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In tech class learning how Twitter broke the Osama news
"No man is an island, any man's death diminishes me.never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." ~ John Donne
Scott Granneman's Classes : GNU General Public License -
"As was said in class, these agreements are written for judges to read and interpret. Most folks just click OK and move on. How many times has the Microsoft agreement been challenged? Who has deep enough pockets to take on the giant?" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Microsoft Windows XP Home End-User License Agreement -
""THIS SOFTWARE CONTAINS TECHNOLOGICAL MEASURES THAT ARE DESIGNED TO PREVENT UNLICENSED OR ILLEGAL USE OF THE SOFTWARE. " Lies and the lying liars who tell them. Otherwise William's question would be moot. This is like the commandments... thou shalt not..... It's like the old joke about the European countries... w/Microsoft, nothing is permitted except what is specifically allowed. In the real world, everything is permitted unless... you're caught." - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Bill Gates Gives Open Source a Boost -
"Just as Linux is being built from the bottom, up, I think the use of Linux is creeping into position by starting on the back end with servers. Once IT people and students get used to working with it (in the closet) then they might start pushing it out to the front end of businesses. At least recommending it." - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : An Open Letter to Hobbyists -
"Very funny and it shows where his true interest was - $$$$$. He certainly made it pay for him in the end and I guess computers are only his hobby now." - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Linux Inc. -
"Many of the techs in STS use Linux and swear by it. I'm not too worried about hackers, have only used PC software (even tho I'm reading and typing this on a Mac). This has been very interesting to read. Both the story of his life and the development of the program. I'm very surprised at the number of products using Linux without the average users knowing what it is. I think the big guns at HP, IBM, etc put the money up because they saw this a the giant killer - knocking Microsoft off it's perch." - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Leader of the Free World -
"This is a good story. To know where this guy came from when developing his concept is interesting. I think his parent's politics did influence him even if he won't admit it. It's nice to know he is well taken care of, even if the sponsors of the foundation are some of the same corporations everyone is trying to bring down. To get the "REST OF THE STORY", I'm gonna read the wiki article Jessica offered....... AK :) uh... no decision?" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : The Open Source Definition, Annotated -
"I can appreciate the Open Source movement as I have encountered many of these barriers when using software written specifically for temporary help services. The source code was unavailable to us (the users) for modification and could only be distributed by the owners/developers. While the license didn't restrict other software, the code was so obscure that other software would not integrate with it. The quicker the software morphs into what the users want, the more functionality (and usefulness) it will have to the company." - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Definitions of 'Open source' on the Web -
"This article was repetitious. Develop, modify, add to, use with other software, offer free - I got it." - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Computer Languages History -
"This timeline would be a good bulletin board display for a computer programming class. Otherwise, it's hard to grasp the whole visual. I do see how some languages have morphed into others and that there was an explosion of new languages in the 1990s. AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Timeline of programming languages -
"Well, I guess I'm the trivia buff 'cuz I knew about Chuck Babbage and Ada Lovelace long ago. I have even celebrated Ada Lovelace Day (to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science) with geek girlfriends. Wikipedia says the 2011 Ada Lovelace Day will be 7 October (instead of March 24th for some reason). However, I am very confused as to why so many languages are needed. Is it a corporate secret kind of thing where companies only use one language to run their software? AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : What is Programming -
"I agree with Monica that the graphics helped me to understand the way the data is flowing and how the process works on the data flowing through. I have used many of these terms without really knowing what they meant. This was a simple (and therefore, good) explanation. Maureen, what a riot! AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Virus Underground -
"Maureen is right. An attack on institutions that hold money would really freak out the stock market and the populace. I'm sure many people do not have a firm idea how much money they have in the bank and, if the bank cannot tell them, they will panic. This article (while long) did a good job of explaining who is writing viruses and malware. I know bored kids have the time but, if they do not release the virus, if they do not gain from the attack, I cannot see how they can be held accountable. Criminals on the other hand, writing code to steal money, passwords, and confidential information, should be tracked down and prosecuted. But this article makes it sound like it's close to impossible to find them. AK :)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Password Recovery Speeds -
"This should be required reading for anyone who logs into a computer. Does a hacker need to decode one password at a time (for one computer) or can they write their programs to work on multiple computers? Is this done to access stolen laptops (BP's for example) or on networked computers to use as gateways to the whole enterprise? AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Bringing Botnets Out of the Shadows -
"I agree with William. If these people are willing and smart enough to do this work, there should be some company willing to hire them for the expertise. What do Symantec & McAfee do if not search these issues out to be able to prevent them?" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Infected In Twenty Minutes -
"Good article you wrote here Scott. With these 6 steps, I will be cleaning up and tightening up my Mother's computer & she will have not known a thing. Is Windows 7 any better at updating itself?" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : SonicWALL Phishing and Spam IQ Quiz -
"90% - I was fooled by the Paypal email. The IRS cannot be sure they are sending confidential information to the correct person or that someone else might not open your emails. William - you stinker! AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Stealing 130 Million Credit Card Numbers -
"Short and sobering message here. My Mom shreds everything but I only tear up the junk mail before recycling. I put all the bills in a box and once a year, they go in the basement. I guess someone could get lots of info from my basement but, like they said, one at a time is hardly worth it. AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Passwords multiply as users' rage rises -
"How can you keep passwords in the computer when you need a password to access the computer!!! I have 3 cats & use iterations of their names for passwords in differing strengths for differing sites. If I get locked out, it's gotta be one of them. I do appreciate the wustl key for easy access but I know students don't like changing their passwords so often as required by IS AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Cyber Crooks Cooked the Books at Fla. Library -
"I disagree with the statement "Very few money mules ever suffer directly for their participation in these crimes." As I stated earlier, I almost got caught up in this kind of scam. I also did due diligence and checked out the company. Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to put up a website with no phone #s, only email contacts. Because the money orders were not legit, after I cashed them, I would have been out the money from my account. This young lady was given real money and they only came after her because it was a payroll scam against the library. How many times did your mother tell you... if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Strong Passwords -
"Smile SHOULD have been mine but.... no, I've never used that one. I do write down the passwords for the silly sites I have to access once in a while.... mycokerewards, KTVI, Snapfish, Groupon, FuelFrog etc. I would prefer to use the same one but some sites won't accept some passwords. Hope no one steals my Marlboro points! AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : The Net's not-so-secret economy of crime -
"This is scary. For only $20 you can get a credit card number? I do worry about credit card fraud but I make sure to monitor every statement matching receipts with charges. But how can the little guy fight against a global syndicate? Shoot, I don't even think the US government can be secure against these guys! AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Online Crime Gang Stole Millions -
"I agree with someone in your earlier class - these smart guys could be using their brains for good but nooooo. They want to use them to steal and cheat. I can't imagine what kind of defense Bank of America put up against the theft. They were entrusted with the money and their system allowed it to be lost. No different than a stick up. AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : DC businessman loses thousands after clicking on wrong e-mail -
"I have responded to a marketing scam like this. I was offered the chance to survey the Western Union offices. I received 2 US postal money orders for just under $1,000 each with instructions to go to my bank, cash the money orders, then go to a Western Union office and send the money to another person. Since I have often done marketing work, I knew what kinds of questions might be asked about the cleanliness, friendliness, how knowledgeable the workers were about their product and services. So what really made me suspicious is that I never got any survey questions or any form to do the evaluation part of the job. On the phone, the guy was really pressuring me to get the job done! On a hunch, I called the PO to see if the money orders were good. Of course not. I still get emails from the company. I reply "F*ck you, you F*cking frauds" each time. Whew! That was close! AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
Scott Granneman's Classes : Glossary: Security -
"These glossary articles are good for quick and dirty explanations. The terms are colorful, descriptive and inventive. Thanks - AK:)" - Alison Kinderfather
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