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dave mcclure
RT @TechCrunch: Twitter Development History Beautifully Visualized (video)
Richard Laksana
Footage from a Great White Shark Fitted with Crittercam -
Warren Whitlock
@BobBurg honored to be seen as a giver by the GoGiver
Ken Sheppardson
In the wake of FriendFeed+Facebook, I get the feeling it might be better to move the "conversation" to a service like Disqus rather than something like Google Reader. The model could be start your own Tumblr/Wordpress blog + Disqus, then sub to everyone you know via Disqus
That's the direction I'm heading in, as well. - Akiva
you like tumblr vs posterous...I started using tumblr the idea...they have tons of themes being developed everyday! I like posterous aggregation way better though! - AlexKaris
Tumblr, Posterous, Wordpress... it fundamentally doesn't matter. My broader point is to take control of your own sharing platform, but then tack on distributed commenting/conversation vs just moving from one aggregator to another. - Ken Sheppardson
Not a good model - too much overhead to maintain for the people who would otherwise want to be part of the conversation. (Like me.) - Jason Miller
Yeah, I can see how that might be the case, Jason. Hm. - Ken Sheppardson
Will Disqus v3 make this easier? - Ken Sheppardson
I'm a huge fan of google reader. Not a fan of discussions on there though. I do, however, like Disqus. - Beau Liening from iPhone
What Jason said. Good idea but the model breaks down for people who don't feel like creating a Disqus account. - Laura Norvig
I have a feeling that Google Wave will play a big part soon. - Mark Layton
A smart client could also use the Backtype API to show blog posts your friends reply on, even if the blog doesn't use Disqus. Come to think of it, it would be nice if Backtype would also aggregate "likes" of posts. For example, FriendFeed "likes" and Posterous/Tumblr "favorites". - Meryn Stol
Jesse Stay
This is what I was seeing when I was talking to Louis Gray on our podcast the other day - Jesse Stay
Scott Brandon Hoffman
If I wear only a loincloth during the day - I can keep my thermostat 2 degrees higher and still be happy (via @rickbutts) He's nuts like me.
That's a crack up...lo - AlexKaris from Nambu
Mike Fruchter
RT @jowyang 11min Podcast: Three Things Your Marketing Leadership should know about the social web (via @smmguide)
Not everything that can be counted counts & not everything that counts can be counted.-Einstein
and more yahoo layoffs as a result of the merger & dude on call, 1 question per, not 3. geez
The Intelligent Sea Turtles of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -
The Intelligent Sea Turtles of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
"Today, there are only seven living species of sea turtles worldwide and members of five or six of these species manage to visit Vallarta annually. Six of the seven species have hard shells and only one has a soft shell; it’s the leatherback turtle, the largest of them all and a periodic visitor to Vallarta. The leatherbacks grow for 30 years, from hatchlings weighing about an ounce, to maturity weighing up to 1,300 pounds and measuring up to 7 feet long and 5 feet wide; they can live to be more than 80 years old." - M F from Bookmarklet
This guy subscribes to a different definition of 'intelligence' than me. I know he did it to build up to the punchline about them returning every year, but still... - Eivind
Well yes I bet these turtles are not very familiar with algebra or PHP and they might not have a moral code or watch Big Brother, but they seem to be doing well what they are supposed to do which is still an achievement although I don't know if I would define it "intelligence". I am not always sure that being endowed with intelligence is always a blessing though but that's another issue altogether. - M F
Ernie Varitimos
Mac sales in education, business markets lag for Apple
Harry E. Shade
“Love nurtures us in every way possible and every way imaginable.” (from my new seminar "The ABCs of Love.")
Darren Rowse
New from TwiTip: Twitter Tips for Beginners: Lessons from the Evolution of Blogging Part 4 - Tho..
Robert Scoble
Congrats @loic new Seesmic Desktop looks very nice!
And gz for him bringing some ENERGY to his demo. Excellent - Mark
Melissa Salas
I'm looking forward to the weekend... anyone else? - Melissa
Robert Scoble
I'm hanging out with the JS-Kit people. Really cool commenting technology coming. Say hi here and show them the power of the real time web! is their website. - Robert Scoble
oh hai :) - Matt Hooper
They are getting the real time religion. I'm here with Khris Loux and Chris Saad. Hanging out at the Oola restaurant/bar on Folson. Hi Mike! - Robert Scoble
Hi, Robert. Go, real-time web, go! - W Christman
g'day Chris, Robert and Khris - Matt Hooper
this is the problem with the internet, these domains are terrible. - Sweyn Venderbush
Sweyn: I agree that getting a good domain is really hard. - Robert Scoble
Sweyn: did you see this tool for finding domains? - Robert Scoble
Hi Khris and everybody. - Bruce Lewis
Hi Chris! - David HC Soul
I own ... wanna buy it? - Don Strickland
Robert: Yes I do but I guess they did use it. is not the best of names - Sweyn Venderbush
Hey Bruce (from Khris) - Robert Scoble
But I wonder, do most blogs get enough activity that real-time would be interesting? They already offer mini-chat, which is a neat idea. - invariant
Don: sit on that man. thats your retirement money - Sweyn Venderbush
Yo JS-Kit dudes. Does that stand for "javascript kittens"? - RobinDotNet
registered in 1993 :-) - Don Strickland
Hey there Robert, Khris, and Chris - Ken Seto
hi robert - hanging out in ct watching hockey :) - mike "glemak" dunn
It's true, real-time matters much less on a blog... If a blog post only gets 10 comments over the period of a week, do you care if they are real-time? Hah - Colin
awesome stuff! used comments on - Robert
Hi! I will check this out--thanks Robert. - Sunshine
btw - I do love real time web ... which reminds me ... what ever happened to - Don Strickland
Robert, you said "coming" -- any hint what the new features will be? - Bruce Lewis
Hi Robert, Khris, and Chris. Longtime HaloScan user, so you had me at 'hello.' :) - AJ in Nashville
I like definitely like realtime, but it seems to be that it depends on aggregation or centralization on some level. - invariant
Hey Robert...Cool Website - ashwin
Go Real Time Web! - Stephen Pickering
RobinDotNet: actually, if you look at their site in Chinese they have a kitten as a mascot. - Robert Scoble
My CMS provider uses JS-Kit and it works fairly well, but getting real time comments is defiantly the way to go. Make the move to real time JS! - Rodman
Well, the kitten sold me, even though I understand Chinese as well as I understand Greek. - RobinDotNet
Looks interesting; I'll pass on to my PM for perusal. - RobinDotNet
Since you said "really cool", the upcoming features probably don't include the boring one I asked for. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: what boring features did you ask for? - Robert Scoble
I want a comment system that can be used with unlisted/noindex URLs, such that comments made on those URLs don't end up in people's public profiles. If some other comment system besides Disqus implements it first, then there will be two comment system options on OurDoings in no time. - Bruce Lewis
hi JS-Kit! I haven't use your service. But I surely want to know what cool thing you geeks are cooking :D - Toni @ NavinoT
Well hi there - I am living proof the real time web is exactly 44 minutes behind schedule. :) - Jack Humphrey
Cheers guys! - George Dearing from BuddyFeed
h' bday Chris ! (well if you were in Aus I guess; so keep drinking till after midnight and read this then!) - David HC Soul
I think I put everyone to sleep over there with my boring details. Hey, Scobleizer did ask. And he could have given us hints about upcoming cool features. - Bruce Lewis
hello, and hi to the real time real web! ..does JS-Kit plan run Google Friend Connect? - pb:
@Petr JS-Kit already has Google Friend Connect implemented as a login option - Chris Saad
@David heya mate - thanks for the bday love! - Chris Saad
Have fun - Stephen Baugh
@Chris. I see. thank you .... well, are you also running this bar ? or, do you plan to ... anyways, very nice site, and widgets! will have to give it a shot :] - pb:
Anthony K. Valley ©
Tia Singh
@AlexKaris Love being an energy giver :) Thanks for the #ff and have a fab weekend sweetie!! And thanks for the RT @jeremymandile :)
Ali Brown
"All you need to do to receive guidance is to ask for it and then to listen." Sanaya Roman
awesome quote - Ann Rusnak
Lee LeFever
RT @sherrett: Just watched this most-incredible piece of video. Surfing a wave in HD, view from in the wave:
RT @sherrett: Just watched this most-incredible piece of video. Surfing a wave in HD, view from in the wave:
Kim Beasley
POLL: What's important for your WordPress business website?
Ron Davies
I am thinking that in nine months there's going to be a whole bunch of babies as a result of this Twitter outage ;)
Paul Carter Jr.
"Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Marketing from Marketingsherpa"
Joel Postman
@MariSmith Thanks so much Mari! So kind of you! And 84 responses to the social network poll so far.
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