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RT @brainpickings: Drawing from the City – exquisite Indian folk art meets women's empowerment
Have you ever moved all of your accounts from one bank to another? It's so, any tips?
Moving accounts from one bank to another is never fun, but the Wells Fargo biz rep laid it out in an easy to understand way. Whew!
Now I see Wells Fargo has better financial tools for small businesses than my current bank. And I liked the biz rep at the #yuma branch.
I used to bank with Wells Fargo five years ago but was disappointed then with their customer service.
Biting the bullet and moving my bank accounts for business and personal back to Wells Fargo.
Digital Marketing to Humans: Invasions, Conflicts and Victories #community #content #CRgoesSocial
RT @LPT: Saw @alizasherman post a #tbt with the pink boa, so thought I'd join in with this one. :) sxsw2010 - it was a goo...
This is cool > NomadList — the best cities to live and work remotely
RT @Outlander_Starz: From a honeymoon in 1945 to the highlands in 1743. Watch an all-new preview of #Outlander NOW! #SDCC
RT @Outlander_Starz: From a honeymoon in 1945 to the highlands in 1743. Watch an all-new preview of #Outlander NOW! #SDCC
RT @winesisterhood: This Throwback Thursday, hosted by Monogamy Wines! [Open your bottles in style:]
RT @saatchi_gallery: Malaysian artist Monica Lee spends 3-4 weeks on a single hyperrealistic drawing
RT @brainpickings: Hungry for some stimulating reads across art, psychology, science, and more? Devour these:
Can't wait to try this! > @Timefulapp helps you better apply your time via @LizGannes
RT @momfluential: We'll be back next week to talk about crowdsourcing with hashtags with host @AlizaSherman - should be a fun chat! #hashchat
RT @ConsumerReports: Thanks to @alizasherman for coming to CR and laying down wisdom on the future of the Interwebs! #crgoessocial
Google+ Is an Island of Misfit Toys by @chrisabraham < Love! Just spoke about online community at #CRgoesSocial.
RT @jeremarketer: "The prolific content that marketers are putting out is leading to a prolific amount of noise." -@alizasherman
RT @saatchi_gallery: “I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo #ArtistQuotes
RT @saatchi_gallery: California-based artist Daino disrupts the daily lives of an ant colony with picket signs
RT @brainpickings: Gaston Bachelard on dreams, love, solitude and happiness – a soul-expanding read
Amen to this! RT @JuliaCSocial Are You Totally Missing the Point of Social Media?
RT @UN: Join @UNODC & lend your social media voice to those who cannot speak out: #IGiveHope
Not just a soundproof room but one with zero echo or sound bounce. Fascinating. @ConsumerReports Labs.
RT @jeremarketer: "We want to feel like we matter." -@alizasherman
RT @ccferrara: How are we making "real connections"? It's not about clicking "like". @alizasherman
Can't thank @jeremarketer @pegsamuel @ConsumerReports enough for the incredible opportunity to speak (and dance). Thank you!
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