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Alicia Voorhies

Alicia Voorhies

RN, Homeschooling Mommy, Wife, Business Owner, Medical Research Geek, Social Media Nut
Re: What is Silicone and is it Toxic? -
"Thank you so much Megan! We sure do appreciate the share. ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: Safer Food Storage Container Guide -
"Hi Sel, if they're made from hard, shiny and clear plastic, I would personally avoid them because they're most likely made from the new mystery plastic called Tritan (Eastman refuses to divulge what ingredients they use to make their co-polyester, so that's a red flag for me). ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: Safer Food Storage Container Guide -
"Hi Mj, I just bought a new set of Anchor Hocking jars and didn't see anything like that. I don't know why a company would advertise that their products contain lead and that they're toxic. Could you post a photo here for us? ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: How to Find a Non-toxic Artificial Christmas Tree -
"That's fantastic news Britt! That wasn't the case when we first researched for this article, so I'm thrilled to get such a wonderful update. ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
How to Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Food Containers and Kitchen Appliances | @thesoftlanding #SafeLiving #Plastics101
Safe Living Guide is out! Stories via @NNUS @SaferChemicals @BCAction
Re: 7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Family’s Natural Immunity -
"Great tips Maryanne! My sister Laura just made Thieves Oil for all of us yesterday, so we'll be adding it to our regimen. ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: Can Raw Milk Be Frozen without Losing Nutrient Content or Flavor? -
"Thanks Sandy :-) You're so lucky to be able to buy raw milk whenever you like! We freeze milk in plastic all the time, but we just make sure it's either polypropylene or polyethylene (plastic milk jugs are made from these materials). You can read more about the plastics to avoid here: Hope that helps! ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: 19 Safe Christmas Gifts for Children Under 2 Years -
"Hi Brooke - that's a great question. The short answer is that we only the list the items we've been able to specifically confirm, so it definitely doesn't mean that all of their products are safe. There are very few companies we can recommend as having non-toxic products across the board. ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Preventing the Flu Naturally: Steps You Can Take Right Now via @Mamavation
RT @aliciavoorhies: What a delicious surprise from @ChosenFoods! I'm now a huge fan of Avocado oil! #ShiftHappens
RT @LindsayDahl: What is Silicone and is it Toxic? via @thesoftlanding
RT @ewg: Contrary to the claims of food industry giants, requiring labels on #GMO food won’t drive up food prices:
RT @Eco_novice: Looking for fun #ecofriendly #gifts for little ones? Shop #WildMint to effortlessly avoid toxins in toys -- #spon
RT @HealthfulMama: Find #natural #toys this holiday fr @WildMintShop! Check out the stocking stuffer selection! #spon #WildMint
We LOVE @WildMintShop! It's our new one-stop destination for carefully chosen non-toxic toys! #WildMint #Spon
Re: How to Treat Your Baby’s Cold, Cough and Fever Naturally -
"Sorry to hear that Erin! Yes, we definitely use garlic diluted in a carrier oil on our kids feet and it seems to help. We also use it in their ears to help with ear infections. Here's our favorite recipe for the feet: Hope that helps! ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: What is Silicone and is it Toxic? -
"You're welcome Ann! So glad you found it helpful. ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: Top 5 Stainless Steel Water Bottles -
"Great question! We don't just confirm that the products we recommend are BPA, we also confirm exactly what materials are used to make them (we'll have to update our Contigo listing to make that more clear!). Anyway, at the time we published this article, the lids were made from BPA-free Polypropylene (meaning that there is no BPA-based colorant in the normally BPA-free PP plastic). Hope that helps! ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: Homemade Elderberry Syrup for Colds and Flu -
"I'm inclined to believe processing berry casing would not intense the health benefits of the syrup. Instead it would change the consistency to the thickness of a smoothie rather than syrup. Also shorten storage time due to rotting berry casings, causing mold to grow~ Joanie" - Alicia Voorhies
Re: The Ultimate Eco Survivalist Christmas Gift Guide -
"Thanks, Heather. We'll be handing out some of these things for Christmas this year too!" - Alicia Voorhies
Helping Protect the Elderly from Winter Health Hazards -
Re: Gardening and Homesteading Goals for 2015 -
"I swear we're soul sisters, Tiffany! My goals are very similar to yours for next year: add another raised bed with hoop covering, start seedlings earlier, add leeks to the list, do better at potato towers (didn't get much this year), add beehives, add a rain barrel (have it, just haven't installed it), grow herbs that are useful for healing salves, ferment fruits and veggies (have my crock, just need to get busy doing it!). I can't wait to hear how everything goes for you! ~Alicia" - Alicia Voorhies
How Far Are You Willing To Go To Become A Parent? -
Creating A Home That Grows With Your Family -
How Beneficial Is Pet Ownership To Your Child’s Development? -
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