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Alisha Vargas
My Connie kitty was in the lolcat bible, lol :D
Whoops, I meant his brother Colusa, not Connie - Alisha Vargas
Alisha Vargas
AlishaV Shower time! Anyone want to get hot and soapy and wet?
i would love to get hot and soapy - John Hunter
lol, I think that can be arranged :) - Alisha Vargas
Steven Perez
Just got back from an unexpected road trip. Pop whacked himself in the head with a bungee cord. There are staples and stitches involved. I had to drive his truck home. NOT FUN.
He will. For Perez men, the head is our least vulnerable spot. Now he just needs to SIT DOWN. - Steven Perez
Yikes. Sorry to hear this. Hope he does actually sit down. - Ayşe E.
Curiosity propels me. What was he doing with a bungee cord? - Johnny
Tying down a tarp, I think. He was rushing. - Steven Perez
oh sorry to hear that. - VALZONE#SCREWED
:( Sorry to hear but glad all is ok. - adf
I'm not brave enough to photograph Pop's scars, John. :D - Steven Perez
:( yikes. not good. sorry man. hope he's alright. - AJ Batac
Bungee cords are vicious beasts, they bite :-( - Alisha Vargas
Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Second non-sport Super Bowl Related Question of the Day: If there were no commercials for the Super Bowl do you think it would be as popular as it is?
No. - Shey
I think some people tune in and out, just to see the commercials - Shey
I only watch for the game. I wish they'd just show all the stupid ads at the beginning or end and let the game go. - Anika
There is Shey, know some people who watch them for that reason only, and hate football in a weird mix of reached advertising goals and weird people acting for advertising companies rates and success numbers. - Zu from AOD
the commercials were not good this year at all - VALZONE#SCREWED
No. For some reason the commercials have a big appeal in the SB. - orionstarr
In my house, the guys would still watch the game. It's like musical chairs: Game = Boys sit. Commercial = boy gets up to eat, girls sit. Even when the commercials suck, it's interesting to see who has the big bucks to pay for the air. - Jess
I DVRed the game, just so I didn't have to sit through it and could just watch the commercials. Not that they were really good this year though - Alisha Vargas
You could have just watched them on either Hulu or Youtube. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
"Go green and get fresh eggs for free with help from the Chicken Ark ($500). Handcrafted from renewable Douglas Fir timber, each ark provides space for up to four medium laying hens, and offers them a covered run, elevated roost, and separate nesting box — all the tools they need to leave you with nutritious eggs that are both better and cheaper than the one's you'll find at the local supermarket, while keeping your grass trim as a bonus." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
You know I want this, right? Fresh eggs? AWESOME CAKES. - Derrick
This is so cool; now I want to raise chickens. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Need! - Ken Morley
:) I love that chickens are becoming so popular in urban areas. It's a good trend for food in this country. - SAM
$500... that looks like a pretty good deal; nice design from an aesthetic and "had chickens as a kid" standpoint. - Michael W. May
One day, I will have chickens. - Rochelle
Are chickens fairly low maintenance? - Ken Morley
Ken, there was some good information here at this link from a while back: - Derrick
If I were going to spend as much as $500 on a chicken coop, I'd get an Eglu But a chicken "tractor" like that should be pretty easy to make at home. From salvaged wood, even. - Spidra Webster
I really like that design, easy to move around, enough space for a few hens, and fairly secure.I made my chicken tractor out of scrap wood though and it didn't wind up costing much at all. I also had a rabbit hutch that I used for a couple of bantam hens that worked really well. - Alisha Vargas
Alisha Vargas
It does look like that! I didn't even realize! LOL - Alisha Vargas
Brad Williamson
This is the FILTHIEST HAIR I've EVAR seen!!!
Wow... just, WOW. - Brad Williamson
That is just funky. - Andrew
I wonder if that...mass...reeks or not. Ugh! - That's So CAJ!
There was a dude on Haight St. that had a unidread like that going on, and you could smell that rankness from a block down. No kidding. ewwwwwwwwww (and I have dreadlocks) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
so yeah, I'm sure that Stanks! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
You'd need a chainsaw to give that girl/guy a hair cut. - Brad Williamson
*strengthens laser output* - Mo Kargas
oh god, it looks like a bird died and landed in her hair. - TheHenry
Her? I give you 10:1 odds its a dude. :0 - Bluesun 2600
Ewww! I kind of like dreadlocks sometimes, but that, that's just matted fur - Alisha Vargas
I can't look. - Kay Designer
It's either part of his religion or he's homeless or both. - Josh Haley
It's Manny Ramirez. - Brad Williamson
matted fur is right....nice thin ones are fine, but as they get too thick, they never dry, and never get clean (I've had mine 11 years, they are very very thin) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That's just gross... if a religion insists on that, it's time to change your religion. - Lindsay
Eris chuckles. - iTad
Oh, g-ross! There is nothing endearing at all about that hair mass. - Jenny
Is there anyway to foldup that picture? It makes me want to Urp. - Kay Designer
LOL@jlt! Way to see the glass as half full! - Jenny
God, this is awful, disgusting ... ugh ! - İpek Aral
I just saw this guy at the Powell MUNI station - Andy Bakun
I wonder if this is the same guy I was talking about that I would see / smell on Haight St. (I thought that guy had a longer uni-dread though)......either way, this guy give dreadlocks a bad name....ewwww.. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@guruvan Your dreads look great in your profile picture :) There should be a different name for something like this, this picture does give nice dreadlocks a bad name - Alisha Vargas
Alisha: Thanks :-) I have one of two names for that: 1) Uni-dread-ew or 2) Tour-mat (you see those kids all the time who go on tour with The Dead, String cheese, Phish, etc and just stop being clean and have huge fat nasty dreads - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan :-) Both those terms describe it so well. Ewww - Alisha Vargas
Brad, please swap this picture out with a different pic, a shampoo girl or something! - Kay Designer
Plllleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee. - Kay Designer
Oh... Why did you bring this one back. It gave me nightmares the last time it came up! ;) - Bluesun 2600
Just saw this guy at the Powell MUNI station, and it looked like he cut most of it off, to the base of his neck. - Andy Bakun from Android
Wow - this is an oldie. - Brad Williamson
Ewwww .. Scissors required!! - Steve Ram
Zax - scissors? I think you'd need an axe for that! - Martin Bryant from iPhone
or at least a machete. - Chieze Okoye
whew.. Geez.. - Vimala Vita
Nathanael Boehm
I'm bordering on a supressed OCD house-cleaning rampage. It's touch-and-go. Might get ugly.
I'm going through the same thing right now. Need to clean, need to move furniture, or else go nuts - Alisha Vargas
Ozer Wrzl (EN)
Beautiful! - Mitch
Wow!! - Kol Tregaskes
With a *very* wide angle lens - FFing Enigma
Whoa. - Heather
I would not mind living in a place where I could actually see the sky at night. Here we see no stars. - M F
When I was 18 I went to some Greek islands with some mates and one night after a lot of drinks ended up on a secluded beach and looked up to see something similar to this picture. Absolutely stunning. Never seen anything close to it back home; way too much light pollution. A shame we lose so much. - Mark H
The night sky in Death Valley is amazing at any time ... No light pollution at all. Breathtaking. - Brent - Yes I am
It's been a long time since I've been to death valley. Must go again sometime. - Beau Liening
Wow. Truly amazing. - Arawak
cool. no. ü-cool. - Franc, a rememberer
If you have not had the chance to see a truly dark sky, you should make every effort to try. Bring a telescope for even more awesomeness! - Michael McKean
Gorgeous! Makes me want to go out to Racetrack again - Alisha Vargas
truly an amazing capture. - Carlos Ayala
Wow! - Mona Nomura
Sweet; now check it with Enigma ><< - Gregg
wow - anna sauce
wow thanks so much 2healthguru ;) - Franc, a rememberer from IM
This is amazing. I wonder if I can somehow mimic this with my stock camera. :D Lucky I live in a rural area! - Zach Flauaus
That's incredible. - Mike Elliott
is it real? it is very beautiful. - Mehmet {Blog Gazanya} ;
Death Valley is an amazing place to visit during Summer late at night. The stars are so amazingly bright then. A bit hot though :) - Mike Reynolds
Wow! - orionstarr
Steven Perez
The Italian FriendFeeders know how to bring it. - Steven Perez
I think this is such a great way to honor Douglas, bet he would get a kick out of it :-) - Alisha Vargas
Anne Bouey
Pet Purrrfect: The Ultimate Cat-Friendly Interior Design | dornob - (via
Pet Purrrfect: The Ultimate Cat-Friendly Interior Design | dornob - (via
Pet Purrrfect: The Ultimate Cat-Friendly Interior Design | dornob - (via
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Can you build this in your house, Steve? - Anne Bouey
Wouldn't the foster kitties that come through the Fox household love this? As well as the resident kitties, of course. - Anne Bouey
could i build this in my house? yes. would i build this in my house and encourage the feline domination of our abode, no. :) - Steve C, Team Marina
I on the other hand couldn't but so, so would. If I ever buy and stop renting I might have to hire you out Steve... - Soup in a TARDIS
I like this every time I see it, but the crossbeams give our cats more credit for balance than history shows they deserve. At least one of our cats has slipped and fallen through a loft window to the floor 12 feet below. To her credit, she landed on her feet and just shook it off, clearly trying to let me know that she meant to do that. - Kevin Fox
Kevin, well, of course, she did! You have such smart and talented kitties. - Anne Bouey
Need a love it button for this. My kitties would be so happy if they had a house that was more in tune with them. Maybe I could get back my desk and not have felines sprawled across it if there was something like this at my place where the cats could hang out. - Alisha Vargas
Okay I'll quit and start kittifying peoples houses. There will be a huge waiver form to sign though to take care of clumsy kitties like kevin's and ours, and to take care of spouses who might not see eye to eye with you on your kitty castle. - Steve C, Team Marina
The spouse may not see eye to eye with you on the kitty castle, but at least kitties on the castle would be able to see eye to eye with your spouse. - Kevin Fox
Well I'd be the ideal client. My cats are nimble and I'm decidedly spouse free! :D - Soup in a TARDIS
Would be awesome, but then my kitties would be even more spoiled and would think they could walk all over me even more. Literally over my head. When we first put it in we might not see our kitties for a week as they would be checking everything out. I think we should keep them on the ground with us. All that said, if I moved into a house with this already there, I doubt I would complain. ;) - Rachel Lea Fox
I just pictured Rachel's cat's raining down from up above, this was funny and terrifying at the same time. Kind of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds sequel-esque - Steve C, Team Marina
Jen (SquirrelGirl)
So, with major shows at an end of their season, what are you all watching over the summer? Any good new shows to recommend? (via
Posted this in TV room, but am looking for suggestions and thought I should post to main feed too. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Ace of Cakes reruns FTW! - Matt
Ace of Cakes eh? Another I've not heard of. Maybe Pilar mentioned it.... - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
i'm with Matt, all the smaller cable shows re-runs like Ace of Cakes, Dirty Jobs, Mega something or others, oh and they brought back Holmes on Homes. - Steve C, Team Marina
The new season of True Blood starts in June, and of course I'll be watching Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, and all of that. - Alisha Vargas
The Fashion Show is ok, though it will make you feel like you're cheating on Project Runway. - joneilortiz
Burn Notice - Alex Scrivener
I love Ace of Cakes! I'm also looking forward to Big Brother (starts in July). - Rochelle
I use the summer to rediscover (or even just discover) older TV shows. Like Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith Show, The Jeffersons, etc. I suggest Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Burn Notice. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Movies, plus catching up on shows I recorded but haven't watched yet: Life on Mars, Life, Supernatural, Castle - Kevin Kuphal
I'm with Pea, The Closer is my summer show of choice. - Eric - Final Countdown
Alisha Vargas
My name is Alisha Vargas, and I support gay marriage (thanks for the idea, Johnny)
I support gay marriage, too! - Egyirba
That's great! - Alisha Vargas
What size bed do you have?
Queen - Mary Carmen
Queen - how about you? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Cal. King - Anika
I have a queen size. - Derrick
Queen, want a King. - That's So CAJ!
of course, the queens here are the same size as the kings in England, so...:) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Rachael has a queen... I get what she doesn't use :P - Johnny
queen - edythe
have access to a king, but the mattress is sucky so I've been sleeping in another room on one of the twin beds. I sleep like a curled up little rock, so it isn't a big issue. - Katy S
Californian King, Select Comfort - RAPatton
I need to get a new mattress, and was looking around. This size is sufficient, I think, but could I *downsize* to a full? GASP! - Derrick
california king tempurpedic, #tth - sean percival
Bed? I sleep on a shelf! - Mo Kargas
Queen - Kate Foy
Queen - Rodfather
Queen - Brett Kelly
Queen - Dawn
king fer shur - Brian Hendrickson
Full for two adults and one dog. - LB needs a break.
Queen. Sleep number bed. Both sides adjust sepately. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
Full. - Rochelle
Full and in need of replacing. Who wants to buy me a Sleep Number bed? - Michael W. May
Queen. - Louis P.
Full, but I'm thinking of getting a daybed for more room space. I only use a teeny corner of the bed anyway. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Full. - Michael McKean
King - Anne Bouey
Single. :( - Jack&Cleo
Full - Aaron Hood from BuddyFeed
Full, but I need a bigger bed. I'm short, but I sleep big - Alisha Vargas
Just right. :) - Lola Bean (Penguin) from fftogo
King, I passed on the Queen sized largely for the jokes which I know would ensue. "Queen, why are we not surprised." - sofarsoShawn
the size of the floor - leaves plenty of room to move around :) - LPH™ and his dog P™
Queen. I need the room. - jbrotherlove
Queen - Beau Liening
queen - Egyirba from twhirl
king. - Bren
Queen, but only because a king would have been too big for my room (my house is one of those tiny 1950's single-family jobs where the master bedroom is far from "master"). - Hookuh Tinypants
Cal. King, upon which my Queen sleeps. ;-) - Absentee
Pillow fort! I miss those...*sigh* - Hookuh Tinypants
Queen - rønin
I don't know. - Richard A.
SSS-Single Bed: sss-single bed, s-single bed,I got a one solitary, lonesome, single bed. Except when my daughter stays over the weekend and I have the (very narrow) lounge suite. <sigh> - Chris Loft
As I've had to move back into my Mum's place I'm stuck on a single bed with my kingsize up against the wall where I site right now. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
King. Used to be Cal King. - Michael R. Bernstein
King. - AJ Kohn
Queen, of course. - Sparky, lurking
King! Contemplated a Cal-King, but it is so big you need a passport to get from one side to the other! - Dean "Karnatos" Michaud
Queen...I want a California King though - Shevonne
King. - Joey Gibson
Aircraft carrier. Complete with catapult. Makes sex interesting. - Steven Perez
What's this sex everyone's always talking about? - Derrick
It's some new app on the iPhone and G1. You should really try it, Derrick. Especially with the catapult. :D - Steven Perez from IM
I need a bed like Shaq's... 30ft in diameter - Brendan Clancy
Full..and somehow, my cat will manage to take up half of it. - Colette
Double *hangs head in shame* - Shey
Full. And it feels too big for one person. - Jon Anderson
Queen. Just got a tempurpedic mattress a few weeks ago and I really dig it. - amygeek
King - Sleep number - awesome to be able to decide the firmness on a nightly basis and to not have to argue with anyone about what it should be set to. - Rachel Lea Fox
I have a King made by Sealy and it is an epic failure. I have no idea what went wrong with it. There are indentations on my side and my wife's. Neither of us are large people. If I could burn it and send it back to Sealy I would. - chris ledoux
Queen. had to flip the mattress yesterday since apparently I can't find anyone to even out the other side. - Sue Radd
we have a queen sized - (jeff)isageek
Twin... apparently not a popular choice. - John (bird whisperer)
King - Chris Nixon
Queen. :) As I don't get as cwazy anymore, the Cali King was just too big. ;-P - Mathew A. Koeneker
King, but I only have the mattress. No bed frame. The nice thing about king-size is I can sleep in any direction. - Morton Fox
Queen size. Any bigger and I feel lost. - Martha
King because my husband used to think he was a sea turtle! He would "swim" with his arms winding up underneath my pillow, which was making my neck stiff. One night after this happened I woke him up so he could see his arm way up under my pillow! Needless to say, we like the space of the King sized bed :) and my neck feels better too. - Susan Beebe
Mine is 180cm wide and 220cm long. Really *royal* beds have big pillars and roofs and stuff (and we only use the terms double or single);) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
So irritated with the assumption that gay = child molester. I like GROWN. ASS. MEN. (with good credit-- Daddy wants to buy a house.)
Or that gay also means anal rapist. Or that somehow your sexuality is going to INFECT an otherwise decent heterosexual. Ridiculous. - Akiva
Or that *we* want to bone *you*. We don't. - Derrick
yeah blanket statements like that suck - (jeff)isageek
It's the equivalent of me thinking white man = serial killer or rapist. I just adore ignorant people. - Anika
derrick you dont? damn!! :) - (jeff)isageek
I know that I, for one, am constantly vigilant, lest I catch the gay. /ignorant bigotry - Bren
And why would I haphazardly pursue a straight man? What are we gonna do, besides nervously stand there at our sexual impasse? Some of my best friends are - Derrick
Not only are most child molesters straight, but they are also usually known to the family as close friends, relatives or authority figures. - Anika
as disturbing as this sounds, I remember reading somewhere that child molesters psychologically classify in their own separate category of sexual orientation, and in their case being straight or gay is a subcategory....TMI? - andi
Kristin, child molesters might try their best to claim us...we sure as hell don't claim them. - Derrick
Derrick, you can babysit any time. I wouldn't even put up a Nannycam. :) - Louis Gray
OMG Derrick. We have to talk next time you visit. Ask me about why the Catholic church had and wasted an opportunity to help reduce child molestation. It has to do with an understandable higher incidence due to factors like "convenient place to hide" and "naive assumptions about the 3rd drive" and "permanent sexual adolescence" - the joke being of course any perceived or real increase... more... - Richard Walker
I kind of wish someone with the opinion that "gays are child molesters" would show up in this thread and explain that viewpoint. I just don't get it and I'm curious about the basis of their opinion. - Rochelle
Do you really hear stuff like this ? Incredible. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Akiva - are you you trying to deny the base truth that we *are* trying to make everyone gay. It's point #4 on the agenda. - Sparky, lurking
Glad to, Christopher. - Bill Bittner
*dead* on "Daddy wants to buy a house"... just *dead* - MoTO Boychick Devil
It actually makes sense to me that ignorant people would connect homosexuality with something so heinous. They're dumb. - Rahsheen
Child molesters are neither gay or straight... they are just fuckheads - Johnny
I got into a heated argument with an old friend and his wife over dinner a few years back. The wife brought up the same assumption and it made me sick. I just hope more & more people become enlightened over time.... - Peter Ghosh
Peter, based on what? I just don't get it. - Rochelle
The wife seemed to think all gay people are deviants of some sort. She refused to accept that they are not evil. Ruined my fucking meal.... - Peter Ghosh
I think I would have walked out. - Rochelle
LOL - it was at my house. Needless to say, she hasn't been over since (4+ years). - Peter Ghosh
The type of people that believe gay guys are, in their words "sick", are idiots. Idiots tend to want to apply all sorts of bad adjectives to people they don't understand so they don't have to see reality, that it's more likely to be their "straight and normal" brother or uncle, or even themselves that is the sick freak that would be attacking kids. - Alisha Vargas
Can I super-like this? Hilarious. - Shawn Farner
The couple were also Evangelicals. One of the many reasons why those storefront churches scare the crap out of me. - Peter Ghosh
I can't stand gay people with their laughing and making merry. Give me melancholy or morose ANYDAY. No one should be that fucking happy. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Im also irritated with the assumption that gay =being attracted to 20 or 30 something circuit boys.Its always been the older masculine men for me. - james
Yes, Trish...thanks for that. Also, 1UP James. I'd be perfectly happy and content dating someone who sold insurance or was a butcher. I'm not scared off by a tummy or thinning hair in the slightest. - Derrick
People like to throw religion into the mix, but what if you're not religious? Or don't follow their religion? How are you damned to hell if you don't believe in it? - Derrick
Wow. No words. - Mona Nomura
Derrick, unfortunately, some people believe that their religion is the only right one. Shrug off the immature, delusional, ignorant, hate filled ranting of people such as those. Walk your own path and be true to you...there is no other way to live. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Those religious people sure will be sorry when the Flying Spaghetti Monster imparts its justice. - Jason Wehmhoener
A couple made a deal that whoever died first would come back and inform the other of the after life. The woman's biggest fear was that there was no heaven. After a long life the husband was the first to go and true to his word he made contact. "Mary... Mary.... " "Is that you Fred?" "Yes, I have come back like we agreed." "What is it like?" "Well, I get up in the morning, I have sex, I... more... - Jason Wehmhoener
Derrick, I hear that nearly every week on a debate forum I belong to. The other frequent misconception; being gay (or bi, or lesbian...) is a choice. Evidently everyone is born straight and at some point you have to choose to be otherwise. Evidently when it was my time to choose, I couldn't decide. "Gay or straight, boys or girls?" I've found that frequently people who believe these... more... - Jack&Cleo
Rick I believe you're spot on with sexuality as a continuum...not everyone is truly 100% straight or gay in all likelihood, but I don't think masculinity or femininity have much to do with it; I'm pretty damn masculine but yet figure myself to be in that 90th percentile when it comes to gay. And I know some very seriously straight men who come off rather feminine. - Derrick
Back to the original topic that Derrick set. Those of you who can read italian, should look this one: Local politicians charged a public library In Genova with "spread of pedopornographic material". Reason: they held a event for families (kids AND their parents), with books and readings. The event was... more... - giuseppe c. | markgreene
guruvan (Rob Nelson)
A very dangerous, but cool, tradition.
That is cool! I wonder how many fires they start though - Alisha Vargas
that second one makes the cheeks clench. - Carlos Ayala
I'm not very keen on the second one too - M F
+++Carlos. I don't even like going on those bridges at playgrounds. - Anika
Nice scenery below that bridge, plank or whatever it is on the left. - Myrna
Oh, those look fun. Makes me want to hang over the edge. I love heights :-) - Alisha Vargas
Wow - Vicey
I don't like heights that much, not phobic but not comfortable either - M F
I went over the longest swing bridge in NZ ( We paid a few $'s to in thinking we could just look at the bridge and take a walk around, but after walking through the door we were already on the bridge. No turning back after that and my dads not really a fan of heights, he didnt like it too much :) After we had a look around the stuff at the other side, did a few of the walks, we had the option to walk back across it or take the zipline.. We opted for the bridge again. - Simon Wicks
I just renewed my Flickr Pro account... When 1,274 of my 1,474 images became invisible (browse or search) I thought it kinda important I do so...
i had the same thing happen in april :) - (jeff)isageek
Drives me nuts when that happens - Alisha Vargas
Mona Nomura
I know what puppy breath is, but what does cat breath smell like? Do cats breathe out of their noses? #DumbQuestionsINeedAnswersTo
As Ralphie Wiggum from the Simpsons would say: "my cat's breath smells like cat food." And they do breathe through their noses, although occasionally they will open their mouths slightly if they're really keen on smelling something. They don't pant like dogs do. - invariant
I agree with invariant. My kitties breath tends to smell a bit like tuna fish, which is about what their food smells like. But you don't smell it that often as they do mostly breath through their noses. When they are smelling something very intently they tend to open their mouths a bunch. We call it sniffy mouth, but logically I assume they do it to breath through their mouths while really investigating the smell of something. - Rachel Lea Fox
My experience with cats is that their breath doesn't normally smell the same way or with the same strength as dogs/puppies. One interesting thing is that a cat has a "second nose": Oh, and they do breathe in and out of their noses like other similar mammals. - Absentee
I thinks So - Amir
"my cat's breath smells like cat food" quote quote! who has it?? - anna sauce
I stand corrected. Awesome info James. - Rachel Lea Fox
Usually my cats will try to get onto my lap if I'm eating something really tasty and they will try to smell it with fervor. Dave, my one cat, will sometimes try to pet my face with his and that's where I'll notice the "cat breath." It doesn't smell all that great. :P - Jonathan Hardesty
What does cat breath smell like? With my cat... you're better off not knowing. - Mark H
Most cats breath smells just like thier asses. But its hell getting them to use a breath mint in either end ;) - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
I have one cat who tends to have have tooth problems, her breath stinks. All the others either have no scent or have a baby breath smell to them. They hold their mouths open for a couple moments if there's a smell they're trying to decipher, helps them learn it better. - Alisha Vargas
++1 Anna (aka Ralph Wiggum) :-) - dkb
Our cats don't smell at all and they poop rainbows! - Jemm
Looks like jemms cats know how to type ;) - Tony C (Unrated) from IM
@EEM: No, we don't! And they are really smart, too! - Jemm
thanks dkb - it's from the SImpsons' - anna sauce
+1 for all the ralph wiggum from simpsons references. A whole thread of those would be hilarious. - Abbas Haider Ali
Alisha Vargas
Songs about Geology / Earthquakes
Anyone know of any geology or earth science songs? Putting together a page with as many as I can find. Even got one with Mama Cass singing about an earthquake. - Alisha Vargas
Tedd Kawakami
Rooster: Rooster by okawastudios
The tie is really cute! Love rooster motifs :) - Alisha Vargas
When you see things moving out of the corner of your eye that aren't actually moving...what does that mean?
Popples. (80s FTW) - Bec Rowe @d0tski from fftogo
That you need sleep -- or turn off the monitor behind you. ;) - Mona Nomura
aliens - Rodfather
It's a common symptom of not getting enough sleep or having a lot of stress. Or both. - Rochelle
Your stalker needs practice. - Kevin Johnson
For me, it's usually a damage optic rod. - Anika
You see dead people? - DGentry
Sleep deprivation. Or retinal detachment. - Victor Ganata
Hrm, very interesting responses. Maybe I'm more stressed than I think...or I'm just not sleeping enough. I think I'll go with the latter. It doesn't really happen except at night while I'm trying to keep up with you guys, though ;) - Rahsheen
Weak points in the spacetime continuum of the multiverse. Or the Matrix is glitching again. - That's So CAJ!
Bad acid. - Jack&Cleo
Read Stephen King's Insomnia. People start getting stuff like that :) - Alisha Vargas
Do you have a lot of floaters in your eyes? Everyone has little squiggles that they can only see out of the corner of their eyes, when look straight at them they move, so you can't get a good look at them. Notice mine more when I'm sleeping and not focusing as well. - Alisha Vargas
I DID read Insomnia, but I'm a little fuzzy. The things moving in the corners of your vision are fairies bringing you gold, right? - Rahsheen
the DT's. :) - Adam Turetzky
It's Gremlins. - Brome
@Rahsheen ™ :D I wish. Why are there never any nice good fairies that bring gold? Only evil faeries :( - Alisha Vargas
FriendFeed real-time syndrome. Your eye expects everything to move now just like FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
Stop Drinking. - Lynne d Johnson
++Bec Rowe - Rachel Lea Fox
Dimensional shift in the time-space continuum. Perfectly normal. - Steven Perez
Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Hey FFers, how do you write email? some people write it as e-mail or eMail or E-Mail...
email - Kevin Johnson
thats how i usually write it. i'm asking because i want to put my email in a business card and i'm not sure if i should put email: in front of it. hmmm - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I'd only prefix wiith 'email:' if it matches the style used for other contact info - Kevin Johnson
email - Steven Perez
email. - Rochelle
email - Alisha Vargas
email - Dawn
e-mail. - Brome
email - Rodfather
SMS - Josh Haley
I think it will be pretty obvious that it's your email address when people see the You should only preface it with "email" if you are also labeling your other info with phone, address, etc. Just my opinion. And I call it email. Email with a capital E if it's at the beginning of a sentence. - Lisa L. Seifert
*blush* Kevin already said it. Oh, well. I agree. :-) - Lisa L. Seifert
Chalk up another for "email". - That's So CAJ!
just email. :) - yagami
email--no need to add a hyphen (though back in the day using a hyphen was the "correct" way to write it). Capitalizing it just seems silly. - Kelly W.
I prefer to add a hyphen because, as Wikipedia states it, 'In some other European languages the word "email" is similar to the word "enamel".' and indeed that is the case in my native language so I try to avoid confusion. - Brome
Mark H
Check. This. Out. Amazing photo of the Sun… | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine -
Check. This. Out. Amazing photo of the Sun… | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Check. This. Out. Amazing photo of the Sun… | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
"Yes, that is in fact the Space Shuttle Atlantis silhouetted against the Sun. But wait, there’s something else, isn’t there. What’s that spot below the Shuttle? That, me droogs, is the Hubble Space Telescope. Perhaps you’ve heard of it." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
I love the images that guy got. Both images were on SpaceWeather today as well - Alisha Vargas
Yes really incredible. I think the shuttle was actually bigger in scale tho- since it is closer to us than the sun is. - Kay Designer
Did you hate your name when you were a kid? -
Did you hate your name when you were a kid?
Yes! I hated my name. We are in Panama, and my sisters' names are Anie and Kristine, while mine is Shevonne. I finally have embraced it. - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
I've always like Robert - RAPatton
Nope! - Anika
I hated mine when I was doing telephone tech support. People kept thinking it was "Marvin" or "Harley". - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I always wanted to be a Steve, but now I like being Alex. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Absolutely. Other kids made fun of it, and no one could pronounce it (unlike me, most people apparently didn't learn to read by dividing up syllables). - MiniMage
I did - always had to spell it for everyone. And answer the "oh, I've never heard that before, where did you get it" queries. And could never get any of the stuff with names on it - like little license plates for my bike or hairbrushes or glasses or any of that other shit. - Jandy
There was this one kid who used to call me "Heavy". We had a little wall-to-wall counseling session. He stopped after that. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
No, I have always liked it. - Rochelle
I like mine now, too, but the last guy who called me "Har-vay" nearly got to see the one they call "Bad Harvey". He was my Director. I dedicated my life to destroying him. I at least got him fired. That counts for something. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
No one really called by my 1st name when I was younger except my parents. I usually was called by a shortened version of my last name: Pidge. - Paul from twhirl
Nathalie was ok. Still is. Except when english folks (generally) from the southern part of North America pronounce the "H". - Nathalie
Funny, people had/have problems pronouncing my name. I just figured they were/are defective and mock them. LOL - Anika
@Anika I didn't know how to pronounce your name. =D The reason is that in my daughter's class, her classmate's name is Anika, but she pronounces it "Awwwww-Nick-Awwwwww" - Shevonne
I'm a twin, Michael and Michelle, Mike and Shelly, it always seemed right. - Michael W. May
Anika, how do you pronounce it? I have a tendancy of pronouncing names that "look" french in french. - Nathalie
LOL @Shevonne. I give people one chance. Once I tell you how to say my name, it should firmly implanted in your head, because I'm simply unforgettable. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA Nathalie ,it's pronounced "uh-KNEE-kah". - Anika
yep. All my kids hate their names, so I guess we're even....or something...! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I always liked my name. I've always been a bit different and it seemed right that my name was a bit different from everyone I knew. The only bothersome thing is I couldn't get the license plates, etc either since my mom spelled my name a weird way. Hated that when I was little. Plus, I have a little lisp and no one spells my name right anyways, so I have to spell out my name for everyone. - Alisha Vargas
come to think of it, I couldn't get "my" name on things either. it was always Natalie - no H. I wanted the H dammit! only place I could get things with with H is if someone travelled to France or the Province of Quebec - Nathalie
Yup. I would get called every variation even Suzyanne but most often Susan. I would correct after the first time but always felt kinda bitchy to do it more than that so I just let it go. Of course my last name was Pinto so Shazam Pinto was a favorite tease. My MIL's name is Susan and I have an aunt name Sue and a cousin named Suzy so that's always fun at family gatherings. - suzanne
i cant say i ever had a problem with my name - (jeff)isageek
nope - Josh Haley
No it's aight - Rodfather
I don't think I ever really thought about. Me = Derrick *shrug* - Derrick
Yep, so I changed it. - Alix May
Kinda hated it. Tina is short for a family name, and every year the teachers would look perplexed for a minute and then manage to horribly mangle my first, middle, and last name. And ditto the "oooh, where's THAT from?" explanations. - FFing Enigma
Absolutely. I was the only Brandon and people would always spell it wrong or call me Brendan or some form of that. Now the name is everywhere. I blame Aaron Spelling and 90201. - B.J. Mendelson
Ugh, totally. Those damned ATT Dial down the center commercials hit right as I was in elementary school.. And Colette apparently looks enough like Call-att [especially if you butcher the pronounciation] that I had that chanted at me repeatedly. -.- I wanted to be a Caroline, or something of that nature. Nowadays...I like it. It's a rarer name than most- especially with only 1 L. - Colette
@Colette first time I saw your name in tonight, I did a mouse over to see if Toni as attached and noticed the missing "L"*chuckle* - Michael W. May
Hated it then but now I just think it's boring, despite the popularity of 24's Jack. My dad was to blame for Jack, my mom wanted to name me Maxwell, which is much cooler. But hearing Jack Be Nimble, Jack Sprat and Jackoff every day made me less sensitive about it and more confident in my inner strengths. Still, I prefer Jeber to Jack (and yes, it's Jack, not John). - Jack&Cleo
Nope. - Steven Perez
Gina was always used as a teasing point (VA-gina) and my initials were GAK. Kuki was cool though... - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
When I worked in customer service, there was a woman on the phone whose name was in fact Va-Gina (spelled unhyphenated, of course). - FFing Enigma
I'm a guy named Kristen. What are the odds? - WYRD 101
Peter peter pumpkin eater was a refrain I heard a lot, so I started going by Pete. Now as an adult I'm slowly switching back b/c no matter how clearly I pronounce Pete when I answer the phone at work, I still get called either Steve or Keith. - Pete D
Did, and still do hate my middle name. Hint: Governor of California. - David Cook
I always liked my name growing up because I didn't have to worry about anyone else in my class (or school for that matter) having it. I did miss getting the "personalized" stuff that was all the rage in the 80's but I still liked being kind of unique. I remember it being such a shock when I was in my 20's in the mall and it seemed like every 4 year old girl's mother was calling my name... more... - Lindsay
My last, I did have issues with... it started as Morris until I was almost 8. Nine Lives cat food spokesman was Morris the Cat. Not fun. Then it became May. Michael May, Michael May not. etc. - Michael W. May
Yep, I did. Used to change my name at school. But eventually started liking it myself =) - Praveen Vasudev
I did :) - mcd
Hated it. People always make a joke about Gilligan's Island. - Ginger Makela Riker
On the other hand, when Walter Koenig told me I had a pretty name and asked me about the origin, I liked my name for a good 24-48 hours...and every time I remember that. *goofy Trek goober grin* - MiniMage
Nope. Always have loved it, even when I couldn't find personalized stuff with my name. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Which one? I didn't really ever get time to :-O - Richard Walker
Thomas Hawk
Patrick posted on the world's oldest Twitter user here: She's 104. Let's see who the oldest and youngest FriendFeed members are. Post your age in this thread.
I'm 41. - Thomas Hawk
39 here. I have to wonder what technologies we'll see if I live to 104! - Kevin C. Tofel
Ok, I'm winning as the oldest friendfeed user so far since I'm two years older than you Kevin. - Thomas Hawk
There's a FFer in his 70s on here, I just can't remember who it is... - FFing Enigma
20. - Evan Travers
Tina, he must be present to win. OK so far Evan's the youngest at 20 and I'm the oldest at 41. - Thomas Hawk
I confess to be 62 - Gilbert Harding
Gilbert that's awesome! So so far Evan Travers youngest at 20, Gilbert Harding the oldest at 62. - Thomas Hawk
We have a FFer here who's 73. I'm 36. I'll go out on a limb and say Michael Forian is our youngest active member. - Anika
who is 73 Anika? He/she's gotta post in this thread. So far Gilbert and Evan are winning. - Thomas Hawk
55, Gilbert has me beat by a few years. - Jack&Cleo
When my baby is born, I'll sign 'em up for FriendFeed. ;) - Tamar Weinberg
I don't remember, Thomas. We just did an age thing last week and he posted. I think it was in Alp's thread. - Anika
54 - Rod Bauer from twhirl
does friendfeed have an age requirement in order to have an account like Flickr and other sites? - Thomas Hawk
Jack DeWitt Smith is 73 so he says. Damn it I thought I was going to win a prize here. - Gilbert Harding
So Jack's 73 as the oldest and Evan's the youngest at 20. I can't believe that there are not any octogenarians on FriendFeed. You folks need to get your parents and grandparents on here. - Thomas Hawk
I am 32. - Louis Gray
Thomas: my son Patrick is on friendfeed and he's 15. - Robert Scoble
Michael Forian is 14 - FFing Enigma
Ok, So Michael Forian's the youngest at 14 and Jack DeWitt Smith's the oldest at 73. I just did the math on all mentioned in this this thread and the average age so far is 43.1 years in age. - Thomas Hawk
I am smack in the middle at 38 - holly #ravingfangirl
fetus. - Kevin Murray
Bumping the average up a little - 59 - Brian Sullivan
Bringing the average age down a bit :) I'm 21 - Roy Herrod
Kevin, I've never met a fetus who can type. Ok the high low are still Michael at 14 and Jack at 73. The average is now 40.125. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: Milan can turn on an iPhone, can select the icon of his favorite game, and can play a game. He's not yet two years old. So, expect him to lower the friendfeed bar pretty low pretty soon. - Robert Scoble
35. Looks like I'm right in the wheelhouse. - Mike Lewis
21. - Kevin Mohr
Robert, would FriendFeed let Milan have an account? Is there an age requirement? I think Patrick got kicked off of Second Life for being too young didn't he? Mike L, Kevin, Josh and edward just dropped the average age down below 40 to 37.6 - Thomas Hawk
33 here... - Sean Simkins
Thomas: I don't see why my son wouldn't be allowed to have an account. I'm 44 by the way. - Robert Scoble
average now = 37.70. Michael the low at 14, Jack the high at 73. - Thomas Hawk
quite difficult to type, still waiting on some fingers. also as a fetus i dont know much but am questioning the term "FFer", sounds short for something else. - Kevin Murray
37 - ororodc
Kevin I'm not buying that you're a fetus. Is it warm in the womb? - Thomas Hawk
24, need to bring that average down a bit. - Michael
I'm 26 years, one month, and three days. - Chris Charabaruk
27, so in the younger half. - Rochelle
41 here, and coincidentally just created an account for my son last night (2 1/2) playing with streaming his photos/activities for the grandparents. - Rick Bucich
hmmm.. Rick I'm not sure that this counts if he's not controlling the account. New average is 36.27, we're getting younger. I think that's a good thing maybe. - Thomas Hawk
25 Here, a whole quarter century - Brandon - BWC Games
venti ocho - chrisofspades
I'll bump it up at 51 - Sandra
warm yes, but pretty spotty wireless coverage. - Kevin Murray
30 here (at least for another month) - Justin Korn
getting younger. Average age now 35.57. I'm starting to feel pretty old at 41. - Thomas Hawk
Akiva is AFK, but he's 37. - Rochelle
I'm 28 and I'm carrying a fetus. But I'm the one doing the typing. - Tamar Weinberg
I'm 33 and I'm carrying a fetus too! :p - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
33 here. Tad is 40. - Lindsay
35. Remember back in the day when that was old. - Chris Nixon from BuddyFeed
26 - Not breaking any records here. - Tom Harrison
No way. You have to guess - Martha
I'm 56. You got a problem with that? - Ted Gilchrist
Over 200 comments with age info here: - Micah
38 - meckimac
average age now: 35.67 - Thomas Hawk
man, I'm getting old... over average.. - meckimac
38 - M F
41 - Tied with Thomas Hawk ;-) Update...I lied! I'm 40! for 15 more days! - scherbi: bottom dweller
I'm 21 - Charley M
25 ----->-- - vijay
new average = 35.15, still getting younger. - Thomas Hawk
26 - Blake
52 - Paul from twhirl
39- My son Arvin is 2yrs old and he is about to tweet - Jacque
40, but act 20s ;) - Rui Pereira
I'd love to see more data, and then a graph. - Ted Gilchrist
34 myself - Andy Tinkham
17. - Zach Flauaus
29 - yagami
I've got my fingers scrabbling at the edge of 39 like James Tiberius Kirk on the cliff. Unfortunately, the laws of physics require that I eventually fall. Crap. - MiniMage
35 - which makes me... Average :( - James Macgill
Phew....worried I might be the oldest, but I'm just a mere 61! :) - Bonnie Foster
29. NOT looking forward to the next birthday. - Lis
I'm 41. My 95-year-old great aunt sends emails and receives weekly FriendFeed email, but doesn't post here. - Bruce Lewis
Not feeling too old being 40 now :) - Ruud van Wijngaarden
38 - Lu Tao
25 - Mo Kargas
42. Apparently that number is somehow significant... - Sue Radd
LOL @ Sue - Roberto Bonini
36 up in here. - Derrick
40 - metalerik
37 - Bitch
Still 58. - Russellreno
43 in 2 weeks. - Mark Krynsky
I'm 21 (again) - aflow
I'm 39 - Royce Fujitani
14 - Daan Berg from twhirl
This is about the third time this question get's the best-of-day. I ran a poll last time at - Frode Stenstrøm
Hey, I might win! [update: oops, tied] - Nick in Manila
21! On another note.. this question wouldn't be a problem if frienfeed had extensive profiles.. but I don't want it to become a social networking site though! - Kris
54 and getting younger day by day! - johnny
NewsGang Live! Get your butts over here, and bump up the average! - Ted Gilchrist
44 - BEX
13 - I might be close to the youngest. :) - Alex
I'm 47. Probably the oldest... - Karen Mohler
I'm 38. The youngest 38yo in the world. - Zulkarnain K.
33-year-young - Jemm
I'm 27. - Colide81 (James) from fftogo
21 - Lizunlong
I'm 42. Nowhere near the oldest. More the average. - Jeffrey Allan Boman
day late and dollar short as usual :) 58 - comix aka martha
26 - Marco
I'm not the youngest or the oldest. - David Cook
73 here among the youngsters - Jack DeWitt Smith
OK here's the chart: Thru Jack DeWitt Smith post. - Nick in Manila
How about oldest parent of a young child, 60 here with 7 yr old - Howard Feight
Howard: 58 here with 1 yr. old. So how do you compute winner? - Nick in Manila
a young whipper snapper at 39 ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
FFing Enigma
For those not near a Sonic, this is what a footlong Coney and an Ocean Water look like. NOM!
DO. WANT. - Mona Nomura
Sonic is pretty good. I love that they sell tater tots and my daughters love to go and "drive in" - Bill Rawlinson
GRRRRRRR... not my picks from Sonic, but thanks just the same for rubbing it in that they don't exist anywhere at all in CA. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
My Ocean Water was sub-par: this location doesn't put enough blue coconut syrup in it. But it's my traditional Coney beverage, so I had to get it. I've been eating this same meal for 15 years now, starting at the Governor's School when we'd walk to the Sonic in Hartsville. - FFing Enigma
I miss Sonic. And Chick-fil-a. And Steak n Shake. - Jandy
Tease - Louis Gray
I specifically asked for tater tots with this. *disappointed* - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Do they have Sonic on my Lose It! weight loss app on my iPhone. *sad bitchlips* - Derrick
So is it 3 to 1 for unhealthy to healthy lunch pictures? lol - That's So CAJ!
Oh no, not a tease at all: I ate every bit of it ;-) - FFing Enigma
Sonic's Texas Toast Grill Cheeses are the best. - Matthew
Their cherry limeade is one of my all-time favorite beverages, so good!! I realize looking at the pic that everyone can see my scribbly work notes. Pay no mind to those Notes doc IDs, 'kay? - FFing Enigma
I've made sweet love to the breakfast burrito combo many a nights and mornings!! - Lokei Atikus™®
My wife would shoot you for that right now.... but we are getting to go to one when we go to Dover for the race later this month. - Jeff Quinton
The only thing that would make that better would be their onion rings. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
We need Sonics closer to us here in Jersey. Wah. - Great Scott!
Sadly, I don't care for their onion rings, and the tots are only good IMO with chili and cheese. I have a rule about only eating one chili-cheese coated item per meal, so it's always fries (dipped in BBQ sauce) with my Coney. - FFing Enigma
Yeah, I could see how you could dislike their onion rings since they taste like donut batter, but I find the taste simply crack in the shape of an onion ring. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
+@ha3rvey on the tots! When I was a tot myself, Sonic used to have these really cool little plastic animals they'd put on the kid drink lid/straw. My favorite was the red monkey with the curly tail. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
They should stack onion rings on the foot long then deep fry it in peanut oil. - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
Alex, I'm a picky bitch when it comes to onion rings. I don't like them in any kind of heavy or corn meal based batter. Thin batter only, the lighter the better. - FFing Enigma
Tina's got nothing to worry about: the biggest tease, when it comes to Sonic, is that like 50% of all the TV commercials are for EFing Sonic. WTF is that all about. Talk about a broken marketing model. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Yum. Luckily I just had enchiladas at Chuys, so I am immune to wanting this ... sorta :) - Patrick Jordan
Brings back memories of sitting in line on opening day of the first Sonic in Michigan about 1 year ago! Gotta love Sonic! :) - Les Zaldor
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I just have a new Sonic that opened in Ashland. I'm there! - Mike Lewis
As an aside, I really need to thank my parents for my metabolism... Good thin they're coming over for dinner tonight! - FFing Enigma
Thanks Tina. I now know what I want for dinner. Off to the supermaket! - Paul from twhirl
+@Lindsey road trips for awesome fast food FTW - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
What does Ocean Water taste like, Tina? - LB needs a break.
Ocean Water is Sprite with blue coconut syrup mixed in. Quite tasty when done properly. - FFing Enigma
Its times like these that I wish I could hit Like more than once. - Russell Holliman
I tried Sonic for the first time a few weeks ago and the burger was excellent. Later I went online to check calorie counts on a hunch --- OMG. - Fred Yankowski
mmm I'll take a Cherry Limeade, please! :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Cranberry Limeade is pretty good, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Mmm Cherry Limeade!! What IS an ocean water, what does it taste like? - Trish Benningfield
Ocean Water is Sprite with Blue Coconut flavor syrup added to it. - FFing Enigma
im drinking a grape slush as we speak :) - (jeff)isageek
Just checked, there's one 28 miles away... Maybe while out on a "Sunday" drive...? - Ron Thompson
Love the chili cheese tots. Also, every time I go I get a different shot of flavor for my soda. Grape-flavored coke, watermelon-flavored root beer. Lemon and lime flavored coke is so good! - Alisha Vargas
Oh, and they do have them in California. There are several around Sacramento and I know of one down 99 in Modesto. I think I've seen them in LA too. - Alisha Vargas
There are some around LA, but not in it. That I've found. - Jandy
We only have one or two Sonics in Minneapolis, but the first one is only a few miles from me. I've got a hankerin for a Coney and a Cherry Limeade right now... :-) - Rick Kaiser
Bryce Roney
What's the current temperature (in C and F, please) and weather at your location?
10.8º C / 51.44º F - Devonport, Australia - Bryce Roney
21.66C / 71F - Macon, Georgia - LB needs a break.
22C / 72F - Fairfax, VA - Shevonne
12°C / 54°F -- Calgary Alberta - Nathalie
24C / 75F - Los Angles, CA - Anika
18°C / 65°F Cloudy - San Francisco, CA - Deniz Eda Goze
22.8°C / 73°F, Clear - Youngstown, OH - Michael McKean
I got 88 F and clear and sunny - Bakersfield Ca. - Brent - Yes I am
Brent how hot was it in Bakersfield today? When I was up there yesterday it was 96 according to my car. It was 94 in Lancaster today. Got back over the hill and it dropped to 83. - Anika
27°C / 80°F Blue skies to the horizon-Reno, Nevada - Alisha Vargas
Louis Gray
My wife and I will be taking the twins for a 3-day weekend starting tomorrow to Brownsville, California. Think anybody there knows of Twitter or FriendFeed?
Picture 7.jpg
Picture 8.jpg
This is where I lived from 3rd grade to 7th grade - a little podunk town. We're going to stay in Marysville tomorrow, and tour Brownsville & Challenge on Saturday. Dare we expect to get Edge or 3G iPhone access? Any of you ever been there? - Louis Gray
And yes, I'm impressed Google Street View had _something_ for such a remote area. - Louis Gray
I'm sure they're more likely to than the people I met on my bike trip in Idaho last summer. Those folks thought I was speaking swahili when I said "internet" to them. (um...and "coffeehouse") - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
we've filmed in Oroville - do you remember the story of Ishi? - doesn't feel like CA - seems Midwest. - michael sean wright
Ishi was the last of the Maidu. Yes, we know the story. - Louis Gray
i hope you'll stop by apple hill in placerville... is it that time of the year yet? - Trish Haley
Have a great trip, and don't be surprised if they've heard of twitter by now. - Michael Fidler
I was just there a few months ago and it seemed like many people got it. Know I had several in one of my Yahoo groups. - Alisha Vargas
I quite liked Brownsville when we drove through it August 2007 Winnbebago style - Thomas Power
guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Re: Would You Night Owls Pay a Premium for 24-Hour Real World Commerce? - -
"This is one very distinct advantage NYC has over SF. When I lived in San francisco, I simply couldn't believe that there were only about 3 places in the entire city to get something to eat after 2am. As population density increases so do general commercial hours of operation (I have no scientific evidence of this of course). You start to see this more and more I believe. I would probably pay extra for some services myself. But I have also expected my employers to allow for the time to take care of necessities in the course of a work day (but I don't work hourly shifts either). And while New York is open 24hours a day, the Ciy of Berkeley has an ordinance that shuts most businesses down at midnight. This is a shame to me. shopping at night is, to me, one of the signs of a true modern metropolis. Unfortunately the only place to shop late in most of the US is WalMart. but they're open all night. And one more thing: If you can't leave your work during the shopping hours, aren't you a..." - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I like how this says 4 hours ago and not 3 minutes ago. Hmmm. - Louis Gray
It was such a shock to move from Southern California to Northern. Everything was closed whenever I wanted to go to the store or whatever. I couldn't believe even fast food places closed early. - Alisha Vargas
Yeah Louis, what's up with that? Time @ Disqus not right? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
There are 24-hour stores out here in the suburbs too. I didn't think there would be too many people out shopping for groceries at 2am but I've done that and I wasn't the only one there. - Morton Fox
You can go into the Walmart anywhere at 2 or 3am and see tons of people shopping. (I don't recommend it, but people do do it. I certainly have) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I go into Walmart in the middle of the night, but almost being run down by pallet jacks the entire time makes it just a hassle. - Alisha Vargas
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