All the time the crisis is on us, we are feeling the demand, at the back of our heads, that we need to keep calm and…
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New Post:, Are you still chasing the emotionally unavailable man?
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I'm going to the Summit, Use my link to get a 2 for 1 voucher and join me: #thesummit
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Individual companies no longer control, but now can only #influence, their own destinies. #WeNotMe #CollaborationEconomy -
#social #influence Twitter : les patrons français s'y mettent timidement via @LesEchos -
RT @jebtista: Don't get overwhelmed by the problem think of a solution #influence -
Don't get overwhelmed by the problem think of a solution #influence -
My little cousin Deah wants to be a vegetarian just like her big cousin. :) #proud #influence -
If U can connect with #JustinBieber. Tell him 2 use his #Influence 2 #ChangetheWorldforJesus, Amen. This would be worth doing, Amen to That. -
Act as if everything you do makes a difference... because it does. #Truth #Influence -
“@FalynNicole22: @JTrotter_34 @therealebbarnes I feel like y'all need to reevaluate your lives” yes to not involve you. #bad. #influence. -
@CPAAustralia #CPAWeek #Perth with our first social media influencer! Thanks Paul! #Influence -
#CPAWeek #Influence What are your key strengths and challenges? Learn from the king, with @DaveLourdes -
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