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Anybody know how to disable cache while coding OpenSocial applications on Ning? Adding bpc=1 to url not working
?ningapp_nocache=1 seems to do the trick for Ning - Alexis Bellido
Alexis Bellido
ḩistorias colectivas - Alexis Bellido
Rachael just found my two missing FriendFeed stickers (one large, one little)... I think I may have been a little bit to happy in my reaction... She is looking at me a strange (well, more than usual)
Where are you going to stick them? - Rochelle
Oh gawd... I have no idea... too much pressure - Johnny
I vote one goes on your car! - Rochelle
stickers?!? cool beans. - Yolanda
Rochelle... I would have to buy a new car to make it worth it... - Johnny
I have one on my computer and another on my car. I've had people stop me in parking lots to ask me about FF when they notice the car one. (My computer never goes anywhere so no one asks about that one. :P) - Anne Bouey
Where do I get FriendFeed stickers? Amber, my lappy, is asking for one - Alexis Bellido
I just realised I have absolutley no cool/geek cred.
I don't watch Lost, 24, House or BSG. I have never seen Firefly. I don't use Netflix. I don't have a TiVo. I don't use Twitter. I use and like Windows Vista. I don't have an Intel Mac (only G4/G5). I watch Attack Of The Show. I'm not all scripty and junk. I don't play WoW. I don't really drink beer. I pronounce my 'h's. And (worst of all it seems) I like the new FriendFeed UI... - Johnny
hache! - mjc
Dude..don't shoot yourself in the foot :) You're a geek, you're good at...computers :) - Mo Kargas
Damn! You seem to be one of those... those... how do they call them? Oh yeah, one of those 'normal guys'. Get outta here! - Alexis Bellido
.......................... I have glasses and a beard though.... does that count? - Johnny from IM
Mo: as long as you;re not talking about being scripty and junk.'ve never seen Firefly or BSG?!? *faint* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Who the eff are you. - Mike Nayyar
Hey, the netflix & TiVo thing is mostly 'cause everything is geo-tarded to non-US peoples! - Glenn Slaven
But you rock the Excel spreadsheets! - Rochelle
So does my mum Rochelle :( - Johnny from IM
I still consider you a geek, Johnny! :) - Jonathan Hardesty from fftogo
Maybe your mum is also a cool geek? :) - Rochelle
Shut yo mouth. - Eric - Final Countdown
24 is mandatory - Charlie Anzman
24 mandatory for a geek?! PFFFFFFF. BSG, Firefly, Trek, IT Crowd! - Mo Kargas
Two words: INDIANA JONES. Nuff said. :D - Steven Perez
I qualify in most of those statements Johnny. - Eric - Final Countdown
That is true Steven, I usually fall asleep after the title sequence... *ducks* - Johnny from IM
Johnny don't make me list all the ways you are a geek - I might get RSI. It's natural. Sometimes we all have questions, wonder if the way of the geek is for us...tis a difficult road but true disciples know that it's what's inside that counts. And you're a geek just like us. YOU WEAR A FF TEESHIRT FOR CRIPES SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Uhm. Had you never said anything, nobody would be able to tell the diff, so either you're actually some kind of geek, or you fake it very well. (Plus...don't you REALLY like Lego?) - Rahsheen
I'm with you on about 10-11 items on the list. - Rodfather
WoH... One of my three FF teeshirts... :P - Johnny from IM
Mmmm... sometimes I feel even I'm right, as a geek, to educate someone on something. I feel I am that no geek cred guy, as they don't usually 100% follow, even if I repeat slowly and make all known techniques to show something. No real impact sometimes, and the problem continues in certain cases. - Zu from AOD
Alexis Bellido
FriendFeed does email.
It's an easy as sending a message to, like I'm doing right now. - Alexis Bellido from email
Alexis Bellido
Robert Scoble
I'm live on Santa Cruz radio and you can listen live. I'll watch friendfeed live too here:
There is live streaming so you can listen. - Robert Scoble
i'll give you the link shortly for the live stream. - Robert Scoble
So whatcha gonna talk about? - That's So CAJ!
You can call and be on the show too. - Robert Scoble
Alan: Twitter and friendfeed, of course! - Robert Scoble
Among other things. - Robert Scoble
What's the exact link for audio live stream? - Venkk Sastry
Not easy to find a streaming link on their site. - Daniel Rowley
Yeah, we have to wait for a break and then he'll give it to us. - Robert Scoble
Sorry. - Robert Scoble
Site looks easily crashable. - Colin
It's the ugliest site I've seen. :-) - Robert Scoble
Was expecting a hundred or so pop-ups simply by the look of their site. - Daniel Rowley
I'm hearing why he isn't making the streaming site readily available. It comes down to RIAA. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Hey Robert...give Milan a hug for me. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Robin: that works! - Robert Scoble
Thanks. - Robert Scoble
Excellent, got it. - Daniel Rowley
It works - Venkk Sastry
we'll be on in 4.5 minutes. - Robert Scoble
321's works. - Daniel Rowley
Hello from NORWAY =) Robert Scoble ROCK :P - @LarsenTweet
Whats the topic going to be? - Venkk Sastry
Venkk: we are bitching about RIAA and how horrid it is. - Robert Scoble
But we'll be talking about you. - Robert Scoble
we're talking about social media and stuff. - Robert Scoble
These adverts are priceless. - Daniel Rowley
It's small town radio. 10,000 watt radio station in Santa Cruz, CA. - Robert Scoble
The Pirate Bay trial is an interresting topic - @LarsenTweet
Robert we need a social Radio station lets buy them :-) - Johni Fisher
sean: yeah! - Robert Scoble
Johni: well, we're talking to the owner. - Robert Scoble
Alright!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
:-)) - Johni Fisher
RIAA owner? - @LarsenTweet
Is this the same station that you covered on Fast Company TV? - Daniel Rowley
Hiya All - Roger
Call in: +1-831-479-1080 - Robert Scoble
Call in and we'll put you on air. - Robert Scoble
long time KSCO listeners - Roger
Bruce Perens recently wrote an article about small towns, emergencies, radio technology (especially hams), software-as-a-service, social networks reliability... - I found it interesting - Opensource Obscure
Roger: very cool! - Robert Scoble
very glad to have you back Robert Are going to be a Talk Show host there??? - Roger
Listening from France here ;) - Brome
Roger: we're talking about it. - Robert Scoble
Norway here.. never heard on this radio statoin.. - @LarsenTweet
Looking forward to it !! Good Luck! - Roger
I feel for radio people now. - Colin
why Radio progrems has no interactive panel with the listeners? why we need to call in ,you must have skype and invite us to talk with you :-) or to get our comments etc - Johni Fisher
Robert are you recording this? Can we listen later? - Kiko Cherman
yes. I believe so. - Robert Scoble
OK put the link up later. - Kiko Cherman
Play some Ramones! - Andrew Leyden
Do they have a Skype profile? - Daniel Rowley
Andrew: it's a talk station. :-) - Robert Scoble
Daniel: not sure, I'll ask. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: I'm RobertScoble on Skype. - Robert Scoble
Why is there such a delay between radio and the stream - Roger
Roger: there's always a six second delay on radio, but there might be a delay on the streaming too in addition to that. - Robert Scoble
No the stream is behind the radio. This station don't use a delay (ssshhhhh) - Roger
I think a 7 second bleep/ cut delay is the standard for these sort of shows. - Daniel Rowley
People need to stop squeezing, and start making new things! - Colin
Roger: streaming technology needs a little buffer to make sure it works well. - Robert Scoble
O I C Thanks - Roger
@Sean yeah, it reminds me of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead - Scott Breakall
I am one of those people, KSCO is usually on in the background all day. - Roger
I gave up on Cable. I have two mac minis on my TVs running Hulu, Boxee, Livestation and other streams. Not missing a thing honestly. - Andrew Leyden
Larry Lessig's got some fantastic information on the development of music and the Creative Commons aspect of it all. - Daniel Rowley
They better start making on-demand boxes. - Colin
What about The Pirate Bay? Looks like they are getting jail and a big bill. Should google get sued too? you CAN find torrents on google too. - @LarsenTweet
Larsen: we'll talk about that. - Robert Scoble
It's a shame he doesn't cover anything to the left of Mussolini. He's got an awful reputation back here in England. - Daniel Rowley
Cool. Robert is in my area. - Rodfather
Andrew: we'll talk about the CDC alerts. - Robert Scoble
Very scary. - Robert Scoble
YOUR MICS ARE STILL ON (heads up) - Nick
Yeah, we're bad. - Robert Scoble
Sorry. - Robert Scoble
The difficulties of doing remote radio. - Robert Scoble
wen is it starting? - Roshan Ramachandran
Scaremongering radio. - Daniel Rowley
Roshan: in a couple of minutes. - Robert Scoble
Just wanted to save you the embarrassment when you candidly admit to MZ that you're still a Republican - Nick
listening to US radio in India....1st time! :) - Roshan Ramachandran
Sean: yeah. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Nick: I'm not a republican anymore. - Robert Scoble
I know you're not, I'm just teasing you :) - Nick
Sean: she's pretty cool. It's small town radio. Not like KGO. A little unprofessional, which I like. - Robert Scoble
Bummer. Got disconnected. Oh well. Have fun Robert. - Andrew Leyden
Andrew: you can call back. - Robert Scoble
Is this an Onion weather broadcast? A bail of hay between lanes one and two! - Daniel Rowley
+1-831-479-1080 is the call in number. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: something like that! Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Smooth FM. - Daniel Rowley
This is Michael's mom. She's crazy, I think. :-) - Robert Scoble
She's 88 years old. - Robert Scoble
Yes, she is. Lots. But nice in person :) - Nick
Haven't heard this editorial yet. It's pretty damn gnarly. Why are they playing this??? - Nick
Sean: yes. - Robert Scoble
Sean: it's not banned by FCC. - Robert Scoble
I tuned in for real-time web! I'm getting testicles, penis and rape, am I on the right channel! - Daniel Rowley
Daniel: yes! Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: we'll be on shortly. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: that's michael's mom you were listening to. He owns the station so his mom gets a bit. - Robert Scoble
stream works good in the UK - Nick Halstead
You guys just testing all the jingles? - Andrew Leyden
Seriously, I never again want to hear an octogenarian use the word penis that many times in such a short period of time. - Nick
Ask if they are familiar with and what they think of Jesse Thorn (Santa Cruz native son)—his success in bootstrapping Public Radio International broadcast syndication + distributing his show per Podcasting (The Sound of Young America). Meh, maybe it's is too inside baseball. - Micah
ahahahah - Johni Fisher
Vocoder's now, this station is awesome. - Daniel Rowley
I got disconnected again. Oh well. Hey Robert--I was going ask about using Twitter and other services as a real time news service vs. say CNN / Drudge / AP. Do you feel it's faster / better / as reliable or not? - Andrew Leyden
haha, wtf - Nick
while were waiting - anyone not using ? - Nick Halstead
A bit ironic Robert is in Santa Cruz and is on a right-wing radio station. - Rodfather
(cuddles) Sean :) - Nick Halstead
Why can't we all just get along! - Daniel Rowley
Don't give into the hate! - Rodfather
It's all entertainment, over the top. - Daniel Rowley
I knew that Amazon hated gays 45 minutes before CNN did. - Scott Breakall
We need to be able to pin a location, get all tweets from that area. - Daniel Rowley
Daniel: good point - Roshan Ramachandran
Daniel : all tweets from an area is gr8 - Johni Fisher
Ok, somebody else call now. I have to get lunch. - Andrew Leyden
I presume it wouldn't be that difficult either, especially if they've already got your GPS information. Would be fantastic to be able to draw around a zone on Google Maps and receive all tweets from that area. Would cut down on the noise. - Daniel Rowley
Sean: that's true! - Robert Scoble
The last figure I saw (albeit a few years ago) was a bandwidth cost of about $1 per user per month for a 64k/128k stream. I think that's high given some of the price reductions and maybe p2p or other solutions (ustream) but I don't know for sure. - Andrew Leyden
@Sean. You should follow the method. Do X number of shows a day and then repeat them when you are doing other things. You can also look at Creative Commons licensed material that you can play in your off hours. - Andrew Leyden
kazaa, limewire, gnutella - Colin
napster - Colin
It's not stealing if the original source is still intact? - Daniel Rowley
Napster. - Daniel Rowley
Napster - Andrew Leyden
Andrew: yeah, is a good model to try. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: well, it's a copyright violation. :-) - Robert Scoble
Napster is what we were thinking of. - Robert Scoble
ok - while listening just launched - track all the flu outbreak stories - will take an hour to fill up - Nick Halstead
who ever mentioned the CDC gave me the idea - Nick Halstead
Are we going to be treated to another segment from Michael's mum? - Daniel Rowley
david, nope. - Robert Scoble
Robert, will you be discussing the whole flu issue on Twitter? It's amazing how we're getting news about it today - Alexis Bellido
@Sean - cheers, were really enjoying building it - Nick Halstead
you on gillmor gang later Robert? - Nick Halstead
Nick: great work on Tweetmeme, it's a fantastic service. - Daniel Rowley
does KSCO have a twitter account? - Nick Halstead
Nick: yes, I'll be on Gillmor Gang later. - Robert Scoble
Interesting, you're one of the people behind TweetMeme? You've helped inspire many creations of my own! you might've seen ;) - Colin
@Sean good idea - Robert tell them to setup a Skype account - Nick Halstead
Sean: I agree, but it takes someone that has a vision for that. Like Leo Laporte. - Robert Scoble
How about talking about the cutting of the AT&T fiber lines which caused land-line, cell, and internet outtage in the entire area? Something like that happening surely is not good for cloud computing. - Rodfather
I remember ClaraBelle!!! - Sheryl
I listen to a lot of BBC Radio 4 or radio 7 also - Roger
Rodfather: good topic. - Robert Scoble
Weird Canadian??? HAHA! It's more Euro than American is.... - Sheryl is the radio station in Canada I was talking about. - Robert Scoble
Most connected guy in the world! - Daniel Rowley
@colin I am the owner, retweetfeed looks good, have you seen our live feed? - Nick Halstead
I lived in Canada for almost 10 years...I know the music...well. AT&T is starting to be a PAIN. - Sheryl
Going to check it out now Nick - Colin
(I've been busy working what can I say lol) - Colin
we don't have talk radio stations like this in the UK, which is a shame - Nick Halstead
Private stations Nick? Or like small/locally owned? - Colin
we have private stations - but they are all big, the local stuff is generally run by the BBC - Nick Halstead
Nuts. - Daniel Rowley
This is funny! - Sheryl
Heheh. - Robert Scoble
lol - great rant - Nick Halstead
Sean: I don't know what else to say. - Robert Scoble
Urine therapy??? Um....ok...that sounds as scary as NOT. - Sheryl
Interesting, we have local stuff here in Canada, you're feed is impressive Nick! Nice smooth slide - Colin
What has Robert got to say to this one!? - Daniel Rowley
Daniel: I ain't touching that! - Robert Scoble
A relative of mine is a avian doc. who has traveled throughout the world advising governments on the matter. He has an interesting perspective on the matter... - Rick Bucich
Rick: would love to hear his perspective. - Robert Scoble
I can put you in touch with him - Rick Bucich
More outrageous that you have such easy access in my book. - Daniel Rowley
nutshell, it is blown way out of proportion - Rick Bucich
Sigh. - Robert Scoble
*sigh* KSCO listeners. I thought this was about tech - Rodfather
LMAO!!! - Sheryl
Is there this much religion on most american radio? - Colin
Rick, my friends Dad is in a similar field and says the very same, scaremongering maybe? - Daniel Rowley
topic: news papers are dead - what do they do now. - Nick Halstead
I should do a radio show just so I can get interesting callers. - Sheryl
No. KSCO is a self-owned right-wing station - Rodfather
I htink we should not answer calls! - Sheryl
Rodfather: yeah. This is the power of owning your own radio station. You get to decide who to hang up on. - Robert Scoble
How much does it cost to own your own radio show? Someone want to fund me? I can hang up with th best of them. Robert could come interruptions! - Sheryl
Sheryl: plenty of online sites that let you host your own - Nick Halstead
Nick: I did a talkshoe one. Only a dozen or so people showed up. :) - Sheryl
Sheyl: owning a radio station is outrageously expensive. He paid almost a million to buy it and just the electricity costs $2,500 a month. He has $40,000 or so in salaries to generate the content too. - Robert Scoble
I'd rather be on the Internet. - Robert Scoble
KSCO's listeners are certainly fanatical, maybe not what Building 43 is after though. - Daniel Rowley
Robert: I'm with YOU! - Sheryl
Robert: are you finished? - Daniel Rowley
yeah, thanks for joining, see ya on Gillmor Gang! - Robert Scoble
Thanks for comming out that was a fast two hoursa - Roger
*hours - Roger
gr8 time thx - Johni Fisher
Gillmor Gang today? - @LarsenTweet
Yeah, at 3 - Robert Scoble
Excellent, bye guys. - Daniel Rowley
I'll tune in on twit.. thanx scoble - @LarsenTweet
Cool you visited the area, but this whole segment reminded me why I don't listen to this station. - Rodfather
Alexis Bellido
Chick Accuses Some of Her Male Colleagues of Sexism [PIC] -
"What a contradiction. Good find!" - Alexis Bellido
Jason Calacanis
Breaking:MySpace team out?!? Wow
Can't understand the comments of a few people at the TechCrunch's article saying they will delete their MySpace accounts if Chris and Tom leave the company. Will the change be for better? - Alexis Bellido
In its current state, I have no interest in MySpace. Maybe new ppl will make it a more useful service? I'll wait and see. - Rachel Campbell
Robert Scoble
Some of you need followers to get people to engage on your thoughts. Beg for followers here and explain WHY we should follow:
I'm @scobleizer and you should follow me if you want tons of interesting tech news. I watch thousands of friendfeeders and Twitterers and am always looking for the most interesting stuff before @techmeme gets it. (UPDATE: I AM FOLLOWING EVERYONE ON THIS THREAD) - Robert Scoble
That's an example of what I'd like you to do. I will follow anyone who answers on this thread. - Robert Scoble
Well because we cannot compete with Scobleizer...and we are desperate for a following to launch our own blogs. :-) - Tarun Chachra
Ken: the problem is that on friendfeed and Twitter you need some seed followers. - Robert Scoble
I'm not sure about begging but it's difficult, especially when you're overwhelmed by inspiration about what you're working, to feel like you're not connecting with enough people. Then again, I don't want a bunch of robo-followers, but people who I can engage and engage with me. Twitter is weird. - Remote Revolution
@Chris, you should follow Mike Nayyar then: - Daniel J. Pritchett
A friend of mine joined Twitter a month ago and he already has more Followers then I gathered in two years!! Please Help! thank-you very much @moon - paul mooney
Hmm, I thought who you followed was more important.... - Scott Breakall
I guess getting on with some friends on Twitter is most important. They already know people. This adds to better quality content as opposed to just random following people which most of the time creates noise. I however love it that @scobleizer creates is great in creating a stage for interesting people :) - Michiel Sikkes
I personally don't need THAT much but I desperately need FOLLOWERS for XDBE project, to spread the idea behind it! To bring the Internet to the next level together! Global Social Graphing - Elmira Gazizova
If you don't follow me my gf will lock me in the basement without food and water. - rob
Only follow me if you like tech AND religion . A dangerous combination! - Dan Walters
begging is annoying. I guess you have to engage by following and slowly build an audience. A lot of my followers ( though not much ) has been by engaging on other tweets etc . Good use of hashtags doesnt hurt either - Kashif Khan
I rarely have anything to say myself that doesn't require engaging in conversations with others, so I don't want ANY followers. I follow those who I believe I may want to engage in conversation with, or those whom I desire to know more about. - Larry
@jpelegrin. When I do say something on Twitter, it's usually very insightful. O.K., not really, but I need some peeps. This is embarrassing! - Jeremy Pelegrin
i ain't going to beg, but i will make a note that those interested in computers, programming, science, and humor might find FriendFeed just a little bit more enjoyable if you follow me. - James Rishabh Mishra
Breakall: It's a moving target. Whatever serves the purpose of the conversation at hand. For the real story: most ppl care, including Scoble. - coldbrew
you should follow @unmarketing cause I sang about Scoble - Scott Stratten
Hmm, you should follow me if you'd like to keep a pulse on grassroots tech organizing going on locally to nationally, and because I'm looking for more #scifi fans to chat with. (@deannecuellar) - DeAnne Cuellar
Quite simply this is all an exchange of ideas, thoughts and information. I want to follow and be followed by those whom I can learn from, as well as to receive input/advice/insight from. - Ted Bradford II
I'm actually culling what few followers I do have to get to a conversation that makes sense for our "marketing" business. Um, yea, guess that's not a "pitch". - Glen Group
Ken: this is my way of finding interesting new people to follow who I might otherwise not know about. Also, anyone who answers here IS engaging. - Robert Scoble
you should only follow me if you like Star Wars, baby photos, web design, gadgets, random weirdness, memes, and music that makes you nod your head to the beat - Nathan Chase
@coldbrew You're exactly right, they do care. Just a little reminder of advice that's come before when OTHERS were trying to ratchet up the follower numbers. /cold brew coffee rawks - Scott Breakall
I try to be interesting, but really we are starting 2 new businesses here and I could use as many followers as possible. And I follow back. - Audrey
@Wordful: [I'm not above begging, so please oh please follow me.] Follow me because I'm someone who can help you understand and implement an editorial strategy on your blog. I'm also a no-BS deep thinker who doesn't like to conform. - Charles
You can follow me - @michiels on twitter - if you're interested on how a European internet startup works and what differences there are with for example SV startups. Also how Dutch schools combine entrepreneurship and studying. - Michiel Sikkes
if the follow isn't two-way, well it's not much of a conversation is it? - Sean O'Brien
@Alexander, sounds like chicken and egg problem. Do the followers come before the comments and content or after? :) - Paul Wade
The problem here on FF is that the majority of potential subscribers are in the USA so the site is most active when I'm in bed here in the UK! I think the key to getting subscribers is to engage with others' content and make sure you share interesting things yourself. That way you become a 'valued' member of the community. You have to put some 'work' in though. - Martin Bryant
I'm an average, non-techy person. - Just Mrs. V
so are we begging you? watch for awhile and see if you like :) @rveep - reed price
Thomas Hawk follows me and since you don't you obviously are behind the times :) - Kevin Kuphal
Nathan: I "AND" the list, and followed. - Larry
Getting that starting mass is an absolute nightmare. I think i hace about 9 followers and all but 4 of those are spammers. I haven't been that prolific so far but i'm trying and will hopefully trigger some interesting thoughts in your head - Jamie Vidamour
Rather than begging for followers, I'd like to tell you all how I've learned to use Twitter to engage like minded aviation related folks in a time when my industry (business aviation) is under fire from all sides. Twitter has allowed me to build meaningful relationships with those that write about and/or care about the future of our industry. Follow @BizAv if you're interested in joining the conversation or check out for other business aviation related Twitters. - Mike Mikolay
I've actually noticed I've had a few more followers lately than I've had before. Hopefully they're getting some interesting tidbits from me. - Paul Wade
@Chris - right, it was a little tounge-in-cheek, but that's the majority of subject matter you'll see crawl across my feed - Nathan Chase
audrey, i personally believe in quality over quantity. one needs numbers of course to get the message out (when you aren't giving of course. i.e., signal to noise) but I find no benefit in having 5000 followers if 4000 of them have nothing in common with me/my business/my interests etc. - Ted Bradford II
I don't beg for followers. If you want to follow there is a 98% chance I will follow back. I like to think I bring interesting news to the table. - John Flynn
The whole idea of "followers" plays to our inherent need of not being alone or feeling important. Gaining followers is like gaining money. You find the excitement of gaining followers and once you are loaded with "followers" so what? It doesn't make you happier, doesn't make you more successful. What's 25 thousand followers if your conversation on twitter is about how many beers you are drinking on happy hour? I find that people who are very zealous about gaining followers have EMPTY conversations. - Bo Lora
You should follow @jeremybogdan for thoughts on the latest gaming and tech/social media news, in addition to updates on the gaming podcast I run and daily observations. I think that wraps things up in a nice package, but honestly, I enjoy the conversations most. Really more "followers" would just make it possible to carry on conversation and meet people I might have never been able to talk to/meet otherwise. - Jack Bogdan
Beg for followers, Robert? :( - Mona Nomura
Every so often, the world changes, sometimes quickly,sometimes very slowly but sometimes unnoticeably fast. Change is constant and constantly changing. There is no timetable and you cannot predict or trend the unknown but you can change with it as quickly as it evolves. That's what my blog is about..its located at - Iggy Kin I'm here and I absolutely want people to follow me, but why should I have to beg to be followed? I'm doing great work, just like the interview I did with you Robert, and have other cool guests slated to join me. Begging makes me feel dirty somehow. I'd rather have followers slowly work their way into my life than to have them show up en masse one day simply because I begged here. I'm with my pard. Ken. Begging? DO NOT LIKE. - Sheryl
Mona: I'm looking for new people to follow and there's a lot of newbies here, so figured I'd help. - Robert Scoble
I'll do it! I provide a weekly podcast for IT pros which provides interviews, views, and tech tips. You can listen to it here even. I also post self amusing thoughts and comments that are only funny and witty to me. Follow me and have a richer life :) If you are interesting I'll find you here too. - Eric - Final Countdown
I'm John Wright and I'm building web applications under the name Wright Labs (@wrightlabs). You should follow me if you want to be the first to know about new apps I've built or updates to existing ones. - John Wright
Read 'Beg for followers' as 'Market yourself'. - Kiran Patchigolla
Sheryl: sometimes you have to promote yourself. I used the word "beg" to get a conversation going. - Robert Scoble
Kiran: right. - Robert Scoble
If I'm followed by those who follow in huge numbers(e.g. @scobleizer), I'd like to be included in one of their "special" friend list or filter. It sucks to have your voice drowned out by the masses. I guess there's always DM. But that works only if the recipient is following you. OK, just follow me already :) - Edmund Tay
I've already tried to get my current high profile followers engaged in a conversation here: with my GAME which was actually going to provide a fun way for me to gather some usage data to elaborate on a point for further discussion here.....NO COMMENTS from my FF peeps!!!!! - shayne catrett
also this can relate to the fresh blood tech bloggers discussion a while back - Kashif Khan
I am @harscoat and this is a test ;) on the Scoble power!! - I am on friendfeed thanks to him to be honest and thanks to friendfeed & Brett Taylor feed I discovered SANTIGOLD (Lights Out in particular) and in the end this feed/twitter thing and collaboration led to value for my ears :) so this feed thing works for me - Harscoat
Follow me because I'm just too awesome! :P But, in all seriousness if people think I'm interesting then they should follow me. I'm not going to beg for followers. They have to decide on their own if they want to follow me or not. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I get followers when they see me post on topics they search for; I get the most interaction that way too. So maybe if one wants more followers, one should talk about stuff people care about :-) Other than that sometimes folks I actually know comment on my tweets. - Emil Sit
Robert - promoting and begging strike me differently. VERY differently. Promoting myself is easy. I think I'm a fabulous podcaster, fabulous interviewer. I Would LIKE to interview YOU again and want you to let me know when you have something really cool to talk to about, ie Building 43. That's self promotion. Are you buying it? :) - Sheryl
PLEASE follow me. My mom is the only one commenting on my stuff and it's making me look like a dweeb. - Christina Henderson
Sheryl: I was already following you! :-) - Robert Scoble
@chrisquick LOL, that made me laugh. - Paul Wade
lol Christina. On another note, do not follow me, I cannot handle the responsibility. - Christian Collins
Wow this feed has just started and already produced a wide variety of comments. Desperate for followers or power of FriendFeed ;-) - Michiel Sikkes
Me @smohkim.. why? just to get a bit more than just regular tech news - Sardar Mohkim Khan
I'm pretty new to FF, so I'm not sure my content is worth following. But I'm trying to learn socmedia while working on video game news at So, yeah. :) - Elizabeth Parmeter
Yes Robert didn't mean beg literally, follow his example which is his first comment. He's really asking a for a concise answer to the question "Why should we follow you?" - John Wright
I want people who are worth following back. I really could use some interesting thought provoking input. - Mary Wehrle
Speaking of follower numbers, what's the minimum to shoot for before decent engagement can start to happen? - Edmund Tay
Edmund: four. - Robert Scoble
Robert you make me LAUGH! WTG! And to all my NEW followers, thanks :-) - Sheryl
I follow back on Twitter @nencetti - to get followers I follow people and wait. (i guess that is sorta begging) to lose followers i tweet too much. I am starting to use FriendFeed, it grows on you, like a fungus... - Mike Nencetti
Ha, funny Christina! I just jumped into the follow-a-thon here. I want everyone here to follow me because I want to learn from you and hope I share some knowledge to enlighten you some day :-) - Jason Cronkhite
Robert: Is that based on the assumption that all 4 followers share a common interest in what you have to say or share? - Edmund Tay
Edmund: yeah. But all you really need is one with other followers who also like what you have to say. The second I post a comment or "like" one of your items it gets shown to thousands of people. - Robert Scoble
Please, please, please. Why? Because I'm begging. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
I do hope we can get you along to a #tuttle the next time your in London. In the mean time feel free to follow me @robocallaghan - Robert O'Callaghan
Robert: I'll be in London in early July! - Robert Scoble
Willem: you link to cool applications. You should have both begged and explained that. - Robert Scoble
Wow, that is fast! - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Take a look at my current FF homepage and if any of the entries engage you on an emotional or intellectual level, then follow! - Sam Grover
i am begging for followers here for two reasons. 1) my money was wasted in trying to get 19,000 followers in five days and the free snuggie 2) If I get each of my followers to donate one dime to me, i can easily afford the big green hands like scoble has, then EVERYONE would follow me. - Ted Bradford II
You're already following me Robert - please, only follow me if you want good content. That's the secret to gaining quality followers. I do like to follow others with good content though. - Jesse Stay
I started with this social networking thing because I miss discussions with fellow scientist when I was one. Not all conversations here are so "eggheaded" but engaging. With more followers I could start more conversations. - Robert Hafer
samgrover anyone who puts geeky events in here is good enough for me (like you do). - Robert Scoble
I see this as a community service thread - no problemo rs :) - mike "glemak" dunn
i lack focus. my links lack focus. i am the hybrid vigour in your friendlist. - dromologue
No begging. Look at my feed and subscribe if you like it. It's a mixed bag of tech, marketing, politics, business, food and humor. - AJ Kohn
Jesse: actually I've gotten quite a few good quality followers by doing crappy content. It's true. The stuff I think is good quality content often doesn't get people to follow, even the smart ones. Of course I learned that by using your tool! :-) - Robert Scoble
dromologue: you linked to You can't be half bad. - Robert Scoble
i am in the same boat. I would love to have followers but i don't have time to focus in on one topic. - Zach Scott
You should follow me because I enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - Jon
Jon: my brother will probably enjoy talking to you then! - Robert Scoble
I probably wont ever beat you or @techmeme. I'm a pretty nice guy though. Plus, I promise to only post a few pictures of cats a month- none of which with be tagged with Obama! - metalerik
You SHOULDN'T follow me (@supermoose37) because I don't want you to. Anyone currently following me, should stop right now. Follow me, and you'll regret it. - Marcus Beagley
I can't imagine being interesting enough to follow. - Peter Kruit
metalerik: I liked the Google Mars images you had up. - Robert Scoble
Ooos, I forgot to beg and give a reason why I'm begging. So here goes: Follow me because I try to post and share items that I think will be of interest to some if not all of my followers. That and I will also follow you back :) - Edmund Tay
Probably shouldn't follow me ... [ ] - Craig Brownell
Peter: you are running the iPhone 3.0 beta. That makes you interesting, didn't you know? - Robert Scoble
Usually I'll browse the other FF'ers shares and discussions to get a feel for that person's share/insights. I tend to follow people who have an equal number of interesting ORIGINAL items/posts rather than just retweets/reshares. I admit, I'm one of those people who doesn't get a lot of Likes *sad* or Comments - Glenn Batuyong
PBJ is pretty compelling, and dromlogue's hybrid vigor comment cracked me up. This thread is making me laugh, and keeping me busy! - Kathy Fitch
I like pictures and stylish things and these you will find in my feed. I usually follow back and I comment too (I know!), especially if I don't have to be serious about it. - Mark H
Follow @frodeste for tweets on tech, crm, project management and life :) - Frode Stenstrøm
FF and others have given me the opportunity to engage with people from all over the world from my quaint little town - DJ Stevie Steve
Follow @keithbarrett - I've been in IT for 30 yrs and am just as excited by the possibilities today. I've been involved in all aspects of applying technology to business from software coding to infrastructure design/support. Past employers include DEC, IBM, Red Hat & Disney. Living though the computer->Internet->Social Media changes helps me see a bigger picture of how we got here & where we might go. Like @scobleizer I read TONs of news regularly and share the more interesting bits when he's late :) - Keith Barrett
Robert: Ideally I like to do at least one of those a week :) - Sam Grover
Steve: what little town? Update: looks like it's Billings Montana, right? Love that town! - Robert Scoble
Robert: Good point. - Peter Kruit
Lyons CO - DJ Stevie Steve
And for those that don't get it - Robert is creating significant content about the people he is engaging. This makes you more than a number or a bio. I should have said follow me because I'm not an SEO or marketer :) - Keith Barrett
Well, boo. Why isn't the pop out page working for me? - Kathy Fitch
Ah, there it went. Better! - Kathy Fitch
Kathy: friendfeed is behaving a little slowly for me right now. I think they might be pushing out new code. - Robert Scoble
Must be it, Robert--I like the fast and furious view best! - Kathy Fitch
great exercise bro! and illustrates why i am selective about who I follow and who is allowed to follow. - Ted Bradford II
please follow me, please please please - Adrian
Makes sense for me to comment here, so that I can get Robert's attention when I need it in future. Plus I follow him anyway. - Ashish Rangole
Adrian: I'm already following you. :-) - Robert Scoble
You should follow me if you want to live a truly boring life vicariously thru me. :D Serious;y, I am the worlds most boring tech enthusiast. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Robert: What are you favorite filters these days? :/ - Christian Collins
OK, on a more serious note, you should follow me (@supermoose37) if you are a fan of either "Transformers" OR "Doctor Who" - Marcus Beagley
Christian: I have a filter that shows me all items with one like. That's my most used one. - Robert Scoble
I won't beg for followers but if you are interested in social media, security technology, networking technology, politics, or economics I'm sure we would have alot to share together. I'm on twitter as @tsudo but prefer conversations on Friendfeed. - Keith - @tsudo
Robert: Sounds like a fire hose! - Christian Collins
Marcus--How about VR-5? Anyone remember that one? - Kathy Fitch
Christian: it's not that bad, actually. I am building more and more filters, though, on companies in tech industry and terms I see get popular here. - Robert Scoble
You should follow me because I know where the main cable is for the whole internet and have a saw. I also adore tech, don't own an iphone but would like a Segway. Hopefully enough said :) - tech pops
If you don't follow me, how else are you going to know which Air Force 1's I like the best? This knowledge could come in handy in the future, you never know. - Richard Lawler
"I also have lots of awesome friends who you can meet through me." - Gee I'd like to be able to say that someday! Can I meet some? :-) - Keith Barrett
Kathy: Sorry, the only thing I watched with VR in the title was "VR Troopers" - Marcus Beagley
Okey doke--now following tech pops, strictly for self-preservation, dontcha know. - Kathy Fitch
I'm kuckoo for Co-co Puffs and have a few screws loose, so sort of like that box of chocolates: you just never know what you're gonna get tweet-wise (@tweric) or ff-wise. But, man, do I spell good. - Eric Matas
Sigh, it's hell being old. I also loved that short-lived horror dealie, "The Others" I have a tendency only to watch tv that all others apparently (and oh so wrongly) hate. - Kathy Fitch
DeAnne: I'm following, though for the #nptech, alas not for the scifi! - Eric Johnson
Follow me because I just came back to FF from a social media vacation, and I have just had time to read some really good (dead wood) media I want to put to good use in future comments and posts:) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Robert, point well taken - I guess I'm still trying to figure out why I have gotten the followers I have then. I don't think I've ever begged for followers. Maybe my content is crappy? ;-) I guess most of my audience is probably SocialToo users, which may have something to do with it. - Jesse Stay
Now I'm wishing it wouldn't default to top of page after every follow. How spoiled am I? - Kathy Fitch
Follow me for tech info related to graphics, web programming, browsers, iPhones, and natural language processing. And, maybe I'll fill you in on my next big project :-) - Charles Ying
Charles: your page is the most interesting I've seen yet (to me). - Robert Scoble
Follow me for site feedback ideas (and thoughts about UI in general), programing advice (to come), an introduction to the game of Go (to come, in a separate feed), (re)shares of interesting and/or depressing political blog articles (note: I brand myself "moderate socialist" policitally, though I'm assuredly not opposed to meritocracy), and random philosophical musings. - Karl Knechtel
Well, my knee-jerk reaction to "beg" lingo notwithstanding (you'd think my knee would learn to behave after all this time), this is a fun follow party. I'll be back later to see who I missed. (Because, here, you *can* come back later, which is awfully nice.) - Kathy Fitch
Oh yeah also, you should follow me because I'm an application developer and ultimately I want to build what YOU want and what YOU will use. (and I need your feedback to do that :) ) - John Wright
Robert: thanks! - Charles Ying
I'm IT hitman working in The Bahamas. I tend to follow Foreign Policy/Defense Blogs and dabble in political satire. - Arawak
Frank: What areas of Tech do you tend to talk about most? Do you photograph Architecture too? You need some feeds into your FF my friend. - Paul Wade
Though I don't post a lot of native FF entries, I like likes and comments as a way of filtering stuff. I'll share with you; you share with me. And I love FF's real time features, particularly when combined with live video. - Tom Landini
I have a hard time begging for anything :-) - Dan owns
weedmonk: Wait, you're a hitman? - Paul Wade
Ah, I'm a mom, so I'm used to the wide-eyed beg. Dogs and kids--there's some real smarts there that we could all learn from. Besides, this whole thread made me laugh out loud right at my keyboard more than I have in a long while. - Kathy Fitch
beg is an odd thing. Yes - I want followers - not for the sense of feeling oddly popular - but like @scobleizer I like being able to search through massive amounts of data that users create, and without followers, i'm limited. - Courtney Engle
<--cracking up. This couldn't possibly have been a less subjugating experience for anyone. The "beg" term got hackles up, but also grabbed perfect gobs of attention, so there you go. It's a fun and funny thing, and my bberry, for one, is all abuzz about it! (Humming a Temptations tune and smiling, here.) - Kathy Fitch
Wow, amazed at the semantics debate over "beg". Report just in... all net oriented sarcasm/tongue-in-cheek/parody must come with obligatory semi-colon parenthesis to indicate jest (even if to a minor degree). ;-) Would much appreciate the follow Robert, I always enjoy your posts. As a consultant I work on finding simple solutions to complex problems... my tweets are all over the place. - SAM
Rutger: I find that the best quality you can get is to stick to under 200 people you're following. I do that with Friendfeed's lists. - Robert Scoble
Back so soon :-) The London #tuttle is on a friday at the moment 10-12 at the ica in London. - Robert O'Callaghan
Because I only joined Ff because of Scobelizer, therefore he should have to watch me flounder around trying to do something unique. - Gregg Le Blanc
I talk about library stuff, volunteer and service stuff, social media stuff, and Drupal as a versatile platform. If you're interested in any of that, you'll be interested in me. I also like food and kids. - Laura Norvig
I am sort of feeling like Oliver asking for more gruel, May I please have more followers sir, I promise if your not educated at least you will be entertained and amused. - Kim Landwehr
Well, sure, but I'm thinking back to the days when the listserv was a main mode of discussion. The subscribers were a kind of built in audience that posters to the lists didn't really have to fight for (though list founders had some work to do)--the challenge (and the fun) was in engaging people *despite* not having a handpicked audience. Some self-selection because of list themes, of course, but the audience was there, and anyone could join. Some of the best discussions actually flowed from difference. - Kathy Fitch
Because I want to become more involved and participate as a connector. - Trish Ridgway
just need followers - Bill Majkowski
Bill: followers are overrated. But I'm following you now. - Robert Scoble
Are you testing whether there's a limit to the number of comments in FF? ;) - Janek Mann
I'm trying to straddle journalism, tech and sports all at once (can you straddle three things, by the way?). Looking for ideas and feedback ... @jondenunzio - Jon DeNunzio
I have nothing for you to read of any importance just random thoughts.LOl just wanted to throw my two cents in for what it is worth. - stan fogo
Follow me if you like games and insights about game studies. I'm a game designer studying how to use game design to improve the experience of web applications. @kurai - Federico [Kurai]
Not sure there are any limits on number of comments in a thread. Ffundercats used Friendfeed as live chat while recording an episode and got over 1500 - Tom Landini
Best advice to those perusing this thread who are new to FriendFeed? Follow these folks: - Nathan Chase
Oh, and today's my birthday, so follow me! - Steve and 4 other people
Someone should follow because of an affinity for either the subject matter, interests, or attitude someone else shows in other comments. I don't see it as a need, so much as a desire for company, interested in similar pursuits but different viewpoints and perspectives to contribute. I have been in tech for 30 plus years, yet have published my poems & fiction for just as long. I always have an articulate opinion and love to chat. I don't have as much time as I'd like 2 come to FF to engage with others. - Phil Boiarski
My views are different than everyone else’s, that is the only good reason to follow anyone at all. - John D Reasor
Another good reason to follow me: I don't use Facebook. How 'bout that? - Steve and 4 other people
Hi, i'm a french student in management. I'm mostly interested in IT, media, newspaper crisis and other stuffs (sometimes in french :s). I intend to be more and more active on FF in the future, so one day to another, you might have to follow me. Why wait ? :P - stanjourdan
Interesting. I'm not sure that I'm a high contributor. I follow to feed on information. In doing so, I find people to engage. - Valley
OK, I'm throwing my hat in. I've started contributing by linking all my accounts, and finally having a reason to use the share feature of Google Reader. It's awesome to add my voice to the conversation. But after a while, when none of my posts get any likes or comments, it can feel like you have to be super popular to get in on this. I'm a relatively new user, but it would be nice to have a few more followers at least. - Matthew
beg? seriously? I'd rather not engage people If it requires begging. Well I see you used "beg" to spur engagement.. But I still don't like the word even if it resulted in the desired effect. I guess I'm just not that desirous of conversation simply for the sake of it but rather to expand my thought processes and to alleviate my biases - Bill Rawlinson
Cuz I'm the last and newest person to post a comment here. Bananers. - Harry Wolff
I tell it as it is. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
This reminds me of back when torrents first came out and I'd post stuff to see if anyone would download it. We're throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if any sticks. Friendfeed is a useful addiction. - Matthew
LOL! Amazing how many people take offense to the words "beg" and "need" -I "need" more people to engage my thoughts. (What a great way of putting that) It would be nice if more people would see the things I post and comment on so that I would get out more from this little (but expanding) corner of FriendFeed. I have plenty to say, but only a handful of active people to critique it. Tech, SM, Dogs, humor. #funhashtags. Please help Robert, Louis and Jesse take a break from me ;) Introduce me to your friends! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I don't want more followers, I want more engagement from existing followers. More subscribers is great and all - but if they're not going to engage, it doesn't excite me at all. - Anthony Citrano
Nice idea! I'm not one to beg, but seeing as I could do with some more engaging followers, this is a bit of an experiment. Follow @daveinthecloud for predominantly tech, Apple and science-based updates. - Dave
I use FriendFeed more to read interesting things I wouldn't normally see. I'm not always around and I don't always participate. Does that make me a bad person? (@elroy) - nsnadell
Fun post! Lots of cool people to follow. Marketing and tech geek who happens to make wine in her basement. @bsmntbootlegger - Karrie Sullivan
An impressive list of comments already. And I have found a few interesting people to follow here already. I guess it is all about "give and take". - Mike Hellers
lol! I was making wine in my backpack on my bike trip this summer :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Follow me. Help make media history by reaching the first 10 million follows. ... Well I guess that won't work anymore. - Keith Barrett
There is a lot of talk in the comments about "audience", "SEO" & the "need" for followers, this all appears very $ orientated to me, maybe someone "influential" should start a conversation along the lines of "how can I make you happy on friendfeed"? - William
if you are a geek into getting stories related to social media, geeky stories, pics, videos, tech related stuff, like bacon or lego or star wars. you will probably like my stuff. check it out....and hope to see you soon! - (jeff)isageek
Unless you like NSFW stuff and LOLCats stuff, really nothing to see with following me. :P - Christian (Simply X)
Praise @Scoble for once again "starting" a conversation - William
For me, the whole tech deal has always been a love of the game issue. It's like writing, that way, and teaching, too. Interesting how perspectives differ. I just thought of this as fun, and as an opportunity to learn and connect. Also, my inner English prof always thinks of "audience" as a matter of rhetoric first. A thing like this, for instance is its own reward: great chance to meet people, and it made me *really* hungry. - Kathy Fitch
Lindsey - surely meeting more serial killers is not the answer. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
See, there? Lindsey not only spells her name correctly, but also likes horror! Lindsey, I spent quite a few years teaching horror film! (The *best* students in those classes, oh my gosh--such an interesting mix.) - Kathy Fitch
Dying (editorial aside: ah, that's strictly metaphorical) laughing, here. - Kathy Fitch
I just subscribed to everyone in this thread that I wasn't already subscribed to. Why? I love participation. People commenting here participate. - Thomas Hawk
Good plan Thomas I think I will do the same. - Brian Sullivan
Hi. I'm Simon, i post a mashup of stuff from all sorts or genres. Photo's, art, tech, videos, games. I'm a bit of a 'i like everything' kind of guy. I try to get in on lots on convo's, and i never really leave FF, sometimes i just sit here idle and watch the world pass me by :) - Simon Wicks
"That's an example of what I'd like you to do. I will follow anyone who answers on this thread" is that a promise robert ? :) - goutham
that are some interesting question to address here...will people be more likely to get into friendfeed if more people follow them? or are people more keen on just sharing their thoughts and feelings with a select few? should there be a way to algorithmically increase the visibility of a post ? is that "fair" ? - goutham
You should follow Pax Stereo Tv ( because we represent something NEW and DIFFERENT! While we lack the full sophistication of a traditional network, our "NeoUrban Internet Television" network is at least original and edgy, and we are streaming live Monday through Thursday every week! All this with only 3 full time staff! We represent YOU, the new breed! We are not perfect, but we keep it coming, and we are getting better. Peace. - Mario Hemsley CEO - Pax Stereo Tv
Initiatives to free the world economy in ways that benefit the poor @openworld - Mark Frazier
Scott: I had to add each one of my 14,377 subscriptions by hand, so so do you. Sorry, there isn't a way to "follow all" here. Which is a good thing, in my view. - Robert Scoble
goutham: I am following everyone who has participated with a comment in this thread. Scott: you can see if you are following someone already by looking at the little icon to the left of their comment. If you are already following them, it'll be bluish. If you aren't, it'll be white. - Robert Scoble
always be closing mario ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Scott: I have this thread running in a popup Window. Here's how to do that. First, open this item up into its own Window by clicking here: Then click the time stamp (it says "5 hours ago" right now) and then it'll open up its own little Window. That makes it "live" and like a chat room. Scroll to the bottom and watch new items pop in. - Robert Scoble
I follow smart, funny people, and I post/pass along all kinds of stuff. I never know what I'll come across next, anything from the effects of cancer treatment on IQ scores, to vintage cocktails, to news on weird fiction writers, to updates on the latest and greatest zombie games, to random questions and ideas that occur to me in the wee hours. I'm always looking for posts that have me saying, "Hmmmm, that's interesting...and here's why..." - Heather
I'm not sure begging for followers is in our self interest, Robert. I find that the people who hawk themselves loudest aren't the people I make the best connection with. And it's that connection that matters whether it's a personal or professional. - Susan Reynolds
Not sure if I need any followers, but I think people follow me because I'm so freakin awesome. Oh, you haven't heard of me? Find me on The Google. :) - Rahsheen
Oooooo.. Choose me. Choose me. Choose me. Oh wait. You already follow me. But anyone else is welcome to read my nonsense about whatever is on my mind. Lately - dissertation, teaching chemistry, thinking about some technology, and just fun family items (mainly my dog) - LPH™ and his dog P™
i vote for LPH! - michael sean wright
Susan: that's fair. But in friendfeed you can put people into lists. So you can subscribe to all the "beggers" and put them into "begged for follow" list. That way it won't mess up your other followers. - Robert Scoble
LOL nicefishfilms .. - LPH™ and his dog P™
nicefishfilms: I'm already following LPH. Weird, I've met both him and you in real life, too! - Robert Scoble
I'd rather people follow me because I said something or posted something interesting. - That's So CAJ!
Rahsheen: if you are on "the Google" then you MUST be awesome! I'm on "the Google" too. Search for "Robert." :-) - Robert Scoble
Yep - I'm being followed - (looking behind me) - wait - why are you always in front of me then Robert? - LPH™ and his dog P™
Alan: you must have posted something interesting, because I'm following you. Either that or I thought you were that country singer! :-) - Robert Scoble
LPH: you actually passed chemistry on the first try. I did not. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Any interest in visiting Alaska? Find out why you should plan a trip to Fairbanks @insidealaska - Inside Alaska
Robert: You're the first to mention it, actually. I wondered if the same thing was happening on Twitter. ;) - That's So CAJ!
Inside Alaska: that's always been one of my life-long dreams. Interesting, I'm noticing more marketers setting up shop in friendfeed. Next come the celebrities! Alan: heh, probably! - Robert Scoble
this thread is officially to long to follow on an iphone - mike "glemak" dunn
mike: it's too long to follow on a 24-inch Apple display, too! :-) - Robert Scoble
We are always striving to be the best. @abounding - Abounding Media
Follow me for posts about social media, the publishing industry, online communities, funny pictures, and my coffee addiction. Oh, and babies. I run a baby site and have a baby so...expect some babies. I also enjoy swearing so there may be some of that. - Kate
Follow me (@abbashaiderali) if you like a mix of tech, finance, cars, random, and personal content. Variety keeps me interested & you're cut from the same cloth, we'll get along just fine :) - Abbas Haider Ali
I promote the issues that are important to those I follow. But follow me because I took the time to read through ALL of these responses... :) @rbucich - Rick Bucich
I dunno about begging but new followers are always nice - Angela P.
I will have to say, I found several new people this way, so thanks Robert. I know I need to get better at finding more people myself, a la the FFundercats podcast Louis Gray discussion. - Eric - Final Countdown
I'm @ryandadey and I love the internet and would like to be more engaged with people who feel the same. I like to share through FriendFeed and Twitter interesting tech, science and environment articles from Google Reader, as well some of my own thoughts. It would be more fun if I knew people were seeing my stream! - Ryan Dadey
I'm just this guy whose life has been revolutionized by the social web. I'm no "guru" or "expert," but because I live here so much, many people and even companies and organizations have asked me to guide them into this landscape, a responsibility that both scares and energizes me. Because of that, I seek to share, give, and help anywhere possible. Trying to make tons of connections; if you want to be one, thanks! - Mark Traphagen
You should follow me so you can point out where I could use some help on things, because I'm an interesting person, and because you like a bit of the crazy in the folks you follow. I'm Chris Charabaruk and I approve this beg for readers. - Chris Charabaruk
Beg, droool, beg :) - Susan Beebe
Thanks for the offer to follow us commenters Robert. I subscribe to all friendfeeders who leave comments as well. It's a great way to get to the heart of who's really participating in the trenches here on FF. BTW about me.. I started writing and acting when I was seven. I'm a musician/singer/songwriter and freelance writer/journo. I help others use the web to build an audience for their passion. - Jesse Newhart
hmm, so it is quiet when the US are offline! Too bad, I'd love some more people to follow, be followed and have conversations with from the rest of the sphere. Widen the horizon. - Iphigenie
nice idea - unfortunately friendfeed gets unreadable with so much comments. btw: i'm friendfeeding mainly about technology, consulting, personal productivity, gtd... - Alexander Benker
You should follow me because I tend to find interesting programming articles on the topics of: Django, Python, key-value stores, and more. - Eric Florenzano
I don't care if people follow me or not. I've been writing online (Usenet) since 1989, before the web, but Google's index only seems to go back to 1992. Most of my stuff isn't even on my blog, it's in email lists and discussion threads such as and (better than anything I've written here). A sample will give you some idea: "By what... more... - Victor Panlilio
I like talking to people and having conversations. It's no fun being on the social web if I'm not engaging anybody, and I need followers and people to follow to do that. - Jonathan Hardesty
I tend to follow the people that interact with me on my imported items, if I am not already following you I apologies. Just drop me a DM and I will happily subscribe to your feed :) - Joe Dawson
That's a tough one, Joe -- you can only DM folks who have subscribed to you... - Eric Johnson
I don't give a crap about the other comments here - I need to make sure I have the Scobles following me. I mean, I think they are already. But still. Gotta cover my bases. As to WHY anyone should follow me: I like to think I take a humorous outlook on things, and can make you giggle at least once per day. Snark is my tool. Also, I'm earnest and naive, and I'll treat you with the respect you expect and deserve from the Internet. Also, cats flushing toilets: - Mike Nayyar
A retail designer by day (mainly customer experiences for consumer electronics shoppers) and a geek by night. If you want to brainstorm about how you'd like to shop and find cool new products, I'd love to hear from you. - Jason Goldberg
Hi, @cantor there, i'm an It Systems Specialist and a student (Computer Engineering in Pisa). I think you can follow me because i have ideas and opinions and i want to express them, i like to find & share and I'll do the best in "extreme multitasking mode" :P. - CantorJF
follow me because scoble told me to beg =P - Zafarali
@robbell You should follow me because you lack the motivation to follow more inspiring individuals :) - Rob Bell
Over 280 comments. Advantage of FriendFeed. Nice. Follow me for some interesting stuff online and offline. Geeky and non-geeky - Kannan
I am @alexisbellido and you should follow me to find more about teleworking, the Web and online businesses. I recently started using social media to support good causes and make your opinion matter. Currently supporting fight against hemophilia - Alexis Bellido
@Vincent: Well said. Truth is like gravity: you can pretend it doesn't exist, but you can't ultimately escape from it. - Victor Panlilio
cool self help group here! social media anonymous! :D - Dieter Schwarz
Great idea Robert :) - Zee.
Nearing 300 comments, the Scoble Effect indeed. Is that FF comment raffle over by the way? - Arawak
For me at least, it's not as important that you follow me as it is that I follow you. You are very likely not to be interested in the stuff in my feed (and that's ok with me, please don't follow me unless you really find my crap, interesting), but you might like me commenting in your threads, which is where I get the most enjoyment from the conversations on other people's posts. I am not that good of a conversation starter, but I am very good at jumping in when someone else does the starting. - April Russo (FForever!)
Follow me because I find unique interesting content before most people, I read allot and am subscribed to allot of popular and interesting feeds not many people know about! - Kyle Weller
Most of my feed activity revolves around various creative, social, and mobile technologies. Usually my own ideas and experiences with my own projects, and not so much link sharing. I like to think of myself as a quality over quantity kind of guy, so I won't overload your stream. I plan on hiking the Appalachian Trail next year and documenting it on the web as I go, so that should be interesting. I'm 5'9'' and I weigh... wait... what is this for again? - Daniel Sims
I often hear I am hard to follow. Maybe it's the Dutch. Maybe my wandering spirit. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Ruud: That's why I don't twitter in Dutch. In fact we should just all talk English ;) - Peter Kruit
Well I already follow the green guy (Scobelizer) on Twitter and FriendFeed and he follows me. But since I'm just an average guy, working in the Nonprofit field, I've found it a bit difficult to acquire followers on FriendFeed (not nearly as difficult on Twitter). So if anyone is interested in following someone who shares an eclectic mix of thoughts and interests, please feel free. - John A. Taylor
It does feel good to have activity on your feed. Makes me feel like someone is listening to me. - Christian Burns
I'm just getting started with friendfeed and already find the discussions great. I'm looking forward to being able to contribute some of my own thoughts to the conversations. After all, there are a lot of great things happening based off the idea of a person and the energy of a group. - John Spyers
I'd love to connect with more marketers here on FriendFeed - not just social media types, but business and marketing strategy peoples... Small business owners would be great, too. - Dennis O'Neil
I like art, music, 3D, electric guitar, analgog synths, puppets, making stuff, my family, metaplace. I blog about artsy process and put up sweet flickr images. - sergiooo
I have 9 followers, one is Robert, but virtually no discussion. I'm one of the few people on FF that works with the government, works in a non-IT startup, and will recommend great economics and sustainability items. - Chris Stevenson
I just don't buy it yet. There is still way too much noise, and I'm not one of those guys with the time to go through posts with 300 (mostly uninteresting) comments. I have to filter extensively to get just a simdgeon of the interesting articles I pull off of GReader with Feedly and comments from the blogs themselves. Friendfeed would be great with Real Life connections, but they are all on Facebook. Friendfeed has a major uphill battle ahead of them, despite their superior interface and technology. - Phil Ashman
FF is a good twitter client though..;)... - Phil Ashman
Great thread! Found some goodies in here (and some crazies) - Daniel Morgan
Hey, I'm in. You go, Robert! - John Gerstner
Because no matter who you are, it takes followers to get followers. You have to start somewhere... - GeekDads.TV
You hungry? - Myrna
Thomas Hawk
Gizmodo - The Photographer King Needs No Tripod - Sigma -
Gizmodo - The Photographer King Needs No Tripod - Sigma
"Photographer Juza rocks the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III with a monstrous Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG lens. For reference, the Sigma weighs about 35 pounds. Hell yes." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
If you want to impress the chicks, just bring this thing along without a tripod to your next photowalk. Tell them that it's what you shoot with daily so as never to miss your shot. - Thomas Hawk
Thats a serious lens..move out of the way! ;) - iconic88
Holy crap! Work out while you shoot-brilliant! - Susan Dennis
that's no lens... that's a spacestation - Sean Reiser
Check out those biceps - I think he's just showing off - Jesse Stay
Hey, that looks like McGiver. Bet he made that from a beer can and a shoelace. - Jack&Cleo
One slip and $22K down the drain. - Robert Kenney
Yeah -- you have the button but I bet your lens is not that big. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
I think you should prove Brian wrong Scott... - Justin Korn
Scott has a 300-800 f5.6 if I recall -- he can probably even lift it -- this one however is much thicker and heavier. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Scott - Awesome! But I'm gong to need pictures to prove it :) PS. It's great to see you interacting on FriendFeed. - Justin Korn
We will expect to see pictures of Scott using it hand held as welll -- can't let this Juza guy get the better of him. - Brian Sullivan
Does that thing fire t-shirts into the crowd at a ball game? - Cyrus Lendvay
See these biceps!??!!? RAWR.. you WISH - Bwana ☠
I think he's overcompensating :) - Eric Florenzano
Just when I thought I could become a good photographer I realize I'll need an arm like that! - Alexis Bellido
good photographer, handles equipment with care... - eva
Looks like Popeye... boys, yes, it IS all about your equipment. - Paula W
I have a 70-210 F2.8 that makes me tired trying to handhold so I understand your need to search for support (I am old btw -- and my progeny are quickly heading that way ;-) ) - Brian Sullivan
didn't see you posted this, my bad Thomas - Zee.
haha, no problem. I do that allll the time. - Thomas Hawk
Looks to me like the "Photographer King" is in DESPERATE need of a tripod. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
at that level of magnification, how can he possibly hold it still long enough to focus and shoot? - Victor Ryden 美久太阿
Wow, that is some lense. - Paul Wade
someone phone NASA.. hubbles been stolen - Stuart Evans from twhirl
That's like a rocket launcher :D - Joe Dawson
Holy Crap. What the hell does he use it for? Does it get its own sidecar? - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Christian Van Der Henst
@cecybor, ahora soy tuyo y te tocará hacerme huevos. A qué horas llego a casa a cenar?
Eso sonó bien raro brother... bien raro... - Alexis Bellido
ahora que lo interpreto afuera de la jerga chapina, creo que tienes toda la razón del mundo.. Igual si me quiere preparar huevos revueltos con su cevollita, tomate y cilantro, frijolitos y demás, yo feliz.. - Christian Van Der Henst
qué rápido se dejo ir jaja - diciembre7
insistiendo... y si @cecybor tuviese FriendFeed? xDD - espyder
Robert Scoble
Who has the best SEO/SEM info? Post URLs here:
Google webmaster blog is well-known as reputable: - Matt Cutts
Live has a good webmaster blog too: Their most recent post about getting out of the penalty box is quite good. - Matt Cutts
It is important to get back to the basics once in awhile and I am rebuilding my blog from the foundation up, which is why I am asking. - Robert Scoble
Is SEO/SEM still relevant? - Mona Nomura
Google also just started a video channel for webmasters: Over 30+ videos already up to answer common questions. - Matt Cutts
I'm a big fan on (Aaron Wall) and (Jill Whalen) - Jason Kane
Thanks Matt! Does anyone have a good checklist? - Robert Scoble
The Yahoo equivalent is the Yahoo! Search blog: - Matt Cutts
I am not shocked that a Google employee was the first to answer this, by the way. - Robert Scoble
@Mona: ...can you expand on your question? What has made optimizing content and Web sites for search engines less relevant? - .LAG liked that
The only SEO that has been able to show me actual results is - MarkCarras
SEOmoz for sure. - mjc
Mona: yes. Techcrunch tells me 60% of it's traffic comes from search. - Robert Scoble
This post will open the floodgates. Another vote for SEOMoz here however - Mo Kargas
Let's see. There's my blog of course: . For search news, Search Engine Land is quite comprehensive: . I often check Google Blogoscoped or Google Operating System for other interesting news. - Matt Cutts
Robert -- while not a one place checklist, visit I've implemented some of their recommendations thus far and I feel like it's already making a difference. - Aanarav Sareen
I've recently heard Google changed their algorithm, plus with aggregating sites indexing for us (FriendFeed, Facebook, Twitter), there are many outlets and methods of people reaching our media -- that is, if we remember to segregate to keep various audiences interested. ie: staying away from like services. - Mona Nomura
And then there's the HTML documentation that we offer for webmasters: plus our help forum - Matt Cutts
Thanks, Robert. - Mona Nomura
I'll let other folks suggest additional outside info. There's everything from Eric Goldman who talks about legal aspects of search to SEO by the Sea which talks about patents related to SEO/SEM/search. It's a really broad field. It's almost like asking "What are some good sources for information about blogging?" :) - Matt Cutts
What a timely question Robert :) I'm just studying up on this whole subject for my own site, and didn't really know where to start. Nice - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yes, another vote for SEOmoz here. This checklist is pretty comprehensive: - Craig Bailey
"Does anyone have a good checklist?" We wrote an SEO beginner's guide at http://googlewebmastercentral.... that I proofread before it went live. You can also do searches like [wordpress seo guide] and there are several good resources in the search results. - Matt Cutts
Mona, Yes. something like 90% of all traffic starts with a search engine, so unless you are a destination site ,you rely on search to send your traffice. There are times when RSS Subs can be more valuable, like when you are doing loyalty building, but generally NEW users are finding you through a social media or through search. More people are in search than social media..Ergo its still relevant - Brandon Wirtz
Aanarav, I would recommend some caution regarding Digital Point. Some of the more aggressive stuff that gets pitched in corners of DP can get you in trouble. - Matt Cutts
I am a fan of Search Engine Guide Great advice and solid writers. - Ross Dunn
The sites listed here are (mostly) excellent for sure. I'm also kinda partial to the SEO Success Pyramid (since I wrote it). - Matt McGee
I'm adding all these to thanks! :) - Jay Neff
Of course Google is going to be the Dali Lama of SEO but there are many gurus of interest: - Laurel LaFlamme
Not that I'm biased, but LinkMoses and the Link Building Best Practices QandA are on my must read list. - Eric Ward
@seomoz great docs, great tools, and a fun and informative blog & community - Julie Bovee Hill
Interesting how few SEOs seem to hang out on FF. On Twitter this would be a massive swarm of link dropping. - Matt Cutts
For WordPress I recommend - Erno Hannink
Matt: this went to Twitter too. I have good PR's on both friendfeed and Twitter. - Robert Scoble
What about excellent content? Is that still important? I mean, useful material for human beings? Shouldn't that be well ranked by search engines? And of course, a usable and web standards compliant site. - Alexis Bellido
me - chaz2b
Thanks Scoble! I've been looking for this info myself, actually. - Adam C. for technical specs on SEO and for business insights in relation to SEO - Dave Fuentes
Thanks for this list. It finally showed me that value of FriendFeed over Twitter and Facebook. Good answers. Rock on. :-) - Martin Seibert
I just want to mark this for building43 which I just did with this comment. Oh, I wish I had invisible comments to add metadata/metatags to items like this. - Robert Scoble
Leather: I never liked delicious. It isn't setup to have a conversation like what happened here. - Robert Scoble
Leather: when I search friendfeed for building43 I want this post to come up. Here, take a look: No need to create another item in delicious. - Robert Scoble, , and also is quite useful. - Hayk
As Alexis Bellido says, "a usable and web standards compliant site." I recommend for brushing up on the compliance side of things (even if it gets a bit technical). It's the standards by which the web runs, from the horses mouth, so to speak. - David August
You may want to try #Neil_Patel & his #Quick_Sprout outfit See his post: "How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines" - informative & good free advice. I've been digging into this subject myself for the benefit of a product one of my companies is incubating and this chap and his firm keeps rising to the top of my list. I am also fairly certain that he will advise you for free in return for a good word to your "subjects" ;) @AAinslie - Alexander Ainslie
This post and more importanly the timeline of the replies are in and of themselves useful as a measure of which SEO/SEOm firms are paying attention online. Not that this is an automatic measure of capability or quality, but you gotta question how good any site is that doesn't link drop on this particular post, be it a self drop or otherwise, given who the author was/is. I*'m, amazed there haven't been more. This might be tell us a thing or two about FF and the SEO community. - Eric Ward
Just a comment regarding Digital Point, they commonly recommend greyhat/blackhat techniques, and offer lots of stupid stuff for a price. The same advice can be had for free on Information wants to be free. ;) - Lee Ingram with Aaron I rate highly, digital-point is probably a good place for short term success on splogs but nothing sustainable long term for a proper business. - Mark Edmondson
If this is about your blog vs SEO in general, that's a bit different. For blog SEO you might try Aaron's lengthy article on SEO for bloggers, Joost DeValk's Blog or Matt Cutts favorite commentator: - Lee Odden
Some of my favorite WordPress SEO recommendations are from Yoast: - and this is an outstanding presentation on WordPress Blog SEO: - Don Campbell
Eric, thanks for your offerings. I think that maybe the lack of SEO people here may be down to the fact that we are all working hard implementing all these techniques for our clients. There are plenty of SEO companies who merely do the work, rather than write down what they are doing and share with the rest. , the shop I work at part time is running really hard right now, with 3 new hires in the last 2 months. - Mark Zip
As to the reflection on the Ff community, perhaps that is because FF is bleeding edge and most work in the trenches of SEO is being done short of the bleeding edge, where there are more "regular" folks. - Mark Zip
Just joined StomperNet . Not a plug as I am still new with them (1 Week) and would like to know how others view them. They provide very detailed info through video. Seem to have an impressive staff on board. They are a paid subscription but think it is worth it so far. Would especially like to hear what Matt Cutts has to say about them. Should I cancel my subsription or not? - Jonathan
Jonathan: I know some of the StomperNet folks, they are very smart. - Robert Scoble
It does feel special to be using this service and be so connected in such a varitey of topics. Just tried the similar search (after reading comments on Matt Cutts ff) and did my usual search to see how a system works. Need to get more non naked pics going :) - Jonathan
Jonathan, that would be a longer conversation than the FF textbox has room for. - Matt Cutts
Confidential SEO Secrets Book (down to earth and real). ;-) - Allen Harkleroad
Matt Cutts, should i use them or not? Are they doing harm? I am trying to learn but not move into the black hat. - Jonathan
Various guys: Seobook, seomoz, - Il gareth in Brasile
Black hat is an attitude. - Il gareth in Brasile
Killer SEO / SEM info for Small Businesses :p - Ethan Bloch
SEOMoz is good, Seobook is good, I would also recommend WebmasterWorld as well. Supporters area on WebmasterWorld has some of the best minds hanging out there... - Bill Hartzer
Robert - The most recent article I did on free SEO resources is here: Hope it helps! Charlie - Charlie Anzman
I found as the best website which provides meaningful and easy to understand articles on SEO - Xelios
now if you have a CIALS site the above would be like a fart in a Gail,not much of an impression. - tomartomartini
bitkisel alışveriş - trktu Seo Hocası the best seo site. - Kaan Gülten (SeoHocasi)
this two site in TR (Turkey) - Kaan Gülten (SeoHocasi) korg pa800 yamaha roland - turkiyemuzik
G3 Creative Solutions - G3 CREATIVE
Alanında uzman seo eğitmenleri tarafından sürekli olarak yeni tekniklerin paylaştığı seo üzerine tam anlamıyla uzmanlaşmış kişiler tarafındano oluşturulan adresini seo hakkında merak edilenleri ögrenmek istiyorsanız tavsiye ederim. - Mustafa Söner
Türkiye Süper Lig maç özetlerini takip edebilirsiniz. - eglencelinett
Check out a useful resource for search engine optimization tactics and strategies. - Matt Morgan
This web site is usefull for Turkey country: - kurumsalseodanismanligi
Yep, absoultly the best one is for Turkey. - v-pills
Any initiative like this Recovery Act is essential – and well needed. - SesliSohbetBK
Seo company in istanbul - Oğuz Kağan Aslan
Burası SEO'cu dolmuş ya iyimiş - Özgür Kebapçı Gündüz
Teknoloji haberleri, Wordpress Seo, Windows Phone - Tolga Hardal
Robert Scoble
We are going live in two minutes at
oh man, and we're just about to go to the beach. It's hot and beautiful here in Santa Cruz and my three year old is ready. I'll check back when we get back. - Laura Norvig
cool. caught a few minutes. we're off to the beach. sounds interesting. - Laura Norvig
Cool, more SkyGrid information, watching the show right now. - Alexis Bellido
Looking forward to checking it out - UrbanRise
So how can I get invited to this? I'm looking forward to trying it out now. - Dane Deasy
drew olanoff
Dear Internet. Does it really fucking matter that you were on something before someone else? #yourepassiveaggressive It's not cute.
hehe....tell that to the before Scobleized thread people lol! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Um.. yeah, kinda... but only in certain circumstances. My boss's wife asked me about Twitter this morning after seeing it on Oprah. She was shocked that I had been on it since Jan 2007 and she only just heard of it. At least for the short to middle term, your position pre or post the line in the sand that is Oprah means something to those seeking to understand what it is. - Johnny
It matters if it's a toilet, I suppose. - Kevin Fox
Kevin......... WIN! - Johnny
Kevin: not true. On a cold winter morning I'd rather have a warm toilet seat! :-) - Robert Scoble
Drew: to answer you seriously, yes, it does matter to me. Because past behavior is best predictor of future results. Because Louis Gray was on friendfeed before me, I bet he'll probably be on the next thing before me too, so if I care about being on things with early adopters, I'll care a lot about who is on systems before me. - Robert Scoble
Rather than drive this conversation into the toilet :) , I should mention that the experience can be generalized beyond our little insular world. While it's nice to know WHO recommended that car or that brand of potato chips to me, the more important thing is the quality of the car or the potato chip or whatever was recommended. - John E. Bredehoft
John: if you aren't the first one to test the car or the potato chip it's hard to be credible when you say it is or isn't the best. - Robert Scoble
Have to agree with Robert on this. Being first at something should give you a better chance of knowing a product. Of course it also depends on who you are - Alexis Bellido
I am having a hard time understanding the logic of "being first gives you more credibility". - Kiran Patchigolla
Kiran: here's an example. The new Prius is coming out. A few journalists have actually driven one. Who has more credibility? A journalist who actually has driven one, or, say, me who hasn't? - Robert Scoble
Glen: this has been happening on online communities forever. I remember when this happened to Prodigy. AOL. Compuserve. Usenet. Yahoo groups. etc etc etc. - Robert Scoble
Glen: not true. When it comes to the Prius I don't have much credibility. Yet. I have ordered one. - Robert Scoble
Glen: I wasn't patronizing, but I was among the first to leave. The rest of the world left too, eventually. - Robert Scoble
Glen: ahh, smileys! :-) - Robert Scoble
Sorry Drew - I have to side with Robert on this one. And I might even say..."There Goes the Neighborhood." Now - if Twitter removed it's follower count at Michael suggested a few days ago - then that might bring back the quality content. But there is this very juvenile part of me that wants to draw a line in the sand and say - "Hey - I was here first. This is my home on the web, and now... more... - Erica OGrady from Friend Deck
Honestly kids, I don't get it. What about "Twitter" makes it something that you're better or more important on or at, if you were there first. Erica and Robert? You're awesome people with cool and important things to say. If you had just signed up for Twitter yesterday, would I think any less? Not at all, and anyone who does is a flat out moron. First doesn't win. Best does. Less talking, more doing people. - drew olanoff
there's joining and then there's using... very different thing. Many of us have signed up on many things we dont really use except the occasional "how has it changed?" test, but should it become popular some will go "noobs, i was there early". Sure, there is satisfaction to having seen the value first, or even helped build it, but are we sure we did see the value and helped build it, or... more... - Iphigenie
@Glenc excellent point - what is missing for the social web, and many other web applications, is a decentralised medium like email, newsgroups, irc were - something where you are not tying yourself up in one proprietary information prison in order to participate, but one where you can choose any node, or run you own (or move your data around) then join in the networked fun. That way the... more... - Iphigenie
I guess I see the internet differently than other people. It's all a means to an end. Communication, teaching, learning, meeting, finding. Twitter assists with all of that. It rocks. And did Ashton Kutcher sweep through and get lots of press for using it? Yes. He's a fucking actor, folks. He puts on a show. He makes things sizzle. Make things sizzle for yourselves as you have been all along, and enjoy your OWN success, and not bitch about someone elses. - drew olanoff
There is something very powerful about discovering something. A lot of people joined before Twitter got mainstream attention. They did not join because it was currently the 'hip thing to do'. Now suddenly EVERY man and his dog is on Twitter and they have no way of distinguishing themselves out from the people who came when it was 'hip'. So what it comes down to is... If Twitter becomes a fad that gets dropped in 6 months, my name is on the same list as people who came when it was a fad. It's Fans vs Fads - Johnny
I'm not going to wait by the mailbox for my "Early Twitterer Award." Why? Because it doesn't exist. Or an early FriendFeed award, or an early Google user award. Or Facebook....or pretty much anything else. First on the moon? Ok fine, you're awesome. - drew olanoff
I think of it in terms of skateboarding. There was a lot of guys who built it up and developed the culture... then it became a craze or fad and every body did it, with little respect given to those who had created it... then the fad stopped. Skateboarding took a huge hit and it was looked down upon for many years, only returning to mainstream popularity and validity in the last 15 years. - Johnny
Oh and by the way...the beauty of Twitter is that ANYONE can use it. Always has been. Nobody gets praise for being better than anyone else at "Tweeting". It's dead simple. If you have great stuff to say, great stuff to share, or whateverrrrrrr your thing is, then success is relative. - drew olanoff
drew: that's absolutely not true. There are some who are a LOT better at using the 140-character form than other people. - Robert Scoble
Glen: data portability for social graph have improving import and export support, although still subject to some conversion issues - Mike Chelen
drew: actually there is a prize for being early on these systems: you get built into the social graph and it's very hard to remove you. Even me, after being removed on purpose by the Twitter team, I'm getting tons of engagement because I was early. Plus everyone is having fun making fun of me, like Fortune did. - Robert Scoble
The issue is Drew, yes, everyone can use it. But they shouldn't walk in half way through and cloak themselves in the aurora of an 'underground movement' when all they are doing is porting their celebrity to a new medium. - Johnny
Robert, you have a personality, skill set, and knowledge that transcends a platform. So does Oprah. Ashton. Dave Matthews, etc. Is your personality and skill set on the mass level that Ashton's are? No. Not close. Nobodies mom is going to say "Thank the lord Scoble kicked Twitters ass for 2+ years!" It just won't happen. You have gotten value from being involved early, because you've recognized it as value. The people who are complaining are not paying attention and/or have no value to get or give. - drew olanoff
drew: actually quite a few moms have talked with me over the past two years. So, be careful about making those kinds of broad brushstrokes. There are a lot of geeky moms, by the way. But I never claimed to have movie star capabilities. - Robert Scoble
I totally agree. Why does I was here first matter anyway? - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Robert, my point is that we're all individuals. We are in control of our destiny as far as what we do with the talents we're given and I would prefer to focus on actually doing things, trying to push technology along....and innovate along the way, rather than let my ego get bruised that I don't win an award for being first. I will continue using Twitter in the exact same way as I did "BO" Before Oprah. - drew olanoff
it's simply fun to remember twitter & friendfeed before the masses jumped in. It's mot exactly a serious issue, but the fascination is with the effects caused by the influx of new users including the famous names now showing up on the twitter front. - Susan Reynolds
Alexis Bellido
Sigma 200-500mm F2.8 EX DG on the field, extra big and amazing lens - Alexis Bellido
Matt Cutts
Post-Oprah Twitter seems kinda slow. Anybody else seeing that?
Yup. reporting the same - - Atul Arora
yup been slow all day - Kashif Khan
Yep, Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher are killing it :) - Alexis Bellido
Today it's been slow. - Colin
yup - xero
"We are working to correct this problem." = We are hanging on to the "oh shit" handles. - Chris Wallace
Twitter has been really slow all day. If it's 'cause of Oprah and Kutcher, can't they play somewhere else? - Lorraine Ball
Oprah and Kutcher should hire some folks to set up a custom version of Jaiku for them and all their famous friends. - EricaJoy
Apparently 1.5M new users signed on to twitter after Oprah signed on according to Ryan Block of Endgadget - Atul Arora
Super slow - Gustavo Gomez
slow and I've seen the failwhale twice in the past 10 minutes. hmm... - Mario Sundar
have delays / timeouts since weeks, down here in TX. Looking for alternative.... - andreas
More like grind-to-a-halt on the web interface tonight - Charlie Anzman
Oprah and Ashton broke twitter... see, this is why we can't have nice things. - Greg Morgan
preditction: Twitter will sell to Google only after Putin, Hu Jintao and Chavez sign on and bring the rest of the world =) - Kirill Bolgarov
It's all the numpties tweeting 'herebeforeoprah'. - innesm
@alexisbellido pues @eduardopalacios es amigo mío, pero yo no soy amigo de él, pregúntale las razones
¿Y entrarán esas razones en menos de 140 letras? :) - Alexis Bellido
Christian Van Der Henst
De vez en cuando (solo a veces) publican cosas que vale la pena leer en Cristalab ;) -
Yo quiero la droga que él está usando... - Alexis Bellido
Mario Duran Ch.
el otro concursante @alexisbellido para los 5000 follower promete sortear entre todos una Asus Eee Pc , sugiere el tag #5kf para seguir el concurso, participamos...
Y la Asus es solo parte del premio, estoy anunciando más en breve - Alexis Bellido
RT - andresdml
Kevin Fox
Reminds me of the Jeep I saw with the license plate EEPJAY1. This goes on the list of things I wish I had thought of myself. - Kevin Kuphal
So, did you chop off his head after taking the shot? - Alexis Bellido
LOL. I just shared a similar pic I took a couple of years ago. - jho
GEEK CHECK! - Morgan
I get it! - Bwana ☠
Thomas Hawk
A Video Prank at Domino’s Damages Its Brand - -
A Video Prank at Domino’s Damages Its Brand -
When two Domino’s Pizza employees filmed a prank in the restaurant’s kitchen, they decided to post it online. In a few days, thanks to the power of social media, they ended up with felony charges, more than a million disgusted viewers, and a major company facing a public relations crisis. In videos posted on YouTube and elsewhere this week, a Domino’s employee in Conover, N.C., prepared sandwiches for delivery while putting cheese up his nose, nasal mucus on the sandwiches, and violating other health-code standards while a fellow employee provided narration. The two were charged with delivering prohibited foods. By Wednesday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. References to it were in five of the 12 results on the first page of Google search for “Dominos,” and discussions about Domino’s had spread throughout Twitter." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
OMG, that's freaking gross - Rahsheen
This is like Michael Phelps. Why tape or take pics of yourself doing something that can be your demise? - Shevonne
Customers are not the only source of bad buzz for the brands... - Aurélien
I bet this seemed like a good idea at the time. What idiots. - Kreg Steppe
criminal arrests and now a civil lawsuit. Not smart. - Thomas Hawk
You can mess up your life and your brand very quickly online. Glad these two people aren't making food anymore. - Robert Scoble
I've only ordered pizza delivery from Domino's once in my life. Never did that again because if I'm at home, I might as well cook something. - Morton Fox
Vile. I'm so glad I don't order from Domino's right now. *adds this story to the why you need to monitor your social media presence even if you don't have one on purpose file* - Leslie Poston
Such an endemic problem in the fast food business: young people, first job, bad management, insufficient training. Add in social media and you have quite an explosive dynamic. What should/could Domino's corporate do? - Francine Hardaway
I just ate a Domino's pizza :| - Parth Awasthi
Yes in the viral webs it's a lot harder to quietly fire idiots like this. Dominos needs to a) do it publicly, and b) launch a whole "see how clean we are campaign". - Ryan Stanley
This is why I link to the conversation @dsilverman -- in this case the conversation here is just as interesting as the news item. Also, this is why you need to hire smart people if they are going to post stuff online. You no longer have any control of our employees and whether or not they talk with the public. So you better hire well and train them for the new PR world. - Robert Scoble
Even more "ick" than previously thought of the company (buy local pizza!). Reminds one of - Shane Curcuru
...but it makes me wonder about the food "security" of ALL restaurants. you think Domino's is the only food chain with sketchy employees? This is the best argument I've seen for cooking at home. Hello Food Network. - Landor Associates
I think Domino's did as well as they could handling this. They seemed to get on it pretty early. I'm not sure that there is much else that they can do. I don't eat Dominos pizza generally speaking, but this video wouldn't keep me away from it. This could happen to any company. Remember when that woman faked the finger in the chilli at Wendy's? - Thomas Hawk
I stopped going to the local Burger King because of racism. I also stopped going to the local Taco Bell because the manager yelled at me. I'm not even going to speculate on what they've been putting in my food. Fast food chains really don't have much control over their employees beyond firing them when something bad comes to light. - Morton Fox
It was disgusting. A lot of damage control to do with the credibility of employees under scrutiny. - Kannan
Looks like they weren't able to avoid the Noid. - Rob
Domino's fiasco also about video camera/phone in workplace? Many folks are not allowed. I think we will see a growth in corporations taking cell phones @ the door similar to schools. - Catholic Meme
Problem is we never know about this kind of stuff until after the fact. And the brands are at the mercy of franchise managers and the potential psychos they may have hired. Could be *any* food service provider. - Ryan Stanley
@Shevonne: I think they did it because they thought it was funny... - Landor Associates
that's all well & fine, but I can't remember the last time I ate Domino's on purpose... they're like pretty much last on my list of pizza options - Krikit Media
This will also force more businesses onto social networks. If I worked at a large brand with millions of customers I would have teams online that would work just to make sure that if something like this does happen that there wold be people to answer it. - Robert Scoble
I don't think it's wise to assume such acts are rampant across fast food chains and yes having an online team for such large organizations is a must. So how do you think they handled the situation ? what could they have done better ? - Mayank Dhingra
Trust is a big issue. Over the years we've placed a lot of trust in others who prepare our food. Anyone remember when Julia Child accidentally dropped a chicken on the kitchen floor, placed it back on the platter and chortled "no one will ever know." - J.D. Deutschendorf
Robert is right, all these exposes seem to be happening via social media, yet businesses still have to rely on traditional media for their damage limitation. - Iain Baker
Iain: businesses have no clue anymore how stories are built. The quotes from the Domino people demonstrate that. They assume that bloggers or Twitterers with 15 followers don't have any power. I know they do. - Robert Scoble
Iain: when I quit Microsoft I told 15 people and in three days had millions of media impressions, according to Microsoft's PR firm. 15 people can DESTROY a brand, if they have something like these videos in their hands. - Robert Scoble
Wow, this is a great example on so many fronts. Think before you act, Think before you POST (most certainly)... and Aurélien makes a great point about customers not being the only source for publicity with Robert really fleshing out some of the reasons why. AND this is why I love FF... so many great comments describing varying facets and the ripple-effect this type of medium now offers. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
@Chris White. Zachry's does make damn good pizza. it's also a coop with a majority of the business owned by it's employees. I'd think employees would have a strong incentive to make sure that this sort of thing would never happen there. Their Mediterranean pizza is amazing. - Thomas Hawk
Robert: Absolutely. We're going to see more of this sort of thing happening, can't understand why firms aren't preparing strategies to deal with it. - Iain Baker
Iain: most businesses think this stuff is unimportant because it seems "small." Businesses are committees. Ask 100 people whether the New York Times is important. You'll hear 99 yesses. Ask them whether some Twitterer with 15 followers is important. You'll probably hear 87 nos. - Robert Scoble
Chris: objectivity is overrated. - Robert Scoble
Hmmmm, I don't think it's a question of making social Media important, it's about recognising that information and news, good or bad, flows freely along whatever channel it can find. - Iain Baker
Paging the Darwin Awards. - Mike Doeff
BTW, I noticed no one has posted the video. Here it is! - Andrew Baron
What a silly couple. Didn't they know they were getting into trouble? Or maybe they wanted trouble and attract attention to something... uhhmm... I wouldn't be surprised if we see these two running their own show on MTV. - Alexis Bellido
Valeria: good response. - Robert Scoble
I wonder how much this really "damaged" their brand. They don't make very good food. They are a bottom-rung fast food joint. How much do people really expect from them to begin with? - Jeremy Brooks
@Chris White: If you are close enough to get Zachary's, you are close enough to get a real pizza from Lanesplitter. ;-) - Jeremy Brooks
The response from Dominos is going to be text book. Here's a discussion of why: - Robert Scoble
Kamikaze 2.0! - Dimitar Vesselinov
Urgh *barf* :( - Tyson Key
Based on the photos, these two aren't 16 working their first job. - Bill Sanders
So the question I have at this point is which SNL cast member gets to play Kristy in the reenactment of the skit this weekend on snl? - Thomas Hawk
they may call in the big guns for that one - another gig for Tina Fey. - Karma Martell
Where's the video? - Outsanity
Matt Cutts
Stunt cat is the Chuck Norris of cats:
No cat breaking glass with a Kung Fu kick or killing an army with eyes blinded. Wouldn't dare to compare to Oh Mighty Chuck PBUH - Alexis Bellido
When you play a video game, like an RPG, do you instinctually go good or evil?
good - Kevin Fox
Evil, just to see what happens - Shevonne
Always good. I feel uncomfortable playing an evil character in a game. - iTad
Good, but then bad later. Sometimes it's fun to be bad! - Jeff
Good. I have to consciously try to play evil most of the time. - Jandy
For the record, I always play good! - Veronica
Good; I find it uncomfortable to play an evil character, even when I force myself to try it. - Tudor Bosman
Good. - Michael McKean
Good always 1st! but if it's a single player RPG and i like it i go back and be evil! - Fee501st
+1 Fee501st, exactly - Majento
Good. But I find that a lot of games reward evil more. Weird. - Shannon
Good. In some cases I play the game a second time as an evil character. But most of the time just good. - René Schäfer
Got me thinking about someone's girlfriend who stopped at all the traffic lights in GTA4. Friggn' hilarious. - Shannon
I usually always play good, with the one exception being the first Fable, where I went back and played evil. - Carlton Hackett
In Knights of the Old Republic, you get money faster and stuff if you're evil, but you get fewer game options, because evil usually means "kill first and ask questions later." So you lose the nuances of the game. And I always want games to last longer, so I choose the options that involve more negotiation, which tend to end up being the "good" choices. - Jandy
Shannon: lol, Me and my friends try playing GTA4 where we respect every law and play it like real life, but it always turns into 5 stars! hehe - Fee501st
chaotic good - Nathan Rein
Leeerrrroyyy Jenkins!!! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Almost always good. Can't help being the big boy scout, I guess. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus) from fftogo
I thought everyone always went evil. Just to test the waters, so to speak. - That's So CAJ!
good. i find next to impossible to play evil. - Evan Travers
We're playing good, but I've always had a burning desire to be chaotic evil. I've actually quit my D&D campaign because I don't like being with a "good" party. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
You still play D&D? - Scott Royall
@Scott - actually, this is my first time playing the table top game. My husband and his friends have been doing campaigns for years. I always played the text-based computer games, solo. I like to kill bad monsters with a big stick. I don't like to talk with a group about how or why they might not be bad and why maybe we shouldn't kill them. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Good on the first play through, usually evil on the second foray. It's good to know what you're missing. - Jennifer Dittrich
Evil. I have to be a good guy IRL, so it gives me the ability to vent negative feelings and thoughts. As a wise man once printed on a t-shirt "Chaotic Evil means never having to say you're sorry" - Christian (Simply X)
Usually good. - Rodfather
Evil. I'm better at it. - Steven Perez
Good. I'm a wuss. - Mike Nayyar
From my D&D days, I'd say it depends on the type of person you are. Greed goes with evil. - Chuck Denk
good - Neya
Always evil. For some reason, I always think of evil as hardmode. - Louis P. from twhirl
To me, the term "RPG" doesn't call to mind the sorts of games where you have the choice to be "evil". - Karl Knechtel
Good, with a streak of being greedy and being a bit of a dick. Example, I won't kill innocents in Fallout 3, but I will pickpocket everyone. - Rob H.
Usually good, or at the very least neutral (sometimes ya just gotta go out and do your thing for the money). I've tried to go back through some games and be evil, but it never works out for me. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Good - I do the occasional evil thing and then feel guilty about it. The evil options are always so cruel. I often wonder how much you miss out on doing things the 'good' way tho. - Amy
I don't think instinctually and RPG fit well together, but then I think I overthink things, so it can be me. Answering the question, I believe I'm good, but I do it for having more gameplay, as they usually put mor on the parts where the player acts helpful. - Ramón FSM
Good, but I always end up doing evil things. - Elizabeth Parmeter
Matthew, those are undead issues, not Horde issues. Try another race, or another starting zone. Not a lot of evil acts in the Tauren starting zone as I recall. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Lawful Good. - Parth Awasthi
Matthew, you basically picked the most evil race and the most evil, sneaky class in the entire game. I assure you, as a card carrying member of the Horde, that we are not all evil! - Veronica
Evil :( - Andru Edwards
I always go for the good team... - Ross Miller
On story based games I usually play good the first time through and then again as evil. - Daniel Andrlik
Good. - Chris Gardner
Good. Tried Evil, but unconsciously became "rough outside, sweet inside" type. - Francesco Balducci
Generally good. Might be evil of RPG publishers hid the good/evil answers to their ethical challenges better. - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
+1 Barry, good point. It's far to easy to pick whether you want to be good or evil and know which answers to pick to go that route. Some actual ethical quandries with consequences that couldn't always be seen in advance would be nice. - Jandy
Depends on the story. In the fable series, I enjoy being good, while in the KOTOR series, it's much more fun to be bad. For Mass Effect, I had equal enjoyment going both ways. - Fleagle
Good. Though I do savor playing Dungeon Keeper every now and again just so I can be evil. Because it feels so good to smack imps and take down the shining beacons of virtue that topple my dungeon walls... - Hookuh Tinypants
neutral good - James Michael Mike DuPont
Always Good. - Nir Ben Yona
Evil. The rest of you are lying. - Ryan Miller
Good. - Jessica
evil... is there a difference? doesn't the bad guy think he's a good guy? - Ari from twhirl
Obviously evil. That's why they invented real life, to be a good guy/gal. - Alexis Bellido
Have you ever noticed though, that when you play multiplayer, it seems the really really good players *always* play the "evil" side? Horde, nazis... I remember when I played RTCW:ET the winning team *nearly* always was the nazis. Weird. - Evan Travers
I've heard people say that about WoW. The better side is usually Horde. - Araceli
Good...then get board and go evil! ;) - Brian Bufalo
Good. I can't help it. I throw in some shades of grey though. - Andy Lewandowski
Good. My brother: Good first, evil next. (as in KotOR) - Zu from AOD
I do good, but I can be pretty evil about it. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Do you keep the original packaging and padding of things like gaming consoles, TVs and electronic goods?
On the instructions provided by Xbox, the 'Suggested Packing Method For Return' was basically a brand new Xbox 360 with it's foam spacers and plastic bag. I flat store all the outer boxes (I'm a packaging design junkie) but throw away all the inters. Just wondering how many other people hang on to this stuff :D - Johnny from IM
I try to but they always end up in the recycle bin due to too much clutter. - Rodfather
I sometimes keep stuff, but it usually gets thrown out soon enough - Bryce Roney
I tend to keep the packaging for a few weeks just in case I get a duff.. if it's ok after that I'll only keep if the box itself is useful for other things or if it's fragile for when I move it about. Especially my LCD monitors. - alphaxion
I keep boxes for items that have warranties, for shipping purposes. - FFing Enigma
When I had to return mine, I stuck the Xbox in a normal brown box with a bunch of styrofoam popcorn. I think you can have Microsoft send you a box to ship it in too. - Rodfather
probably just for a day or two - (jeff)isageek
if there's room, I'll keep the box - especially if it's on a high-ticket item - Nathan Chase
if its a big enough box i will sit in it and surf friendfeed :) - (jeff)isageek
LOL Jeff... - Johnny from IM
yup - Shey
Depends on what it is. Consoles? Absolutely. Still have my Atari ST and 2600 boxes. - Mo Kargas
Mo that is sweet you still have your Atari boxes - (jeff)isageek
Yes, especially if I paid a lot for the item itself. I love shiny boxes, though.....I think I haz a problem. - Rahsheen
For most things yes I do. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Like you have no idea. Than again, like people mentioned above, the clutter becomes unimaginable. I have a closet full of Apple and Microsoft products, HP printers and Logitech boxes. It's crazy. - Michael Forian
@Jeff Nes and Sega too :D - Mo Kargas
Always. In anticipation of selling the item perhaps. Only to find a year later that most purchases are outdated and I need the storage space :) - Brad Coy
Usually. At least I'll wait the 30 days. For items that need special boxing, I keep it. Found out the hard way that I needed the box when my receiver had to be serviced. $25 in packing materials later... - Eric - Final Countdown
yes, if by "keep," you mean "throw in a corner in the basement until it either becomes too obvious a fire hazard or begins to mildew" - Nathan Rein
What Nathan said. - LB needs a hero!
Definitely for gaming consoles and laptops. Not for TV's or other things. - Mike Nayyar
I have a rule. If it's over $50, I keep the packing for the length of the warranty at a minimum. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yep within reason I keep them. I like the $50 rule. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I do at first, just because I suck at throwing things away. (Seriously, I'm looking at three boxes right now.) Then I eventually get fed up and toss them. I'm keeping the Macbook box, though. That thing is SWEET. - Jandy
I throw away the things the packaging etc.. that I end up needing and vice versa. - BEX
When I bought my new tv awhile back, I decided to keep the box for whenever I move. That way, I don't have to freak out like a mo-fo if I have it stashed in a giant moving van or truck, which I might.. - Jonathan Hardesty
Yep. - Steven Perez
Yes for a period (just in case it screws up and it needs sending off to repair). I also move around a lot so need the boxes for packing. - Kol Tregaskes
Yes, and that's why I have so much clutter. - Morton Fox
Yes, especially camera gear that I can sell in a few years. It's worth more on the used market if you have the original packaging. For other electronics, I often keep packaging if it is something that I think I might ever need to send it back for service. - Jeff P. Henderson
Yes I do, but not for reselling value, it's more like collector's love. I have my Playstation 3 packaging in a corner of my home studio, I always like to see it and remember the days when I didn't have my beloved gizmo. Damn!, how could I ever live without it? Same for my Digital Rebel's red box. - Alexis Bellido
yep. - JoEllen
Akiva does sometimes and it drives me crazy. He's gotten better over time but our attic used to be packed full of packaging, even when we didn't own the actual item any more. - Rochelle
I save the packaging for anything that costs over $100 for about a year. Just in case I have to return it or decide to sell it for the next best thing. - David Cook from fftogo
I'm very judicious now about what packaging I'm keeping. All of the Apple packaging, I keep. The box for the Wii Fit, I'm keeping. And I have a huge box that a set of Logitech 5.1 computer speakers came in because it's come in useful many times for holding other things. Currently upstairs is the box that our new wireless printer came in but that box is going to go. - Akiva
Yes I do,for safely movement:) - Mitra_s
When I used to move alot I saved some of the boxes for things like stereo equipment. Made it safer to transport them. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
For about two weeks. - John E. Bredehoft
If I know I have to move at some point in the somewhat near future and don't want to break it. I kept the packing material and box for the TV, but smaller items I've thrown away. Also it drives my wife crazy to have boxes and stuff around the apartment. - James
And I also save the wrapping paper at birthdays & holidays, but I'm a cheap Jew. - sofarsoShawn
Steve Isaacs
I love Radiohead, but when listening I often feel that someone should buy Thom Yorke a nice ice cream cone.
Or a puppy. - Ken Sheppardson
Or a squishy alien from the movie Toy Story. - AJ Kohn
A unicorn that farts rainbows. - FFing Enigma
Yeah, if and when somebody tracks down that unicorn, it's got a lot of work to do. - Ken Sheppardson
Or give him a shower and a shave.... - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
Some geniuses tend to have that problem, maybe if it wasn't like that he wouldn't write great music. - Alexis Bellido
Alexis Bellido
No blog claim for your baby. So says Technorati and it seems I
I am not the only... - Alexis Bellido
Sometimes I miss having Georgia sleep in the same room as us. Whenever I couldn't fall asleep or felt stressed, her tiny-tiny snores from across the room had a strange calming effect... My little girl is growing up too fast...
They always do. I have two, 13 and 11, and it gets scary sometimes, how "grown" they are. - Steve Lowe
You could say you have, "Georgia on your mind" if you will hahahahhahahhahah: Get it? - sofarsoShawn
I still get up about 2-3 times a night just to check on her... She had a big day today with a few important achievements, especially with her speech and toilet training, and I'm just a 'sad' that she is no longer my baby girl... - Johnny
Aw, you guys are killin me. My baby will turn four at the end of April. Wahhh, he's so big. Still sleeps in my room, but in his big boy bed all alone - that's fairly new for us. - Laura Norvig
My brand new daugther, Catalina, is just one month old and it's great having her in the bedroom. I've moved a tiny table and chair to have the laptop there and work next to her. Babies are so cool, the ultimate gadget. And they cost a lot more too. - Alexis Bellido
Where are the Somali ninjas?
*dead* - sofarsoShawn
Ninjas aren't so good on water, only under it (with reeds to breathe through)? - jjprojects
Good point jj... - Johnny
I think we don't have black ninjas available but anyway, if we had they'd kick the pirates' assess big time - Alexis Bellido
LOL - grant fox
Alexis Bellido
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