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RT @jm0ses: If you want an image of London imagine a terrapin riding a dead fox in the Regents canal, forever.
The fire has been lit. Brrrr.
You suck at seizing a marketing opportunity
A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: What's the matter with PGP? via @instapaper
The Formula For An Episode Of Murder, She Wrote - a post on Tom Francis' blog via @instapaper
*WARNING: CONTAINS TRAINS* Piccadilly engineering train at Acton
*CAUTION, CONTAINS TRAINS* Piccadilly engineering train at Acton.
Heathrow approaches stopped for @LDNairamb to land - both great and sad to see fast care delivered.
This is how every meal is eaten in France
RT @newsycombinator: Earl Grey tea intoxication [pdf]
RT @newsycombinator: Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster?
RT @wxweb: RT @barrabest @SteCampbell_: Just seen a fighter jet escort a passenger plane over Stockport”
Utterly appalling photoshopping attempt from the Torygraph this morning.
Saw a steam train stabled at Boston Manor depot ready for this weekend's outings.
RT @newsycombinator: Crows can perform as well as 7- to 10-year-olds on cause-and-effect tasks
RT @bengoldacre: More on David Tredinnick MP who wants t'NHS to be informed by astrology
RT @Onderzoeksraad: Data Flight Data Recorder #MH17 downloaded
Love People, Not Pleasure via @instapaper
This rather unexpected field of wheat is in London's zone 4. -
This rather unexpected field of wheat is in London's zone 4.
This rather unexpected field of wheat is in London's zone 4.
Saw a 10 year old wearing a Run DMC tshirt yesterday. YOU WEREN'T EVEN BORN.
Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless -
RT @PaulLomax: No min vote turnout? If unions should... MT @ruthkennedy: OUTRAGEOUS: Less than 20 MP's discussing Data Bill #DRIP
Running an infosec-based DR exercise today. Turning out to be rather fun.
RT @PaulLomax: Suspect quite a few IT contractors might be affected by HMRC's retrospective clampdown on avoidance schemes. Big bills with 90 days to pay.
I imagine I’m on some sort of list now.
Download LOIC and you’re a criminal (, but state-sanctioned DDoS is legit Stop #DRIP
RT @bengoldacre: Hey, LOVELY SCIENCE TEACHERS we made these lesson plans based on Bad Science (more/updates coming soon too hopefully)
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