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Laurel Papworth
This Weekend in The Australian | Ruth Ostrow | @ostrowruth -
Ruth Ostrow @ostrowruth is blogging now - about word of mouth & Armchair Activists #ImMentioned #TheWeekendOz :) - Laurel Papworth
Dan Monceaux
I liked a @YouTube video Hearing dogs for the deaf
I liked a @YouTube video Hearing dogs for the deaf
Vasileios Gkinopoulos
I will OD in Greek politics this week @neademokratia.
Dan Monceaux
Dan is resigned to resting his ears and mind for the night.
Denver Solarguy
UT trustees approve buying land for solar plant (source: Trustees at the University of Tennessee ha..
Robert Scoble
Colin Campbell
2.39 am Absolute silence and darkness with only the computer screen lighting up my world.
Dan Monceaux
Just enjoyed a fine takeaway chicken dinner, courtesy of GT's on Magill Rd. Just the city side of Glynburn Rd, St Morris. Dynamite chips.
Always love good chips. - Alex Schlotzer
Cheers Alex... Good chip moments were meant to be shared ;) Crunchy on the outside, light & fluffy on the inside. You beauty. - Dan Monceaux
Laurel Papworth
Laurel is hoping the house fairies come tonight and wash up the dishes. *yawns* are they on strike?
I came home and the house fairies (ie flatmate) had come in and washed up the dishes. huzzah! - Alex Schlotzer
Katherine Morrison
More Protests In Iran as Top Cleric States ‘Iran is in Crisis’ #IranElection -
Michael Specht
@coliwilso can has iPhone :)
Katherine Morrison
Some Comic Relief From Jib Jab -
The Jib Jab team do some very funny stuff. - Alex Schlotzer
Bill Austin
I just registered for the free Xceed DataGrid for WPF, and there’s only 2 days left to do it.
Dave Earley
RT @romenesko In a Time magazine cover story,Steven Johnson explains what Twitter naysayers fail to understand
Panayotis Vryonis
This new "quicktime HTTP streaming" looks interesting... - Panayotis Vryonis
Looks like Quicktime gets some of the Quicktime Pro features in SnowLeopard. Some or all? - Panayotis Vryonis
Ha ha ha! US users/developers discover MMS. What's so interesting about it, when you have email? - Panayotis Vryonis
P2P iphone connectivity will be a teacher's nightmare. But I love it. - Panayotis Vryonis
iphone hardware accessories? Sounds nice. How about a *real* external camera or video camera? Over bluetooth? *THAT* would be great! - Panayotis Vryonis
tap-to-focus is a nice UI improvement. - Panayotis Vryonis
iphone does video. Great! - Panayotis Vryonis
hardware encryption for all data on iPhone. I need this one too. Critical feature, one of the reasons I preferred blackberry. - Panayotis Vryonis
I'm sold. I'l probably get an iPhone 3GS this summer. - Panayotis Vryonis
The presentation is over. That's the great thing with Apple: each time they present something new, there are a couple of features I say "I've been waiting for this". - Panayotis Vryonis
video was already there with unapproved apps. no 2nd camera, 3MP is not enough. I'll skip and wait for Pre or an Android - Nikos Kouremenos
Kathy E Gill
Verified Twitter accounts in the works for politicos, celebrities, gov't agencies. From @biz
Thomas Cook
RT @politics4all: Politics4All is in Atlanta meeting with candidates for mayor today!
Atul Arora
ReadWriteWeb: Web Analytics in Awkward Phase; Forrester Asks Humiliating Questions About Its Changing Body -
ReadWriteWeb: Web Analytics in Awkward Phase; Forrester Asks Humiliating Questions About Its Changing Body
ReadWriteWeb: Web Analytics in Awkward Phase; Forrester Asks Humiliating Questions About Its Changing Body
"In a report covering web analytics from 2008 to the present day and forecasting the industry's future into 2014, tech research firm Forrester said this area is in an adolescent phase, working through critical changes and preparing for significant growth." - Atul Arora from Bookmarklet
V insightful and timely report from Forrester. One pt that stood out - "Finally, because of the availability of versatile, free analytics tools, vendors in this industry are (or need to think about) shifting from "a point solution to an underlying service embedded within broader marketing applications," - Jon Symons > Other categories of biz software are seeing a similar transition. VCs are going to have to get used to non repeatable service components that go along with product distribution, to make $. - Sameer
whats really interesting to me is that there's contradictory data and analysis all over the place that says the "corp website is dead". means a couple of things.... - Sameer
1) the corp website is not dead and and therefore there is a need for analytics - Sameer
2) these analytics are will focus on corporate communities if in fact the corp website is dead - Sameer
3) if the corp website is dead, then the winners in analytics will be Radian6, Visible etc that bring in reputation, engagement and sentiment from public social networks. - Sameer
Twitter to launch a TV Series!?! (updated with details of Leo Laporte's TWiT copyright) -
Twitter to launch a TV Series!?! (updated with details of Leo Laporte's TWiT copyright)
this is unreal - Zee.
interesting...checking the story out now - (jeff)isageek
... It would be a bit weird to say the least. - ralphsaunders
guess it cant be worse then some of the crap on tv now :) - (jeff)isageek
It'll be interesting to see how they resolve the trademark issues with Leo Laporte and TWiT. There's also a already, which should get a cease and desist any day now. - Ken Sheppardson
aren't they already resolved Ken? I agree though about TwitterTVLive - thats just one big mess - Zee.
Zee: No, Leo's trademark applies specifically to streaming video/TV/etc. Since Twitter's not in that space, it creates no confusion in the marketplace, so there's been no "conflict". If they get into video, however... BTW, Leo was just talking about this on The Tech Guy radio show yesterday. The general TM issue... not the fact that they're talking about doing TV. That part didn't come up. - Ken Sheppardson
ah i see, really interesting - might just add that to the post. Thanks Ken - Zee.
unreal? Insane! - Boris
A bizarre turn of events for sure. - Martin Bryant
As I understand it back in 2007 Leo left Twitter for Jaiku, in part to avoid TWiT/Twitter confusion. He's back on Twitter now, since you really have to be if you're a broadcaster these days. - Ken Sheppardson
Yeah, poor fella has had to come back with his tail between his legs. Clearly he's a little pissed with the similarities in the i would be - Zee.
Well supposedly everything is cool between them as long as twitter doesn't get into streaming video.... - Chris Heath
I guess the Twitter TV episodes will be light on content, but fast and edgy? - DGentry
Seems like yet another vehicle for celebrities - Raj Advani
yep +1 Raj, i think the celebs are going to end up winners here - Zee.
My trademark is in ALL video, not just streaming. We've been negotiating mainstream TV deals, as well. A Twitter TV show might well quash any broadcast deals I might make due to the confusion. - Leo Laporte
Leo, thank you so much for commenting. I'll update the post - Zee.
This is bullshit. Twitter is clearly infringing. Besides, CNN is turning into a Twitter show anyways, lol. - Andrew VanderVeen
it's about *core competencies*. when you think about twitter, you don't think (at this moment) of a tv show. twit's main focus is on video. it's what's twitter's planning to do that this is about. confusion exists. ask any noob. lol i think leo has to do what he has to to defend his investment in his trademark. again, it's more than just about the name. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Perhaps Twitter should buy the TWIT trademark,then Leo could really expand. Leo is the brand not TWIT. Without Leo, TWIT is exactly what Twitter is: a simple group of followers that generate content, most of which is consistent of a Twit - Gary Sanders from BuddyFeed
yeah, I'd agree with you Gary...i think thats a great idea - Zee.
They're leaving Leo no choice in the matter - Bwana ☠
Please no.........the beginning of the end, sides we already have you tube et al - Kevin J Hatton
This sounds like such a stupid idea. They should be working on lauching a profit model, instead of a stupid TV show. - PC Easy from twhirl
Is this a joke? I can't even take this seriously - Angus Burton
PC Easy: maybe they're hoping to make money from spin-offs like TV shows and books rather than the core product. Not a wise move in the long term if you ask me. - Martin Bryant
Twitter TV Live has 3 shows live 5 days a week - it's based out of hollywood and the prodution quality (at least the audio) is just horrible! (turn your speakers down if you click this link) - Chris Heath
The kindest thing I could say is that it is amateur and feels rushed. Admittedly I need to work on some of my own content but on balance work much harder to produce something of quality. - Kevin J Hatton
honestly i think they are hoping to succeed at showing other shows how an interactive component can be added with Twitter. They aren't entering the TV market as a content producers they want to enter as content expanders... When I think Twitter I think texts...when i think TWIT i think Leo....I don't see a case here. - Sidney
Dan Monceaux
Dan diving with the giant cuttlefish tomorrow in Whyalla on my touring rest day... can't wait!
That sounds very very cool. Hope it's a great day in the water. - Alex Schlotzer
Erin @queenofspain
Did the boys just figure out Facebook allows hate groups? the MOMS pointed this out years ago when they wouldn't allow bfeeding pics. lol
Seriously. How long have we been screaming that they are idiots over there? And NOW the boys start making noise? - Erin @queenofspain
the racist, neo-nazi, pro-annorexia, etc etc etc were all allowed while a pic of me FEEDING my daughter wasn't. facebook has serious issues. - Erin @queenofspain
I just find it interesting the group who overlook the mom segment and dismiss us as bored housewives now seem to agree with us about an issue we brought to light a long time ago. - Erin @queenofspain
The boys? - Rahsheen
the digirati - Erin @queenofspain
yes. it's a if you show any nip or areola while in process it's 'obscene' ...but they allow hate groups. Feeding my kid is obscene to those frat boys though - Erin @queenofspain
I doubt any of the members of those hate groups were breastfed. ;) - Rochelle
Matthew we've been pushing it for a very long time. There are months upon months of blog posts. Videos. Letters. Emails. It never died. It seems the digirati has now jumped on it now that it's hit the news that facebook allows a group that denies the holocaust - Erin @queenofspain
Matthew, are you directing that to Erin or to other people with the same opinion as her? I certainly don't have an audience with the Facebook guys (or have people in my life who do). - Rochelle
Every time Scoble talks to him I've asked him to ask the breastfeeding question. - Erin @queenofspain
I even ran into that SXSW late (and breathless) from the airport to ask it, but didn't get called on at that keynote - Erin @queenofspain
the battle continues...however I'd like to see a bit more respect from the digirti for the moms they so love to pick on as irrelevant - Erin @queenofspain
I can't hate on moms, I have one. - Rahsheen
Trish: I made noise about the breastfeeding issue. - Robert Scoble
Facebook has been messed up on these issues for sometime and I do ask but don't get satisfactory answers. - Robert Scoble
I'm still angry about it and Facebook is still a bunch of idiots, but understand my reason for tonight's post was because I see the 'Gilmore Gang' types outraged. Many of them (robert not included) regularly mock my community. This was just my way of going 'uh huh, welcome' ;) - Erin @queenofspain
It makes no sense to categorize breastfeeding as obscene. So FB should be taken to task. The tough part about the debate and leaning on the legal angles of this and the hate groups issue, is that in the US hate speech is not a functioning legal concept (however, defamation and the immanent inciting of a riot can be a basis of speech restriction). Other countries, Canada for instance... more... - Micah
so Karoli just showed me and I'm going to faint now - Erin @queenofspain
Erin, my favorite comment from that post is "Breastfeeding is used for 6 months per baby". Uh, really? So at 6 months and 1 day, I have to stop feeding my baby? - Rochelle
Rochelle the amount of times I have shaken my head at ignorance tonight is starting to give me whiplash - Erin @queenofspain
Here's the self serving is this sudden interest in facebook's morality? Do they REALLY give a shit? Or have they finally found something worth turning on Zuckerberg for? Even though it all existed long ago...and they just ignored it. WHY NOW? - Erin @queenofspain
Matthew: the real answer is the company is run by a bunch of young people who make stupid decisions and are winning anyway. No amount of pressing will get a good answer. Why the hell do you think I have pushed friendfeed so hard? - Robert Scoble
erin you're way out of line there. Try being specific about your comment regarding regularly mocking. - Steve Gillmor
Steve right now one of the more vocal gang members is all over twitter calling for facebook's head. Same one who called us horny housewives with nothing better to do. Others belittle the community by failing to recognize it even exists. I don't think it's a big secret some of the regulars look down on mommybloggers. - Erin @queenofspain
Whatever the past issues are here, I think that Mike Arrington is right about the inconsistency in the application of Facebook's TOS. That section 3 is a catch-all. We wrestled with the holocaust deniers on CNN, too, years ago, because holocaust denial doesn't technically fall into the hate speech category. But Facebook's language is broader, calls for banning for hateful speech, which... more... - Karoli
Absolutely. Facebook is going to need to man-up very soon here. - Erin @queenofspain
I'm also going to disagree with you about saying the GG regulars mock your community. They don't. Having spent nearly a year on NGL with Steve, I will unequivocally stand by his commitment to free speech on all sides, not just one or the other. The one who you take issue with is not most commonly associated with GG. :) - Karoli
I don't know who you're referring to, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for mommybloggers and anybody who stands up for hypocrisy on any issue. I've never expressed anything other than that publicly or privately. - Steve Gillmor
The irony I saw in the post was the hypocrisy between how *Facebook* treated mommybloggers and how they were turning a blind eye to far, far more offensive practices. Hard to understand how breastfeeding is a violation of their TOS but spouting provable outright lies in an effort to offend and alienate another worldwide community is something they turn their head away from. Reading this... more... - Karoli
Karoli it's my understanding there is a difference between the show with you all and the show with Feldman and Calacanis, etc? Steve While you and Robert may be supportive, the majority of that group has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. And Karoli I really enjoyed your post this morning - Erin @queenofspain
Erin-You do much painting with a broad brush? - Jim Posner
Jim clearly I am mistaken and the leaders in this space have been nothing but supportive of women bloggers, in particular, mommybloggers. In fact I must be imagining the need for community like, say, BlogHer and places like tech crunch must chronicle the significant advances of these communities just like they chronicle all the others in this space. I bet you there are significant... more... - Erin @queenofspain
Read Erin's blog, articles, basically anything with context she's typed or said and the finer points are detailed quite well. - Michael W. May
Regardless of any history I may or may not be making up...the fact remains this issue was brought to light in 2007. THese hate groups existed on facebook in 2007 and the screams from myself and others were ignored. Why did places like TechCrunch contain their outrage in 2007? Were these groups just fine with them in 2007? What I want to know is what changed between 2007 and 2009 and why. I'm thrilled, don't get me wrong, but there's more to this. - Erin @queenofspain
I also think facebook has fallen out of favor with that crowd for more than just 'moral' issues...there are rumors of financial issues as well - Erin @queenofspain
but what the hell do I know...just a Mommyblogger who can't possibly have any VC info ;) - Erin @queenofspain
Official statement: For the record I am very much in favor of mommies, babies, breast feeding, and unicorns. I'd also like to take this time to point out I'm against nazis and mean people. That is all. - Jason Calacanis
You mean in my official role as Chairman of the Internet what am I going to do? You have to understand that as the Chairman of the Internet I can not make sweeping policy changes. I can bring up important discussions like this and foster debate... I will do that on This Week in Startups today in fact. :-) - Jason Calacanis
Erin, glad you enjoyed the post. Yes they are different groups but my point was that it wasn't the Gillmor Gang people that should be the target...if you go back to 2007 you'll see that Duncan Riley did blog it. Unfortunately...and this was the source of my aggravation in my post and also in general, it seemed less important to anyone that Facebook was being arbitrary and absurd at the... more... - Karoli
.... OK, it's true. As Chairman of the Internet I can make sweeping changes I just try not to do that to often. In this case I can shut down a couple of dozen Facebook servers and reroute the emails of hate speech idiots through the My Little Pony translation filter... that should get them! - Jason Calacanis
BTW: Facebook is a private company... they are allowed to do really stupid things like ban pictures of boobies while allowing Nazis to roam free. They'll reverse their position in about 9 days if you guys keep it up. I suggest creating a website called and posting your position there and ask people to create youTube videos with a specific script:... more... - Jason Calacanis
Seriously people.... bring your A game. If you're going to chase windmills do it right with a fun meme/theme/catchphrase - Jason Calacanis
Jason, yes. But let's be real here. The voices that get their attention are the geek voices, still. I've already made my statement -- I call for a boycott of FB until they put their act together and get consistent with their policies on these matters. What Erin is saying is...let's be as vocal about the mommybloggers as the Jewish folks. The principle is the same, whether it's breasts or beastliness. - Karoli
Karoli: If you want to stop Facebook it's really simple as I've explained: 1. put up an absurd sounding domain name (i.e., 2. write a press release explaining your position and send to a $100 press release service and 3. forward it to 10 media outlets with a link to a youtube video with folks explaining the issue. Now you're done. Facebook will be... more... - Jason Calacanis
Jason: Agreed. on all counts. Will start a collection at once to cover expenses. Being unemployed limits resources for justifiable and reasonable protests. :) - Karoli
You don't need more than $8 to register a domain name and the press release can be sent by hand. If you can't raise $8 your cause is not worth fighting for.... good luck. - Jason Calacanis
lol...that was sarcasm. - Karoli
at the time facebook was seen as a passing trend and its issues received less scrutiny than they do today - Mike Chelen
Also, this hate speech issue has been going on forever.... bigcos have a really hard time with this one: - Jason Calacanis
Jason, as i mentioned in my blog post, we wrestled with this at CNN interactive back in 1995. The answer for us was to be consistent. That's the basic lesson FB hasn't learned. - Karoli
Wow. You guys have been busy while I took some calls. Facebook needs to grow up, period. They can't move forward sticking their head in the sand on some issues and then acting the moral police on others. Jason putting aside your feelings on the mom community for a minute, my bigger point is that we were screaming about these groups (and pro-anorexia groups and other racist hate groups)... more... - Erin @queenofspain
erin sliming people who are supportive of you is not a boost to your credibility. - Steve Gillmor
Steve is right... there is not need to attack the geeks. unless of course you're link baiting to get the Geek A List to pay attention. in that case, linkbait on! - Jason Calacanis
Erin, censorship of user content is unacceptable in either case however the solution of ceasing to use facebook now seems less viable - Mike Chelen
Pointing out how people slime themselves is not sliming them. Don't shoot the messenger nor the person asking the how and why questions beyond the press release smile. - Michael W. May
Steve do you even see the belittling of the moms in this thread? You guys do it so freaking casually you don't even notice. And I'm not 'attacking' the geeks. I'm kicking and screaming until they freaking pay attention to stuff I've been talking about for years. And NONE Of this still answers my question. When did Zuckerberg fall out of the geek club and why? - Erin @queenofspain
And if you want to let Feldman and the like continue to call us names and hang out on your be it. But don't go accusing me of sliming anyone when all I am doing is point out the obvious - Erin @queenofspain
Matthew I don't need a lecture from you about my beliefs - Steve Gillmor
Erin: he fell out because he became popular. - Robert Scoble
Matthew I can honestly say Steve and Robert have been supportive of our community. The rest are...questionable. - Erin @queenofspain
Thank you Robert. - Erin @queenofspain
Erin, I don't see why it matters whether or why Zuckerberg isn't one of the geek club guys. I honestly never thought he was. Facebook is a player in the socnet political landscape -- a MAJOR player. But I never saw Zuckerberg as one of the cool kids. just the dude back there grinding FB toward the fore. - Karoli
Erin your comments about me and my show are inappropriate and untrue, but if you need to continue them please know that the diminish your credibility. - Steve Gillmor
For thousands of years man has ruled the earth (or at least they like to think so). Women are just getting up to speed for the last 50yrs or so. It's a dismally slow process and fascinating the way that men don't see even their common behaviors are sexist tinged. Ack, I'm channeling my wife. - Ryan Stanley
Karoli I ask because there is an unspoken silicon valley 'look the other way' syndrome. And I'm more curious as a bystander how Zuckerberg fell out of favor because of the grumblings of facebook's $$ trouble. Wondering if they are connected. But it's nothing more than curiosity. Thinking about it they do seem to turn on one another from time to time as the cycle dictates. - Erin @queenofspain
As for Steve, I'm not sure which comments you are referring to. But am curious how my challenges to 'digirati' translate into anything more than that...challenges. And Jason, I'm not making any money of this friend feed discussion so there is no link baiting here. Just a simple discussion that I think needs to be had,and am having with you all. But forgive me while I go back to my land... more... - Erin @queenofspain
and BTW...I do think Jason is RIGHT in his solutions - Erin @queenofspain
Link baiting is used just to get more eyeballs, which yes, can translate into money. A sensational URL to information regarding the issue would get plenty of eyeballs. I think that is all Jason was trying to point out. - Ryan
the only URL i sent out was tech crunch and Karoli Ryan. My point was this isn't about me or link baiting. It's about finally tackling some of this stuff that's been festering. - Erin @queenofspain
a) the freedom of speech vs. TOS vs. policing your space issues are HUGE. b) the women on the net vs. men on the net is nothing new but it never hurts to re-address it. - Erin @queenofspain
I understand that you haven't done any link baiting yet, but if you follow Jason's idea and come up with something sensational you may get more people to jump on board and take actions which will produce results. - Ryan
well I flashed my tits with the tit brigade years ago to get their attention. rofl. boobies bad! nazi's good! might be a nice t-shirt for them all now. lol - Erin @queenofspain
OK, Erin has me thinking about why the "boys" didn't get too excited before. First of all, I specifically remember Leo Laporte and others talking about this issue before. So did I. But it died quickly in the tech blogosphere. Why? Well, most of our audience is male. So we didn't get the comments, the inbound links, the techmeme front page, etc that we need to keep something going. Compare to talking about Twitter, for instance. Arrington got hundreds of comments on a post that only had one word: Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Other reason? The story wasn't that interesting when it was just lactating mothers. Sorry, it wasn't. But now that they let Jew haters survive? Now the original story is a LOT more interesting because now there's an inconsistency in policy we can go after. - Robert Scoble
See, when it was lactating moms, Facebook could give us a PR answer and we'd either have to accept it or go nuts about it, but there really wasn't much we could do about it. Now that they are allowing Jew haters we see that their policy is fucked and we can just make the whole company realize that their policy is stupid and lame and looks like it was designed by 20-year-olds, which it was. - Robert Scoble
I agree Robert. It got hit on very quickly and then was dismissed. And while we pointed out those hate groups while we were upset about the photo issue, no one (including the moms) really latched on (no pun intended) to the 'hate group' issue as hard as we should have. it was a main talking point when we spoke to media, etc, but it wasn't the lasting one. Now I'm wondering why it wasn't lasting. - Erin @queenofspain
Except they had hate groups then; it was part of the issues raised then. It is why this is in the realm of hypocrisy as well as no equal footing. - Michael W. May
It true Michael. We actually shed light on the racist, and pro annorexia groups while blogging it - Erin @queenofspain
Michael: well, some stories evolve and our understanding of them evolve too. We're human, we don't always see the best story at first and we don't always understand the best way to get our audience engaged. - Robert Scoble
I'm not pointing fingers, I'm speaking to the general facts of the matter. - Michael W. May
When I visit Facebook the place is full of 20-something males. Getting them to understand why banning breast feeding photos is wrong is very tough. It has nothing to do with investigative reporting, either. It has to do with a culture that's really not thought through very well. I keep getting emails from people who get kicked off of Facebook for the stupidest reasons. I've tried to get... more... - Robert Scoble
There is plenty of blame to go around to everyone for letting Facebook's leadership not get that their leadership really sucks in places. It's hard to argue with success, too. So they can keep sweeping these issues under the rug because they are growing so fast. But someday they will start sticking. - Robert Scoble
Do mommy bloggers talk about this: -- if not, they should not be throwing rocks in my direction. By the way, I'm a lactivist and have been since 9/15/2007: - Robert Scoble
1UP, Robert. I like that 9/15 post. - Rochelle
Rochelle: that's why the whole point of this post was unfair. There were plenty of boys making trouble for Facebook since 2007 about issues like these. But notice how few comments I got on that post (there are more than twice as many comments on this one). That tells other bloggers to avoid the issue cause no one cared. And Erin should have done her homework before throwing EVERYONE in the tech blogosphere under her broad brush. - Robert Scoble
Robert, or do they just disagree with you and didn't comment to say so? I don't know if your readers would generally comment on something they disagree with to voice that opinion or just move along and ignore the post completely. - Rochelle
Robert I disagree for a few reasons. You said yourself the tech blogosphere is 20 something males who aren't going to understand why it's important. Of course they aren't going to comment or care about the issue if when it's covered as a whole you get the Digg level of discourse going on in comments (see Karoli's post) and many of the leaders of the tech blogosphere belittle or all out ignore that half of the web. - Erin @queenofspain
Robert: this was the point of my post. I pulled up the Techcrunch post about the FB ban on boobs and it was loaded with nasty, teenage, vile sexist comments. Why not take that on as part of the larger issue? The gender bias dripped out of those comments. It wasn't up to Mike to remove them; it was up to the larger community to refute them, reject that attitude out of hand. - Karoli
Karoli: I have taken that issue on too, but fixing that is beyond the scope of what I usually do. I have fixed it by pushing systems like friendfeed where if you want to be an asshole you can easily be removed from the conversation. The problem with the Internet is that it makes everyone look equal. Truth is most people (999 out of 1000) will be nice and don't have attitudes like those. Having commenting systems like the one Techcrunch (and I) use are corrosive on our beliefs about our fellow citizens. - Robert Scoble
Notice that we haven't seen those kinds of behaviors here on friendfeed yet. Why not? Easy: I would block someone in an instant if they behaved like that, which would shun them out of the group and give those who have rational beliefs a better chance to get heard. (And so would you, I hope). - Robert Scoble
Matthew: I have been holding Facebook's feet to the fire for quite a while on these issues. Remember that I got kicked off of the system too. But changing policies and cultures is tough work, especially when you are not inside. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I agree. It's enormously frustrating to me that Techmeme's algos are so man-centered, too. it would be nice to have a broader group of voices speaking, and I recognize that you have used other avenues to get your message out. We just need about a thousand Robert and Steve voices rising with the mommybloggers and other interested parties. - Karoli
Trish, only if it's framed that way. The real issue wasn't breastfeeding, it was censorship, something that 20-something males loathe. Not to mention older ones. and women. - Karoli
Robert has taken on that issue. But the point is that community, as has been widely demonstrated (save a few ROberts and Steves) ignores my half of the community. And my little tweet here that has turned into this discussion on friendfeed was just another example to me of why it's dangerous to dismiss and/or ignore what we're up to. Trust me, I don't enjoy spending parts of my day paying attention to all the tech fodder, but I *have* to because it's in my space. Just as we are in theirs. - Erin @queenofspain
Newsweek had this recent article on Facebook's police: - Maurice
And just to be clear. I think my 'broad brush' is relatively fair. There is a Robert and a Steve and a few others I can count on one hand. The majority, as evidenced by the comments on the techcrunch post and across other spots in the web, are clearly not the demographic but clearly not respectful of the all. And yes, the main point of all this is Facebook can #suckit! - Erin @queenofspain
Thanks Maurice. I hadn't seen that facebook article - Erin @queenofspain
Trish, I think it's all of that plus the fact that a lot of males (edited to add that this doesn't apply jut to males but to uninformed females as well) do not understand breastfeeding. There was a comment on a TechCrunch post (I mentioned it earlier in this discussion) where someone said that breastfeeding is only for 6 months. That kind of lack of basic knowledge about lactation is, I think, a major root of the problem. - Rochelle
For the goofs who commented in the TechCruch thread, the whole question is clearly strictly academic. I'm thinking there's zero first-hand experience, there, and little wonder. - Kathy Fitch
if this is an issue of women vs. men on the interwebs I'd like to state right now that I vote for unicorns. - Jason Calacanis
Jason: not sure it's a VERSUS issue. I think it's a question of self-centeredness, frankly. Being focused on the tech stuff to the exclusion of the social was something many boys were and are guilty of. - Karoli
Trish: agreed. It's one of those societal taboos that really isn't good for anyone. Many of those 20-somethings who work at Facebook will eventually be fathers and then the issue will come home in a more clear way. But how many of them will go to a parenting class or have great medical care who'll bring this issue up to them? Not enough. - Robert Scoble
I'd just like to take this moment to inform you all that I am breastfeeding at this VERY SECOND while typing. :D - Rochelle
Karoli: agreed. That's one reason I hated that I was starting to look at my blog as a business. Screw that. If it's a business, though, you'll focus on what makes you money, not on what matters to human condition. There's a deeper problem here: our society/culture pushes males into technology and science roles and doesn't push women so hard into those roles. Until that changes these problems will keep appearing. - Robert Scoble
Rochelle: Prepare for the onslaught. As soon as the digg boys hear, it'll all be chaos. :) - Karoli
I know very little about the Facebook people, but are any of the higher ups over there mothers? - Rochelle
Trish R - there's a comment on my post here that analyzes it quite accurately. - Karoli
If Jason and I can come to terms on a unicorn/tech peace accord there might be hope for humanity yet - Erin @queenofspain
Karoli, agreed the issues are censorship and user rights which are equally important regardless of demographic - Mike Chelen
Erin, I've embedded these comments into my post so the whole picture is in one place. #facebookhatesmommieslovesnazis - Karoli
thanks Karoli. I'll be writing the whole thing up for BlogHer tonight so feel free to keep shooting links my way - Erin @queenofspain
I'm looking forward to it, Erin! - Rochelle
Matthew, yes, but I think it's correct to say that I was breastfeeding (her), too. - Rochelle
The guys are always late...... - Roberto Bonini
Thomas Hawk just linked to a Facebook hate group issue in recent news (in my neck of the woods, no less): "'Kick a Ginger Day' attacks" - Micah
Facebook (like PayPal and some other companies started by 20-somethings) have some really lame policies, and the stories are pretty bad. Yes, some 20-somethings have good ethics and make good decisions, but some are terrible. I just read about some of the most popular fan pages (3+ million users) being arbitrarily deleted. One guy who spent months/years on a page for his soccer idol was... more... - Mitchell Tsai
You'd think men would want to see more free boob on Facebook. - Will Higgins™
I certainly do. :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Rebecca MacKinnon
couldn't resist. ordered the free google profile business cards just for fun.
I just ordered mine, too, thanks for letting me know! - Robert Scoble
Got mine! Having personal cards seems so Victorian... Maybe steampunk? - Gregg Le Blanc
Ordered mine. Wish they could print more profile information on the back of the card. - Mark Koberlein
only available for the US. Wonderful :( - Rahul Das
Me too! - John Munro
Clever, but not quite worth giving them all your info for a mere 25 cards. Good reminder to fill out Google profile though... - Alex Schleber
Hope my brother in law in IL does not mind my mail heading his way! Being in Canada sucks sometimes! Thanks for the link!! - David Slater
LOL! I feel better now, I ordered the Google cards, too! - Kathy E Gill
Living in INDIA feels like cheated. No free offers like this :( - ThinkEzy
Hell, why not. - Mark Philpot
Blows that, as usual, it's not available outside the States. And here was me thinking Google was an international power. - Shéa Bennett
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: A whole new FriendFeed -
FriendFeed Blog: A whole new FriendFeed -
We launched! - Bret Taylor
Nice. I like the Email/IM notification accordion the the home page. The people who stayed on legacy FriendFeed are going to feel this one. - Mark Trapp
Can we get an - Andrew Smith
Congrats! - Stephen Mack
@Andrew Smith +1 - Hüseyin Mert
Awesome :) - Ross Miller
At last ! - Luka
congrat's - mike "glemak" dunn
Zachary: we updated the "settings" page ("settings" link below your name in the top right); everything should be in there now. Let us know if you notice anything missing. - Tudor Bosman
horrible :S we want old FF - Kaan Ukturk
Guys, you're doing a bad thing launching half-baked version without a notice. There's at least no imaginary friends and I can't export my subscriptions now (I've used FrF as RSS reader and have hundreds of them). That's not mentioning another little tweaks you've missed (i.e. service icons — even FaceBook got it right, they have service icons for imported entries and have no for their own status updates). You're ruining the whole experience of managing a lot of information. - Yury Vetrov
congrats! now back to "listening to your users" pls :) - Phil Smirnov
Rock & Roll! Very happy with the interface. Thanks for listening to the considered opinions you have, and implementing fixes when necessary. You guys have done a fantastic job of keeping people informed of new changes. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Juras: I'm pretty sure they've been letting everyone know about this for some time...Where have you been? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The settings to automatically post likes or comments to Twitter are missing. - Pat Hawks
couldn't you just put the old FF to or somewhere like that? - @barisunver
Bret, you SHOULD check this out. New realtime version has JavaScript errors can be observed in Firebug: Now, I got 93 error. I think you changed something about AJAX response format (?) - Alp
+1 Rob, this is hardly without notice. They've been shouting about it for weeks. - Pat Hawks
Alp: thanks, we are looking into the issue - Bret Taylor
Always there are those resistant to change. I remind you all of the last couple of Facebook updates. At least the FriendFeed team listens and responds to complaints, problems and issues, and corrects them when necessary ----Big smiles and kudos for that! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@jeromeflipo: FrF was internet's GTD tool — one inbox for all links and discussions with accurately separated content. Now it's a vast of content where you should read instead of scanning. It takes much more time. New design is good but core features doesn't work properly. - Yury Vetrov
You can find your Twitter publishing settings at You can find all the links to your settings by clicking the "settings" link under your name at the top right of every page ( - Bret Taylor
I love the new FF. Just wonder if the play/pause state can be remembered, so people might disable realtime updates. - arnaldostream
Bret, how do I get to the Advanced Twitter settings from the settings link under my name? I don't see it. - Pat Hawks
Bret, you're welcome. I hope you don't remove option for nostalgy :) By the way, in new version how can we learn users have subscribed us? You removed it from user popup dialog. And I think user-info popup has many whitespaces :) Why don't u fill them with comment/like stats? It shows the activity of user. I think it is critical. - Alp
i love it! - patrick
The play/pause state is remembered, so you can permanently turn off real-time if you don't want it. Steve: great point, we will add the ability to get "Best of" emailed to you. - Bret Taylor
Play/pause wasn't remembered once, now it works. Maybe it was my mistake, thanks! - arnaldostream
Nice work. - Caleb Elston
trying to enable IM notifications - maybe just slow? Not getting anything on the ol' GTalk.. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
love the new site, once I got use to it, keep up the good work - Kim Landwehr
i really love the new interface :) - alexandere
what?! beta can't be over, it's only been three weeks! - Edward Zwart
Bret: I'm not seeing the posting link on the settings page: How do you get to it without memorizing the URL? - Mark Trapp
@Yaroslav, totally agree. - Лёша
First impression: new design just sucks compared to the old one, ant to the twitter's, if that's what you want to be like. - полетаем
no, please, this doesn't make sense!! - Giovanni Calia
Feedback : I want old FF ... Pls - Hamza Şamlıoğlu @TEAkolik
wo0T! the IM notifier ROCKS...I'M uber-stoked on that feature. (IM is the new email! lol!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
No offends, but seriously, the visual design sucks. - Лёша
I wish it could use a little more of my monitor screen real estate. :) - Ray Cromwell
Bret, Dan or s.b. else, another CRUCIAL PROBLEM I discovered, after this new release, when people subscribed to me, I got notification mails entitled "... subscribed to your Friendfeed" twice or three times (which have a few minutes of delay between each other). You changed anything about mails settings(?) My friends ALSO reported that they get 2+ mails for new subscriber notifications. - Alp
Mark, you can find the posting link from the Tools page (found at the bottom of any page) - Dan Hsiao
If you are going to give us all of this (wasted) grey space to the side of our live feed, at least let us put our own background on the page. I mean, that would make you that much more like twitter, which seems to be the goal. - Wizetux
Qwerty: did you get a stupid picture gift (or see a bunch of "Which 70s rockstar are you" quizzes? LOL! -That's how you'd know you're on Facebook. (oh, and the new spam that they have my first one today!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Bret: Can I post via IM? If so can I CC:Twitter from there? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
doh! I didn't see the help link in the IM. I have another reading lesson scheduled for tomorrow - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
ok...the CC:Twitter via IM question still stands....if not, can you think about adding that? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Really like the new UI. Thanks! - Oliver Bouchard
i really like the new look and feel - the page scrolling when it auto-updates takes a little getting used to. - J.D. Deutschendorf change your avatar now..! - Kaan Ukturk
Dan Hsiao: aha! Thanks. - Mark Trapp
Mark, it's now available under your settings too :) - Dan Hsiao
Awesome, thanks Dan. - Mark Trapp
The best thing about this is that now points at the new design. - Steve and 4 other people
doubt i can get easily used to the "new" ff :( still have a firefox tab open on the realtime, with the old layout. guess i will just keep it as long as i can 0:) - giuseppe c. | markgreene
I'm disappointed Imaginary friends has disappeared. I was actually using that feature to follow friends on Twitter (who didn't have FF accounts). Is there a way to do the same thing? - Marc Chung
looks gr8! - Amit
@Wizetux Thanks. Btw, your caps are on :) - Marc Chung
lovin it. are the best-of-summaries für the lists coming back? - Marcel Weiß
@Marc: I know, I was attempting to yell over the noise of the grumbling over the new layout. - Wizetux
Will it help if I join the crowd disliking the new version? Can't follow the conversation, too much color, too much moving around... - Handem
Bret, Turkish users ask a favor; please, we ask for ~ old style, look our avatars. - Hüseyin Mert
Not gonna happen, dude. Progress is progress. - LANjackal
I don't understand how to create Imaginary Friends. Yes "create a feed", whatever that's real helpful, not. I think the source for every entry should be an icon on the right like the previous version. Real-time updates are interesting and comments are the only reason to use this over twitter. New posting feature is good but everyone isn't on FF so I need Imaginary friends to continue to use FF or else buh-bye! - Jude
@Jude The terminology is a bit confusing: It should really read "create a group" and add feeds to the group: Click "Browse /edit groups" > "Create a group". Setting it to private is basically the same thing as creating an Imaginary friend. - Marc Chung
恭喜上线 - 阿石
Please, old style friendfeed interface.New interface is wrong... - nagas
Great job! It's SOOOOOO lightweight! It works on all my mobile devices! I love you guys! Nowadays it's so nice and rare to see redisign which doesn't make an interface a slow-working monster - orie from fftogo
@Marc, @Wizetux thanks for clarifying. At some point during the beta they were using the terminology, "create a feed" and now you have to click on Groups in order to get to the place to "create a feed" but you have to know that it's called "create a group" - AWKWARD ... I think that is a navigational fail and a nomenclature fail. "Create a feed" is important enough that it should have it's own link on every page OR Groups should just be called Feeds. - Laura Norvig
Yep. It's one of the most enjoyable and notable addition in years in the way it's handled. It's in its complexity where, as the experiment is, as a whole a very as speedy, as you want it and as slow as reading is. Missing everything or nothing. Noticing and warming up of individuals, all linked by that exercise, always now expanding. Good job to all of you, the ideas were really good in all ways. As played out. Many thanks. ;p - Zu from AOD
for the interface. I think it is not as good as old edition. - Ccming
I hope you have read my bug report above. - Alp
or can we have a link for the old version!!!! - TechFuga
One more request: can we please have an API for userscripts? Due to dynamic nature of pages it suddenly became very hard to do anything persistent to FriendFeed from Greasemonkey. All I need is a hook from inside FrF javascript to process new portions of pages. -
+1 to Alex Kapranoff's request. Also, please at least bring back service icons (them missing really interrupts my parsing of the stream, especially with those big ass avatars), if you won't provide us with (or :P) - Gina Häußge
Gina, there is a user script to add service icons, in case that helps: - Micah
Micah, thanks, already found that (first thing was to look up on userstyles and userscripts for means to help myself ;)), but it's kind of a hack, and IMHO it would be way better if the FF team included that feature back into the code base. Don't know why anyone would consider it a good idea to remove it in the first place tbh, but hey, we all know these days... - Gina Häußge
I don't want to use this. There must be alternative to use old FF - altblog
Congrats, guys. Even works on IE6 now. - James Myatt
get over it and use a third party client... you sound like people who use CDs - Kemp Edmonds from twhirl
Kemp, show me one that works as well and is as visually appealing as the old site (and also on both windows and linux without depending on Air (because that still kinda sucks under Linux)) and I'll shut up ;) - Gina Häußge
sadly as a windows user and therefore pleeb (Slang for plebian. Often used to refer to noobs in an elitist sense.) by Macers and Linux' who can't help but be the envy of all. Sadly I sit contented by massive numbers of development projects and a variety of programs to choose from that is generally unlimited in cutting edge web apps... although I am a windows pleeb. - Kemp Edmonds from twhirl
now look super - Faizar
How do I create imaginary friend feeds in the new gui? - Carlos Brefe
Ouch, don't like. Agree with some of Juras V's comments, this makes skimming my feed for keeping a pulse on info/discussions MUCH worse for the time-starved (not speaking of RT aspect). Oh well, will try this for a bit, but feels like point where in Tom Peters' language FF is moving to "fire me as a customer." (Yes, I know we're not paying customers. I would have paid for old svc, was... more... - Casey
Will the daily activity emails (basically a digest) resume? Mine seemed to halt Apr 27 and the Email settings which seem currently available are absolutely flooding my inbox (had to turn it off within 5 mins). Please bring back daily digest type emails, really helpful if away for business or other reasons and ability to skim to catch up on info. - Casey
@mchung Thanks for trying to clarify. Although creating a feed does not work the same since if a person already has a feed that's private, I can't use the same name. Bring back imaginary friends!!! - Jude
Congrats FF... sorry I am late to the work life is outta control... crazy busy! I miss FF :(..... - Susan Beebe
My impression of the new Friendfeed... - Jason Williams
This is awesome! Back from the future! I _cant_ use twitter anymore. _cant_. - Lakshman Prasad
Its not my friendfeed, its a horrible dream! :(( - где та мара
you need a graphic designer or art director i think. - Furkan Tunalı
dislike :( - Trou Macacq
design (layout, interaction) had been mostly better in old variant, but AJAX engine you use in new variant just rocks (old ajax code was dead meat slow crap for desktops on steroids) - A. T.
Scott Beale
the Honda Insight "Let It Shine" ad on @vimeo is one of the most creative examples of online advertising around
Seriously thinking of getting one...hmm. - Victor Panlilio
wow...that was probably the most creative bit of online advertising i have seen. this McAfee ad done by Obscura Digital in San Fran wasn't online, but pretty amazing nonetheless... - Jeffrey Marsh
Sharon McPherson
Your Twitter Profile - Which Do You Prefer Your REAL Followers See? (via
These are real snapshots taken of 2 different user's profiles. Still think automatically following everyone who follows you is a good idea? - Sharon McPherson
Thanks so much for posting this Sharon, I saw a similar one recently with some other shenanigans going on, so I just had to do a quick write-up of it: - Alex Schleber
Nicholas, I clicked on the default avatars shown on the account on the left. 22 out of the 36 went to profile pages where the user was either following 2,000 or more and had only posted one or two updates, or, their updates were nothing but sales links with no interaction at all. - Sharon McPherson
Alex, I don't know what Twitter can do to stop the recent onslaught of "spammy" accounts, other than maybe requiring that someone must post a certain number of updates before being able to follow people. Or, maybe new users should be limited to only following 25-50 people per day until they reach a certain # of followers. That's just MHO, the great thing about Twitter is that everyone can use it however works best for them. I'll do my part by continuing to block accounts like those I mentioned to Nicholas. - Sharon McPherson
Thomas Hawk
A Video Prank at Domino’s Damages Its Brand - -
A Video Prank at Domino’s Damages Its Brand -
When two Domino’s Pizza employees filmed a prank in the restaurant’s kitchen, they decided to post it online. In a few days, thanks to the power of social media, they ended up with felony charges, more than a million disgusted viewers, and a major company facing a public relations crisis. In videos posted on YouTube and elsewhere this week, a Domino’s employee in Conover, N.C., prepared sandwiches for delivery while putting cheese up his nose, nasal mucus on the sandwiches, and violating other health-code standards while a fellow employee provided narration. The two were charged with delivering prohibited foods. By Wednesday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. References to it were in five of the 12 results on the first page of Google search for “Dominos,” and discussions about Domino’s had spread throughout Twitter." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
OMG, that's freaking gross - Rahsheen
This is like Michael Phelps. Why tape or take pics of yourself doing something that can be your demise? - Shevonne
Customers are not the only source of bad buzz for the brands... - Aurélien
I bet this seemed like a good idea at the time. What idiots. - Kreg Steppe
criminal arrests and now a civil lawsuit. Not smart. - Thomas Hawk
You can mess up your life and your brand very quickly online. Glad these two people aren't making food anymore. - Robert Scoble
I've only ordered pizza delivery from Domino's once in my life. Never did that again because if I'm at home, I might as well cook something. - Morton Fox
Such an endemic problem in the fast food business: young people, first job, bad management, insufficient training. Add in social media and you have quite an explosive dynamic. What should/could Domino's corporate do? - Francine Hardaway
Vile. I'm so glad I don't order from Domino's right now. *adds this story to the why you need to monitor your social media presence even if you don't have one on purpose file* - Leslie Poston
I just ate a Domino's pizza :| - Parth Awasthi
Yes in the viral webs it's a lot harder to quietly fire idiots like this. Dominos needs to a) do it publicly, and b) launch a whole "see how clean we are campaign". - Ryan Stanley
This is why I link to the conversation @dsilverman -- in this case the conversation here is just as interesting as the news item. Also, this is why you need to hire smart people if they are going to post stuff online. You no longer have any control of our employees and whether or not they talk with the public. So you better hire well and train them for the new PR world. - Robert Scoble
Even more "ick" than previously thought of the company (buy local pizza!). Reminds one of - Shane Curcuru
...but it makes me wonder about the food "security" of ALL restaurants. you think Domino's is the only food chain with sketchy employees? This is the best argument I've seen for cooking at home. Hello Food Network. - Landor Associates
I think Domino's did as well as they could handling this. They seemed to get on it pretty early. I'm not sure that there is much else that they can do. I don't eat Dominos pizza generally speaking, but this video wouldn't keep me away from it. This could happen to any company. Remember when that woman faked the finger in the chilli at Wendy's? - Thomas Hawk
I stopped going to the local Burger King because of racism. I also stopped going to the local Taco Bell because the manager yelled at me. I'm not even going to speculate on what they've been putting in my food. Fast food chains really don't have much control over their employees beyond firing them when something bad comes to light. - Morton Fox
It was disgusting. A lot of damage control to do with the credibility of employees under scrutiny. - Kannan
Looks like they weren't able to avoid the Noid. - Rob
Domino's fiasco also about video camera/phone in workplace? Many folks are not allowed. I think we will see a growth in corporations taking cell phones @ the door similar to schools. - Catholic Meme
Problem is we never know about this kind of stuff until after the fact. And the brands are at the mercy of franchise managers and the potential psychos they may have hired. Could be *any* food service provider. - Ryan Stanley
@Shevonne: I think they did it because they thought it was funny... - Landor Associates
that's all well & fine, but I can't remember the last time I ate Domino's on purpose... they're like pretty much last on my list of pizza options - Krikit Media
This will also force more businesses onto social networks. If I worked at a large brand with millions of customers I would have teams online that would work just to make sure that if something like this does happen that there wold be people to answer it. - Robert Scoble
I don't think it's wise to assume such acts are rampant across fast food chains and yes having an online team for such large organizations is a must. So how do you think they handled the situation ? what could they have done better ? - Mayank Dhingra
Trust is a big issue. Over the years we've placed a lot of trust in others who prepare our food. Anyone remember when Julia Child accidentally dropped a chicken on the kitchen floor, placed it back on the platter and chortled "no one will ever know." - J.D. Deutschendorf
Robert is right, all these exposes seem to be happening via social media, yet businesses still have to rely on traditional media for their damage limitation. - Iain Baker
Iain: businesses have no clue anymore how stories are built. The quotes from the Domino people demonstrate that. They assume that bloggers or Twitterers with 15 followers don't have any power. I know they do. - Robert Scoble
Iain: when I quit Microsoft I told 15 people and in three days had millions of media impressions, according to Microsoft's PR firm. 15 people can DESTROY a brand, if they have something like these videos in their hands. - Robert Scoble
Wow, this is a great example on so many fronts. Think before you act, Think before you POST (most certainly)... and Aurélien makes a great point about customers not being the only source for publicity with Robert really fleshing out some of the reasons why. AND this is why I love FF... so many great comments describing varying facets and the ripple-effect this type of medium now offers. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
@Chris White. Zachry's does make damn good pizza. it's also a coop with a majority of the business owned by it's employees. I'd think employees would have a strong incentive to make sure that this sort of thing would never happen there. Their Mediterranean pizza is amazing. - Thomas Hawk
Robert: Absolutely. We're going to see more of this sort of thing happening, can't understand why firms aren't preparing strategies to deal with it. - Iain Baker
Iain: most businesses think this stuff is unimportant because it seems "small." Businesses are committees. Ask 100 people whether the New York Times is important. You'll hear 99 yesses. Ask them whether some Twitterer with 15 followers is important. You'll probably hear 87 nos. - Robert Scoble
Chris: objectivity is overrated. - Robert Scoble
Hmmmm, I don't think it's a question of making social Media important, it's about recognising that information and news, good or bad, flows freely along whatever channel it can find. - Iain Baker
Paging the Darwin Awards. - Mike Doeff
BTW, I noticed no one has posted the video. Here it is! - Andrew Baron
What a silly couple. Didn't they know they were getting into trouble? Or maybe they wanted trouble and attract attention to something... uhhmm... I wouldn't be surprised if we see these two running their own show on MTV. - Alexis Bellido
Valeria: good response. - Robert Scoble
I wonder how much this really "damaged" their brand. They don't make very good food. They are a bottom-rung fast food joint. How much do people really expect from them to begin with? - Jeremy Brooks
@Chris White: If you are close enough to get Zachary's, you are close enough to get a real pizza from Lanesplitter. ;-) - Jeremy Brooks
The response from Dominos is going to be text book. Here's a discussion of why: - Robert Scoble
Kamikaze 2.0! - Dimitar Vesselinov
Urgh *barf* :( - Tyson Key
Based on the photos, these two aren't 16 working their first job. - Bill Sanders
So the question I have at this point is which SNL cast member gets to play Kristy in the reenactment of the skit this weekend on snl? - Thomas Hawk
they may call in the big guns for that one - another gig for Tina Fey. - Karma Martell
Where's the video? - Outsanity
Amy Wood
2009 Twitter Demographics and Statistics Report -
Laurel Papworth
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