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Jeremy Zawodny
BlitzDB Primary Key Based Insertion Performance -
tokyo cabinet as a drizzle storage engine it looking interesting - Jeremy Zawodny
This is exciting. We looked at Tokyo Cabinet for some of our storage issues earlier, but it would have required a lot more work to hook up than this Drizzle-integrated one will be. - Matt M (inactive)
Jeremy Zawodny
Just how useful are binary logs for incremental backups? -
food for thought - Jeremy Zawodny
@al3xandru eu am downloadat sursele ptr. 2.6 si 2.5, am instalat 2.6 (cu ceva magick ptr. Mac OS) si apoi 2.5. 2.5 a ramas default.
interesting. listen to alex, lead api dev at twitter. he's talking about recent phishing attacks, oauth, openid, etc. -
Tamar Weinberg
Best Business Books - Readers’ Choice | Small Business Trends -
Best Business Books - Readers’ Choice | Small Business Trends
Best Business Books - Readers’ Choice | Small Business Trends
Best Business Books - Readers’ Choice | Small Business Trends
Business owners recommend their favorite business books. What's yours, FFers? - Tamar Weinberg from Bookmarklet
Favorites from '08, or in general? - Michael R. Bernstein
General. - Tamar Weinberg
cmon now! - Tamar Weinberg
Nobody reads BOOKS?! - Tamar Weinberg
Heh. Didn't see your response. My favorite business books are "The Business Side of Creativity" and "Selling the Invisible". - Michael R. Bernstein
Robert Scoble
It’s a new year, have you backed up? -
chethan: yep. I don't see your comment on my blog, though. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the reminder - there are a few things that I don't have automated - good time to make sure that it's up to date! - Brad Parler
chethan: I did a whole video on it: - Robert Scoble
Once/week at least. Get into a routine! - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
YES :) everyday...bliss! Need offsite / cloud solution... suggestions? - Susan Beebe
@susan check out mozy or jungle disk with S3 - Aaron Eaton
I just started using Mozy for my home systems and I like it. Had not seen Jungle Disk and I will have to look at it. - Robert Miller
I would do it Josh. I was offline for a couple of weeks and lost 4 months of email do to not having a routine. Not proud of it (ashamed, actually), but that is why I looked into online backup services as another layer. I am also thinking about loading up a Windows Home Server or Linux NAS box. - Robert Miller
Josh: I have not gotten to the point of determining the best solution for a NAS. For my security work, I use OpenBSD, but I have not sat down to go over a NAS build-out. I have put together a couple of Windows Home Server set ups and it is not bad; once you get past the "Windows Server for Dummies" mentality. - Robert Miller
Matthew: Interesting thought. I will look at LVM/softRAID, though I am more of a hardware raid person myself. - Robert Miller
Depends on your definition of "good" and how much storage you need. Other than that, should be good. - Robert Miller
That is total space. RAID 5 (minimum I would go) that means a minimum of 3 drives and, yes, that is like Microsoft saying Vista runs on a 1GHz P4. - Robert Miller
@joshchandler try dlink dns323 works quite well with vista and also supports upnp => u can stream media to ps3 and xbox - Shivanand Velmurugan
If I was going for a dlink solution, it would be the dns343 (Four drives) and RAID 5 capable. - Robert Miller
True. +1 hot-swap and online rebuilds. I also prefer hot-spares, but that adds $$$ to the price. - Robert Miller
well i've had 2 backups to 2 different NAS devices for years but this year i think i'll experiment with the cloud - Fuad Arshad
I bought a buffalo terrastation 2tb raid5 (1.5tb actual after parity) for around $900 about two years ago - next storage device will probably be a drobo. what i really would like to find though is a usb or firewire external bay for IDE drives that loads like the drobo - from the front - hot swappable isn't necessary, but would be nice. toaster style like the esata that @leolaporte has is the dream, but ease of swap is the idea... any suggestions people? - Chris Heath
Stephan Miller
A Collection Of 404 Error Pages | Back to Essentials -
A Collection Of 404 Error Pages | Back to Essentials
Make your 404 page more than just an error. - Stephan Miller
How To Grow Linux Virtual Disks in VMware -
Patrick Lightbody
Browser Security Handbook -
Robert Scoble
I'm working on an event about the real-time web for mid-January. Who should be on stage? I'll discuss here:
Will be in San Francisco. Will be a tweetup/friendfeed meetup. Will be a panel discussion among leaders in the real-time web. - Robert Scoble
People I want: - Robert Scoble
Define "real-time web" ? - directeur
Evan Williams of Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Bret/Paul/Sanjeev of friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Joseph Smarr of Plaxo. - Robert Scoble
Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Sounds great. Perhaps a trip up north is in order :) - Mark Krynsky
Louis Gray. - Robert Scoble
Bret Taylor - never saw him on stage, should be interesting. - Orli Yakuel
Who else? - Robert Scoble
Steve Gillmor - real time web evangelist :) - Karoli
Sounds really cool Robert... Wish I was closer to attend! - Ben Hedrington
directeur: you're using the real-time web here. So is twitter. - Robert Scoble
No one should be on stage. It should be a live web cast. - ·[▪_▪]·
Loic Le Meur of Twhirl/Seesmic (or his CTO, actually). - Robert Scoble
Evan P - - Karoli
Well, it will be a physical event that'll be live on web. Steve Gillmor and Tim O'Reilly are good ideas. - Robert Scoble
1938media :) - Ramkarthik
Perhaps John McCrea, David Recordon, Beach, Stowe Boyd thinking of others. - Mark Krynsky
Louis Gray, GuyK, You, Dave Winer, David Weinberger, Doc Searles, Marc Canter, Chris Brogan, Fred Wilson, Susan Beebe, Hugh MacLeod, Loic Le Meur, Leo Laporte, Wayne Sutton, Thomas Hawk, Laura Fitton, Howard Rheingold and the ever loving Michael Arrington. - Thomas Power
Karoli: Evan P of would be good, yes. This will be in San Francisco on January 21st. - Robert Scoble
the guys from Tweetdeck. it seems they know what they're doing. - Orli Yakuel
Mark: David Recordon is a must have, thanks! - Robert Scoble
Someone from Twitterspy. Someone from Tumblr. Someone from Disqus or IntenseDebate. - AJ Kohn
Guy Kawasaki - Susan Beebe
Oh oh pick me! - Photar
Bill: Guy would be awesome, he certainly sees the marketing potential of Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Bill: I seriously doubt anyone from Obama's team will be available that week. But one can dream! :-) - Robert Scoble
The Tweettree developers - Michael Fidler
john: Leah Culver would be great, she now works at Six Apart. - Robert Scoble
Dave Winer, Steve Rubel. - AJ Kohn
alison I don't do tatoos. - Robert Scoble
Jeez, what's with all the A-listers? How about people who are really down in the muck making things work? I nominate Eric Marcoullier, founder of Gnip. - Carter ♥ JS
If you offer some broccoli, I bet Dave Winer would show up ;-) - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
What about AP or Reuters? - Andrew Smith
Carter: awesome suggestion. That's why I did this so I would make sure that I actually have people who matter, not just the stars. - Robert Scoble
Great idea robert, Wonder if Eric Schmidt would considering attending? Or maybe Sergie? - John McBride from Alert Thingy
I'd seriously pick me. I'm awesome. - Photar
Gnip folks for sure... Would love to meet folks who could take my experiments and to the next level. - Ben Hedrington
Bill: have you seen ANYTHING about second life here or on Twitter lately? I haven't. Until I do that's a separate event. John: Eric and Sergei would be fun but I don't think would really add to this conversation. I'll probably see them for something in Davos a week later though. - Robert Scoble
Dustin Stallings for Twitterspy: - AJ Kohn
Good question to a relative newbie to this stuff, i'll do some research and volunteer a POV if called. Lots to digest in SM, for an ADD type, can be a stretch... - Gregg
Since this is about the real time web only comments in the first 20 minutes count right? ;) - Ben Hedrington
George Dearing - Chris Geier
Mr Scoble - Jason Goldberg of Social Median - just acquired by Xing, came into the space and added enhancements to the site very fast. - shayne catrett
shayne: oh, yeah, jason definitely should be there. So should Drew Olanoff of strands. - Robert Scoble
Julie: I'd rather the VC types be a separate event. But I'd love to have Fred, Albert, Esther, and others in this space there. - Robert Scoble
Real time Web event! Sounds great. Let me think about the players Robert. - Drew Lucas
I'll second Laura Fitton, and add Jyri Engström and Chris Messina - I'd love to come along too; we haven't had a chat in a while. - Kevin Marks
How about somebody from the CIA? I thought about realtime when reading Suskind's book, The One-Percent Doctrine, where he describes how they first tapped into credit card info, but that was after the fact. They started getting somewhere with Al Quaeda money networks when they were able to dip into Western Union wire transfer and know when a cash transaction was in process... meet the recipient on the other end, bam. - Amyloo
Kevin Marks: oh, yeah, I'm totally missing someone from Google on this. Good point! - Robert Scoble
Amyloo some technology that was originally developed for the CIA will make it to the consumer space in 2009. But CIA stuff is outside the scope here. It would be very cool to get a demo of what they are doing, but they'd never show it in public. I think it's more likely to get an interview with Steve Jobs. - Robert Scoble
Also, what about the rep from Obama camp that Tim OReilly alluded to in your part2 interview with Tim. Wish I could be there! This is what my Vision is about...agenda item: White Space utilization...Wi-Fi on steroids....@bcultral I am a Community Organizer :) - bcultral
I like Amyloo's idea the best! If anyone can do it, the Scobelizer can. - Web Pixie
Kevin Kelly? Or how about somebody on the Ops side of the house, or GE CIO Gary Reiner, or an "internet of things" expert from UPS or FedEx - Tom Funk
Robert, nope, they'd never come. But what really struck me about the CIA terrorist tracking practices was that it's such a great parallel to what stevegillmor has been trying to get across about track being post-data mining -- about catching people in the act being so much more valuable for marketers/governments than hearing about what the users/voters/marks did x hours or days later. - Amyloo
Cory: most people have no clue what the real time web is. They barely have heard of Twitter. They might be on facebook but don't see that as real time yet and facebook isn't quite the web yet either thanks to its walled garden. I'd rather have a panel to talk about where these systems are going in 2009 first. Then a separate one where we talk about the marketing impact of these things with companies like Ford and Zappos. That's where that discussion would fit better. - Robert Scoble
We may be nobodies but we are living a plan. My Architect for my Design SpokenWord.Tv Anton Prakash (he is doing big things with @ephrontech me:@bcultral - bcultral
Be kind of interesting to run the panel over Twitter. - hadleystern
Definitely Guy. I loved your interview with him on Fast Company TV. - Shaun Haney
Besides me? Are you moderating? Is there still bad blood between you and @TechCrunch? What's your goal? Just asking 25000 different people is going to get you roughly 25000 different names.... I liked the panel you had @Le Web.... Did someone already say @gapingvoid? - Mike Shields
George Bush... he'll have time :) - Marco Massarotto
Mike: bad blood? We fight like brothers. Goal? 2009 is when the real time web really takes off. So, I want to hear what's coming next. Whether Steve Gillmor will get his track. How these islands will interroperate. Etc. Etc. - Robert Scoble
Dustin Sallings, author of TWITSpy, Steve Gillmor, Dave Winer, Evan Prodromeu - many of the people that were at BearHug Camp should be speaking. IMO they're the pioneers in this space. Then of course, FriendFeed, and Alex Payne from Twitter. - Jesse Stay
I agree on David Recordon - I would suggest him, and perhaps Mullenweg. The blogging space will be entering real time shortly as well. I would suggest Alex Payne over Evan Williams though - Alex understand the technology much better. Evan is all business speak, and really doesn't understand what's going on underneath. - Jesse Stay
Clay Shirky is a good choice. - Jorge Carvalho
I would definitely love to be involved with this. - drew olanoff
These guys are as "Real Time" as anything I've seen. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
So Robert, where can you point us to for date, location, and other updates? An Upcoming stub perhaps? - Mark Krynsky
How about Andrew Rosenthal or any of the NT folks behind the new "Instant" op-eds: launching Monday - Perry Hewitt
zaw thet from @zawthet - Tim Connors
Gary Vaynerchuk from WineLibrary.TV. - Travis Lusk
I can't be there; already committed for Microblogging Camp in Hamburg: - Evan Prodromou
I don't think you've explained your goals (or maybe even what "real time web" is) for everyone here to understand. Some of the suggestions make no sense (Gary V?) but I think it's cos not everyone here understands well enough what you're trying to organize - Ben Metcalfe
For variety - Include more immersive experiences as a representation of the real time web (a la Second Life and WOW et al.) perhaps some of the MMORG folks. Elon Lee at Fourth Wall Productions is a good idea.... - Joshua-Michele Ross
Oh, and my initial comment is also "not the same old people". No disrespect to anyone in particular but the you could assemble most of those people and have them talk about anything to do with the internet right now -- does that mean they're the thought leaders in real-time web? BUT then I wonder who is? Maybe the thought leaders really are just the same herd of people, and it's just that they're smart enough to start jumping onto the next meme for them to lead. But I'd like to see new people too... - Ben Metcalfe
Sounds like fun! Would be great to hear from one of the Gnip guys about how their infrastructure tech will make the web more real time. - David Recordon
Alan Levy of :) - Amy Domestico
Gaia Online folks - very interesting. From an asia perspective second life is a case study in what not to do. Also Tobin Lent from Punch Entertainment first mobile-online cross platform socializing network - William Bao Bean
@scobleizer Mid January may be tough for me but would love to try to make it. - Jason Goldberg
Not very sure what do you exactly mean by RT web, but if it is what I think of, I would suggest looking into some XMPP guys, some Adobe people, maybe Gnip also. I'd also suggest bringing tech guys and not biz cause even if this will impact biz it is imo a tech topic. - Alex Popescu
Make sure you branch out from just the west coast / bay area crowd. There's lots of cool stuff happening in the rest of the world... Also, we'd be happy to have someone from HubSpot share some of the data from Twitter Grader and our State of the Twittersphere report. - Mike Volpe
Does this event have an URL yet? - Evan Prodromou
Jesse Stay
Guillaume Laforge
Guillaume Laforge
The ServerSide Java Symposium 2009: Call for Abstracts and/or Suggestions -
Mircea Pasoi
Jesse Stay
Bring Your Own Data: Google Opens Up Visualization API -
Mashery offers OAuth support and SSO via SAML. Very interesting possibilities. #bapi -
Alexander Kohlhofer
Share any point in time with people in different time zones - and create an hcalendar event on the fly. -
Picture 2.png
the url (and name) is - Alexander Kohlhofer
OAuth — An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications. -
Designing with Microformats - Articles - MIX Online -
OpenSocial API Blog: LinkedIn Launched InApps Platform with OpenSocial -
MySpace OpenSocial requests fail with the oauth gem - oauth-ruby | Google Groups -
Content-Types and URIs | The REST Dialogues | What Not How | -
The Distributed Observer Pattern | The REST Dialogues | What Not How | -
Sebastian Küpers
Introduction to Social Sync - Wiring the Web -
Implementing OAuth in tog. Rails plugins docs needs to be improved heavily.. -
Daniel Shaw
Hyped after reading @jresig's "Learning Advanced Javascript" ...and successfully implementing some of the tech.
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