantek, Chris Messina, DeWitt Clinton, Joe Gregorio, Shelley Powers, - Kevin Marks
Louis Gray, Tom Friedman (he's a dark horse pick, but something to think about), Chris Anderson - B.J. Mendelson
I nominate Joseph Smarr, David Recordon, and Chris Messina - John McCrea
Kevin: the Internet includes the web, but I'd rather say the Internet just to have a little less confusion and be less limiting. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: you put forth the first name of someone I wasn't familiar with Zaheda Bhorat. Thanks! Off to use "the Google." :-) - Robert Scoble
For all you OS X users reading this: highlight, Ctrl-Click > Search in Google - Victor Panlilio
@Robert I bet you could get in on an episode. I wouldn't really see why they wouldn't do one with you. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Hmm. How about...Larry Page, Sergey Brin, AND Marissa Mayer? - Victor Panlilio
Also, if you asked my girlfriend and some of my friends they would tell you that I'm fanatical about the internet. I spend copious amounts of hours on the internet, half that spent trying to carve out my own spot on the internet. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Victor: they all sit in Google's Building 43 too, so they are sorta default members! :-) - Robert Scoble
Key enablers of the Internet and the Web include Vint Cerf, Len Kleinrock, Mark Andreesen, Jim Clark, Eric Allman (sendmail), Jon Postel (deceased), Duane Adams (DARPA), Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Caillau (CERN). These are people who were all sufficiently fanatical about the Internet to make today's Net possible. - Tony Wasserman
Dave Winer should be on that list but I am thinking Robert Scoble should be as well. - Brian Sullivan
I don't bound it on purpose. So far everyone mentioned here fits, plus everyone who is participating as well! I think the self selection system is working well so far. - Robert Scoble
Edwin Khodabakchian, Amber Mcarthur, Lawrence Lessig - Kim Landwehr
Robert: some of us have been on Usenet since the late '80's and I'm sure some people reading this might even be ARPAnet greybeards. :) - Victor Panlilio
Ken: Maybe they're not on Twitter or FriendFeed, but there's a pretty good chance they were on Usenet, back in the Multics (pre-UNIX) days. - Victor Panlilio
I'm going to say Ed Han, our CEO, you'll meet him soon enough. Hard to say outside of the names already mentioned because I wouldn't consider myself heavily "influenced" by an individual on the Internet until recently. With the emergence of social media for the masses, the players on an individual basis are really emerging. I'll probably never know the names of those that really inspire me, like the creative minds behind Mozilla. You and Louis Gray make my short list. - Rick Bucich
I'd definitely put myself in that category but others not listed might include Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Zefrank, Robert Cringely, Leo Laporte, Jared Spool, Jason Kottke, Joshua Davis. Did I mention me? - Andrew Smith
Chris Pirillo is a good candidate - Brian Sullivan
Maybe a definition of what it takes to be considered a fanatic would be a good start. I think almost anyone who uses the internet prolifically probably fit the category, you know...the ones who have to have their smart phones, can't go on a pleasure trip without a laptop or netbook, the ones who d/l podcasts, sign up for every beta, sign up for every alpha....geeez this list could get HUGE! I wasn't involved in the whole 80's exodus to 'net. SO I don't count. I was raising children. My first PC came in 89 - Sheryl
Ken: you DEFINITELY fit! - Sheryl
Ken: VT100 and the 'talk' utility = instant messaging for us old fogies. I even had a rollup foam cushion in my grad school office and was well-acquainted with the cleaning staff in the building. Talk about fanatical. :D - Victor Panlilio
Victor: Maybe not ARPAnet greybeard but I'm definitely a Usenet greybeard--or at least greygotee! - Jeff Sayre
Jeff: the Google Groups index can only find my posts back to 1992, but I was on Usenet before that, when our school was still on Multics (pre-AIX). - Victor Panlilio
Robert, I am not fanatical about the internet but am here. I am fanatical about human progress though - Tweet Feeds
Um, how about Roy Fielding? Founder of the ASF, co-author of HTTP specs, and definer and defender of REST. - Shane Curcuru
Gotta have some women. Mena Trott and Mitchell Baker spring to mind. - Tim Bray
Brad Fitzpatrick, Donovan Preston, Dan J Bernstein - Eric Florenzano
Robert, a curve ball: Bob Kerns - John McCrea
IMHO Reid Hoffman is an interesting add. - Renée Barrett
Flickr co-founders Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake (who just started - Victor Panlilio
Leo Laporte is definitely fanatical about New Media on the Internet. Redefining the relationship, or creating new relationships, between content producers and consumers. - Chris Gardner
This list seems to be less about "fanatical about the internet" and more about "people who affect change on the internet." I call someone a fanatic when they cannot shut up about the internet, in all its forms. From dreams about fixing spam problems on the web to teaching their kid how to code standards compliant sites to figuring out how big the cloud will get to trying to insure everybody in the world has access to the internet and so on. Those are the people I call fanatical about the internet. - EricaJoy
Mark, that's an awesome idea. We've brainstormed our own list. Let me boil that down and put it on a wiki somewhere along with the great suggestions above. It's interesting that we already had about 70% of the ones suggested here on our own list, but got some really great suggestions we didn't think of. This is why I like friendfeed so much -- you all know a lot more than we do. - Robert Scoble
Mark Essel -- how about the Flickchart approach to ranking Internet leaders and visionaries? - Sean McBride
Mark: Flickchart elegantly implements a concept I've been thinking about for years: binary picking. You are presented two choices (in this case, movies) and you pick the one you prefer. Over time, and after dozens, hundreds and thousands of picks, the data begins to acquire considerable depth and subtlety in teasing out and extracting your tastes and... more... - Sean McBride
This is a great concept. To my mind there are a couple of important factors. Will the attention be on those who are having the greatest impact and influence online, who are the most successful, and an examination of what they are doing and how they have done what they have done. Or (and this is not mutually exclusive by any means) will it be about those who are most innovative, about... more... - Alex Hammer
Mark -- actually, the binary approach is infinitely extensible and capable of representing any degree of complexity in one's preferences, sentiments, profile, etc. Its simplicity is its power. Matters become interesting after one collects a sufficient quantity of binary relations and rated pairs. - Sean McBride
Recordon, Smarr, Messina for their OAuth work, Twitter/Matt Sanford for the best implementation of that, Winer for thinking out loud better than anyone else, and Evan Prodromou for figuring out how to create a network of social networks and publishing a spec along with his software and service. - Brian Hendrickson
Kol Tregaskes I'm sure you've seen him around :) and Sarah Perez for sure my favorite ReadWriteWebber - sofarsoShawn
Difenetely dave Winer. I'd also put Chris Saad for hid Data Portability propaganda - Kirill Bolgarov
I'd say...Tim Berners-Lee, teaching his first HTML class at the W3 Conference Chicago in 92. Fun. - Kay Designer
Shawn, yes very fanatic. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Mike Fruchter
Robert Scoble noise on Friendfeed - I embrace it. -
Noise. Bring it on. - Louis Gray
I've had a similar epiphany. - Hutch Carpenter
I'm hardly reading Friendfeed anymore. All eveyrone seems to talk about is FriendFeed - so until I can filter stuff out based on keyword, it's not for me. - Ian Betteridge
I don't subscribe to Scoble. People I subscribe to subscribe to him and like or comment on all the useful nuggets and then I see them. - Seth Gottlieb
NOIIIIIISEEEEEE love it - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
@Ian what are you talking about? you can filter by keyword already. or are you talking about something different? excluding all mentions of FriendFeed or something? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Scoble feeds on "Noise Nuggets"!!! :*) - Susan Beebe
If you follow a few hundred people, Scoble's friends become a small trickle into a large ocean. - Jason Wehmhoener
Don't call it noise, that's a distraction. Call it information. That's still not good enough. Have to laser in on "actionable information". - Alex Hammer
i like the plugin - Tyler Gillies
Seth: you shouldn't subscribe to me to see me. You should subscribe to me to see all the other cool people I've clicked like on or commented on. These people: - Robert Scoble
Actually if you think my export is noisy, you should see my import! Here it is. Watch my inbound realtime feed for a while and get dizzy: - Robert Scoble
Robert, I now need 2 aspirin, that's insane.... - Mike Fruchter
Noise, I has it - Bwana ☠
Agreed, I could now just spend all day on FriendFeed if I let myself. - Jeremy Schultz
Robert Scoble
Video of Seagate hard drives being tested: more video coming in three weeks.
Weird, I can't upload to from China but Viddler worked fine. This is just one video I shot at the end of the line where they test thousands of drives using tons of these robotic testers. - Robert Scoble
This video is at the end of the line. We shot the other parts on HD so we have to edit those together and upload them after we get home in a couple of weeks. - Robert Scoble
"We still need a human part of it." Explaining why they couldn't automate the end of the line where final Q&A check is. "Human can be upgraded very fast," was the quote on the video. Another line I like is "Seagate workers are well grounded." Each one is grounded twice: once through their special shoes the conductive floor they are on and a second time through a strap that hooks onto their clothing which has little wires designed to gather static electricity and pass it to the ground instead of into drives. - Robert Scoble
really interesting Robert - yeah, i loved the 'human beings can be upgraded easily" too :) - Zee.
cool - Alex Hammer
I would assume the reason why you can't upload the video to to the great firewall of china. - imabonehead
ima: yeah, that could be it. Interesting my email is sending again and FriendFeed is wicked fast here, just like at home. Hello to my censors! :-) - Robert Scoble
Interesting video. Used Seagate SCSI Drives in past years. Now I see why China is kicking tail in mfg. - JimmyJet
About 0:40 it looks like you walked into the window. :) - Ryan Twomey
Ryan: I put my Flip camera up to the glass protecting the robot. - Robert Scoble
Bret Taylor
Some of the slides on my Future of Web Apps presentation here in London
Picture 1.png
Picture 2.png
Show all
Thanks to Ross (my cousin, FriendFeed intern) and Robert Scoble for being the sources for my analysis (little did they know!). My talk focused on the signals we are looking at to create better automatic filtering and ranking interfaces for FriendFeed. (Emily is Ross's sister by the way, if you are wondering why he likes her entries so much.) - Bret Taylor
Cool, you're using a collaborative filter on preferences and ranking components under Bayes' rule! - John Lam
I'm practically famous! :-) - Emily Miller
Really? I *hate* my sister's entries! - j1m
Odds that people are over-analyzing social media and networking = 100%. Sorry. - Josh Haley
+1000 Josh - Cyndy
Josh -- we've barely scratched the surface of analyzing social media and networking. The AI-based social network analysis software of the future will optimize the interactions and experiences of billions of people. We are still at a very primitive stage in figuring this stuff out. - Sean McBride
Imagine a rapidly self-evolving global superintelligence firing on all cylinders, maximizing the productivity and self-actualization of billions of people simultaneously. That is the long term strategic objective of AI-based social network analysis, collaborative filtering, recommender systems, etc. We're barely at step 1. - Sean McBride
I love this path. FF makes me increasingly less likely to use my reader. Yet, I know there are some worthwhile nuggets in there that I am missing. This kind of intelligence improves the chances that I am predictably surfaced everything I would want to be. I love it. - Christopher Sacca
Awesome. I'm going to buy Emily cookies so she likes more of my posts. :-) - Robert Scoble
Did someone record this talk? I'd love to see it, since I'm one of the sources. Hey, Bret, want to get together when you get back? I'd love to talk more in depth about this with you. I think you're onto something very important. - Robert Scoble
I wonder what effect I had vs. my brother. :-) - Robert Scoble
Friendfeed remains ahead of the game. Bret a driving industry force. - Alex Hammer
Bret is very smart ;*) - Susan Beebe
why not use slideshare to provide us all the slides - jfayel
One of the best talks of FOWA. Eagerly waiting to see the new features implemented. - Oren Solomianik
Robert: I would love to chat with you about this. Send me an email, and we can set up a time. - Bret Taylor
Bret: will do! - Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble
Paul Bucheit, co-founder of FriendFeed, says new features are coming "soon" (possibly next week if tests go well). He wouldn't tell me much about what the new features will be, though. Oh, and did you know that the "Show best of" feature works in rooms and lists?
On my TechNews list, for instance, it shows only people who are on that list and THEIR most favorite items. This is freaking awesome and another HUGE reason to use lists and rooms. - Robert Scoble
New features = WIN, but yes, I did know about the best of working in lists/rooms. Now I feel kind of bad for not sharing ;-) - FFing Enigma
They've been good with adding new features so far: mostly useful stuff and no total crap that I can think of. - john conroy
Cool, didn't know that. Thanks, Robert. - Kol Tregaskes
Yes, the "Best Of" is different on each list. It works "best" in my "Everyone" list and worst in the one that's just me. :-) - Louis Gray
Yay! Wonder if it has to do with that AI intern guy they had. - Brandon Titus
Wish "best of" worked in the "everyone" feed itself - Justin Long
Hmm.. How do I get it to work in rooms? I don't see the "Show Best Of" in rooms? - Winston Teo
I don't see it in rooms either, but it is in lists. - Justin Long
AWESOME news!! Paul is really cool guy! Yes, new about "best of" working on list, but not rooms...thanks! - Susan Beebe
Thanks for info - Alex Hammer is useful for seeing what is happening in the system regards to changes. Not much new info at the moment, but will be after release. - Daniel Schildt
Robert Scoble
This keeps me optimistic -
This keeps me optimistic
Whenever I feel the world is against me I play with my son, Milan, and he gives me one of these. Hope it brightens your day too! We need more smiles in today's economy! - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
It did... Thanks Robert. - Vincent X
Aww, he's adorable and yes, he put a smile on my face. It's like seeing pictures of my almost 19 month old nephew. They make me smile. :) - Molly Song ;)
On the other hand, it's 1 a.m. and he's still running around here. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
لایک برای فرش ایرانی:) - Shandiz
Life is Good - nice shot!! - Susan Beebe
Playing with my 6 mo old son is my favorite thing in the world to do - it's like playing with the angels. - Jesse Stay
Happy Birthday Milan :-) - Apostolos Papadopoulos
back when he was born: - Thomas Hawk
Cute kid Robert ;) - AJ Batac
Thomas - those a great photos!! thanks for sharing that link to your Zooomr photos! - Susan Beebe
They grow up so fast. - Thomas Hawk
Such a sweetheart! Happy birthday cutie! - Daynah
Thomas, thanks for posting those. They sure take me back. I can't believe that was just a year ago. It seems a lot longer. - Robert Scoble
ADORABLE!!!! love the smile! :) - dafire
Milan is running around at 1am? Sounds like he's taking after his pa. - MiniMage
Very nice - Alex Hammer
Paul Buchheit
Warren Buffett explains the credit crisis to Charlie Rose | -
"We leveraged up and if you have a 20 percent fall in value of a $20 trillion asset, that’s $4 trillion. And when $4 trillion lands — losses land in the wrong part of this economy, it can gum up the whole place.” People should have known better but in some way’s it’s unavoidable with markets: “People should always know better. … I mean people — people don’t get — they don’t get smarter about things that get as basic as greed and you can’t stand to see your neighbor getting rich. You know you’re smarter than he is, and he’s doing these things, you know, and he’s getting rich, and your spouse is getting unhappy with you because you aren’t doing — pretty soon you start doing it. And so you get what I call the natural progression, the three I’s: the innovators, the imitators, and the idiots. And that’s what happens. Everybody just kind of goes along. And you look kind of silly if you disagree." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Can someone please engrave this on a plaque somewhere? Maybe we could have it etched into some tablets from the mountaintop and have churches predicated on these words. - Christopher Sacca
Right on! Yep, i am very "silly" ...not a jonesy type anymore.... we gave away much of our "cool stuff" and now have a mimimalist home ...MUCH BETTER and the best part, no stinking debt, except house and 1 car. The bank was all too ready to sock us deep into debt. We decided against that and are very happy with our decision to borrow only half what was offered (more realistic with cushion to $pare) - Susan Beebe
Unsure imitators and idiots don't simply continue on their merry way under bailout. - AJ Kohn
@AJ all the bailout does is buy time. We're merely delaying the inevitable, I think. If the imitators and the idiots keep doing what they're doing, we'll just be right back here again, except probably even worse off. - Victor Ganata
@Victor: Sadly, I agree. - AJ Kohn
@Susan - we also just bought a house (closing on Tuesday) for half what we were pre-approved for. - Robert Felty
Warren: "And all I can say is beware of geeks, you know, bearing formulas.” - carolh
Paul, I've posted the video of the full interview- Charlie Rose's site is being hammered with traffic today. - michael sean wright
A lot of people have criticized Paulson, here's what Buffett says: "I don’t think you can have a better secretary of the Treasury than Hank Paulson … he knows markets, he knows corporations’ work, he knows money, and he’s got the interests of the country at heart." - Sanjeev Singh
Buffett for President? - Admiral70
Here is my new motto, <geek>Live below your means, but get enough technology to have some fun.</geek> - Joe
Buffett (and Charlie Rose also) two of the smartest minds I've heard - Alex Hammer
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed's first year -
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed's first year
"FriendFeed's turning one! A year ago today, Bret, Jim, Paul and Sanjeev put our site and service out there and invited some folks. Soon, more people joined—as users, coworkers and friends. The rest, as they say, is history. Although not particularly ancient history." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
نارنجی - Azadeh
Congrats guys, time flys when your aggregating fun - sean percival
i literally can't keep my hands off of you -you must be doing something right... - Zee.
این دیگه چه ربطی داره آخه؟؟؟؟ - Vahid۹Online
Great stuff FF crew - keep it up. - Jeff Smith
نارنجی رو عرض کردم سوده جان - Vahid۹Online
Happy Birthday! Keep up the great work... And thanks to Ana for her prompt responses to my ever multiplying questions... - Metin
Tank you for this grate site.Like Friendeed.Congratulations. :) - Nedaッ
Happy Birthday, Kudos to you guys - Varun Mahajan
Aww! I want a snazzy FriendFeed uniform and helmet, too. A safe workplace is a fun workplace, I always say. - DeWitt Clinton
Way to go guys! I still can't figure out how I lived for 27 years without FF! - Shivanand Velmurugan
Thank you, FriendFeed, for giving me one more tool for procrastination! - Megen Vo
Happy birthday FriendFeed! - Hutch Carpenter
It's been a year already? Blimey. Happy Birthday! - Tony Ruscoe
Congrats. Trumpets and blowguns to get the rest of us non-FF slimes. Still have those weapons handy. +1 DeWitt, bring in some gears! Got some nice design in mind. +1 Shivanand and the like, how come it never existed before is beyond my understanding, that's how web services win I suppose. Great foundation to build for the future of 'social media'. - Zu from AOD
Thank you for building my home on the web... Was waiting for a long time. Worth it :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Congratulations Friendfeed and Happy Birthday to you!!! - AJ Batac
I <3 ff! Thanks so much for providing such a great community of wonderful people and great information. :-) -
Happy Happy Birthday Friendfeed, best of luck for the future! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear FF, Happy Birthday to you...and many more!! - Admiral70
Happy B-Day, all! - Sarah Perez
happy birthday FF! - Arda Çetin
Happy Birthday to all! - Kol Tregaskes
Looks like fun. Congrats all. - Scott Loganbill from twhirl
~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDFEED!!! ~~~ Love you rock my day!! - Susan Beebe
Happy 1st birthday. & Thank you for everything! - Ton Zijp
Happy Birthday! Hope to congratulate you on FF's 10th birthday too. - Thaths
Well done guys ! Happy Birthday ! - Lim, Kok Kim
Long live,viva,banzai,FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Bon anniversaire et merci! - Mathieu Ayel
CONGRATULATIONS... It has taken me most of the year to figure out how to use and make the most of friendfeed, and now dont' want to live without it.... - amelia arapoff
Congrats - Alex Hammer
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed celebrates its first birthday on Thursday. What a first year! Thank you to FF for being such a huge part of my life this year!
I predict a birthday cake meme! - David Young
FF FTW *FIREWORKS AND CRACKLES* chick chak, what is to do then? - Zu from AOD
Not if you got to do the private beta. I signed up on September 3, cuz I'm cool like that ;) - Shannon Jiménez
I joined a while ago but have only recently got the addiction. It's a great service, look forward to many years to come. - Kol Tregaskes
Ohh, Happy Early Birthday FF! - FFing Enigma
Well done FF and users, it's been a great year! - Mo Kargas
Does anyone have a printable party hat template... hmmmmmm - Johnny
lol +1 John - Kyle Lacy
@robert scoble Is this 1 year birthday since launch of product or of the company overall? - Jason Goldberg
That went fast! - Charlie Anzman
FriendFeed helped me achieve my first Google PR5 ranking - Glenn Batuyong
YEAH!!! Congratulations FriendFeed!! What an amazing and productive first year...very impressive!! So happy for you guys!! Thank you Robert for reminding us of their birthday and to appreciate their product!! - Susan Beebe
Thank you FriendFeed, Robert Scoble and everyone else that has made FF the useful and entertaining tool that it is! - David Ward
I must thank the Twitter outages for pushing me here. - Eric - Final Countdown
I look forward to seeing how FF moves forward, very good service, thanks to Paul and the team for their hard work creating a very useful utility. - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
FriendFeed is so useful that I don't even know what I'd do without it. Congrats on completing your 1st year FF!! - J. D. Ebberly
Wow, its hard to believe that FF is already a year old. - Josh Smith
It took you almost a year to get me onto friendfeed? Dude, WTF? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Shannon: that wasn't even the private beta. That was the "are you a sibling of Bret beta," of which you were the only participant :) - Bret Taylor
Cake in the Logo time ?? - Charlie Anzman
Alex - LOL that was snarky!!! Ok Robert, what took you so long to get Alex on FF?!! ha, ha!! - Susan Beebe
glad this is still the BEST item on "Best of the Day"! Bump!!! - Susan Beebe
Actually the birthday party is on Wednesday evening. Yikes. Well, it'll be Thursday in Australia! :-) - Robert Scoble
Congrats to Friendfeed - i predict BIG things :) - Zee.
At first I didn't 'get' the point of FriendFeed, but after a while, its become my favorite internet hangout. - Nick Humphries
Happy Birthday Friend Feed--in a very short period of time, you have made yourself a critical part of my day. Kudos! - Amie Gillingham
Happy Birthday FriendFeed! Congrats to every FriendFeeder! - Cesar Cardoso
happy happy! - Jason Calacanis
Boom shacka-lacka-lacka Happy Birthday! (in three more days) - Pete D
Wow only one year for FriendFeed, and it's already quite a hit, I only joined it last month - Alvin
Happy birthday FF,can't believe it was about a year,I joined it about two months ago,and now I can't live without it,kinda addictive. - Steve Chou
Happy Birthday FF btw - Kol Tregaskes
is there a party somewhere? - Loic Le Meur
Happy Birthday, FF. I like it, a lot. - Leon Ho
First of many successful - Alex Hammer
Robert Scoble
Guess what the new blogroll is for me? Yep, FriendFeed! - Robert Scoble
Robert, FriendFeed is getting more of my attention than Google Reader which could also be a blogroll. - David Ward
David, FriendFeed agreggates Google Reader, which IMO makes it more powerful. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
FF rocks.... I stopped using gReader - it's all here now - Susan Beebe
gReader is how I do my link blogging - it's how I write about subjects others have already written about. It still serves a purpose. FF just brings them all together so others can comment - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Robert, great blog- but it's Twine you have it as Spine. - michael sean wright
Nice Fish: ooppsss, fixing now. Yikes. Too late here. - Robert Scoble
Really enjoying Twine-- But FF is still tops. - michael sean wright
inspired use of FF Robert. - Duncan Riley
Maybe we should call it a life roll.It's beyond blogs now. - Alex Hammer
Evan Williams
The Twitter team kicked ass this week. Nice work, guys.
Nice to see new features and reliability! - Robert Scoble
What new features? - Outsanity
Yes they did. - vimoh
Congrats on the great launch - I am really enjoying it. - Bret Taylor
Oh... I thought they put my idea I posted on - Outsanity
i fully agree - i think their election site is a masterstroke! - John Kotsaftis from feedalizr
Thank you all for your hard work. - Louis Trapani from twhirl
Kudos to the Twitter team! btw, is the backend now running on Scala code? - imabonehead
Investors, in addition to users, have been patient. Nice growth overall. - Alex Hammer
Bret Taylor
My FriendFeed presentation from MIT/Stanford Venture Lab -
Apparently my blogging rate is inversely proportional to FriendFeed's growth rate - I am going to try to improve that so Louis doesn't make fun of my blog's lack of posts at every FriendFeed open house :) No promises, though - source code seems to flow better for me than prose most of the time... - Bret Taylor
Same here. I stopped blogging since May. What about writing an AI app to automatically blog for you? :P - imabonehead
I like the model of start-ups that the way to get them to be popular is just to stick with them. (Maybe I got this formulation from Paul Graham.) I'm not sure that's meaningful, but at least it's prescriptive. - j1m
Thanks for any and all shares, Bret. Love to see. I really hope at some point the team feels comfortable to talk nuts and bolts architecture, so we can learn and provide great products like you do. I think you could do the equivalent good of a Jesse James Garrett, talking even in the abstract about what a modern architecture means. - Christopher Galtenberg
congratulations on all the value creation. nice hockey stick on growth. you've got a unique view of socialweb services, including when adoption gets traction. would love to look at analytics from your data exhaust, if you're not comfortable showing direct numbers. - mark silva
Now, have I _ever_ really mocked your blog for a lack of posts? I don't remember that. But retroactively, maybe I should have. :-) - Louis Gray
How this goes Mainstream - Geoffrey Moore type focus - is, as you note (along with monetization) the key question(s) - Alex Hammer
Robert Scoble
The Scoble Top Tech Blogger/FriendFeed/Social Media List -
Liking because I hate - Eric Rice
Oh my God, oh my God, I'd like to thank my agent, my mom, HI MOM,... - Eric - Final Countdown
Eric, just for that I updated my list with your latest stuff. - Robert Scoble
LOL Eric... :) - Zee.
I like Louis's title: "The guy who got Scoble into FriendFeed" - Jesse Stay
Chris Pirillo isn't on there either - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Oh, nevermind - he's under "lockergnome" - Jesse Stay from twhirl
yeah he is - just under lockernome - his porno name - Zee.
Great list with great titles; I added new friends. And also lots of new ones subscribed to me after Scoble's post! - Erhan Erdoğan
Erhan: I just added a bunch more too. Keep them coming! - Robert Scoble
Robert: Friendfeed will have a pick after you ; ) (*Add Paul S's title - I knew him from his Yahoo Internship days, great choice; Paul Stamatiou: Skribit Co-Founder known for his prowess with all things tech) - Erhan Erdoğan
I'm not on it, but I like it anyway. ;-) Lot of names I didn't know, which is nice. - David Risley
...every week I see a weird list of glorifying people .. I know it's a web2.0 social thing, but really what's the point of these "articles" and messages everytime? and probably risking my complete "social online life" here, but ....djeez.. whats the point of these lists!? - Pascal
Pascal: My point? I want more techie behavior here on FriendFeed. This is my way of rewarding the people who bring me high quality bits. - Robert Scoble
I think lists like these are actually making the barrier for "the other people" higher to appreciate Friend feed, because it's hard to escape a certain list of people on friendfeed because their posts are everywhere due to 600-800 people liking it you can't escape these people.. Perhaps articles and lists of "who to follow" are narrowing the friendfeed usage to an elite group? - Pascal
Thanks again for the shoutout, Robert... my title = "site & tech lead of". - Christopher Galtenberg
Pascal: "Like storms" on FriendFeed only last a few hours, a day or two at most. But then you'll have a lot more people to follow thanks to this list and you'll also have new blood coming in here because new people will see the value of participating here. So, long term it's a win for everyone. Short term? Yeah, it's a bit messy. - Robert Scoble
I'm not on the list. boo-hoo! :) - Sarah Perez
Damn, um, hey Robert. /me waves - EricaJoy
He didn't add me either, but I got over it. :-) - David Risley
It's all High School until you die. - Keith Shepard from twhirl
bah. - Loic Le Meur
let's have a glass of wine soon, even id you don't like my tweets and friendfeeds :) - Loic Le Meur
guess I'm too geeky, too geeky for your list.. ;) - alphaxion
Loic knows how to get my attention. - Robert Scoble
Tks for the nod big guy :) Here another one .... Sarah Perez above is one of my daily fav's (RWW, Channel 10,, etc etc) - Charlie Anzman
Robert - I agree, Loic is one smart guy - the wine route is perfect!! - Susan Beebe
like the list wish there were more women on it - Kim Landwehr
Yeah Scoble! Where are all the girls?! :) - Patricia
Patricia: you tell me geeky women who have decent signal and I will add them to the list. - Robert Scoble
@robert, hmm....queen of spain maybe? she's a blogger with a political voice and so freaking cool.... - Patricia
Queen of spain added. After all, we were drinking Vodka together just a few days ago. - Robert Scoble
must bring Vodka or Wine to Scoble to get brownie points! :) - Susan Beebe
thanks for putting me on the list robert. you are the first person i look for on any new network or website that i check out. ;) - Rodney Rumford
The U.S.S. Titanic is sinking and this, I'm afraid, is a list of people who are just rearranging deck chairs. Not that its not fun to do that for a while. - Elliott Ng
Scoble, I'm not Patricia, but Sarah Perez has good signal. Kthanxbai. - Laura Norvig
OK, wait, you put Evan Williams on that list? The dude has ONE native post to friendfeed, and his tweets are not particularly techie. So ... some people get on the list just because of who they are, not because of their signal? - Laura Norvig
You want more techie behaviour here? I love techie stuff, but it seems to me that FF is a huge echo chamber of techie behaviour. Now I know you're not at all interested in FF expanding beyond early adopter territory. If you don't like non-techie posts, why are you subscribing to people who post them? Who's going to put together a list of great NON-techie users? (One of the lists a couple of weeks ago had a number of non-social media/tech based people, and I subscribed to them all. I want more.) - Jandy
Good post. Informative. How about a Friendfeed directory or encyclopedia of top (interesting/prolific) users? - Alex Hammer
Robert Scoble
Dave Morin, head of. Facebook's platform just asked me "who is Louis Gray?" oh, just a guy who is a badass user of bleeding edge stuff.
Dave = FAIL - Kyle Lacy
Man, he does not know Louis? WTH? - ※Fu※
They pay this guy money? - Charlie Anzman
Louis, shut off his access. - Shawn Farner
LOL. Thanks guys :) - Dave Morin
WAIT! you are on friendfeed and you do not know Louis Gray? lol - Kyle Lacy
Wow. He's gotta be really out of it. - Eric Florenzano
Dave doesn't know who Louis is? you've GOT to be kidding...srsly! Dave needs to step away from facebook a sec and hang out here on FriendFeed more!!!! :*) - Susan Beebe
Maybe Dave was being sarcastic - imabonehead
We know Louis. We are just having some fun in a taxi in Boston - Robert Scoble
Lol.. I love the outrage. - Kyle Lacy
Wish I were there! Have a drink for me, guys. - John McCrea
You got asked that in the shower? Dude, you have to disconnect *sometime*. - Pete D
LOLs, lulz, and WTFs! - Richard Walker
Dave - Assuming you noticed Shawn's post (heh - have fun guys :) - Charlie Anzman
Oh, Dave and Louis MUST meet. We need to get Louis using Facebook more. Dave, send Louis a Facebook shirt, too - he needs some FB love. - Jesse Stay
need a Gray / Morin meetup! - Susan Beebe
Okay, let's have Louis and Dave meet on our next episode of! What say you, Dave and Louis? - John McCrea
You guys are nuts. I can't even give the kids naps without some kind of drama. :-) - Louis Gray
Louis, FriendFeed + drama is way better than reality TV :) - imabonehead
John, you know I'm open to it and you know how to reach me, BTW - Louis Gray
Louis, just sit back - we've got you covered ;) - Jesse Stay
Jonathan, he's davemorin on FF - Jesse Stay from twhirl
I don't know who Louis Gray is either. Oh, wait... - Tamar Weinberg
John/Louis, I'm in! - Dave Morin
What has Louis Gray ever done? Does he have a Facebook app? - Sam Pullara
echo... echo... echo... echo... - Jason Carreira
I've heard of both of them (most have) - Alex Hammer
Scoble, Alex Scoble
My brother just told me that I've totally screwed up the search engine in friendfeed for the name "Scoble." I call that an epic win for those who post cat pics.
Really liked. - Akiva
Alex, round up more of your Scoble family members into joining FriendFeed :) - imabonehead
It's also why back in February I said we need far better tools for talking to the search engine. I want to say "show me all items that contain "Scoble" but that don't include "Alex." That would solve that problem. - Robert Scoble
Alex is > The Other Scoble. - Russellreno
Robert, that capability is there already +Scoble +Robert -Alex , or Scoble|"Robert Scoble" -Alex - FFing Enigma
You can't do Scoble -Alex in the search engine? *goes to try this now* - Scoble, Alex Scoble
hah! this proves my previous comment about you and your brother: - Carlos Ayala
Alex: I didn't know that. It works, FF is safe from Alex for me. Hah! - Robert Scoble
Tina, thanks. I knew there was a reason I had you on my favorite 154 people list. - Robert Scoble
I'd love a filter for removing a person's own posts from the search: that is, if I wanted to find out who's talking about me without finding everyone I wrote. I can't search for Trapp without finding more or less my discussion feed. I always wondered how Robert finds the buzz about him searching for Scoble. - Mark Trapp
Nah, I know it's the cat pics and frequent name changes ;-) - FFing Enigma
"Robert Scoble" also works - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I always do that stuff in EVERY search. I assume that basic stuff works...if not, why did you bother? Tina++ - Rahsheen
I bow humbly to the greatness of Tina... - Johnny
Hah, I like how in another thread Robert said that he wasn't going to reveal who is in his SuperSpecial List yet he mentions that Tina's in there. - Akiva
Mark: try adding -"Mark Trapp posted" and that will remove a lot of your items. - FFing Enigma
Tina: doesn't do anything for comments or likes. - Mark Trapp
Lots of people have mentioned a desire for more or better filtering, Bobbah. Don't pull a Winer and act like it was all your idea. - abacab
Mark: also add -"- Mark Trapp" to remove comments (since all comments are formatted '- UserName'. Likes are hard b/c of the Ajax hide... - FFing Enigma
Yeah but a lot of people refer to Robert as simply Scoble. Or at least I did until Alex showed up. ;-) - Jennifer Leggio
Hey Robert, I guess your ego searches aren't valid anymore :-P - Amit Morson
You can refer to Robert as Scoble, I don't mind. However, I will have fun with it at the same time. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, you can now be Scoble and he can be The Other Scoble. ;-) - Jennifer Leggio
ROFL...Yeah, his ego searches work in Google because it's just about impossible for someone to blog more than my brother has in the past. I got totally burnt out having to blog once a day, 5 days a week for Computerworld. But here, I can just post little thoughtlets and I'm there's the whole liking and commenting thing. It's all just friendfeedy goodness. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Jennifer: I'm the older Scoble. - Robert Scoble
Ack... it's like seven degrees of Scoble around here! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
ChangeForge: then there's Maryam Scoble: - Robert Scoble
Robert is Scobleizer and Alex should be the Scoblenator - imabonehead
I have a sudden strange and strong desire to send out FF invites to every Scoble in the most recent census. - Soup in a TARDIS
On the other hand, the Scobles are owning the top of the "best of today" list here on FF with this conversation: Scoble Worldwide Domination Plan continues. :-) - Robert Scoble
I knew this was all just a ploy. ;-) - Jennifer Leggio
I'm going to change my last name to Scoble just so I can reap the benefits. Kidding. ;-) - Jennifer Leggio
precious....I can't stop laughing :-) - Duncan Riley
Cat Pics FTW! ha, ha! (thank you Tina for the awesome search params!) - Susan Beebe
So many obstacles in life. - Alex Hammer
Kevin Rose
Save $500, Live stream of the TechCrunch 50 Conference -
Cool. Great feature made available by TC to the public. - Alex Hammer
heh, I was hanging out there all day. :) - Daynah
$500..sheeit, I think they were charging like 15 hunit for a conference pass - Mike Kelly
Robert Scoble
@ScottAllen: Twitter users have ABSOLUTELY NO expectation of answers.
If Twitter had a wisdom of the crowds element -- if all the ramblings and questions actually were answered intelligently, that would be HUGE. It would become an instant Wikipedia type store of knowledge. And if your circle of friends were A-list, then an A-list store of knowledge. - Alex Hammer
Not sure who you follow, but I have asked and the twitter hive mind has responded many times. - Christian Burns
I guess it depends on the size of your hive. My hive-mind is more like a few autonomous bumblebees. - Ken Morley
Depends how you define expectations. If I ask a question, I hope for an answer. But I only expect to get an answer roughly 50% of the time. - Bill Bittner
Agreed. I put questions out there, without any real expectation for an answer. Sometime I get an answer, and that's good. Most of the time there's just silence. - Sandra Fernandez
I don't like the silence of it sometimes. Sometimes I really do want to know a least 10 people's opinion. - Corvida
Alex H: Isn't what you're describing Yahoo Answers. Albeit better quality answers. And you can also get quality answers in the Answers section in Linked In. - Bill Bittner
I've answered questions on LinkedIn, but never posted one. Mine seem to small for that, somehow. - Sandra Fernandez
I know this is an oldie, but curious what you think of services like @lazytweet, @toask, and @qna which provide Q&A on top of twitter. Maybe these will help make clear tweets that are expectant of an answer (disclosure, I built lazytweet). - Ryan W
maybe it's just the chatty people I follow - but they ask questions, expect answers, and answer me a lot too... huh. - Lucretia Pruitt
Pretend twitter users did provide answers. Can you imagine the citation? "I read it on twitter, so it must be true!" - DGentry
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