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Alex Ko

Alex Ko

I do research in human-based computation, evolutionary computation, machine learning, collective intelligence
Americans love to forgive a personality, or a brand, that admits fault. We despise those that cover-up their faults. -
When certain businesses stop making money doing their core business, they attempt to monetize whatever they’ve got left. -
How the Maker of TurboTax Fought Free, Simple Tax Filing - ProPublica -
When errors are added incorrectly it occurs from the fact that we do not support Linux and Linux will be able to give answers to the errors that are occuring -
Marble machine chronicle (by denha) -
Theory of Computing: An Open Access Electronic Journal in Theoretical Computer Science -
Scientific fraud is rife: it's time to stand up for good science | Pete Etchells and Suzi Gage | Science | -
futureful : 5 key UX learnings aka how to make the app better -
Tech, telecom giants take sides as FCC proposes large public WiFi networks - The Washington Post - - Collaborate on LaTeX documents - the LaTeX editor in the cloud -
Northern lights | The Economist -
Can working from home increase productivity? | -
A Short Rant About Working Remotely | Hacker News -
Why extroverts fail, introverts flounder and you probably succeed - The Washington Post -
An idea that changed the world | Harvard Gazette -
Social interaction on social websites is a likely precursor for the company’s new direction” and “StumbleUpon users tend to aimlessly stumble pages with little to no interaction among users.” That’s very ironic, because before the “rebranding”, Stumbleupon had an incredibly active and dedicated community.This community curated the submissions,... -
With E.I.R.’s, Investors Are Growing Their Own Start-Ups - -
Authentic. That’s the best word to describe David Karp. He understands his users and what he has created. He didn’t just stumble upon it by accident. -
Genome entrepreneurs say their data will help you live longer | VentureBeat -
Former Microsoft executive says CEO Ballmer culls internal rivals to retain power | Reuters -
Burning Question | Why Is Flu Common in Winter? - -
The Prometheus Society - The Outsiders -
You are in the right career if you enjoy it, it challenges you, and you are always learning something new…and you’d still want do it even if you were not going to be paid for it. -
Click Dataset | Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research -
To turn a profit, StumbleUpon axes 30% of staff | Internet & Media - CNET News -
Depression’s Upside - -
Revealed: Google's manual for its unseen humans who rate the web • The Register -
Your next boss could be a computer - tech - 06 December 2012 - New Scientist -
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